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25 Jun 2022 05:01:57
Mo to Real Madrid for 80 million Euro.

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25 Jun 2022 06:56:08
Considering his has just 3-4 years left in his career, being the Star player and not being the highest earner at Liverpool he is right to seek higher wages somewhere else. What they say a bird in hand is better than 2 in bush.

TBH, he beat De Bruyne for PFA player of the year on half the wages. Also when he sees Sterling/ Grelish/ Werner/ Lukaku earn more than him and not perform anywhere near to his level he is right to seek more or turn his.

Isn't it what every employee does?

Sure Liverpool FC won't break the wage structure. I wouldn't want to stand in his way if any club offered decent amount for him.

The pressure should be on scouting team to identify a replacement in this window itself who can slot in seamlessly.

I bet if Man City or Chelsea comes and offer Liverpool 50+ mil for him and huge salary.

25 Jun 2022 08:29:30
Salah doesn't have 3-4 years left in his career. Dude has never tasted Alcohol and is incredibly fit. Wouldn't surprise me one bit if he keeps getting better until he is 33-34 and then keep on playing at a very high level until 35-37.

25 Jun 2022 08:44:02
Donot rule out Juventus in this move. It will drag but Salah can leave before the window ends. There is a push from Liverpool to see to that effect.

25 Jun 2022 08:53:29
We would be mad not to take it but unfortunately it's nonsense.

25 Jun 2022 09:30:57
Who's out there and available to replace salah and his 30+ goals (not sure of the total)?

25 Jun 2022 09:37:37
Mo will be one of those players who the significance of what he has achieved will probably be seen more when he leaves.

25 Jun 2022 10:06:12
you don't know what you've got till its gone! Salah will be greatly missed, but he will be replaced and life will go on.

25 Jun 2022 10:24:21
Agreed King Kenny and Warmachine.

25 Jun 2022 11:27:24
I find it crazy that fans are happy to push mo out the door but we're sad to see mane leave. Absolute madness it is. How do you replace the best player in the league 4 years running exactly? Mental some people's views are.

25 Jun 2022 11:43:57
If he leaves this window, there could be some adjustment time needed for new players to bed in, which could write off our league hopes .
Even if he doesn't leave until next summer, we still need a replacement to bed in before that happens, so either way, this window we need to RW/ RF.

25 Jun 2022 12:14:38
Some fans are happy to push Mo out the door because he will be walking out that same door in a years time. With that in mind, id snap off the hand of a club who offers 60m for him. He scores 30 goals a season but in my opinion so would a lot of forwards in our set-up as we produce an insane amount of goalscoring chances. Id be happy to cash in now and spend the dosh on the next future star.

25 Jun 2022 14:15:38
If (and I mean if) Salah did leave (and to be clear, I’m behind him, I don’t want him to leave) and went to Real Madrid, would there be a chance for a deal including Toni Kroos coming to us?

Apparently Kroos has turned down his contract offer from them, I know he isn’t young but play a slightly different formation with Kroos and Thiago behind Nunez and Diaz, that would be worth a watch!

25 Jun 2022 15:23:47
One the one hand, i would be sad to see him go. He's been a great player for us. On the other, he has been playing shoddy for us for a few months now, and i can't help but believe that is down to the contract negotiations first, with a bit of burnout second. I really can't see that keeping him for another year is in our best interests, as can anyone really expect him to give 100% next season? If we get some money now (£60 mill is a pipe dream IMO) then we should do so. Use it to get a replacement who's focus is on the cause.

25 Jun 2022 15:36:20
I know you never want to lose a player for free.

But Top scorer, Top assists, Premier League player of the year. Probably best to keep him.

25 Jun 2022 15:25:12
Our set-up is super, but it also has something to do with the top players carrying the instructions out. We have 4 or 5 players that could be the best in the world in their positions. Salah is one of them.

25 Jun 2022 16:35:04
True Jadon but the other side of that is he wasn't one of the top players when he signed. He achieved it through excellent coaching, a great set up to get the best from him and his own dedication and hard work. That alone gives me hope that should he go then another player with his type of work ethic could step in and replace his goals. Who that player is I've no idea but I'll bet Klopp and company have him identified.

25 Jun 2022 17:02:23
People are sad to see Mane go because he didn't let his intention to leave drag on throughout his time with us. Since Salah came, as great a player he is, there has been story after constant story of him wanting to move leaked via his agent and constant hawking him about. Before anyone says that's his agent not him, his agent is an employee of salah and had he really wanted to stay could have instructed his agent to stop the constant trying to get Barca/ Real or whoever this week, and if he refused sack him. Great player but not greater than the club, get what we can and get rid.

25 Jun 2022 18:09:47
Was that from the same source as your man from Lyon telling you this when we got Houssem Aouar in January.

25 Jun 2022 23:55:22
Wasnt one of the best players when he signed? he literally came in and scored every game from day one when all we hear is it takes players months tô get used to klopps system. Whether people want to admït it cos they are sore at the thought of him leaving, Salah is a level above and has been for 5 seasons straight.



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