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12 May 2022 11:30:09
Hi Eds,

i have seen a lot of talk about Frenkie to United, from Fabrizio Romano's comments it seems like he would only be interested in a move to a team with champions league football, with this in mind and the fact we are constantly being linked to midfielders is there any chance we would take a punt? he is one hell of a player that can do numerous roles in the midfield and he is only 25, i personally think a de jong, thiago, fabinho midfield would be perfectly balanced,


{Ed002's Note - Frenkie de Jong (CM) Tolisso upgrade for Bayern Munich but Barcelona don't want to sell although if a significant offer (perhaps €90M) were made their financial situation would mean they would have to consider it. During discussions between Barcelona and Chelsea, options for a number of players were discussed but Chelsea do not again want protracted negotiations which led nowhere over another player last summer - they may make a take it or leave it offer including a player or perhaps two. Manchester City may provide another solution using Laporte as part of the deal - and don't be surprised if PSG or Manchester United switch their attention to him but both have preferred targets.

Liverpool have shown no interest and if Manchester United do look to buy him it would likely end their interest in both their preferred target and perhaps in Jude Bellingham for next summer. Maybe Liverpool will look to Bellingham next summer?}

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12 May 2022 12:00:50
would much rather wait it out for Jude to be honest think in a few years time will be the best midfielder in the land, cheers Ed.

12 May 2022 12:29:04
Would rather we sold Keita, who's whack and let Jones play a full season instead of Keita stealing his minutes, then get Bellingham.

12 May 2022 14:09:33
I’d rather we went for someone who’d fit the way we play, Tchouameni, we’d have a midfielder who can fill more than one role in midfield too, as he can play box to box and midfield anchor, so we wouldn’t be up a certain creek without a paddle every time Fabinho is injured.

I’m not buying this Bellingham hype, he’s a more than a bit of a big time Charlie, from what I’ve seen of him he doesn’t work hard enough defensively and his positional sense without the ball is lacking, yeah he can attack, fine, but the role he’d be expected to fill here requires graft and hard work, which aren’t in his locker.

But when he loses the ball or the team loses possession he doesn’t bust a gut to win it back, the fact his team mates can’t wait to see the back of him probably tells me enough. At £100m+ I would expect more. Has expensive Manchester vanity project written all over him (City or United, take your pick) .

12 May 2022 14:57:55
He's 18 Victor, hardly going to be the finished article is he? super young player who we should be all over.

12 May 2022 15:28:57
Ed002, if we were to consider Bellingham in 2023, would that mean we would not sign a midfielder this summer?

{Ed002's Note - No.}

12 May 2022 18:29:23
Eds. Have you heard anything about Bellingham being a big time Charlie? Shame if it’s true because he is a fanatic talent.

12 May 2022 22:09:02
Bellingham next summer so that's a done deal then Ed002😂.

12 May 2022 22:54:59
Personally, I'd want to go for Rice especially if reports are true that he has rejected West Hams latest offer. He's only 23 and is becoming a fine footballer. I think he'd look good in a Liverpool kit.

13 May 2022 00:41:15
I'm really excited for Jude, I hope he comes to us.

13 May 2022 01:02:43
It’s inevitable Bellingham will sign and we will all sing his song.

Believe and he will come!


13 May 2022 08:51:03
I think a lot of you are going to be disappointed when he turns up at one of the Manchester clubs next year as we’re not going to lash out well over £100m on a very raw 18/ 19 year old, whereas City and United both have the money to waste on a risky vanity project, there’s as much chance he’ll go the way of Mason Greenwood or Ravel Morrison as there is that he’ll be the next Gerrard and that’s a ridiculous risk that we can’t afford.

Aside from the unlikely probability that we do sign him (a ridiculous amount of money for a very unproven kid), he is very disruptive voice in the Dortmund dressing room (a point that Patrick Berger has also made), aside from the petulant outbursts at his team mates on the pitch, he had a fight recently with Axel Witsel because he told Bellingham he needed to curb his forward runs and put more effort into winning the ball back and pressing, both being fair criticisms from an experienced international footballer, but Bellingham doesn’t like doing the dirty work and feels it’s beneath him, and apparently he launched at Witsel. Confidence is fine, arrogance and being a big time Charlie who thinks the basics are beneath you is a very ugly trait.

Lad seems like a bit of a knob in the way that only English footballers seem to be (see Sterling, Grealish, Greenwood, Walker, Rooney, Foden etc) and at the price being bandied about I’d expect far more than a lot of hype, a poor attitude and the occasional long range goal.

And if you think Naby Keita doesn’t put a shift in, Bellingham makes Naby look like Ngolo Kante in comparison, and we can’t carry passengers in our midfield.

The worst thing is that his manager is indulging this nonsense which means he’s not going to curb it any time soon and it will just keep getting worse, whoever gets him is getting a potentially toxic player.

For the cost of Bellingham (and bear in mind that they’re going to want between £100m-£150m) we’d probably get Tchouameni and still have a shed load of change to buy someone else. Do a bit of research on Bellingham, actually watch him actually play and avoid the YouTube highlight reels or the BS in the tabloids. He just doesn’t do enough to warrant the price tag other than being English.

13 May 2022 11:06:25
VVVV, iu must admit i do not watch all of Dortmunds games but on the odd times i do see them he is by far the best midfielder on the pitch, whenever he plays for england i'm highly impressed and he is such a versatile midfielder in the sense he can do more than one role, on top of this he is an 18 year old lad built like a 25 year old man, if he does have some attitude problems its not ideal but that's why its so important to have lads like hendo, millie and virj that will nip that in the bud, every time he's in the england camp the more experienced lads rave about his mindset and hunger and even though 100m is a lot of money it is a long term investment as you will have one of Europe's top talents for 15+ years, i think if he goes anywhere else its an opportunity missed, players like him do not come around often.

13 May 2022 13:06:12
Eds can you confirm vvvv's research on Bellingham. Not saying I don't believe you vvvv, agree with most opinions you have mate. But I don't really watch dortmund and haven't seen him enough for England to have an opinion on him anyway. All I see is a lot of money for someone playing in a poor German league.

{Ed001's Note - not as far as I am aware, Dortmund is a mess at the moment, not so sure you can judge him on that. The only place that is giving credence to these stories are the S*n and talksh***, so no. I know Henderson thinks very highly of the lad.}

13 May 2022 14:00:03
I've never heard any bad things about Bellingham before this. Seems a harsh judgment of a teenager, but who knows, would be curious to hear what his managers and teammates think. Honestly, I've found him to be pretty mature in his interviews, but it's often hard to tell what's really going on. I do like his skill set and haven't really found him to be much of a lollygagger.

For the money, I have a really hard time getting excited about spending 80-90M for a player when we've shown we can often find 80/ 90M talent at fractions of the price. I'm pretty big on Tchouameni's talent and I think he fits our squad better too in that he gives us better versatility to deal with a long-term Fabinho injury.

13 May 2022 16:13:55
I don't think you can call it idle gossip. He very clearly told a teammate everything he did was "s***" during a game. Former players have talked about his influence in the dressing room, his own manager has had to publicly speak about it. I think it's more than tabloid rumours.

13 May 2022 16:31:32
Seen reports city are also after Tchouameni. makes perfect sense to me as they are letting fernandinho go. Be very surprised if we got him.

13 May 2022 19:04:32
Bellingham is the new Renato Sanchez to VVVV.
He’s like the anti-Harry. Instead of finding a player and glorifying him, he finds a player and constantly vilifies. I’m.

14 May 2022 13:47:08
Personally I refuse to believe any hype around any player until I have seen them perform in the English league. For every Suarez there are usually 10 Kezman’s, for every Torres there are 10 Aspas’s etc etc. Bellingham might be tearing it up and be the next ‘Gerrard’ over in germany but until he proves his talent and work rate in the hardest and most competitive league in the world he may as well be the next Jack Rodwell for all I care.



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