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02 Jul 2021 12:28:23
Supposedly we’re looking for 15-20m for a striker who’s only goal was the 7th vs Lincoln city back in September. Fully expect him to end up on loan in Turkey.

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02 Jul 2021 12:53:26
His Lazy style would suit Valium FC but they don't have the funds, so it looks like he will remain on bench duties for us until he's well into his 40's cause he's such a top bloke.

02 Jul 2021 13:37:02
According to the Athletic we're not actively looking to sell him.

{Ed0666's Note - not having a pop at you Nick but the OP who is showing utter disregard and contempt for Divvy. Yes he’s not the greatest footballer in the world but he is the classiest and nicest person you’ll ever want to meet. He practically won us the champions league and early himself a new contract on the back of that and deservedly so. He’s NEVER disrespected or denigrated the club and I’m hopeful if given the opportunity and a run of games can show he’s a reliable goal scorer. Maybe he’ll have to move to make this happen but let’s treat him with the dignity he deserves please and malign him less.

02 Jul 2021 13:51:48
Chelsea just bought Origi for 33m in my Football Manager save. They've been looking for a striker in real life. Coincidence? I think not.

02 Jul 2021 13:57:12
Absolutely disgraceful comment Salah, he has scored some extremely important goals for us and contributed massively to klopps cause the last 5 years. I personally think it’s his time to move on and see if he can become the main man at another club but comments like that are out of order.

02 Jul 2021 14:15:41
Origi is a top bloke but a terrible footballer, he has been diabolical when given chances to prove himself, bottling challenges and giving up chasing balls. He absolutely should be moved on, with nothing but well wishes of course.

02 Jul 2021 14:49:22
"He practically won us the champions league". 😆😆😆😆my God! bloke has to go, taking up space in the squad at this stage.

02 Jul 2021 15:00:58
We are not going to get 15-20 for him let’s be honest.

02 Jul 2021 16:44:15
Ed666, this is the type of rubbish we are being afflicted with on a daily basis by the modern day "fan". Instant gratification at all costs. Instead of stating why you may like or dislike a player with good faith arguments and cogent points, we are afflicted with the disgraceful comments like the OP attacking a player who was instrumental to our success under Klopp.

He may not be who we thought he could be when he broke thru BUT he still deserves the respect he has earned thru his very own exploits for us. The funny thing is that you can find people clamoring for Keita, an absolute useless player and piece of work off the pitch by all accounts while at the same time, disrespecting and insulting an Origi who ran thru a brick wall for the cause and one of the foundation squad members that made us Champions Of Everything and Everywhere under Klopp. Go figure.

02 Jul 2021 17:46:50
Appreciate everything Origis done. But it was all 2 years ago. He’s simply not good enough. Was more a dig at us overpricing players again according to the report.

02 Jul 2021 15:52:48
Eds666 As nice as it is to have div around the place I agree with jadon he is taking up space and wages. He can’t live off a couple of important goals for the rest of his career. If we haven’t got the money to replace then try one of our kids like Elliot.

{Ed0666's Note - I’m not saying he doesent need moving on I’m just saying he should be respected and not be ridiculed mate

02 Jul 2021 18:20:38
His famous trio of goals (the header against T-Rex and his 2 against Barca) were maybe 15 yards between d 3 of them, one into any empty net. They were hardly Gerrard wondergoals were they! by all accounts he's a good bloke but he has been more often than not terrible for a long time now. going back much earlier than our Champions League winning season.

02 Jul 2021 18:22:09
Divock certainly hasn't done anything wrong deserving of being ridiculed lad's. Just remember what he has done for the club before you get your knives sharpened.

{Ed001's Note - and his setting up of a scholarship for Liverpool University.}

02 Jul 2021 19:01:22
Divvy also scored the goal that sealed no 6 (you missed that one Jadon! ) . Anyone who denigrates or disrespects a man who achieved that is simply a glory seeker, not a supporter.
Respect is due, along with a large slice of humble pie.

02 Jul 2021 19:06:38
I agree totally ott, Origi has given us many amazing moments.

02 Jul 2021 19:19:15
Don’t knock the man lads! He’s seems a genuine nice fella and a good lad I’ll always be grateful for his goal of nvr slate the man! He will leave us a winner and I I wish him the best! One day he will find his inner mr. T and absolutely destroy some poor lad!

{Ed0666's Note - the fella is super intelligent as well as being a thoroughly nice fella. He’ll be successful wherever he goes he thinks

02 Jul 2021 19:51:27
Havnt ridiculed, denigrated or disrespected anyone but football wise he shouldn't be here. For his OWN good aswell as the clubs. Can ANY of you who are jumping on the high horse say he should be part of our squad next season?

{Ed0666's Note - ok Jadon I’ll take the bait. Name me other strikers who have won a premier league and champions league under the age of 28 that would complain if they only played a hatful of games all season and won’t cause disequilibrium? He’s a 4th choice striker at best and doesent ruffle any feathers.

02 Jul 2021 20:21:20
I’ll always have respect for Origi. He came through when we needed him the most vs. Barcelona and scored a wonderful goal in the finals. Not to mention his goal against Everton.

02 Jul 2021 20:23:04
Look he's an intelligent decent bloke, not disputing that. The scolarship is brilliant from him, im talking purely football. And football wise he is nowhere near good enough and should be sold to go towards buying another top attacker who can COMPETE with the rest of the forwards to start games.

02 Jul 2021 21:39:46
We should bin Kenny out of the club as well. Hasn't contributed anything on the field towards success since 2012. Needs to move on. Klopp as well, what's he done since we won the league? Nothing. Another lad happy to hang around and pick up a wage. Is that how this works?

{Ed0666's Note - it’s Shankly and paisley that puss me off the most. Friggin wasters

02 Jul 2021 23:02:04
Your right Mane, let's give Divock a lifetime membership to our squad! my God he's deserved it over the last few years. Jesus even the likes of Salah and Virg will have to be moved on eventually, got help what this site is going to be like then.

{Ed0666's Note - nobody is disputing divvy’s days at Liverpool are numbered we’re just asking him to be respected more

02 Jul 2021 23:05:50
You see Jadon, the problem with your question is that how you have framed it is all wrong. I think we can all agree that IF there is a buyer and IF we can find a suitable replacement then yes he SHOULD go.

But the belief that he should go is pure supposition.

What are the facts?
- We know he is positive around the club, the city. He barely plays but you hardly hear a peep out of him. Maybe he is happy taking a pay cheque? I dunno, I'm not inside, but all the talk seems to be positive about him.

- he is the 5th name on the team sheet after bobby, mane, salah and Jota for the front line. Even that is debatable depending on how much Elliot progresses in the squad.

- Ability-wise we know what he can do, especially if he gets run of games. He has scored some massive goals for a guy who hardly plays.

Overall, for me having a guy like Origi is important for every squad. He just gets on with his job and contributes where he can with the limited minutes he gets.

I think there is far too much focus on what a player can't do. Far too much energy into picking apart everything to do with the club.
I am sure I'll get backlash for being rose-tinted, but I just rekon ya'll need to pop outside and smell some fresh air lol

Origi is one of our guys. I'll always have far more loyalty and grace to someone like Origi who has embedded himself into the fabric of the club and done nothing negative towards the club to be talking about him like he is piece of meat to be traded for a prime cut.

03 Jul 2021 00:28:07
Im the least negative person in the world when it comes to Lfc, but not one of them reasons you just gave is a valid reason to keep him apart from you know it'll be a popular opinion on this site. When i see people like Neco and Gini getting stick on this site yet Divock is on a pedestal it bemuses me. Apparently Gini went missing the last 6 months, Divocks being largely missing the last 4 years, think people forget the domestic cup games where as a senior member of a weakened team he should be a n example but instead would hide for 90 mins, these are the games dat would annoy me more than the big gamea.

{Ed0666's Note - you try be world class when you never play. This thread is getting tedious now. You win mate.

03 Jul 2021 02:14:00
up to you mate. Well perhaps we sell him for his next opportunity and then we don't replace him. I'd be ok with that.

03 Jul 2021 07:20:28
Think Jadon was on a wind up ed, clearly you agreed he should be moved on but respected. I got that two posts in!

03 Jul 2021 10:57:43
Yes, the smart one always leaves first. Good choice.

03 Jul 2021 12:15:33
The reason we aren’t looking to sell him is simple. We’d get £10-15m for him and to replace him we’d have to spend £20m+ and we have no money 😂 div is causing no problems and is already bought and paid for and that’s where his true value is.

03 Jul 2021 11:33:27
It’s hard to judge a players performance based on a year where he’s hardly got a run in the team, and then been asked to step onto the field for 15mins and change games. Yes he may not ever be the quality of Mane and Salah but people are underestimating what having time on the pitch means to a players form and their ability to contribute.

What is a fact though is that not too long ago he was crucial to our league and champions league wins, with some key goals in big matches. He’s clearly a decent finisher and someone who’s proven a capable deputy in the past.

In short, a top bloke and a respectable player who’s don’t a lot for the club and the city. Let’s treat him as such even if it may be time for us to find an alternative plan B. I’ll always wish him well wherever he goes.

03 Jul 2021 13:48:57
Knockout-stage en route to winning CL in 2019:

Origi Minutes 117. Goals from open play 3

Salah Minutes 540. Goals from open play 1

Of the two, better to sell Salah. We will get more for him, and he does little or nothing in CL.

04 Jul 2021 08:43:11
Divvy has scored 35 goals in 157 games for a 5th choice forward who barely plays and behind the best front three on the planet and Jota. Maybe JH can tell us which forward will come here and do that, on his infinite wisdom.

Not saying Origi is great and should be kept. In fact, I agree that he should go. But the constant insults JH keeps aiming at him smacks of just absolute desperation and bitterness, it is hilarious. Your utter disrespect for a truly lovely fella, loved by near everyone at the club also for his actual exploits on the pitch, is embarrassing. Let it go, bro. Like Ed said, you are becoming tedious to read.

04 Jul 2021 15:25:22
Having spoken with many professional footballers at the top level the idea that divvy is sitting around to collect a wage is absolutely stupid.

The vast majority of players want to play, I've personally never met one that doesn't (though i've heard rumours of a few) . This isn't just a job for most players it's their life's passion and they're well aware of the fact that careers are very short and so wasting time sitting on a bench is something I've repeatedly heard players fight against.

I'd say a large number of players at the top level don't even like the off-season in my experience and can't wait to get back on the pitch.

I will wager money that origi is not "collecting a paycheck"



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