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09 Jul 2021 14:32:06
Hi eds.

Is Saul Niguez financially doable for Liverpool, or is his transfer fee and wages out of our reach?


{Ed002's Note - Liverpool would need to raise funds through sales for the transfer fee but the wages would be very painful for the club to accept.}

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09 Jul 2021 14:48:32
Konate and Saul and perhaps another forward would be a dream window. Let's hope the champagne at the end of the season will help ease the pain of those wages!

09 Jul 2021 15:15:51
No doubt Saul's ability but id still rather we went for Bissouma, already knows the league, improving each season and won't break the bank wage wise.

09 Jul 2021 15:23:32
Saul has not been playing well for quite some time and his stock has really fallen, so it is a transfer that is not without risk. Historically he is an excellent player, yep, although still, perhaps higher risk than Bissouma might be.

09 Jul 2021 15:53:30
Higher risk than Bissouma, but lower risk than Sanches. Form is temporary, but class is permanent.

09 Jul 2021 16:20:05
With it being JK's last 3 years, it is imperative that the right decisions are made in relation to transfers, as they will make or break phase 2 of JK's legacy, and what he leaves behind.

09 Jul 2021 16:45:57
If we get Saul then that will be more than enough imo.

Konate, Saul, Elliot


09 Jul 2021 16:50:50
I think bissouma is destined for stardom and perfect for our system. We need to go all out for this guy.

09 Jul 2021 18:36:32
Im with you Davey, id take Biss over Saul and anyone else right now. Even the worldie from Lazio could fail in the EPL, whilst Biss has proven his worth, injury record and potential for further development in a better side.

09 Jul 2021 18:56:27
The club has already gone through an episode due to it's wage structure; I highly doubt they'd be willing to create an even bigger problem for themselves by bringing in Niguez. My sense is that Wijnaldum left because he was expecting Thiago like numbers (3 years @200k per week) . So bringing in Niguez at 300k or more, would open the door for a few in the dressing room demanding equal or more. Especially now that the club is looking at extensions and new contracts. No doubting Niguez's talent, but it's a bullet best to be dodged.

{Ed001's Note - you only have to look at where Gini went to see what motivated him, and it wasn't length of contract at all.}

09 Jul 2021 19:04:34
I didn’t see much of Brighton last season. Is Bissouma a box to box midfielders or is he a workhorse like Gini. My problem with Gini was he never scored goals and he wasn’t forward thinking enough. I don’t want another midfielder who can’t put the ball in the net given that our front three were found out for large portions of the season.

Cheers all.

09 Jul 2021 16:18:31
Have Liverpool contacted his agent?

{Ed002's Note - Liverpool understand what they would need to do to become an option for the player.}

09 Jul 2021 18:53:43
I'm guessing if Saul was to happen then he would be the highest earner at the club and that would make others ar the club want the same.

{Ed002's Note - They have contracts and what they want is secondary.}

09 Jul 2021 22:20:35
Apparently Saul is only on €8m a year, cannot believe I've just written only there, so is he and his agent now looking for the £300k?

10 Jul 2021 03:10:21
Most places say he’s on €14m OMM. Perhaps what you read is what he earns after tax.

10 Jul 2021 08:30:45
IPC12 - Gini never scored goals?
Barcelona want their CL semi final back!
Amazing the stuff that folks will make up to suit their narrative.

10 Jul 2021 08:58:50
Flash the Red - 237 league games and only 22 goals and only 15 assists… think you need to do your research because you’re evidently clueless if you think Gini was a goal scoring midfielder for us. Or are you like most fans and base things off one game. Laughable narrative on your behalf.

10 Jul 2021 11:41:05
Ed2 would Saul be interested in joining Liverpool though or are LFC just wasting their time?

{Ed002's Note - I don't know but it will depend on what options he has.}

10 Jul 2021 11:50:20
Gini was scoring goals from midfield for the Netherlands throughout his time with Liverpool. He can score from midfield. Klopp asked him to play a different role for Liverpool.

10 Jul 2021 11:53:08
If you bring him in as our top earner it’s not only his huge wage you have to swallow but also the potential of other players wanting a bump up, especially if they’re performing better than him.

I know it’s only rumours at the moment but it tells you something that Atletico could be willing to part with him for 40m when 2 years ago he was probably valued at 3 times that.

10 Jul 2021 16:39:32
Sean Ireland… I couldn’t care less about Gini for the Netherlands, he didn’t score goals for us on a consistent basis. We have Hendo, Thiago, Fab in midfield and none of them are goal scorers. We were found out last year, it needs bridging .



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