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14 Jun 2022 17:39:54
Hi Eds, how far off are we off to agreeing a fee for Mane? Do you think we are likely to get the £40m+ we were hoping for (inc realistic addons)

{Ed002's Note - His agent is trying to keep it alive after Liverpool pissed them offer and they spoke to two other clubs about options. There will be a final take it or leave it offer to the player and Liverpool I understand.}

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14 Jun 2022 19:07:25
"Take our 20m guaranteed with another 50p if Mane gets 70 Bundesliga goals a season for the next 3 years or i remove my offer". your really p#$$ing me off now!

14 Jun 2022 19:20:21
Jus reading a few reports saying lfc willing to integrate manè back into first team squad if bayern don't meet our valuation. Surley this a poker game at the min to see who flinches first, we won't have signed Darwin and KEEP manè along with rest of forwards we have surley?

14 Jun 2022 19:33:46
Can you please explain how Liverpool p. ed them off Ed002? Surly rejecting an offer that was well short of our valuation is our prerogative. Throw in to the equation the silly add on clauses, it should be Liverpool who are a little annoyed…. or is there more to it?

{Ed002's Note - I have dealt with this already.}

14 Jun 2022 19:40:44
ED002 why did you say Liverpool p. ed them off, By simply refusing the first two offers?

Thanks for all the hard work you all the ED's do.

{Ed002's Note - This has been dealt with.}

14 Jun 2022 20:07:44
Bayern know what they need to do. is that not the normal line?

{Ed002's Note - No. It is not that.}

14 Jun 2022 20:08:38
Don’t call me shirley.

14 Jun 2022 19:48:34
It’s disrespectful yo not accept and offer that falls 25% short (apparently) of our valuation of a contracted player who hasn’t officially informed the club that he wants to leave, who said he would have a special statement for the fans after the CL Final and who has attempted to show his desire to leave the club through very heavy handed banter with the press whilst overseas.

It’s a clear example of the usual poor way that the club handle these things apparently.

14 Jun 2022 20:25:45
In my book Bayern can be as pi$$ed off as they want. When Barcelona come low balling them, they won't be bending over and taking an offer that they see is much less than Lewandowski's value.

{Ed002's Note - Try not to be so embarrassing. Idiot.}

14 Jun 2022 21:59:15
It seems like Liverpool football club very often p. es off clubs they deal with whether they're the buying club or selling club. Lose-lose.

14 Jun 2022 22:05:49
WDW well said.

14 Jun 2022 21:33:51
I think €50m for a near 34 year old is perfectly reasonable for Bayern to demand when there offering us peanuts for Sadio! the bayern money men are the only ones that should be embarassed, like seriously did they really expect a club of lfc's stature to put up with that c#@p?

14 Jun 2022 21:41:32
I don’t understand why we’re playing hardball over mane. He has been wonderful for us and it is in best interest of both parties for him to leave now. Better to clear his wages and receive c£20m than to keep hold of an unhappy player, bloating our squad and receiving nothing when he leaves on a free the following year.

Shame to see mane go though, I have supported Liverpool since 2000, it only took about 15 years for us to sign a wide player of his quality!

Ed sorry if this has been covered but what is the issue? I thought it was the ridiculous clauses but you imply it is more Liverpool?

14 Jun 2022 21:59:15
It seems like Liverpool football club very often p. es off clubs they deal with whether they're the buying club or selling club. Lose-lose.

14 Jun 2022 22:05:21
Thanks for the reply Ed02. The search seems to be down again? Same Sql error?
I missed what we have done to a annoy Bayern? Was it talking to other clubs?
As much as I'd like to keep Mane, and keep strong against Bayern after some insulting offers, we don't want this dragging on for weeks and have an unhappy player (although I'd imagine he would be professional about it) .

14 Jun 2022 22:05:49
WDW well said.

15 Jun 2022 01:05:54
Jason Havertz, “€50m” (if that’s the real number) for a player who’s scored 30-60 (all comps) pretty much every season for the last 10 years including 52 this last season and been ballon d’or nominated (and which many agree was robbed of the title against messi in 2020 or 2021) Whilst Mane has been on the decline for the last 18 months according to most fans on this board ? granted mane scored 21 goals last season but half the goals = half the price ?.

15 Jun 2022 05:38:25
Well said WDW. We are not playing hardball but we are trying to get as much as possible for a player the same as any club would do. Why is it different when it's us? I don't buy this rubbish that we have p. ed people off etc. You want the player? Pay up. We owe mane nothing. You think he's played for free? Come on, grow up. It's business. As has been said many times, BM know what they need to do. pay up. If not, shut up.

15 Jun 2022 06:37:47
Yes fuser but he hasn't been nearly 34,with a year left on his contract and making it known PUBLICLY that he wants to leave for the last 10 years has he? let's face it there's every chance Mane is the better of the two over the next 3 years at the end of which Lewa will be nearly 37.Then Bayern'll try shift sadio for €50m.

15 Jun 2022 06:47:26
@Man. of. todd: Liverpool have placed a value on their asset and it seems reasonable enough given the level that Sadio has been playing at for the past two or three years (with the exception of the first third of this season when he was poor) .

They are running a business and expect potential buyers to understand it’s a business too. If you wanted a new car and the price was advertised at £42k and you offered the dealer £30k what do you reckon would be the response?

15 Jun 2022 08:33:05
So Mane is an unhappy player who is bloating our squad now?
All this from reading clickbait.
YNWA and all that, unless I read some juicy rumours.

15 Jun 2022 07:24:04
Ed002 trying to search for went wrong between us and BM. was it asking too much or backing from a pre agreed price?

{Ed002's Note - It is not worth opening this up again.}

15 Jun 2022 11:31:59
How can a selling club ask too much? they set a price and if someone wants to pay it they do and if they don't they dont. €50m is not too much for Sadio Mane.

15 Jun 2022 18:39:05
There is nothing to open up but malicious gossip.



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