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07 May 2022 13:31:41
Speaking to a fella I know who does work for Henderson up in Formby, and he said that Hendo mentioned Serge Gnabry is an option for the summer and that Klopp has considered using Mane in the centre of the attack.

{Ed002's Note - I cannot help about tactics but Gnabry is of interest.}

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07 May 2022 13:51:30
Ok fair enough, what’s your thoughts on the lad, didn’t set the world alight at Arsenal but has done pretty well at Bayern and has consistently played bundesliga and CL level for a few seasons?
What do Bayern expect cost wise?

{Ed002's Note - Serge Gnabry (RW/LW) Seems to fail to settle at any club and is not open to signing a new contract without a significant increase in salary, and it is his very significant financial demands that are proving to be a problem. Barcelona have him on their list of options, but they are going to have to balance summer transfers carefully and his wage demands will be an issue. The wages are less of a problem for Juventus where tax laws are beneficial. Real Madrid consider him an option to Mbappe as they look to shake up their wingers. Versatile enough to be considered a Martial replacement at Manchester United and on the list for Liverpool as a potential Salah replacement - but none will want to break the bank for him. Has been offered to Chelsea and PSG by his agent, but both see the wage demands as far too high.}

07 May 2022 14:15:36
steer clear, the last thing we need is troublemakers coming in on huge salaries.

He is nowhere near salah's standards, let utd have him.

07 May 2022 17:47:27
Good player, but if we want to indulge wage demands that are 'far too high', we might as well indulge Salah's demands and keep him instead.

07 May 2022 19:23:10
I'd love to hear that players want to play for a club, rather than this constant chatter about wanting higher wage demands. If a player wants that kind of money, go play for PSG.

07 May 2022 22:54:32
Wasn’t Mane’s attitude (amongst others) questioned before we signed him? I’d trust the club to pick the man they want.

07 May 2022 23:15:08
Gandalf you're about 50 years too late if you're looking for players to play for the club or the badge. They are all professional football players. They play for money. And for as much of it, as possible.

07 May 2022 23:42:18
Didn’t Stevie G turn down Abramovich’s millions?

08 May 2022 11:18:25
That was under some significant duress West Derby. Let’s not pretend it was “Corinthian Spirit” or love of the club.

08 May 2022 14:02:07
Pretty sure Robbo isn't chasing £250k per week OP, as arguably the best left back in the league. I take your point though, as i don't find it hard to understand why players believe they deserve more money.

08 May 2022 14:08:35
I heard rumours at the time that gerrard had some pretty nasty people threatening him if he left liverpool. Was there any truth in that ed1 or just rumours?

{Ed001's Note - it was trouble and threats over personal issues that was going to make him go mate. That was solved so he stayed rather than the other way about.}

08 May 2022 14:51:52
Henderson lives in Knutsford which is going in the opposite direction to Formby away from Liverpool. I think he may have been BSing you.

08 May 2022 18:44:02
Cheers Ed. I knew something happened just wasn't sure what.

{Ed001's Note - welcome. }

08 May 2022 22:08:31
Yeah as a Formby resident I can tell you Hendo doesn't live here so I suspect ya mates pulling ya leg pal.

{Ed025's Note - formby hey Jim? You must have a few bob then mate🤣..

09 May 2022 12:20:36
Just don't tell the tax man Ed025.

{Ed025's Note - your secret is safe with me Jim 👍..

09 May 2022 13:48:18
Hendo lives in Cheshire like many of the team.

09 May 2022 21:55:58
@VVVV, Rumours and malicious gossip aside, when Gerrard had, on more than one occasion, the opportunity to earn a shed load of money or try and win something with Liverpool what did he do?

The world changes. the was an interview with Nat Lofthouse (the Lion of Vienna) who played for Bolton for donkey’s year - a loyal club man displaying the Corinthian spirit, no doubt. He gave an interview as part of a TV documentary series in the 70’s which I always remember. Coming to the end of a season (after being in the Bolton first team for 10 years plus, he went to the coach at the end of a training session and said he wanted to ask the club for a transfer because he wanted to try som3thing new. The coach said he’d arrange an appointment for him to speak to the manager. Apparently the nearest the manager went to the training sessions was to watch practice through the window in his office (which seems to have been cool on at the time) .

Anyway, Lofthouse got his appointment and at the allotted time he knocked on the managers door and walked in and the first thing the manager said to the then current England. Enter forward was to go back outside and wait until I tell you to enter. When Lofthouse entered the second time he was told to stand on a little pice of carpet in front of the managers desk. During the manager’s speech he told Lofthouse that the club owned him and that they wouldn’t be selling him to anybody and to close the door on his way out. Lofthouse played out the rest of his career at Bolton.

Players in the ‘good old days’ were employees and didn’t have agents or, in a lot of cases, even the right to speak. The situation today bears no resemblance to the old days and applying current measurements is pointless. All that can be said is that in the 2020’s and the 19060’s applying a binary approach ‘this good, this bad’ is equally ridiculous in most cases (and not just football related) .

10 May 2022 07:30:34
Henderson still owns his old home in Massams Lane smart arse and rents it out.
Lots of players own other properties.



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