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06 Jan 2022 08:54:58
Any truth ed2 we are interested in Luiz Diaz?

{Ed002's Note - I have explained that he is a player the club have an interest in.}

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06 Jan 2022 09:42:19
Luis Diaz (LW/ LM/ AM/ F) Porto rejected an offer from Spurs in 2020 and Mr Mourinho is thought to be keen on taking him to Roma and moving Justin Kluivert on permanently. Spurs do remain keen and Atletico have a declared interest. The player has been offered to Chelsea and Everton and has been scouted by Newcastle, Manchester United, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Liverpool and Borussia Dortmund at the behest of his agent although with Ancelotti gone Everton are not an option. His agent would like to organise a move to Real Madrid but they will not be looking to spend the required €80M cash on him.

06 Jan 2022 09:52:10
Surly we can’t spend €80 mill on him. I’ve not seen him play by the way but we are supposed to be broke!

06 Jan 2022 10:15:34
Mane is surely off to play on the right somewhere else, and therefore we need to replace him ASAP. Looks like Diaz is the man to do that.
What is realistic in sales? 14m Nat, Taki 15m, Ox? Div? Suddenly the Diaz transfer doesn't seem to out there.

06 Jan 2022 10:39:41
What makes Mane surely off to play somewhere else on the right? Jumping the gun a bit there likes.

06 Jan 2022 10:40:19
So sell 4 attackers - Mane, Taki, Div and Ox and replace with one player? That’s a bit of a risk given our injury record and C.V. and such stuff. Given people want to get rid of Bobby too that would leave us with Mo, Diogo and Diaz as our only attacking options - suddenly the Diaz transfer seems out there again.

06 Jan 2022 10:43:40
We’ve played against him twice this season how have you not seen him play?

06 Jan 2022 11:06:44
15m for taki? . xmas season is over.

06 Jan 2022 11:07:08
I haven’t a clue about Diaz watched a clip on YouTube looks like he’s loads of tricks tho! It’s big money if possible would it not be better to Go after bissouma and danjauma for the same amount or there abouts?

06 Jan 2022 11:29:29
If Diaz came in, Mane is 100% leaving in the next 6 months. We're not City/ Chelsea. We can't afford €80m players on the bench. It's bad enough we're relying on the likes of Morton because of the €100m we burned on Keita and Ox.

On Diaz himself, he looked good against us. It's hard to judge if he' worth that much off 2 games though. I do feel like he'd link up better with Jota though. Diaz looked like more of a playmaker/ link up player. Something Mane is not. Mane and Jota are too similar. They're often attacking the same balls and making the same runs. They both want to score goals and neglect the build up play. It's rare they create a shooting opportunity for somebody else and even rarer they get an actual assist from creating a good chance. Salah is the best because he does that whilst also out-scoring everyone else.

If Jota is replacing Firmino (who has long been our main playmaker) despite being more of an out and out goalscorer, then the person replacing Mane needs to be a player happy to come deep and be more creative.

Diaz wouldn't be my choice as i've not seen enough of him, but stylistically at least, he'd fit that requirement.

06 Jan 2022 11:40:14
Bit harsh on Ox, was super for us before a horrible injury. i love this new notion that we've wasted or "burned"a lot of money these last few seasons. I would say of all the big teams in England we have got the best value outa the transfer market by a mile.

06 Jan 2022 11:49:09
Fleet Street BS. We’re not signing anyone and making do with what we have, if we were to spend (which is about as likely as Everton winning the champions league at this point - sorry Ed025), it certainly wouldn’t be £60-70m as we’d struggle to afford a quarter of that.

06 Jan 2022 12:07:42
To be fair Ox already had a bad enough injury record before he joined Liverpool and while he has had some great spells the rest has been a mitigating disaster as has Keita.

06 Jan 2022 12:15:18
Jadon, when we played Chelsea the other day Ox and Keita sat on the bench and watched a 36 year old James Milner (signed on a free transfer by a previous manager) start ahead of them.

I really like Ox as a person, but anybody who honestly believes he is currently justifying his transfer fee is mad as far as i'm concerned. He's shown glimpses of the player he was bought to be but never sustained it. Nowhere near as bad as Keita for sure, but those two were an abhorrent waste of money, with the benefit of hindsight.

What i do agree with though is that overall we've spent quite well under Klopp. Which is why i'm saying we won't intentiomally put an €80m player on the bench.

06 Jan 2022 12:16:56
Diaz rumours are all over the papers and Internet. Talking 60 million and saying we are close to a deal. Release clause of 67 million now or 45 in the summer. No idea if true but let's hope so. Be great to get some new attacking blood in but we also need a midfielder. Who knows but let's see what happens chaps.

06 Jan 2022 12:18:31
No point bringing them up as reasons for not been able to buy or for having to rely on kids though. Weve had enough bargains like Robbo or Matip ourselves thes last few years. No team hits the jackpot everytime! just more needless moaning.

06 Jan 2022 13:33:26
I reckon it's going to happen. 🤞.

06 Jan 2022 13:37:27
Also Randal Kolo Muani been mentioned in one rumour online. Plays for nantes apparently and no idea who he is! Just relaying what I've read.

06 Jan 2022 14:00:13
MK- while in someways you are right about Ox and Keita nobody gets all transfer right, a lot of other clubs you’d be quicker highlighting the ones that are contributing rather than the ones that are not.
Both have been unlucky with injury and Ox did look a real asset before his big injury (shouldn’t have come as a surprise with his track record) and I do think he’s been playing okay recently, if he can stay fit he’s certainly a decent enough player to have around and at £30m we didn’t pay the earth in comparison other transfers. That said I would snap someone’s hand off for half that fee and move on, especially with the reported wage he gets.

06 Jan 2022 14:05:57
The naysayers want to believe that FSG won't spend a penny, but with JK having only 2.5 years left, i can see them allowing him to start the rebuild .
Does anyone really see Mane signing a new contract? He is not playing well enough to warrant the wages he will desire and it seems to point towards him making one last big move somewhere on the cheap or for free.
If Diaz is the player Edwards and Klopp think is the best for that position, then so be it.
I wouldn't be surprised to see Bellingham join at some point either.

06 Jan 2022 14:29:14
Regarding Ox, I think we have to look at his time with us and say it's been a disappointment, certainly considering the money we paid. When we signed him, I think he was in our top three or four most expensive signings ever. Even now, he must still be top ten or close. It was a big signing. Of course, it's clear he has been unlucky with injuries which have impacted him during his time with us but, whilst he showed a few glimpses prior to his serious knee injury and has that very useful attribute of being able to score goals from midfield, I would disagree that prior to that injury he was looking like a player you would expect for your third highest transfer fee of all time.

Nothing personal, seems like a great bloke and a good man to have around the club but he's not really delivered and, at this stage, I don't expect that he is going to, even if he stays fit and has a good run in the team.

But of course, not all of your big transfers work out well. Fortunately most of ours have in the last few years and, importantly, one or two of our less expensive/ lower profile transfers have also worked out very well.

06 Jan 2022 14:39:26
Randal Kolo Muani? Any ideas ed? Anyone?

06 Jan 2022 14:51:06
James pearce saying we won't be trying to sign Diaz in January.

06 Jan 2022 16:11:24
FSG want freebies and bargain basement stuff. That’s why we’re sniffing around Kessie, Dembele and Traore. They’ve no interest in spending top whack, as there’s no money to spend, even if we sell Salah and Mane we’d still have the square root of nowt to spend. That’s not naysaying, that’s just reality.

06 Jan 2022 18:57:27
Even if we got 15m for ox and 15m for keita and 10 ish for phillips (be lucky to get that for either) doubt we would see the money to buy anyone. The money would disappear. I agree fsg need to give klopp the money to rebuild the team for when he goes, but I'm doubting they will.

06 Jan 2022 20:35:43
When you sat the money would disappear can you explain what you actually think would happen to the money @Magico? Genuine question btw.

06 Jan 2022 21:20:38
The money would disappear - hahahah, I've read some funny stuff on here and that's up there with the best.

07 Jan 2022 08:16:03
Maybe Paul Daniels will turn up and put the money in his top hat?

07 Jan 2022 10:03:11
Marty, I once met Paul Daniels and I asked him about that time he said he’d leave the country when Labour got in and if that was the case, why was he still here. He told me to **** off. My only regret is not asking him about the magic trick that Debbie could apparently do with a dogs lipstick.

08 Jan 2022 10:48:15
Ha ha ha. like that!



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