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07 Apr 2021 16:52:36
Hi eds,

You've mentioned that Jones is a decent Wijnaldum replacement - is there any other changes (ins and outs) that you'd make to the midfield come the summer? Surely Keita out?


{Ed002's Note - Personally I would let Keita leave but, as I have already explained, finding a buyer will be tough. A decision needs to be made over Grujic and Minamino, and I expect Shaqiri to go. Space in the squad will be an issue and Liverpool still have an imbalance but adding Harvey Elliott to the first team squad makes a lot of sense and addresses one of the errors of squad management.}

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07 Apr 2021 17:31:01
Cheers for the response Ed.

And what changes would you make to defence and attack?

{Ed002's Note - Liverpool will need to add a GK and it makes sense to make a decision over Kamil Grabara first. I would let Tsimikas leave and keep Larouci but that won't happen. Kabak has done enough to replace Matip. As the starter to edge out Gomez Konate has been of interest and would be a great buy but Liverpool are on very, very thin ice. I woulddn't, but fear the club could move for Kalidou Koulibaly. Ricky-Jade Jones or Matthew Hoppe would be excellent replacements for Origi.}

07 Apr 2021 17:33:40
Where has it gone wrong w Keita? Clearly Klopp was disappointed w him too yesterday but any reasons why he's failed to deliver so spectacularly? I remember the euphoria when we signed him a year early. And to think he's wearing number 8 to boot.

{Ed002's Note - I think it was a huge mistake buying him - whilst his form had been great he had caused significant issues for his club and in the final year - many further issues. He has had language issues in England although he now has a full Work Permit. He is doing nothing to justify his move since joining Liverpool. I am sure the club have done what they can but it doesn't look like there is going to be a step change and I would say time has come.}

07 Apr 2021 17:43:37
Cheers for your detailed response Ed.

07 Apr 2021 19:19:28
Have Liverpool been naughty again, in regards to RBL?

{Ed002's Note - We are not going to go there.}

07 Apr 2021 19:55:20
I thought we had a good relationship with RBL?

{Ed002's Note - Why? They were over the moon with the illegal approaches and the tapping up of Werner by Klopp last year no doubt. Typically clubs do not like cheats.}

07 Apr 2021 20:25:50
Is there the potential for Ben Davies to cover left back if Tsimikas were to leave? Although mainly a CB, he has on occasion played LB as well.
It seems a better alternative to me as the player has reasonable experience albeit at Championship level.

{Ed002's Note - Larouci would be the obvious choice for me - and Gomez is capable, and the club must have other youngsters.}

07 Apr 2021 20:34:07
Reports Leicester are looking at Keita? Any insights there Ed002? Thanks as always.

{Ed002's Note - They are after a CM player and there are two they have a declared interest in. I am not aware of any approach to Liverpool at this time.}

07 Apr 2021 20:55:41
Good summary Ed002.
I like the idea that the new CB can also cover LB also, then we’d have two potentially with Gomez.
Given that Robertson is very durable, it’s an argument that it’s wasteful to have a specialist LB sitting on the bench most of the season doing nothing anyway?

07 Apr 2021 21:05:48
Just the deal with Keita being done etc. It sounds like we will not be moving for konate in any case. Who knows. happens all the time in football, I'm not losing any sleep over it personally. It's rife with bad behaviour id imagine.

{Ed002's Note - It does not happen all of the time. This is the usual excuse rolled out by Liverpool supporters. It is embarrassing.}

08 Apr 2021 00:20:27
Well hopefully we can move him on. Sometimes in life it's better to take what you can get when you can get it instead of it becoming worthless ie Gini Can. Cash in and move on. With valuations being down ala C.V. surely that works both ways. Or send him out on loan and get his wages paid.

08 Apr 2021 06:18:16
Surely if Tsimikas was to leave we’d have to bring in a left back. Tsimikas starts for his country has won league titles and played plenty in Europe. Larouci/ Davies can’t be the answer for any serious club especially when half our game is relying on full backs. We’re very lucky Robertson hasn’t been injured with Klopp running him into the ground he’s not been good at all since Christmas, It’s poor management. Tsimikas needs to be kept and used.

08 Apr 2021 02:50:49
Not an excuse eds, I don't know what you are referring to as you said you aren't going there, so how can I have an excuse for something I don't know about? I'm simply saying that it's not for me to worry about or know about alleged behaviour of the club in these situations. It would be great if you could elaborate a little and then there may be solid grounds for me to have an actual opinion. Genuinely curious as what these acts are you refer to a lot but then refuse to be drawn on them. ? Thanks.

{Ed002's Note - It has been explained over and over and I very much doubt the rest of the site want the issue opened up all again. It leads to the same embarrassing excuse as you have used.}

08 Apr 2021 07:57:44
Thanks for the reply No2 regarding Ben Davies. Can I ask what the future holds for Davies? Thanks in advance.

{Ed002's Note - It is difficult to say with a decent number of CBs at the club. Right now it is hard to see him as a starter with the plan going forward likely to be:
van Dyke, new player, Gomez, maybe Kabak as the primary four supplemented by:
Phillips, Williams, Davies and not forgetting:
van den Berg, Koumetio.
There will also be other CBs in the U23s etc. that I am afraid I know nothing about.}

08 Apr 2021 10:40:40
Any update on Konate Ed002?
I think that what the club does this summer wrt the CB situation will be extremely crucial in the long run. Also, another midfielder is definitely needed with Gini out of contract and Keita and Ox just not cutting it.
Also hope there is some sort of freshening done in the forward line. Things have gone a bit stale now and maybe the club can look to move either Mane or Firmino on and replace them with younger players. Heard Inter may look to Bobby as a potential option if they can move Erikson and Sanchez on in the summer.

{Ed002's Note - RBL have made their position clear regarding any further illegal approaches for their players and whilst Konate may yet move this summer, Liverpool may step back and look elsewhere. His agent has now upset a couple of sides and it is clear that clubs will need to act within the rules. There was discussion on Keita yesterday so you can find it.}

08 Apr 2021 12:31:00
Mate ed02 I thought the plan was for Kelleher to be number 2?so we don't need to add a gk right? u23s can take the 3rd?

{Ed002's Note - Kelleher is the U23 goalkeeper - hence the comment about Grabara and that being the driver as to whether they will add one or not.}

08 Apr 2021 13:52:47
Thanks for sharing your thoughts Ed.

{Ed002's Note - You are welcome.}

08 Apr 2021 14:21:23
Ed when you say that Liv may look elsewhere n not going for konate, is there any new starter cb that Liv have look at? reading past post the only other name is ben white n he is pricey as you said.

{Ed002's Note - I have mentioned a couple before who may still be of interest. Kalidou Koulibaly, Sven Botman and David Carmo.}

08 Apr 2021 14:30:15
OK eds, you didn't really answer my question and once again I was not excusing the behaviour, how could I be when I don't know what it is you are referring to regarding konate. I was just curious but I'll take the hint that you don't want to go into it and it makes you prickly lol. Thanks anyway.

{Ed002's Note - You are trying to offset the repeated cheating by saying it happens all of the time in football. This is, as I have often explained, the usual lame excuse rolled out by Liverpool supporters and it is very embarrassing.}

08 Apr 2021 20:48:29
OK eds. if you say so. That was not what I was doing but if that's what you want to think that's all good. Peace. Just an unanswered question but I'll survive. Have a good evening eds. 🙏.

{Ed077's Note - unprofessional conducts that are against the rules don't happen all the time J6, even though you said they do.

08 Apr 2021 22:04:17
OK eds. I'm quite confident that it is not just us but that wasn't my question. thanks.

09 Apr 2021 11:00:14
Its not just Liverpool, correct but I believe Liverpool are the worst or at least one of the worst. Even if other clubs do it, still doesn't make it right tho.

09 Apr 2021 18:46:21
I agree irish. the funny thing is that wasn't what I asked but some people are a little obsessed with it and liverpool. I agree it's not the way to do things at all but it's does get a little tedious.

09 Apr 2021 20:55:35
Ed 02 Did you really just say that typically clubs do not like cheats, when they have a squad full of them? All professional footballers are cheats, and so are a lot of the managers.

{Ed002's Note - I have no idea what you are talking about. This constant attempt by Liverpool supporters to bring up the subject and then say everyone is doing it is really, really embarassing.}

10 Apr 2021 17:29:12
J6 please stop. Ed is right noone of us or maybe almost noone of the website wants to see repeated post again and again. As Ed said it has been done to death. You annoyed me here and prooly some other posts and Ed as well.

10 Apr 2021 18:34:00
J6, I would guess that it could be the usual talking to the player (Konate) without the clubs consent which is against the rules and a form of cheating in football.
It is something that club has done before under Klopp a few times and indeed did it last season to Werner, then proceeded to not even attempt to buy the player. Another RBL player, they must be ecstatic.



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