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23 Jun 2022 11:10:59
News turning up that Bayern's interest in Sadio Mané was piqued when his agent was chatting with Salihamidzic about Gnabry's contract.

On this subject ED002, is there any rumours of interest in Gnabry from us, or anyone else? I had him down as a potential player I would have to replace Salah or Mane. One year left, so surely there's a chance for a club t get him.

Bayern doing great business by the way. Cannot believe they got Gravenberch for 16m and we are talking about Bellingham for 80m.

These owners try me at times. Liverpool getting so close, then we just watch as other teams catch up - we haven't strengthened at all in my book this transfer window. If we wanted Touchameni, then surely there is a desire for a midfielder who can carry the ball, and hopefully shoots from outside the box/ scores freekicks. Seems crazy just turn that off to wait on Bellingham, who is still unproven in my eyes.

{Ed002's Note - Serge Gnabry (RW/LW) Seems to fail to settle at any club and is not open to signing a new contract without a significant increase in salary, and it is his very significant financial demands that are proving to be a problem over a new contract. Barcelona have him on their list of options, but they are going to have to balance summer transfers carefully and his wage demands will be an issue, so they can be discounted. The wages are less of a problem for Juventus where tax laws are beneficial. Real Madrid consider him an option to Mbappe as they look to shake up their wingers, but there are others ahead of him on their list, but the player wants to move to Madrid. Versatile enough to be considered a Martial replacement at Manchester United and on the list for Liverpool as a potential Salah replacement - but neither would want to break the bank for him and not being in the CL will end any vague interest Manchester United have. Has been offered to Chelsea and PSG by his agent, but both see the wage demands as far too high. Although interested, a return to Arsenal does not make sense for the player and with no Champions League, and huge costs it seems less likely.}

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23 Jun 2022 13:47:03
Come on mate we’ve just signed Nunez for £75m (? ) with minimal fuss. Think it’s a tad spoilt to be angry with our transfer business!

23 Jun 2022 15:08:28
How have we not Strengthened?

Nunez > Origi
Diaz = Mane
Carvalho = Minamino
Ramsay > no cover at all

We've strengthened massively. The only things we glaringly lacked was cover for Trent and a top striker.

If any of Keita, Ox or Thiago leave we'll surely sign a midfielder to. How is anyone annoyed at 4 of our summer targets signing before the windows is even open? Christ, we even signed Diaz 6 months early so we didn't miss him!

23 Jun 2022 16:58:32
After Thiago’s performances last season I’d be dumbfounded if we sold him this summer.

23 Jun 2022 17:09:27
Scuzz, i can see your point to an extent.

When I think about FSG, they did great in stabilising us from the outright mess we'd become. The previous owners had ran out of money because of the credit crunch and had missed the trick in developing Anfield - to be fair they had supported us with Torres and we reached 2 x CL finals, we created a team capable of challenging for the league, however the additional 2 x worlds class players needed always fell outside of our grasp. Rafa will have had David Silva / David Villa on his list only to be told we have to lower our sights, and then that became sell to buy, with us ridiculously seeing Xabi Alonso as a sellable asset - which p. ed him off. We struggled to match Chelseas financial doping, United being ahead commercially and having a great manager and Arsenal having initially built a great team giving them a boost. We peaked with the team that thrashed Real Madrid at Anfield and fell short because we were buying Pennant / Dossena / Robbie Keane / Ngog/ and then Aquilani etc.

FSG took over - only persuaded as this was a business opportunity and £300m an absolute steal. They went through the usual managerial messes until we got Klopp. The best decision they ever made - a manager that would work within their structure, and someone impressive in his personality, as well as having been able to compete in his league on a budget and overturn the wealthy teams . a bit like Rafa who'd done so at Valencia. But on a whole other level as Klopp transformed the club top to bottom.

I was too small when Shankley was there - so can't vouch for his impact. Paisley was the benchmark for me - lost Keegan and bought Dalglish. He created the expectation that we compete every season and made winning trophies part of our DNA - for me the purpose (winning league and dominating Europe) never changed . even when we were rubbish at times we always won something to add to the trophy wall. Houllier delivered a treble including the UEFA cup, Rafa made it 5 Euro cups, even Evans, Souness and Kenny (2nd stint) put a trophy on the Champions Wall. Buck and Hodgson failed (G&H's parting gift was to sack Rafa and put that f***ing old c**t in charge) . Thinking about why they sacked Buck and got Klopp - its just occurred that FSG could actually have backed Rogers more . he'd just missed out on the league - that Suarez bite cost us. FSG again shrewd because they could have been bold and said he's stays and they will actually invest in the team and bring in world calls players to help deliver the league the season after we've just missed out. Instead it was cheaper to change manager. Their response to just LFC just missing out under Klopp having lost by a whisker with a record points hall - to not invest in anyone that summer. In winter they bought Taki for £7m rather than put in £20m to get Haarland.

Klopp was Shankley reincarnated in transforming the club, and now we need that Paisley type of era making our best use of him while he's here - because he will be impossible to replace.

Which brings me to FSG - their purpose was to create a self-funding self-sustained sports franchise - a marquee name and global brand operating to its optimum potential. Why? Because it costs them nothing aside from the initial investment and it runs itself, sits there growing in value (while footy remains a global spectacle) . If a few trophies are delivered along the way, even better - it adds to the brand and sells more tickets / increases sponsorship. Also - you've got to keep the fans happy. The PR machine (yanks know about PR) has been on full swing - the fans were always going to buy into financial prudence and FFP . we'd just missed out on going into liquidation. Fans revolted on ticket prices - so they have been kept the same, although that means less transfer money (god forbid that FSG would dip their hands in their pocket to deliver a top player to help win trophies) . Now, as Klopp has been truly exceptional, LFC fans are well versed in balance sheets. Harking back to the days when Arsenal fans too gloated about having the prettiest profit and loss spectacle in the PL it seems that LFC fans have now taken over that mantle. Whereas once we used to dream of winning trophies and legendary players creating iconic moments to add to our history - now we dream of caps on spending and sanctions.

Klopp has got us to this point - our best squad. Built meticulously based on the genius of Edwards and his team, plus Klopps ability to motivate and get the best out of players. It has been built in spite of FSG, not because of. They haven't put money in since 2016. They have left us running as a mid to lower table net spend despite increasing revenues and non stop CL football. Even CL football was at risk when they failed to support Klopp with defensive recruits. We owe an immense gratitude to Nat Phillips and Rhys Williams - they stepped up, when the owners didn't give a damn. Having already hung Klopp out to dry with the euro league fiasco, and not supported a manager who had lost his mother, couldn't go her funeral and battled on while emotionally at breaking point during that spell of losses. For that reason more than any other I really hope we win tonight - as reward to Jurgen for hanging in there, battling through and finding solutions. For turning it all around and still getting us to this point.

It's hard not to mention the players that helped get us here. Mané from day 1 and scoring that rocket away at Arsenal has been truly exceptional. With a modest spend we improved incrementally each season as Sadio, Mo, Bobby and Coutinho taking us forwards along with Trent and Robbo. After adding and Virg, Ali Fab etc. and Jota, Thiago, Diaz, Konate we get to where we are. To think that anyone would break up any of this current squad is criminal. You'd do everything in your power to keep them, and there is absolutely no way on earth Klopp (a man of emotion and loyalty, that nurtures players and sees them as human beings) would want any of them to go. But we again get to a place where FSGs indifference and tight financial grasp rules. Yet again not backing the manager that has done so much. Their cronies writing for The Athletic / Independent that know blowing smoke up FSGs arse gives them access to people and stories to keep running the FSG narrative.

23 Jun 2022 17:32:15
What a load of nonsense. You could have just saved the time I wasted reading that by saying you want a sugar daddy, yet completely contradict yourself by accusing Chelsea of financial doping.

So with no backing from FSG, I assume Klopp and Edwards paid for Alisson, VVD, Salah, Nunez, Diaz etc? That money comes out of the clubs finances, a club they own. Every transfer that is paid is a financial risk.

I would like to hear your opinion on who should own the club? I for one don't really care if they are making money out of the club each year, they bought it, saved it from going under and have finally made us competitive both on and off the field. There are a lot of clubs in a much worse position than LFC and only a very few who are competing yea ron year like we are.

23 Jun 2022 17:40:18
Jesus I got bored with this. then completely switched off when you mentioned we are a sports franchise.

23 Jun 2022 19:00:43
What a lot of posters fail to realise (I'm thinking spaceman and the OP) is 3 key things:

1) A transfer's cost is not limited to a headline figure, but includes wages, agents fees and a whole host of other costs. We know that Haaland may end up costing City a LOT more than Nunez costs us, so let's not kid ourselves on that point.

2) A manager has got to want a player for the club to sign him (certainly here) . Who's to say that names we have "missed out" on were players Klopp wanted? The most recent was Bissouma that caused some angst and wringing of hands on these boards.

3) Finally, and MOST importantly, a player has got to want to play for the club! Let's use Haaland, for example. We could have matched his buyout clause and his contract (and possibly brought us to the brink of bankruptcy again like Waldorf and Stadler, but that's a whole nother post! ) and the agents fees etc. But what if he didn't want to play for Klopp and Liverpool? Don't believe all the crap you read on the tabloid websites, they're just click hunting. Could it just be that Haaland wanted to play for the club that his dad played for? That he may have grown up supporting?

Far too many folks here (and I know there are notable exceptions, whose posts I actively come to the site to read) don't get the difference between real life and FIFA. You can't just buy every player because you match their demands. They're not pixels or algorithms, they're actually real life humans!

23 Jun 2022 19:30:48
Started to read Spaceman's novel (fiction) above and started to scroll down and down and down and. blimey, what a load of crap.
"FSG took over - only persuaded as this was a business opportunity and £300m an absolute steal" If RBS, who held the bulk of LFC's debt, hand't allowed FSG to purchase then the other, higher bidder, was Peter Lim who bought Valencia (read their story) . "Klopp has got us to this point - our best squad" yes, but not with his own money, FSG paid for Virgil, Nunez, Allison, Konate, Diaz 'etc. '
Apart from the European Super League debacle and a couple of other issues they have, in my opinion, been stable owners who have invested in the squad and infrastructure. Of course its a business, football is a business and I for one want LFC run properly as a business and don't ever want to wake up thinking LFC are about to go under, which was nearly the case 12 years ago.

23 Jun 2022 19:43:12
Never been a biggest fan of Gnarby, I would prefer going after Allan Saint-Maximin, he gives me the same electric feeling Mane and Salah do when they get on the ball.

{Ed077's Note - ASM has injury issues and doesnt have the end product. So i would love it if LFC signed him, specially as a Salah replacement.}

23 Jun 2022 21:17:02
He's got Everton written all over him then.
Huge contract awaits.

23 Jun 2022 21:34:52
Well I sparked something there with my original post. Anyway, like I said I don't believe we have strengthened, as losing Mané and only bringing in Nunez, who we might need to ease in (like Klopp has done before), is not strengthening. Sadio is world, and probably quietly our most important forward - I certainly regarded him so.

N. B. MK you cannot include Diaz as Mané's replacement when he has been a part of the same squad as him. In fact the arrival of Diaz at that time was one of the main reasons our season was so unbelievable at that stage. Having competition for the roles, and the quality coming off the bench in some of the latter CL games was a huge difference.

I love how people quote this "We got him 6 month's early" nonsense. Well, didn't turn out too bad did it, let's get someone else 6 month's early.

23 Jun 2022 21:37:36
Thanks ED002 for the answering me with usual detailed insight too.

23 Jun 2022 21:50:09
Every year we hear this?

We haven’t strengthened and after a back and forth it gets translated to : we didn’t win the transfer window and we didn’t buy all the players.

We have strengthened.
We have done so nearly every season.

Last season we were castigated for having no squad depth and missing out on Sancho and Saul Niguez.

FSG have been excellent. New stands, cups, new training ground, financially stable…and Klopp.
That will do for me.

23 Jun 2022 21:55:50
@Scuzz, can you point me in the direction of your book about the rules of etiquette in football please. Your comment that a player can’t be a replacement for another player if they are both in the same squad made me laugh. Just for the record before Luis signed Sadio played on the left. When he signed Luis played on the left - thus replacing Sadio, who moved into the middle (and might not have done had we been able to field a fully fit Bobby.

23 Jun 2022 22:43:04
A friend who is a staunch FSG out scouser wrote that, Some of which i agree with. It is true that we could do with a bit more of a push financially, and the athletic / mel reddy narrative is undoubtedly spoon fed by the club.
it is good to remain objective, regardless of what spin is out there.
If the excellent management of the club carries on being as excellent once Jurgen leaves remains to be seen though, and that is when FSG might sell, considering they are business people who's job is to make themselves richer.

23 Jun 2022 23:26:17
We come within a whisker of a quadruple, closer than any other team (including the unbeatable Man City) and we suddenly need wholesale strengthening.
Mane has been great for us and I love the guy but he hasn’t been the same since he had C.V.. He picked up after winning the AFCON but he was playing in the middle because Diaz had replaced him on the left.
He is not a centre forward and couldn’t retain the ball with his back to goal. I mean he was awful at it.
Now we’ve signed a proper CF who is a natural goal scorer and all people do is moan about his ball retention! Did anyone actually watch Mane in that position?
In my eyes we are stronger now than we were last season. A proper goal scorer up top, Diaz nicely settled in with a full preseason, Konate with more experience and pushing for a starting spot more and more each week, Elliot over his injury, Carvalho in for youthful exuberance, one of the best young fullbacks in the world to cover Trent.
The only thing I’d wish for is quality cover for Fabinho but if the right man isn’t available then Hendo and Thiago have both proven they can play there so it’s not the end of the world.
Not strengthened my @rse!

23 Jun 2022 23:33:14
Basically. You can never please everyone no matter what you do. What more can you say?

24 Jun 2022 07:44:21
Well it's tough to have opinion and want more in here. We have a superb manager, possibly the world's best. He obviously wanted another world class midfielder, and I did too along with Fabinho and Thiago. Just would like to help Klopp as much as he can, as we have something so special here right now, so should back to the hilt.

It is the hardest thing to rebuild a plane when it is in flight, only Paisley and Fergie have managed to rebuild winning teams for a new generation. You don't need to wait until each one walk's out the door - better to bed in. It's just my opinion, no right, no wrong.

24 Jun 2022 08:10:04
Calvin Ramsay is one of the best RB's in the world?! Hahaha. Good one, I get you're trying to make a point but the kid is not even one of the best young RB at the club even yet and would have never been signed had Neco been content being 2nd choice. the hyperbole is insane.



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