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29 Jul 2021 16:15:54
Ed2 do you see Liverpool holding onto Phillips until January at least, until Virgil and Gomez have had time to get upto speed?

{Ed002's Note - NP is on the to sell list to raise funds but the asking price is again an issue.}

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29 Jul 2021 21:12:19
What is point in selling him, if we have so many HG issues?

29 Jul 2021 21:35:30
How is 15m over the top for NP? He is a solid EPL mid table CB, and English, so why should he be sold on the cheap? If white is worth 50m, surely nat is worth less than 1/ 3rd.

30 Jul 2021 00:22:14
Well West Ham fans seem to think 15m is what Zouma is worth and he’s a full French international with like 5-6 top flight seasons in the EPL. Even putting aside the English premium I’d say NP is worth half what Zouma is imo.

30 Jul 2021 06:56:00
Good thing that the valuation depends on what Liverpool and Chelsea think, and not West Hame fans.

30 Jul 2021 10:27:37
Walkon- if he’s not going to play it doesn’t really matter if he’s home grown or not. He’s probably 5th choice and his stock is high so probably a good time to sell. I’d personally prefer to sell Matip but he might be tough to shift with his wage and injury record.

30 Jul 2021 09:35:16
Fuses how is Zouma worth double what Nat Phillips is worth, He is nearly 3 years older than Nat and in my opinion Nat is the better defender not as good on the ball or have Zouma‘s pace but from what I have seen of them both Zouma seem to have more mistakes in him. I hope Nat gets a move Burnley would be the best move for him and would suit them down to the ground and is worth every penny of £15m if White is worth £50m after both having one season in top flight. If Nat had played a full season next to a fully fit VVD how good would he have looked he came into a very hard situation and under loads more pressure than white and having to play a very high line what is not going to suit Nat’s game because of his lack of pace.

30 Jul 2021 12:41:20
You think Phillips is better than Zouma based on the 15PL games he’s played in comparison the the 150 or so Zouma has played?

{Ed001's Note - fitness would be a big thing, Zouma has had major injuries, which massively reduces value as they do damage to the body in the long term.}

30 Jul 2021 13:37:09
Nat Philips played 17 league games and 3 champions league games and played very well Ben White played 36 league games and is worth £50m. And yes I do think Phillips is a better defender far better in the air and 20 games was enough to seer to come in under the pressure he was in as the team was in awful form and be one of the biggest factors in changing that and helping us finish in the top 3 with a season where are central defenders missed most of the season and are main 3 central midfielders missed big parts of the season yet we still managed to finish above Chelsea in the league.

30 Jul 2021 14:08:05
Boro managed to extract £15m for Ben Gibson and Phillips is miles better than him, Phillips is at least as good as someone like Michael Keane and he went for over £20m, so £15m seems very reasonable for a competent young English centre back. Personally I’d rather sell the injury prone Matip, but it is what it is. If the sale results in us buying a top quality midfielder like Saul, Bisoumma, Neuhaus or Locatelli, then the ends justify the means.

30 Jul 2021 14:11:36
Players from the Championship have gone for far more then £15m. Phillips is IMO proven premiership, As he was clearly part of taking a fallen (through injury) title winning team, from struggling to make European competition to finishing 3rd. £15m. If it was through respect and thinking of Nat above my selfish fan-tinted glasses. I’d keep him. Right age, English/ HG, proven, solid character. Can we buy a Nat Phillips for £15m?
I’d suggest if pace is the main issue, that if Nat had been a regular at a team like Burnley or Brighton and had a couple of seasons like the last. He’s be linked with many for twice the £15m. Including us. (See £80m Maguire if unsure. 5/ 6 times the player and value? )

30 Jul 2021 19:02:55
Get rid of Matip. Decent player, on big money, but made of twigs. We have virgil, joe, new lad, Nat, rhys couple of youngsters, and some cms if needed. Although let's hope not. How many cbs does a team need? Matip needs to seriously go though. What's the point in having someone no matter how good they are, if they are rarely available? Wouldn't happen in my job, I know that.
We all want a versatile forward who can cover all positions.
What id love is a versatile fb who can adequately cover both fb positions. Denis Irwin, where are you?

P S throw keita in as a sweetener with matip.

{Ed0666's Note - whose gonna take Joel on the massive wages he’s on with his injury record? Do you really think he will accept taking less wages? Come on mate think about what you post?

30 Jul 2021 20:32:30
So we're the ones that continue to pay his massive wages, and for what? A monthly cameo here and there? Not for me, he's thrice the player Phillips is, but frustratingly unreliable. Give me someone reliable, any day of the week. If even for the last ten minutes. Phillips would try and head a comet out of the box
Matip? He crumbles at the hint of a breeze.

30 Jul 2021 22:51:28
Yes we continue "to pay his massive wages" because we are the idiots who gave him the contract on the massive wages. Would you take a pay cut at your job? Would you f*ck so why should he?

31 Jul 2021 00:11:18
Ed001 didn't Zouma only have the one major injury just before he went on loan to Everton? Maybe I’ve missed them but he might have picked up smaller injuries. My point was more that you can’t really tell if a player is going through a hot spell in a certain environment or whether they’re consistently good on the basis of 15-20 games at the highest level.
Whereas Zouma has shown that he can play to a certain level IMO.

{Ed001's Note - I am sure he has had at least 2 and also displayed inconsistency throughout his career.}

30 Jul 2021 21:35:53
Well I think Phillips did an excellent job standing in last season he clearly is a championship level defender. Ben white is a quality premier league defender with huge potential. Any comparison made is naive. Matip is a great player but being injury prone is a real shame. Offloading him would be near impossible until his contract expires. Zouma is a decent Prem player. Gibson can play a bit joined the wrong club imo. But Philips as much as I like him can’t play, he's a great defender but he’s not a great footballer. Anyway konate VVD matip and gomez should be enough to compete.

31 Jul 2021 09:59:49
Had a check, since 2011 Zouma has missed 45 games, so average of 4 games a season. One major knee injury in 11 and cruciate in 15.

{Ed001's Note - I thought it was 2. Both are knee injuries.}



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