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12 Oct 2020 08:13:03
Ed2 I'd welcome your sage views on the new league and cup proposals and changes being put forward. Do you feel they are the correct thing to do and do you believe they will be voted through? I hear all the big six are in approval.

{Ed002's Note - Stephen Ross of the Miami Dolphins, has on several occasions requested a meeting with an extant group of sides considering the pan-European breakaway to discuss his proposals. They have no interest in such a discussion but having identified the source of much of the funding (and that raising a concern) will wish to discuss it between themselves again. This has dragged on for four years and nothing has happened - and I doubt it will. However, Ross with the help of Liverpool owners FSG organised a meeting of a number of clubs in Paris during January 2020 including Arsenal, Bayern Munich, PSG, Atletico, Manchester United, Juventus, Liverpool in order to discuss expanding the pre-season International Champions Cup to a much larger event where clubs would be members of the tournament through a debenture type system but need to commit to playing their first team in all games. Ajax, Chelsea, both Milan sides, Borussia Dortmund, Monaco, Marseille, Real Madrid and Spurs refused invitations to attend. Ross wants UEFA to formally recognise the tournament (there has been a discussion already) which would be a money spinner but will add many more first team games to the annual schedule. This is one driver that has led to the proposal arising commissioned report that the Liverpool owners had written by a third party in order to ensure certain income is allocated on the basis of more for the more successful sides and proposes reducing the size of the league to 18 (aligning with what UEFA and FIFA would like), scratching the League Cup and the Charity Shield. This is the larger plan for Liverpool to initially host International Champion Cup pre-season tournament run every year that would require clubs to commit playing full first team squads. This clashes with the views of FIFA. The reduction is the size of the league makes some sense but will be difficult for the Premier League to pass. Eventually the clubs will look to self-distribution of a number of games that could collapse the broadcaster deal and that would likely, in a few years, collapse the whole football pyramid in England and cut off money going to the EFL. The FA are looking at tweaking Home Grown and Club Developed rules which could hit one or two clubs hard - not least Liverpool. This all comes from the growth potential of Liverpool now flattening out – the owners would like to find a way to squeeze more out – and that is the reason that they have the support of Manchester United. It is one of a number of proposals kicking around - they come and go.}

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12 Oct 2020 12:33:54
Thanks Ed2 as always for the detailed and brilliant reply. It does feel like a land grab to me and the timing/ message around the £250m to EFL seems cynical at best. Even though change is often scary to some I'm not sure the current proposals are the best way forward to all clubs and not just the elite few.

The part I like the least is the 'rule of 6' as clearly that means any future changes will get through without any real challenge and that could really damage football as we know it forever.

{Ed002's Note - It proposes nine not six.}

12 Oct 2020 13:48:09
Sorry the big six plus Everton, West Ham and Southampton I assume? Point being of they are the ones being favoured then presumably they are highly
Likely to agree to any future changes?

{Ed002's Note - I would not be thinking about that at this moment in time. Other sides may well not look to agree with the plan of the Liverpool owners.}

13 Oct 2020 13:07:16
ed002 I think there is far to much being put on the premier league by the whole of football. It is a business like every other the amount of greengrocers butchers and bakeries that have closed because of the big supermarkets all over the country and there is no call to take money of them. The average weekly wage uk is about £600 yet in league 2 it is over £2000 a week and the standard is awful, Am from Grimsby ed and the last few times I went to watch Grimsby play it was not much better than Sunday league football. Am past playing now ed but when I did play Sunday league Adam Buckley was playing for Grimsby in the championship and he use to come training with us he was not even in the top 5 players at training. I don't know of any country that has so many pro teams like the uk ed. I see that league 1 average weekly wage is over £4000 that's the problem ed all them clubs are paying way over the odds and that needs to stop not expect somebody else to help run your club.

{Ed002's Note - Certainly the owners of some clubs would like to see a salary cap introduced but it is difficult to implement at a player-level when we are so far down the line. Implementing it at club level can be done (e.g. no more than 60% of income can be spent on wages) but there is a problem doing that from country to country, where the likes of Portugal, a very much poorer nation, see far less revenue than say England. Porto are a very successful side but get less than a third of the revenue that a club like Liverpool gets. At the lower tiers of English football, it is hard to see how the professional game can be sustained - and this I have explained in detail before.}

13 Oct 2020 13:49:47
I think 60% should be put in for English teams Ed all that most of the owners of these teams are doing is gambling on getting up and wanting more money from the top of the game. I think ed if we pay more money to the lower leagues it would not sort the problem out they would just spend more trying to get up and drive the wages higher.

{Ed002's Note - There is guidance which is set at 70%.}

14 Oct 2020 08:31:08
Ed why would Southampton be included? No offense to them but I'd have thought that Leicester, Wolves or even Newcastle are 'bigger' clubs, no?

{Ed002's Note - It is nothing to do with "bigger" clubs. It is nonsense cooked up on behalf of Liverpool based on time in the PL. They very naively think it will bring support.}

14 Oct 2020 10:13:18
Aha okay thanks Ed002. Nonsense indeed. Even by that logic Newcastle and Villa have been in it more seasons than Southampton. I guess it doesn't matter though, since their proposal is presumably a complete non-starter.

{Ed002's Note - It may well be based on continuous time. The whjole thing is simply about the Liverpool owners and to some extent the Manchester United owners looking to squeeze more money out of their investment and to try and get the growth potential rising. They are getting close to the point where it makes sense to pull their money out of the club and re-invest it in a club with better growth potential.}



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