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21 Jul 2021 18:38:02
Reading in utter disbelief that Henderson maybe involved in a swap deal or not offered a new contract, on the pitch leaders are worth their weight in gold, if he’s sold how much 20 million as a 31 year old if we don’t offer a years extension to his contract then it’s utter madness.

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21 Jul 2021 19:07:21
Totally agree with you there, Clee. Fortunately, so far, it just seems to be tabloid speculation, I wonder if its his agent doing what agents do at the time of contract negotiations?

I certainly hope its nothing more than that as I'd love Hendo to finish his career with us (and then join the coaching staff) and I believe he has recently expressed that he wants to do the same, so hopefully a storm in a teacup.

21 Jul 2021 19:08:49
Is it madness though. If and this is a massive if Saul came in to replace hendo what’s to say he wouldn’t be a great leader or captain!
All teams need to evolve it’s just a fact of life. We all get old it’s unfortunate but true. Hendo is getting older and will need replacing at some point. Am not saying kick the lad out the door am just saying it is inevitable it has to happen so if a great deal comes forward earlier than expected let’s not totally dismiss it.

21 Jul 2021 19:29:23
I can see both sides of this, love Hendo but don't see the big deal about a new longer contract not being offered to a super but injury prone player who'll be 33 by the end of the contract he already has. (17,24,27,32,30,21), that's the amount of league games Hendo's been available for over the last 6 seasons. At the age Hendo's at and with his previous history that record is only likely to get worse, i get that he's a leader and his presence around d place is huge but the most important thing is being available to play and we've just let another superb player who was NEVER injured go who was nearly exactly the same age so i think Hendo may have to compromise and realise he will be phased out over the next few seasons.

21 Jul 2021 19:49:02
If Hendo departs in this transfer window I will eat Eds2 Kippah.

21 Jul 2021 20:02:08
Im not worries but it nice to see so much love for Hendo now after years of grief.

If you look at every twitter post or YouTube video from lfc now, the comments are flooded with fans asking for Hendo to stay and get a new contract.

I absolutely want him to retire at the club, his influence is obvious.

21 Jul 2021 20:39:18
This is a non story and a mountain out of ample hill for no reason. A good amount of our players like the front three, Keita, Ox and Hendo could have been named in this non story and it would have generated the same manufactured rubbish we are seein today. Imagine this was Salah instead of Hendo. It would be the same thing.

Hendo has two years left on his deal so does the fact that contract talks are going on at all not signify the intent of the club to keep him? Clearly, that flew over the heads of the fans running with this rubbish. Hendo has tie to get his deal done with two years left so what is the problem?

The journos got their wish cos the thirsty fans now have a nothing burger to sink their teeth into. Not bothered. Hendo will get his deal and that will be that.

21 Jul 2021 20:39:38
I remember feeling the same about Stevei G and look what happened there. I new lad came in call Jordan and replaced stevei as a captain and leader and that turned out ok didn't it.

21 Jul 2021 20:58:36
Every football player has an expiry date no matter how much we love them. No player is bigger than the whole we have lost great players in the past and carried on and will do so again in the future. If Hendo stays, great, model pro, great leader but if it the time for him to go, so be it, he will go with great fondness and thanks for all he has given. Instead of all running around like headless chickens, let's trust that JK knows more than us.

21 Jul 2021 21:25:38
Maybe we should straight swap hendo for Bowen. :/.

21 Jul 2021 21:37:57
The passiveness of some of the comments is staggering. It’s like “oh well, life goes on”. Players like Hendo don’t grow on trees. It will a travesty if he’s allowed to leave at this point, given he has so much to offer.

21 Jul 2021 22:30:42
Henderson is a top class midfielder and they don’t come a dime a dozen. He’s also a proper leader. Selling him would be dumb as

21 Jul 2021 22:32:08
Where is all this swap “news” coming from? Twitter?

21 Jul 2021 22:38:12
"Reading in utter disbelief"

Yeah. You're right not to believe it.

22 Jul 2021 01:25:37
Henderson is going nowhere. He is the captain of one of the best clubs in world football. Where can he go that’s better. He loves Liverpool and he probably gets well looked after.

{Ed0666's Note - it’s not him wanting to leave it’s if FSG gives him the length of contract he would ideally like. I have to be honest I lf I was the owner I wouldn’t want a bunch of thirty somethings on huge wages with little sell on value.

22 Jul 2021 05:28:56
The club became great because Bill Shankly became our manager - everything we have done since he appeared was either achieved or enabled by his vision of what the club should and could be. He was a great ‘man of the people’ and understood and empathised with people and their love of the game and the club. What doesn’t get much airplay was that he was ruthless - the progress of the team came before any individual player. If a player had reached the end of his usefulness then he was replaced.

Jordan Henderson seems to be a fine human being with sensible views on how human beings should behave and be treated. He also seems to be a very good leader of the team on and off the pitch and he is a credit to himself and the club.

I am not sure what the snag with the negotiations is as I’m not part of the negotiations and hopefully an amicable solution can be agreed.

If not, and bearing in mind he will be 33 and a bit when his current contract expires, I would think it makes sense to move him on. IF (big if) he want’s to leave sooner rather than later then he should be rewarded for his service and allowed to try and sort out a deal that suits what he wants to do outside of our club.

Everybody is irreplaceable (otherwise Big Ron Yeats would still be turning out at centre half) .

{Ed001's Note - that's not true. The club was great before Shankly, it had been successful in periods before Shanks arrived. Secondly he was far from ruthless, quite the opposite, his problem was that he was too loyal to the players who did well for him. It was Paisley who changed that, not Shanks.}

22 Jul 2021 05:52:23
to be honest, I'd be wary of long term deals for a player who will be 33 and the types of injuries he's had. I'm not going to use the term injury-prone as I genuinely don't believe that is the case. but for any player to have multitude of knee, ankle, hip. groin issues would be a concern.

Ultimately Henderson is saying it isn't about the money but feeling wanted. I have no doubt about that, but there will be a limit to that. FSG will not want to commit loads for all reason above, but there will be some flexibility to that. I just hope they find a happy middle ground as he is the kind of club man and leader we need around as we are most likely going to be going through a transition in managers at that time.

Hopeful for good news :)

22 Jul 2021 07:29:18
Eds right, Paisley our most successful Manager started replacing players who had hit 31.Emlyn Hughes was the prime example. Club Captain, was caught out against United in the FA Cup Semi Final and never played again.
Henderson has 2yrs left on his contract, By that time his legs will be gone. I would not like fans to turn on him when his legs go, which they will. If its about money let him go.

22 Jul 2021 08:44:32
As much as I love our club captain and I always backed him I have to agree with Ed0666 and Tim.

22 Jul 2021 09:09:45
Henderson great captain. But he loves an injury and when it comes to crunch time in the season you can bet he’s missing that period. We’ve got a few of those players it’s not just him.

22 Jul 2021 09:11:22
Even if he doesn't sign a contract, so people think we'd actually sell him? He'll give his all until the day he leaves, which will be whenever his last contract runs out.

22 Jul 2021 10:01:49
Would it really be the worst thing in the world? Yes he's a great leader and a fantastic player but don't we have other leaders and potentially great leaders in the squad? Van dijk and trent would be 2 solid choices if he were to leave.

If his wages were also freed up then just maybe Saul could be signed who knows. Yes he will be missed but I'm sure the club know what they are doing in not handing out more huge contracts to players that are injury prone and have no re sale value.

22 Jul 2021 10:24:20
I’d say there’s a significant difference in a 31 year old footballer playing in the 70’s and one playing in the modern game.

The fitness, conditioning and lifestyles of the players is entirely different and almost incomparable. Henderson’s fitness and and conditioning are light years ahead of Hughes at the same age and it’s not inconceivable to say he’d have another 4 years at the top level if he looks after himself and avoids major injury.

Bearing in mind he can play very effectively as a midfield anchor and in central defence he’d still offer something to the squad even if he slows down. And that’s not mentioning his leadership skills, he’s been a great captain of the club, in terms of the silverware, that he’s respected by his peers and he’s a good example to others in how he conducts himself on and off the pitch.

22 Jul 2021 10:32:53
I’m not asking the owners to put him on a 5 year deal on massive wages just a years extension to his contract, we will keep him playing for the remainder of his best years then help bring others through just as Milner is.
These type of players are just as valuable off the pitch as on.

{Ed002's Note - It has nothing to do with the owners.}

22 Jul 2021 10:29:07
Ed01, not sure I agree with you about Shanks hanging onto players for too long, Alun Evans and Tony Hateley stick in my memory, although you’d have a case with St John and Yates.

I do mostly agree with your assessment of Bob Paisley’s approach to releasing players and that does chime with the point of my original post that all players have a ‘shelf life’ and in Henderson’s case the body might not stand up to the rigours placed upon it in the way that Millie’s can.

{Ed001's Note - Shanks himself said it and Paisley also said that he learnt from Shanks being too loyal. I will take their word over yours or anyone else's in this regard.}

22 Jul 2021 12:00:39
Yeah that’s right ed001 shanks learnt after his first team he build that one thing he league and cup and kept the players to long out of loyalty. Paisley was ruthless that why are success was far greater under him. I herd Alan Hansen tell a story how he was injured and Bob had been ill and the club had been on a winning run and Alan Hansen had been told he was not playing and Bob foun out and put him straight back in just to prove a point that he was back in control. I don’t think if it’s true we should Offer Henderson in my exchange deal but don’t think he needs a new deal this summer 2 years to run is plenty at 31 Chelsea have been one of the Best run clubs and they would not being offering him a new deal that the sort of thing Barcelona have done kept giving ageing stars to long deals and luck at the mess they have got the selfs in.

{Ed001's Note - I agree, there is no need to give him a new contract yet. Not at his age and with his injury history, much as I love Hendo what's best for the club is more important.}

22 Jul 2021 13:39:21
Surely its should just be done similarly to Milners, if he's still fit, decent injury-wise and doing the business at the highest level coming to the end of his contract re-new it for an extra year.

22 Jul 2021 15:21:52
Spot on, Ed02. The owners have nothing to do with any of these contract negotiations. In fact, they don’t handle contract negotiations, period. Why they are being roped into this nonsense, is beyond me.

22 Jul 2021 15:22:40
Can’t see this happening unless they know he will struggle to stay fit. Hopefully he finishes his career with us and joins the coaching staff. The fans love him and know what he brings. An immense human being.



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