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04 Jun 2021 21:40:11
Divock has been made available for 20 million euros.

{Ed025's Note - that really should be lira..

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04 Jun 2021 21:55:01
Beaver pelts even.

04 Jun 2021 22:39:00
Ffs. We’re not going to sell are we?

05 Jun 2021 03:04:13
Has Edwards not proven to you that he knows what he’s doing by now? Give him some credit. You want the club to just give players away? Jeez would you if it were your money?

05 Jun 2021 06:42:45
I love Divock as much as any other player in the team, but let’s be honest he never fit the style of play and after last season it would be unfair to not let him leave. He’s not the best overall player but can take on a man and knows where the goal is and deserves to be in a team where he is starting regularly or at the very least is regularly rotated. He barely came of the bench for us last season.

{Ed0666's Note - I agree mate he’s too much of a ledge to be rotting on the bench for us. I hope he gets a move to a top club and bangs in goals for fun. Classy and graceful guy love him to bits!

05 Jun 2021 07:51:39
Divock is a funny one. He's had enough moments at the very top of the game to know that somewhere in that man there is a useful, powerful forward who drinks pressure like a fine wine. But you contrast that with his average performance which is so casual he might as well be sleeping on the pitch and the question of 'how to price him' becomes a really difficult one. Personally I think that his poor showing over the past 2 years have basically been the result of him realising there is nothing he can do to get regular minutes on this team (after so many big goals remaining a marginal player, however justified, can't have felt brilliant) and that in a team where he will play every game if he does well he will be well worth £20m compared to some others that have moved for similar money recently.

{Ed001's Note - he is just too laid back and that stops him ever showing the aggressiveness you need to be a top player.}

05 Jun 2021 07:56:14
Big Div is a cult hero with some of us, and I don't begrudge him that at all; he delivered at crucial times and moments in the past. Won't be quickly forgotten. Just that times change and people have to move on.

05 Jun 2021 09:16:48
I wish him all the best. We won’t get £20m though.

05 Jun 2021 09:17:28
i think Div is the kinda guy that will be loved where he goes as he is so casual and easy going.
Unfortunately, he doesn't switch and brings his usual personality onto the pitch, which is way too unfocused and casual. There are other sportsmen who had similar personalities, but once in the game, they are switched on, focused and hungry for victory. Div seems to be missing that.

The story about how Div grabbed the ball and race to put it on the centre circle after scoring in the 95th min against Everton says it all - so light hearted, so casual, yet so unfocused and unaware.

05 Jun 2021 09:27:04
I know am not going to get any likes but origi isn’t good enough for Liverpool fc. Our forward players were absolutely knackered this season and out of form yet origi still couldn’t be trusted to take up the slack. Good luck in the future origi but I’d rather give one of the kids a chance. At least they will have the hunger to fight for a place.

05 Jun 2021 09:11:52
Form comes with games. a great servant, never moaned, a well liked figure and I wish him the best and echo sentiments above and hope he bags a hat full of goals wherever he ends up.

05 Jun 2021 11:00:18
I agree with Ed001. Big Origi never has shown that determination. He has the attributes to be a far better player, maybe not World Class Brendan Rodgers said he could be but still better than he shows most of the time.

05 Jun 2021 11:08:02
I’ll pay £20 to have him come play football with my kids in the garden at the weekends?

{Ed025's Note - why mikey? your lamppost broken.. :)

05 Jun 2021 13:23:52
14-17M GBP (depending on who you read/ follow) does not seem that unreasonable for him right now, as it is so early in the transfer season. the market needs to develop a little more. the euros and then summer tours can create an opportunity as injuries will likely happen.

05 Jun 2021 16:34:22
Gets in the way of someone like Elliott or Gordon for me. Not good enough for this club, a couple of tap ins i could have scored against the Toffees and Barcelona doesn't change that.

05 Jun 2021 22:08:17
I have been saying since we won the champions league we should have sold Origi never been nowhere near good enough but he is a club legend now for 3 games against Everton Barcelona and Spurs. But he seem to be like his like one of them cult movies that some people vastly overrated.

08 Jun 2021 11:16:59
Ed025, what is your problem with Origi!? He's scored some great goals for us, not forgetting those countless goals against that blue team in merseysi-

Oh wait, I see now. ;)

{Ed025's Note - i dont have a problem with him CM he seems like a nice guy actually mate....but hes just not any good, he has scored some vital goals though but its on average about one a year, if accrington or someone like that was looking for a forward i think he would be a good option for them, but any higher and i think hes struggling..

08 Jun 2021 17:20:31
Haha, just messing Ed!

Unfortunately I do think his best days for Liverpool are behind him.

I always wonder what could have been if it wasn't for the blue noses Funes-Mori trying to destroy Origi's career just whilst he was showing massive promise. He obviously has done well but who knows how good he could have been if he never had the injury back when he was on fire.

{Ed025's Note - we always try and injure your players CM, its the only way we can beat you mate...except when we murdered you on your own midden last season.. :)



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