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21 Mar 2021 00:12:33
We are being linked with Garay surely not. Also rumours of a fall out with vvd and Klopp about playing in the euros.

{Ed0666's Note - If I was Klopp I wouldn’t want Virgil playing in the Euros either makes zero sense.

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21 Mar 2021 08:25:29
If it’s true about VVD - which I doubt - then he needs a not so gentle reminder about who pays his wages and who has driven his injury rehabilitation over the past 6 months or so. In good news, it looks like karma has gotten Pickford for his part in VVDs injury.

21 Mar 2021 09:39:25
Garay is just lazy journalists making things up. There’s no way we’d be interested in a player who is long past his bear and just come back off the back of a horrific injury.

21 Mar 2021 09:56:02
If VVD isn’t fit to play for us then he’s not fit to play for Holland simple as that.

21 Mar 2021 10:08:32
It's not really good news though is it. Wishing injury on a player is the lowest of the low.

21 Mar 2021 10:24:43
This is just pulp fiction.

21 Mar 2021 11:29:02
I tnk insurance company paid for all that😅😅😅.

21 Mar 2021 14:42:24
I read the story myself, it basically said they were on a 'collision corse' but it was in speech mark and had no quotes from either party. Basically just putting 2 and 2 together and getting 5.

VVD won't go to the euros without klopps blessing but in one way for us it's the equivalent of a pre season for him. He gets competitive games and he will only play if 100% fit so gets some game time under his belt.

But if he is rushed back just to play in it that is a whole different matter.

21 Mar 2021 17:24:40
Who wished injury on a player? All I said was that fate seems to have caught up on him. That tackle on VVD was reckless, went unpunished by a dreadful referee and, we’re yet to find out, could turn out to be career limiting. To this day I’m not sure I’ve seen any contrition from Pickford (maybe I missed it) so no, I don’t wish him to get injured but now that he is then I’m hoping it impacts Everton’s season in the same way that ours has been affected.

21 Mar 2021 17:42:16
If the club wanted Garay it’d been done months ago he’s been on a free all season hasn’t he.

21 Mar 2021 22:17:17
Klopp is a professional and an exceptional leader. He won't "fall out" with a key fellow professional. Klopp may have suggested to VVD to not play in Euros but if there is a disagreement I bet Klopp won't be feeling emotional about it.

22 Mar 2021 07:53:09
Of course Klopp would feel emotional about it. Being professional doesn't stop him being human. He'll try not to let it influence his decision making and response to it all.

{Ed077's Note - why would Klopp feel emotional about VVD playing in the Euros? I dont get it, genuinely.}

22 Mar 2021 09:21:57
johnnyr1970 there’s been no contrition from Pickford or Everton. The only comments made were the sneering snide offerings from Richarlison, with him laughing about injuring Thiago. So a bit of schadenfreude on Pickford seems reasonable in the scheme of things.

22 Mar 2021 17:40:18
If VVD is fit he will want to play in the Euros, its that simple. I'm not sure what Klopp can do about it. Get the medical staff to hold back his rehab?
All the top players will want to play in the top competitions and that includes the Euros and World Cup.
We have seen it before with English players racing to be fit when they've been injured during the season.

23 Mar 2021 00:18:31
If VVD feels he is ready then he'll want to suit up for the Euros, that's for sure. I have no idea if he'll listen to the Liverpool medics if they say he shouldn't. All I know is that Salah went into the World Cup too soon after the Ramos "judo takedown" and he did not play well at all.



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