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27 Jul 2021 19:20:18
Bobby Duncan is on the verge of his 4 permanent move in 4 years this time to Denmark, his Agent really screwed his career with all the games he played when he was with us.

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27 Jul 2021 19:42:06
He was no where near good enough. He has probably earned more than most of us and that is what he wants.

27 Jul 2021 20:27:04
He will be staking shelves in Tesco by next season that’s about his level.

27 Jul 2021 20:42:04
Not as exciting as staking vampires though. Maybe safer.
Duncan is as much to blame as his agent. Have no doubt that he would have had words of advice from a certain famous family member. Words he sadly didn't heed.
Tesco awaits.

{Ed025's Note - well every little helps flash.. :)

27 Jul 2021 22:20:20
love it when people take conjecture, and then turn that into fact to form an opinion. Would love to know if he did or didn't heed any advice from stevie, or whether stevie even said anything. Maybe he didn't.

I don't blame a kid tbh, just feel empathy for their situation. For every Trent there are dozens, maybe hundreds of Bobby's who are following bad advice and not applying themselves. He was a kid after-all and given his agent at the time was suspended for being a dodgy rat, it really says it all about the team that was around Bobby. Perhaps we can layer more conjecture on top and say that Stevie didn't do enough to help his cousin out?

27 Jul 2021 22:44:11
I couldn’t care less, he is very very fortunate.

27 Jul 2021 22:44:50
Or we could say Faithinworks if Duncan was as good as his agent thought he'd be up at Rangers?

27 Jul 2021 22:49:11
I can't believe people would blame Steven Gerrard for his cousins career taking a downward spiral, bizarre.

27 Jul 2021 23:03:46
I dunno Mane - I'm saying he's a kid and there are only a few who make it. I don't hold any ill will to him, he was clearly getting bad advice and like I've said, he was a kid at the time, heck he's still a kid!

28 Jul 2021 01:07:16
Totally agree Faith.

17 years old and being told your a world beater by someone / someone’s who see you as a very lucrative meal ticket.

Nice to see though that people who have never experienced similar and lack the empathy gene go from speculation to fact to condemnation so quickly.

What’s that old saying? You’ll never walk alone . unless we don’t like you.

28 Jul 2021 07:17:47
Maybe he should concentrate on his football for a couple of years rather than allowing his agent keep sending him on a bus mans holiday around Europe.

28 Jul 2021 08:02:23
Like many his age, the early promise he showed hasn’t developed and he’s evidently not good enough to play at the top level. He’s made his choices and now has to take the consequences of them.

28 Jul 2021 08:23:42
How much more could Gerrard do to help Duncan out?
Put a gun to his head? Kidnap him and brainwash him?
It's still Duncan's choice at the end of the day, and probably impatience and a lack of maturity looks to have sent him down the short term path to nowhere rather than the long term path of a steady career.
There is absolutely nobody else to blame here but Duncan himself for his own repeated poor choices.

28 Jul 2021 08:37:05
I mean his career is by no means over. This move to Denmark might do him a lot of good if he players regularly. I gather he was very well thought of.

28 Jul 2021 09:29:15
Talk about sour grapes nobody thinks he was ever good enough for us and them hammering him for moving on. He left 2 years ago he was a 17 year old kid he might have made the wrong decision I know at 17 I did some very stupid things. Nobody was calling him when he left city for us. If he is not going to make it at the top level and his made a bit of money moving around good look to the lad. The year he was here everybody was raving about him. It was all right when we signed Brewster and Solanke from Chelsea and sold them on for close to £50m.

28 Jul 2021 09:48:45
We’re you ever 17 Flash? Do you ever look back and think why did I do that?

Amidst all the judgemental stuff nobody has offered any evidence whatsoever that Duncan doesn’t take responsibility for his actions. Like speculation, judgement and condemnation by a remarkably large number of people who would seem to be faultless.

28 Jul 2021 12:50:54
Yeah I was and yeah I did. But I like to think that if I had a family member like Stevie G I would have listened to him.
Especially when the game is littered with the names of youngsters who fell by the wayside due to bad choices influenced by freed, impatience and immaturity.

28 Jul 2021 13:06:45
From what I was told Gerrard was less than impressed with the attitude of Duncan.

Apparently he was dropping Gerrard's name every chance he could to get what he wanted. I heard Gerrard wasn't happy about it.



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