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24 Jul 2021 12:38:56
Wilson to Fulham for £12mil completed.

Sales have now reached over £30mil for the summer. One more and you can probably expect a signing.

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24 Jul 2021 15:27:51
After we pay for Jota and Thiago MM.

24 Jul 2021 15:38:03
I think we are paying them off over 4 years, so this year’s payment will be around £17m. I am sure I will be quickly corrected if I am wrong.

{Ed002's Note - You all need to stop discussing money - there is an incredibly niave understanding of the finances amongst Liverpool supporters.}

24 Jul 2021 16:35:18
I did say I would get quickly corrected 😉.

24 Jul 2021 16:41:36
I wish you would stop saying Liverpool supporters instead of SOME or MANY! There are a lot of us who are more intelligent than even you!

{Ed002's Note - I rather doubt it.}

24 Jul 2021 18:09:29
-------abuse deleted----------

{Ed002's Note - Our usual c*cksucking troll from Ireland back to get his account and the previous poster's account deleted and to further embarrass the Liverpool fans.

24 Jul 2021 20:14:45
I justlove posters "proving" their intelligence by sending abuse.
Irony overload.

24 Jul 2021 20:43:11
Whoever 2girls1klopp is will you do the rest of us a favour and f*ck off. The rest of us here appreciate the effort the Eds put in to answer our sometimes repetitive questions. If you don't like what the reply is just scroll on by.

24 Jul 2021 20:46:20
Eds2 with Wilson likely to go to Fulham do you know why Parker left as he seemed to be building a good side there? I’m not sure Silva will be a good fit for young Harry.

{Ed002's Note - His contract ended and after being relegated bothe the club and SP decided it would be best to change direction.}

24 Jul 2021 20:58:09
There’s always someone that spoils it!

{Ed025's Note - its not the first time longthing and i doubt it will be the last, it will all end in tears when ED002 has finally had enough and walks away mate, these dick heads are spoiling it for themselves and everybody else...its a shame really..

24 Jul 2021 20:58:24
Anyway, back to the original discussion - in general terms and not specific finance - as well as Jota and Thiago we have also acquired Davis and Konate along the way and that’s an additional amount to be factored in.

With respect to the abuse of the Eds - as has been said - whilst we don’t always agree with you, particularly the ones misguided enough to support other teams, most of the sane ones n the board, really appreciate your efforts and the time you put in on the board and the information and knowledge you share. Long my it continue and hopefully the clowns don’t put you off.

24 Jul 2021 21:07:13
Ok thanks eds2.

24 Jul 2021 21:07:13
Ok thanks eds2.

24 Jul 2021 21:32:57
All you Eds are legends full stop.

Suffering fools gladly.

{Ed025's Note - if only you could see the stuff that doesn,t get printed jonesy, you would be shocked mate..

24 Jul 2021 21:46:57
Every 3 months time someone will spoil all the fin by being rude to the Ed's. If u are offended by everything he has to say about LFC fans stop reading it, don't **** this up for the other fans. Every couple of months this happens. rant over
Love you Ed's.

{Ed0666's Note - Eds 002 says it the way it is. If people can’t handle the truth. When he informed us about Liverpool aging contacted Zielenskis representatives I didn’t like it but I didn’t think to abuse him. These idiots bite the hands that feed them then when they don’t get fed anymore they’ll bitch some more.

24 Jul 2021 21:47:11
I don't doubt it buddy, you take a lot of stick on here from what I can only presume is the same sort of idiot who also abuses Saka/ Rashford and Sancho. Total embarrassments.

24 Jul 2021 22:20:08
You should have banned him the minute he signed up with that username.

FYI Ed002, we are not all c**ks**ING ***holes in Ireland. Only 3/ 4 of us, 5/ 6 max.

24 Jul 2021 22:37:19
Ed002 makes this the best site on the internet. His knowledge is unsurpassed.

25 Jul 2021 09:26:39
Hope I'm not included in that Davey mate😉.

25 Jul 2021 10:38:58
Cant imagine this site without ed2. There's be no info (sorry other eds) .

{Ed002's Note - Post of the day - the hamper is on its way.}

25 Jul 2021 11:34:01
Just ban the tools that send abuse Ed's. There's times I don't like the replies that are given but it never crosses my mind to abuse somebody who is just passing on what they know. I'd also sooner know the absolute truth than have it sugar coated to spare feelings.

25 Jul 2021 15:41:30
Agreed. No tolerance for childish nonsense. Kick them out, and let's stay on point with what's actually interesting.

25 Jul 2021 18:54:05
Barry, I don't want to swell your head too much. Was going to joke something back but you know, with all this abuse going around I'll just be honest instead. You seem like a top man. Always enjoy reading your posts and your banter with ed01 in particular is always a good laugh. You re a big plus on this site. you're in the 1/ 6 category.

25 Jul 2021 23:42:46
I'm just happy I made the category Davey. Actually Davey I'm just glad that I made any category mate cheers👍😃.



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