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11 Jun 2021 13:12:03
Apparently we've opened talks with Neuhaus of gladbach, seems a good player. What are your thoughts on him, eds? I feel like there's better value found elsewhere (Pellegrini from Roma) but he doesn't seem to be going anywhere with Mourinho's appointment.

{Ed0666's Note - I would be delighted if this were true. Nehaus is a super little player but it’s his breakout season and that would be my only concern. He’s more attack minded than bissouma and has a disciplined defensive side to his game. You’re right tho he wouldn’t be cheap 35 million plus but he would be an ideal Hendo deputy. He’s much better than pelligrini I’d say.

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11 Jun 2021 14:13:45
Is there any validity to this report by chance?

{Ed0666's Note - not heard this myself but that doesent mean there’s no merit to it.

11 Jun 2021 14:30:07
Two reports, one from Christian Falk and another from a reputable German source.

It must be said that the reputable source broke the info and Christian Falk then weighed in confirming it was the case.

Note it says we've spoken to Neuhaus and his representatives however no concrete negotiations with Gladbach yet, likely to be concluded AFTER the Euros.

{Ed0666's Note - If this is legit I’m gonna do a tiny jig of delight. Could be exactly what we need if we don’t get bissouma. It must mean we’re getting rid of a few because he would be the Gini replacement and won’t come cheap. Thiago, Fab and Nehaus. Now that’s a winning midfield on paper and let’s not forget Hendo. I’m salivating right now

11 Jun 2021 14:51:11
Agreed Ed0666 if we can go into next season with Midfield options of Thiago, Fabs, Nehaus, Hendo, Jones, Ox and Milly as a utility player. imagine if we can get Daka or Malen! be a good squad

GK - Aisson, Kelleher, Adrian
CB - VVD, Konate, Joe, Matip, Phillips or Davies
LB - Robbo, Tsimikas
RB - TAA, Neco
CM - Fabs, Thiago, Hendo, Nehaus, Jones, Ox, Milly
RW - Mane, Jota
LW - Salah, Elliot
ST - Bobby, Malen

Give a few games to the youth in the cups aswell, hopefully it'll be a good window for us.

11 Jun 2021 15:00:19
Please please let it be true! He would be a great signing. i've just realised that we don’t actually have a German player in the first team squad. Unless am missing someone 🤔.

{Ed0666's Note - he would be everything Naby was meant to be. If we do t get Bissouma he would be my alternative. Press resistant and scores goals. Maybe we could throw Naby in to sweeten the deal?

11 Jun 2021 15:40:12
Not saying this isn’t true but I tend to ignore speculation over ex-Liverpool players, ex-Dortmund players and German internationals. They seem to be the first shot-in-the-dark guesses from journos who haven’t got a clue simply because of the links to Klopp.
Having said that, if we actually get Neuhaus I might let out a little wee.

11 Jun 2021 15:44:18
This chap would be great.

I don't want us rushing into anything - no need for Pjanic buys.

(Sorry, I have to get that gag into every transfer window - its in my contract! )

11 Jun 2021 15:57:07
Or just throw Naby full stop Ed0666.

11 Jun 2021 16:18:10
Neuhaus and Daka would complete a good transfer window.

11 Jun 2021 16:33:12
Great prospect, hopefully has substance.

If we can get shot of the leech on the wages that is Naby Keita that would be wonderful!

11 Jun 2021 16:33:51
“Neuhaus …. in the middle of our street! Neuhaus”.

11 Jun 2021 16:58:17
Im with you on that Mr K however change street to team and we have a winner lol!

11 Jun 2021 17:38:38
I hope he comes just for the song.

11 Jun 2021 19:12:54
Ed666. Can’t say I have seen much of him. But by the way you are talking, you have got me excited. Out of the midfielders we have been linked with would he be your first choice?

{Ed0666's Note - yes mate I’ve gone on record many times and said Nehaus or Bissouma would be my choices. Bissouma is just a wall and Nehaus is a wall with plenty attacking attributes. He literally makes people look silly when they go to tackle him. So far he’s press-proof but the only reservation I have is the premiership has better quality players and his elaboration may get punished from time to time. Thiago, Fab and Nehaus would bully the opposition, it’s an outrageous midfield in my opinion, then supplemented by Hendo when fit. With Ox, Milly, Jones and possibly Naby as back up I’d be happy with that. Daka up front, Konate already here, Virgil, Matip and Joe coming back all of a sudden were challenging and going deep in competitions again.

11 Jun 2021 19:59:34
I’m with you Ed0666, Bissouma or Neuhaus for midfield.

{Ed0666's Note - I honestly think one of the other and we’re golden.

11 Jun 2021 20:30:41
Sounds exciting. Ed002 are we making serious efforts to sign Neuhaus?

{Ed002's Note - He is of interest.}

11 Jun 2021 21:41:45
ED2 have you heard anything on this? Any leg in the Neuhaus rumour? Thank you for your work!

{Ed002's Note - He is of interest - I have explained this before.}

12 Jun 2021 04:09:50
I’d imagine he’d end up at Bayern to replace Tolisso or so.

{Ed0666's Note - he’s actually come out and said and I paraphrase it’s not a certainty that I go to Bayern. He said he’s dating and could go abroad to challenge himself or stay at Gladbach. If he doesent sign I’ll be deflated. My fear is he has a decent Euro championship and there’s a bidding war seeing as his clause has supposedly expired. Hopefully we’ve already sewn up the transfer and no ones gets a chance to poach him.

12 Jun 2021 09:40:20
We are clearly interested but I'd imagine we need some sales or at least a clear indication of sales before getting it done. Hopefully we get it done as he sounds some player based on people's reactions above.

12 Jun 2021 07:55:07
Ed0666 is there any updates on Daka you give us good info on Konate told us it was a done deal at least 4 weeks before it happened. I have not seen Neuhaus play at all but I will take your word on him.

{Ed0666's Note - no idea about Daka but if you go by IG he’s just started following most of the Liverpool squad allegedly. He seems like a sensation in Austria and if he signs will the premiership be a tough baptism of fire? He looks like he has tools for the job but he also looks raw in some areas. I like watching the Bundesliga and when I’ve watched Nehaus play he’s been eye catching most of the time. You can see why liveroool are interested as he’d fit into the team seamlessly with his skill set.

12 Jun 2021 12:32:04
Cheers Ed good info.

{Ed0666's Note - have a good weekend mate.

12 Jun 2021 14:22:29
Same could have been said of Mane when he signed for Southampton from RBS. This time we’d be cutting out the middle man. He’s worth a gamble as there’s not a lot else out there in our price range worth taking a punt on. I’d rather sign Daka than any of Sarr, Traore Dembele or Vlahovic.

{Ed0666's Note - how do you know theres not much out there in our price range? Do you scout the The Brazilian, Peruvian, Argentinian, Thai, Australian, Japanese, Malaysian, Qatari, Moroccan, Ghanaian, Senegalese leagues and the hundreds of other leagues in the world regularly? If you then I beg you’re pardon. The point I’m making albeit facetiously is that theres players out there who could be better than Daka and cheaper. Daka could go on to be a Golden boot winner who knows but my only reservation is it’s a weak league and the prem will be a lot tougher. Clearly if he signs I hope he’s a raging success!

12 Jun 2021 21:23:11
Our price range is what? £35m tops. We’re never going to sign the likes of Haaland or Kane, and we’re certainly not in the conversation for players just below that level like Martinez or Lukaku. Even players like Jonathan David or Victor Osimhen who barely scratch double figures are valued over £60m plus by their clubs. So sensibly you have to ask who you could feasibly get within budget who looks like a bonafide goalscorer, offers something different to what we already have are likely to want to join and out of the players we’re linked with, Daka looks the best by some way.

{Ed0666's Note - Mallen?

13 Jun 2021 01:37:10
More of a converted winger than out and out centre forward imho so he’s too similar to Mane, Salah and Jota and really we do need some variety, I would say if Salah were to go he’d be a good shout. Also, as much as there are doubts about Daka because he’s playing in Austria, equally the Dutch league isn’t particularly strong and for every van Nistelrooy, there’s two or three Alfonso Alves’s.

{Ed0666's Note - and that’s irrefutable 😂



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