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07 Jan 2022 04:51:45
Is Origi on list of potential incoming for Newcastle?
Also seen Philips being tracked by PL Teams.

{Ed002's Note - I am not aware of any approach by Newcastle for Origi. There is interest in Phillips but the asking price is an issue.}

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07 Jan 2022 09:28:52
Is 15m OTT? Nat has proven himself as a solid, non nonsense defender who will not need any bedding into the EPL.

07 Jan 2022 09:39:59
In this day and age 15m is a steal for Nat, solid no nonsense premier league defender. Newcastle need a centre back with his qualities.

07 Jan 2022 09:51:40
They’re welcome to go and find another young English centre back with premier league and champions league experience for less than £15m if they want.

07 Jan 2022 09:52:42
24 year old who's barely played double figures in games, is 5th choice, who other clubs know wants out and also these clubs know we need to sell before we can buy. People need to stop thinking about £15m, we will not get near that. Take £10m and run.

07 Jan 2022 10:02:12
And therein lies the problem.
He wants to play regular football.
Liverpool need money.
He’s 5th choice centreback.
And all the other clubs know that.

07 Jan 2022 10:07:17
They’ve offered £7m, we want £15, they’re desperate for defenders, there’s a balance to be struck there somewhere, where’s David Dickinson when you need him eh?

07 Jan 2022 10:10:31
Where is the asking price of £15m on the official LFC website? I had a look but couldn’t find it anywhere.

07 Jan 2022 10:23:18
Apparently it’s the widely rumoured asking price.

07 Jan 2022 10:28:02
I see no reason why he should be allowed to leave for less. He recently signed a new deal, is English and has proven himself at the highest level. So what if he is 5th choice, that's 5th choice at Liverpool but 1st choice somewhere else. Championship centre backs move £10m, why should we take less just becaise we have to sell to buy.

07 Jan 2022 10:50:17
Didn’t Chelsea’s backup kiddies go for 25M or so? I don’t think fifth choice is justification for a Low price. He is worth whatever people are willing to pay.

07 Jan 2022 10:52:13
Makes me laugh, when we buy we should pay the price but when clubs fail to meet our asking price we’re pricing the player out of a move. £15 m isn’t a lot of money for a proven English cb.

07 Jan 2022 10:58:21
If 15m is a rumour or not it’s peanuts for a solid defender like Nat! I love the lad gives it his all hope he gets his move and becomes a top player!
Players could learn a lot from him he’s no snow flake and makes a show of some of these over paid pretty boys! He’s one reason we are in the champs league this season too!
Stand up and be counted “ Nat Philips where’s the F#%#%% ladder “.

07 Jan 2022 11:09:00
I doubt we will see any departures until the C.V. outbreak is over. Will need all available players possible.

07 Jan 2022 11:51:35
Newcastle just paid £12m for a regular England international who played in teams that got to the World Cup semi and the Euro final and was a regular member of a team that has just won La Ligament.

A tad more impressive CV than Nat’s (albeit I don”t rate Trippier) .

Not saying I agree with the view but you can see why sections of society who don’t support Liverpool might think our rumoured asking price is a bit steep.

07 Jan 2022 11:52:06
If Maguire is worth £75m then Nat is worth at the very least £15m! I don’t see why anyone would criticise the club for not allowing us to have our pants pulled down on every transfer.

07 Jan 2022 12:12:44
In fairness, Trippier is 32 this year and on the way down career wise, so not really much of a comparison, I think it’s fairer to compare Phillips to Michael Keane or someone like that.

07 Jan 2022 12:15:49
We've over priced average players in the past. Harry Wilson a prime example.

But Phillips is different. He is at least as good as Ben White and the only reason it's not being talked about at £50m is because he doesn't get media hype or a good FIFA card.

I've seen Michael Keane, James Tarkowski, Harry Maguire, Ben White, Fikayo Tomori and many others all talked about as £30m+ players in recent years. So don't kid us Liverpool fans that Phillips is worth less than half of them.

£15m is an absolute bargain and if Newcastle aren't happy with that price, they can go and get an absolute waster like Nathan Ake for £40m if they want.

07 Jan 2022 12:25:39
West derby wanderer trippier is 31, Phillips is 24 and yes might not have the cv that trippier has but that doesn’t mean he won’t go on and achieve things getting regular football. 15m for a young English cb is a bargain, let’s not fool ourselves. And I’m the same breath I’d snap their hand off at the 7m rumoured fee for origi.

07 Jan 2022 12:40:42
This conversation is pointless. His value is only as much as someone is willing to pay for him. That may be considered a good or overinflated price but that is all that matters. What Man u or Newcastle paid for Maguire or Trippier is completely irrelevant.

07 Jan 2022 13:04:17
Exactly Potclay.

07 Jan 2022 13:26:55
It is not irrelevant though as that creates a market whereby value is determined/ compared. So if you go Tesco and pay £2 for a bunch of bananas but they're 50p in Aldi, is that irrelevant? No, you would be asking why they are so different in price.

07 Jan 2022 14:18:32
Phillips has not looked out of place in our lineup in over two years. The only reason why he isn't getting more minutes is the obvious one, and that's that we have a crowded defense. 15M for a guy who is dependable and can start, has HG status, is of prime age, on low wages, and is coming from a winning culture does not seem unreasonable to me.

07 Jan 2022 14:50:11
If he was worth £15m some team somewhere would have paid it on the 1st of January. He's only worth what others are prepared to pay for him.

07 Jan 2022 14:58:38
"They’re welcome to go and find another young English centre back with premier league and champions league experience for less than £15m if they want. "

I am sure United would offload Maguire for less.

07 Jan 2022 16:51:40
Damn right too Harry the RED. I'd rather have Phillips at the back than Maguire. One can defend, and one survives on a fabricated reputation only.

07 Jan 2022 17:34:17
James Pearce is the journalist who reported the asking price at 15 mill.

Personally I would have thought we would have a few teams in for him at that price. As it stands he’s still here so although us fans including myself rate him at 15 mill plus. Perhaps the premier league managers don’t 🤷🏻‍♂️

I suppose only time will tell.

07 Jan 2022 19:50:44
The lads never looked out of place when called upon but there are definitely a few red tinted specs in these comments. He’s a good player, from what we’ve seen, he’s English and 24, yes, but he’s not really played masses of amounts of football at the top level, he is not getting much game time at us now, and we’re in need of money. £15 million would be a great price for us, but I suspect we’ll have to come down on our asking price and maybe include add ons. Besides, it’s never good being seen as a club that will let players careers stagnate.

07 Jan 2022 20:56:33
Cruyff turn … 20 mill minimum 😁.

07 Jan 2022 22:50:00
stuie_boy, to use your analogy of the bananas. There are many circumstances where a shopper would buy the £2 ones and equally refuse the 50p ones.

I'm desperate for bananas, I've got nothing else in and I desperately need some. Time is ticking and the shops are closing soon = £2. I'm looking at the bananas for 50p, they look a bit bruised, I've already got some other fruit in the house and to be honest I spent most of my money on something else earlier in the week. I think I'll pass on bananas this time.

The point is and has always been, what a club is willing to spend on buying a player. We had some Coutinho bananas and sold them at Harrods prices. We now have some Philips bananas and they are pretty good bananas but for some reason we can't shift them, that's how it goes. What previous or future bananas may go for only effect your offer price, only when you actually sell your bananas can you categorically say that they are worth what they are worth.

On a final note, I don't really like bananas.

08 Jan 2022 13:02:39
For £15 million, you don't normally get players that have played masses amount of top level PL games. That is the point, Nat has had half a season and done really well in the PL. If he had played a mass amount of games he would clearly go for a lot more?

08 Jan 2022 20:02:32
Alright! Enough with the haggling. You've brought back memories of my youth, going shopping with my Mother (you have no idea what shopping with an Asian mother is like) .

Can we settle at 12.5 Million and move on? (I think we're going to see somewhat depressed prices everywhere for the next 1-2 years - at least until CV after effects are gone. Of course, the best, the top of the cream players, will remain mostly unaffected; that's how it is in every business) .



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