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19 Jul 2021 18:13:25
I know we are doubting this Hendo news because it seems so far fetched and unbelievable but it genuinely seems like it has legs. Maybe not the transfer part of it but there's no doubt contract talks have stalled.

This has been confirmed by:

James Pearce, David Ornstein, David Maddock, David Lynch, Neil Jones and also Paul Joyce.

Paul Joyce, James Pearce and Ornstein are very reliable when it comes to Liverpool news, Joyce seemingly only reporting on something when it is true. Also Pearce and Joyce are Liverpool correspondents and Ornstein writes for BBC Sport.

Worrying times.

{Ed025's Note - its something and nothing MM, there is no rush mate..

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19 Jul 2021 19:52:21
Worrying times for who? Not this guy as in, me. Hendo will get what he deserves and besides he has 2 yes left on his deal so as Ed25 and many others have said, no rush. Enjoy the preseason.

19 Jul 2021 20:41:00
You are very excitable monkey.

19 Jul 2021 20:57:51
A mountain out of a mole hill, this is a man who fought too and nail to prove Brendan wrong. A man who fought to be captain. A man who led us to number 6 and number 19. And that's before all is charity work. As long as we as fans and the club shows we want him the lad will stay.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Henderson will be harder to replace then Gerrard for the role he has with his team mates and the club.

I truly believe he could take his first steps into coaching with us but there is little rush with two years left to tie him down. The journos are whipping up a frenzy by repeating what one said to not miss out on the 'story'.

{Ed0666's Note - im gonna get a load of hate for this but I don’t think hendo should get a 5 year contract. We can’t have a plethora of thirty somethings on big contracts with no re-sale value. It’s just not good for business. I love hendo like he was my son but good business decisions aren’t based on sentiment. He’s missing swathes of games through injury which isn’t gonna get better over the coming months and years. If he accepted a 2 year contract that would be a happy medium in my opinion. Ok I’m ready for the vitriol peeps bring it on.

19 Jul 2021 21:23:44
I'd agree that I wouldn't automatically give him 5 years. This year has shown injuries etc. But I'd increase it by an additional year and look at paving the way into his latter years and eventually retirement. Milly is here until he is 36 and hendo seems to have the same mindset in terms of fitness and determination. I'm sure a compromise will be found.

19 Jul 2021 22:15:18
3 years is a fair compromise, then add a year on at a time a la Milner.

19 Jul 2021 22:22:30
Has he asked for 5 years or are ye just speculating?

If he has asked for 5 years though, that's too much if he's to get a nice chunky wage. 3 years on big money and in 18 months see about chatting again. He has had injuries so I don't think 5 years on big wages would make sense, there should be no need for it anyway, why would he not be happy with 3 years.

19 Jul 2021 22:35:48
Has he asked for 5yr contract?
His current contract runs out when he’s 33. He can’t be expecting another 5 on top.
A couple of years added on seems reasonable.

19 Jul 2021 21:16:07
I completely agree with ed0666.

{Ed0666's Note - Will you marry me???

19 Jul 2021 21:29:37
That’s what I have been saying all day ed0666 his missed 22 weeks over the last 2 season so his got 2 years left he needs to prove his body can cope as he goes into his 30s. So let him see how this season goes if he misses arge parts of the season let him run down his contract or sign a pay as you play deal. I see people talking about Salah but the guy never seem to miss a game like Gini he did not have the best of season but I don’t blame him for not being 100% because if he got a bad injury he would not of got a club till fit and not the sort of deal he got.

{Ed0666's Note - will you marry me aswell?

19 Jul 2021 22:28:08
100% Ed0666. He'll be 33 when this one ends. 12 month rolling contract after this one. Either accept it or thanks very much Jordan for your service.

{Ed0666's Note - sounds harsh but you can’t have a bunch of thirty somethings on long contracts.

20 Jul 2021 07:08:38
Agree with Ed 0666.
All things must pass.
In the end, in business (and sport), pragmatism must win over sentiment and emotion.

As much as we all love our captain (s) be it Hendo, Stevie or Ron Yeats, in a few years time someone else will have taken the armband and will receive our entire respect.
(I retired this year. change is inevitable, just accept it.

20 Jul 2021 09:46:54
If he has asked for a 5 year deal, it will supercede his current deal, so would be a 3 year extension. He might be pushing it a bit, but he's our captain and I'm assuming he's aiming for a retirement contract. Give him the deal.

20 Jul 2021 09:54:12
Agree with Ed. We need to be prioritising his replacement not giving him a 5 Yr contract. Great leader miss him when he is not in the team.

20 Jul 2021 11:19:44
Completely agree with you ED0666.



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