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24 Jun 2021 14:59:19
Sky Sports Germany reporting Edwards has opened talks with Malen, perhaps this one has accelerated the eds have been saying there was interest for a while. Just a midfielder left after this one if true.

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24 Jun 2021 15:12:07
If you got this via the Echo, apparently they mistranslated it.

24 Jun 2021 15:33:15
I didn't as per the post its via Sky Sports Germany.

24 Jun 2021 15:48:44
After that a straight swap between Salah and Mbappe and we are all set for 5+ years .

24 Jun 2021 15:52:12
Yes but the Echo have a section where they get rumours from various different sources and today they took something from Sky Sports Germany re Malen which they mistranslated so was just saying it you got the story via that way.

Apparently he's close to a move to Dortmund regardless.

24 Jun 2021 17:40:54
Lol a straight swap for mbappe? Really? 😂.

24 Jun 2021 17:58:50
Mbappe has a year left, Salah two. Salah is arguably the more proven of the two considering he has played in 2 leagues that are better than the French league and done really well in both. Salah is at the prime age and clearly wants a big move . so why not?
And if Malen is going to BD and B rod is buying Daka, who is our top target for the forward line?

24 Jun 2021 18:36:10
Mbappe is never going to play for us. Ever. The same as Haaland, the same as Werner, the same as Havertz, the same as Sancho. I just hope we don’t bother going for the likes of Traore or Sarr.

24 Jun 2021 19:02:34
I agree. AT THE MOMENT, a transfer fee of each wouldn't be much in the difference.

24 Jun 2021 20:59:16
VVVV you are spot on! Not in a million years.

24 Jun 2021 21:36:24
No rufus still via Sky Sports Germany.

24 Jun 2021 22:23:28
Did you ever think Alisson would play here? Or Thiago? We are one of only a few teams in the world that can draw that kind of talent outside of their home countries. It takes an awful lot of money, sure, but anything is possible. Mbappe playing for Liverpool does not sound that crazy compared to the stuff we have all lived through the last two years!

24 Jun 2021 23:40:02
It does when you consider the wages he would be on. Does anyone acty believe we will pay a player over 600k a week. It would ruin the club.

25 Jun 2021 07:26:06
Its crazy though that even over a four year contract between fees and wages Kane will probably end up just as if not more expensive. I know who i'd rather have.

25 Jun 2021 07:38:49
Theres also the argument that signing Mbappe this summer would be a great business decision! What you'd sign him for this summer with just 12 months left on his contract would be dwarfed by what we would sell him for in a few years to madrid. Its long term planning i suppose but its a 100% certainty.

25 Jun 2021 08:07:31
Jadon, that's also the type of thinking that landed the club into debt in the first place. We aren't talking £50m spent to make a profit, over the course of his contract, you are talking hundreds of millions. Then there is the small matter of completely destabilising the team because the likes of Salah will see Mbappe on 600k and wonder why he isn't on that as well. Then what happens if it all goes to his head and he flops and we can't sell him, or he gets a career ending injury? Or will you step in at this point and foot the bill? People need to come back to earth.

25 Jun 2021 08:15:41
I get the ‘speculate to accumulate argument’ Jadon, but I just don’t see it happening.

25 Jun 2021 08:34:40
It's become de rigeur on here to say certain players/ class of player will never sign for us but I think Mbappe is not so far fetched. We got Ali, we got Thiago, we got Bobby back when no one thought we could. Virgil, although perhaps he's reached worldie status whilst with us.

Mbappe's clearly a fan of Klopp, I think there's some desire there to play for him. Why not on Merseyside? Thiago chose to come. He could reach that next level of his game. Virgil did.

Finances. All sorts of theories going about. Different time, different circumstances but Adidas were going to somehow play a part in Messi to Chelsea so it's not inconceivable. But okay, let's discount even that.

If he signs this 750k/ week extension then he will never come here, no. But if he were to leave on a free, then I don't see how it's not possible to negotiate directly with the player. Spread the cost of signing on fee, perhaps instead of spreading the cost of a transfer the wage becomes more tenable. It could cause dissent in the ranks with other players being unhappy at the disparity, but this is life in football. How many players at PSG would be on €750k/ week? If Messi had gone to Chelsea or City, it would have been the same situation. I don't see it as the obstacle that some might present.

I'm not saying how likely I think Mbappe joining us is, but I think it's not impossible.

25 Jun 2021 08:40:28
Calm yiurself stuie😆. im right though. And the "hundreds of millions"is a bit hyperbole. we'd probably cover his fee and his wages with what he'd instantly be worth once signed up long term. Fair enough your argument about Salah and co, but that's just the way it goes. Mbappe will be the best and most marketable player on the planet soon, im sure plenty of potential sponsors would be drawn to him being at the club. Look i know its unlikely, but if he is interested in a move here this is literally the only chance we'd ever have to sign the biggest face in football for the next few year.

25 Jun 2021 08:56:06
Robboz, I agree. If he signs the extension then no way. Otherwise I could see him with us for 3-5 years before moving to Madrid.

25 Jun 2021 11:03:53
Unfortunately Jadon, you can't just say 'but I'm right', not how it tends to work. Don't get me wrong, I would love Mbappe to sign but we have to be realistic. All this elayers listed, Thiago, Ali etc where nowhere near the Mbappe level when we signed and never will be. If Madrid or PSG sign anyone of out players bar Salah, they would never command over 500k a week. And the hundreds of millions is not far off, transfer fee 100m plus, wages 600k a week plus, bonuses added on top, spread over a 5 year deal. It would be financial suicide for the club to buy a player for that much money in the hope that Madrid will buy him for a profit. Say it out loud, it sounds even more ludicrous.

25 Jun 2021 12:13:27
It does if im right😆. How much a week do you think Harry Kane is going to be on at City stuie! Wont be a penny under 400k per week and that's the minimum.

25 Jun 2021 12:33:08
600k a week for one player would 100% ruin the club. That's 30M a year on top of the initial costs. Then everyone else in the squad wanting pay increases to keep the harmony. who knows how much that would cost.

Absolutely a non runner.

Who cares if City were to pay Kane 400k a week as well, you have just made that up and it's irrelevant in the discussion, you need to think about the Liverpool squads wages not how much Kane would cost in comparison.

25 Jun 2021 13:27:48
My point is that City aren't going to have the rest of the squad in looking for rises because Kane comes in on probably more than double than they're on. Just like the players at Barcelona accept Messi's and Real's used to have to accept Ronaldo's. Fair enough it'd be £30m odd a year but think of what he would be worth to the club financially, he will be THE biggest name in the biggest sport on the planet in a year or two. If we want to be at the very top table, long term, and there was ANY chance of getting this deal done we should be all over it.

25 Jun 2021 13:51:08
I hope you don't work in a bank Jadon haha! Firstly, City can afford £400k a week, we couldn't, that is the big difference, plus, you then have to account FFP, how would we get through that? Where's Ed002 when you need him/ her.

25 Jun 2021 13:57:41
How do City get through it? . last time i checked our revenue was on a par with theirs.

{Ed002's Note - It is pointless explaining.}

25 Jun 2021 18:46:54
This rumours site is turning into a delusional site with all this Mbappe nonsense. Bissouma and Malen will do for me. With them on board we'll take it to both Man City and PSG.

25 Jun 2021 18:57:37
Signing the likes of Mbappe, Haaland and Sancho does seem like a dream but to be honest, I never expected that we'd spend a world record fee to sign VVD and Alisson a few years back. I understand the stumbling block is the wages for these players and not because these players doesn't want to join us. Although its unlikely to happen, we've read rumors that Klopp did keep in touch with Mbappe and his family. If those rumors are legit, then there might be some possibility that a transfer might happen. otherwise why would Klopp bother to spend time on something that he will never get?

25 Jun 2021 19:29:55
@Jadon, Just to take in to account as well as that £30M a year of wages for Mbappe you would have another £100M a year of extra wages to keep others happy.

Maybe Salah would not expect to be on £600K a week to match Mbappe but he would want to double his £200K (or whatever he is on) to be a lot closer. That's an extra £10M a year for him. Mane would want an increase, VvD, Fabinho, Alisson, basically most or all of the team. Not +£10M each but it would all add up.

From a quick Google of Barcelona salaries as you are making out that others are happy to play for relatively ok salaries even though Messi's got an enormous salary. From salary sport: Griezmann £594k, Coutinho £406k, and 4 others higher than £200k per week being Busquets, Jordi Alba, Umtiti and Dembele. Braithwaite is even on £85k, I know signed in an emergency but still it shows the knock on impact throughout the squad.

25 Jun 2021 20:47:54
Ah just dare to dream will yis. baa hum-bug accountants everywhere! As one poster said Virgil"had the choice of the top 6 clubs and would never consider us" and"not a hope in hell these owners would pay over £60m for a goalkeeper"i know more than likely we'll end up with the normal rough diamond that Jurgen can polish but until he goes to Madrid i say its not impossible he ends up here.

25 Jun 2021 20:59:38
Apologies Jadon, didn't mean to spoil your dreams 🤣.

26 Jun 2021 00:51:38
No Sean. its not Blackpool or Lincoln we support. Its Lfc one of the biggest in the world in all kinds of ways yet most fans want to hide behind and feel comfortable with the net spend and"he'll never sign for us"argument as a ready made excuse to jystify when we fail. Have we not a manager in the top 2 or 3 in the world?, have we not a 1st eleven in the top 2 or 3 in d world? Why then would a top player not want to come here and improve himself?

26 Jun 2021 02:03:17
Klopp himself came out in the past and said for LFC this transfer would be impossible due to the finances. Need to come to the reality that we will not be signing mbappe, or maybe even malen or bissouma. But that's fine, in a few years we will have the polish messi to rip some teams a new one. 😆.

{Ed0666's Note - there’s more chance of Hancock snogging Pep Kloppo in front of a packed Anfield on the first home game of the season than there is Mbappe signing for Liverpool.

26 Jun 2021 10:02:24
@Jadon, it would financially ruin the club. I've explained why/ how already but you can't seem to grasp it.

Never for a second have I ever thought Mbappe would not want to play for us or for Klopp but his wages are so high it's not even slightly realistic.

26 Jun 2021 10:14:26
I grasp it Sean, thanks for explaining it to me. Your right we will never ever ever sign a top player. Thank God we have the Polish Messi, Gordon, Elliott and Nat Phillips there to build our next great team around.

26 Jun 2021 17:21:47
Fact is that we don’t have owners who are capable or interested in bringing in the likes of Mbaple or Haaland. I’d hope at least they consider players at the next level down, like Isak for example.

26 Jun 2021 18:05:00
Wow Jaden is like a young Harry from about 10 years ago.

26 Jun 2021 19:21:14
No, Jaden was just very bored lastnite Pickle😉.



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