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31 Aug 2021 17:03:26
Nat Phillips has signed a new long term deal at the club. Incoming loan announcement?

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31 Aug 2021 17:15:19
Apparently it’s Rhys going on loan and Phillips stays to compete as 5th choice.

31 Aug 2021 17:16:12
Was his contract up in the summer?

Big fan but I feel likes he's far away from the 1st team and he's 24. surely a loan incoming and then they're in a solid position to sell him after.

31 Aug 2021 17:22:28
I think he was contracted until 2023, from memory.

I always remember Mike Hooper - 137 years on the bench, 2 appearances, but loved his time here! Divock in the same boat. Maybe Phillips too?

Or, more likely, could be a loan for the season and look to sell next year when financial constraints may be a bit less of an issue for the majority of clubs in Europe.

31 Aug 2021 17:31:49
That came out of nowhere? I mean I'm happy that he stays but as well kinda don't get the new contract. I was all in for him staying for the next 6 to 12 months, but new contract?

31 Aug 2021 17:49:34
Love there time here? happy not to play? What are we, Butlins?

31 Aug 2021 17:51:36
Phillips is better than Rhys. It’s a good thing.

31 Aug 2021 17:56:46
Happy for Nat.

He is a good player and he seems to be a great guy.

31 Aug 2021 18:11:13
Yep it’s a good thing. Our defence is super strong.

31 Aug 2021 18:18:53
Jadon Havertz, you do realise that there’s no point having training games against our under 18s all the time. Having a large-ish squad with experienced, half decent second choice players like Phillips and Origi will mean our training sessions are always at a decent level and help keep our first choice players on their toes. There’s a place for this type of player at the club, especially if they are happy and settled.

31 Aug 2021 18:18:59
A good thing for Nat Mark? not good for the club either, needless wages running into the millions being paid when were supposedly broke.

31 Aug 2021 18:25:45
Ah, so Philips did sign a new contract then? I wonder now will he go out on loan to a PL or Bundesliga club and it will be the first thing I've ever got right on transfer day?

31 Aug 2021 18:35:20
Saul to Chelsea done.

31 Aug 2021 18:40:49
Traing games? give over will ye, four senior centrehalves been helped out with the clubs best kids when injuries occur have always being enough for this club. For all Premier league clubs, especially one that will NEVER play 3 at the back. i get it, we all like Nat i like Nat myself but this is overkill and bad for the blokes career unless its setting up a loan.

31 Aug 2021 20:36:24
Another embarrassing Liverpool supporter, still sporting a hilarious username made up of two players who will never play for the club whilst slagging the club off for extending the contract of players who probably add to our problematic homegrown number AND helped us to land 3rd place last season which looked lost at one point. Nat thanks you for your support….

31 Aug 2021 21:17:22
JH, have you ever considered what Philips wants?
Because at the moment it's all about what you want.
The club is happy, Philips is happy, it's only you that seems to be unhappy. Why is that?

31 Aug 2021 22:07:25
Also could see joe be a cover right back, and Phillips cb. Reserve back four being gomez konate phillips and kostas.

01 Sep 2021 01:57:53
It’s a bit like Bez at the Mondays eh?

01 Sep 2021 06:46:36
Embarassing that someone actually gives a f%$k about a username on a rumour site, probably care how many followers you have on the twitter-verse aswell. Look, just because someone disagrees with the narrative it doesn't make them wrong or embarassing. Phillips done well last year, the huge chances are he won't get the chance to do a fraction as well this season and his value will further decline. i'll leave it at that.

01 Sep 2021 07:48:00
Naah mate, don’t give a monkeys about Twitter so you’re wrong on that point too. And I stand by the username thing, it’s easily changed, why would a Liverpool supporter use a name made up from Chelsea/ United players, it doesn’t make sense. But you carry on slating the players if that makes you happy.

01 Sep 2021 08:06:59
Keep it up and i'll change it to Christiano Niguez! Say that'll totally infuriate ye. And your not slating players the minute you say the slightest thing negative.



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