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04 Nov 2023 13:44:05
Hi Ed002,

Just one more question if you have got some time?

Regarding Salah leaving next season, I'm aware that the club will be looking at many possibilities and it's a moving target. In your opinion who do you think would be a good replacement regardless of the clubs interest or not? Thank you.

{Ed002's Note - For me and from talking with others who know far more about players, Marcus Edwards would be an excellent choice or take a real outsider like Sebastian Szymanski who is having a great season or Matias Soule - both have a lot of potential. But Klopp has seemingly set his heart on Leroy Sane with a few options I have mentioned before.}

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04 Nov 2023 15:08:01
Of all the players in Europe, even South America Klopp has settled on player that turns 28 in January with disciplinary issues. Not to mention a player that picks up £334k per week. Anyways, I ain’t stressing as I’m sure our scouts and sporting director (whoever that will be) will advise on a younger player with a higher ceiling.

04 Nov 2023 15:30:48
Thank you Ed002.

04 Nov 2023 16:26:02
Klopp has proven in the past that he knows what he is doing.

Also, we already have to contend with typing out Szoboszlai every day, I'm not sure I could cope with Szymanski as well?

04 Nov 2023 18:12:45
Shame Pedro Neto can’t stay fit I think he’d be an excellent replacement.

04 Nov 2023 18:54:27
Really think Doak could be the replacement, and before everyone attacks hear me out. Mbappe or Saka won't be joining and Sane's happy in Munich. The best in league replacements are Bowen, Diaby and maybe mbeumo but their clubs would be looking for 80-100m plus for each of them, just can't see klopp spending that money for any of them. That leaves up and comers from around europe or the likes of Olise but they'd be just as big a risk as giving Doak a go. No one is going to replace Salahs output bar Mbappe so it wouldn't surprise me to see him go with Djak and use any transfer fee to strengthen other areas.

04 Nov 2023 20:11:11
Agree JN, Mbappe is a good shout.

05 Nov 2023 03:03:15
Who said Klopp has settled on Sane?

05 Nov 2023 08:30:29
Who said Salah is leaving next season?
Apparently he'd definitely been leaving every season, he's still here.

05 Nov 2023 09:06:10
Hopefully he stays for another 3 or 4 years Flash.

05 Nov 2023 00:31:56
Eds, out of curiosity, why did it not work out with Sane at City? IIRC, wasn't there a falling out between him and Pep due to lack of game time? As a player, how do you rate him?

{Ed002's Note - It didn't "not work out", it was a case of him having the opportunity to move to Bayern Munich and his contract was running down as he rejected a new one.}

05 Nov 2023 09:37:59
That Sebastian Szymanski looks a player. agree with all 3 though, good shout.

05 Nov 2023 12:50:12
It’s the year 2037
Mo Salah is definitely moving next summer.
Who will replace him?

Mo can play until he’s 35. He’s the fittest athlete I’ve seen play in red.

IF his pace drops he’s already showing he can become an assist machine,

Anyhoo, my ex is from Brazil, it’s already public knowledge that the Andre deal is done. He’s arriving in Jan.

05 Nov 2023 13:02:19
Hi Ed,

Just out of curiosity and since the thread is about potentially
replacing Salah, is there any legitimate interest
in Johan Bakayoko of PSV, seems really talented?

{Ed002's Note - Yes, he is seen as an option. This has been explained before.}

05 Nov 2023 15:24:25
Hopefully Mo has many more miles on the clock. All of the ones that Ed has suggested sound like smart moves, I hope Klopp isn’t considering Sane. Too old (nearly 28), doesn’t really score enough, seems to only turn up when he fancies it, on ridiculous wages and then there’s that incident he had with Mane. Hopefully someone can talk Klopp around to someone who is a better fit.

06 Nov 2023 14:48:08
Mo is the most successful Muslim player of all time, the opportunity not just for any of the middle eastern clubs, but for Mo himself is too good to be ignored.

In terms of who comes in, we just watch and trust a team has proven they will get it right more often than not.

06 Nov 2023 15:43:14
Ed02, I felt like Bowen was a possibility before he signed that huge contract. Do you think that effectively ended any chances LFC had at him next summer? I know any guy can move for any price, but West Ham hold a ton of leverage now, and I can't picture any scenarios where it would make sense for LFC to pursue him, no matter how much they like the player.

{Ed002's Note - I think it most unlikely as well.}

07 Nov 2023 00:56:37
i just can't imagine salah not wanting to play one last season in the champions league. he's got another 2 in the prem left in him at the very least, would be a huge shame to go, saudi league won't be going anywhere or the money.

07 Nov 2023 07:51:02
I think Sane is as good as you can get to replace Mane. Of course you wish he was 5 years younger but if you are looking for someone to fit in then he’s your man. He still won’t score as many as Super Mo but who will ?‍♂️. Don’t think his discipline is that bad either, not sure where that came from ?.

17 Nov 2023 07:00:19
I'll throw a curve ball, move Darwin Nunez to the right to replace Salah, he has had some success playing on the right and buy another forward/ striker or possibly attacking midfielder.

I really don't want Leroy Sane, too old, Klopp does best and gets best results with young, talented and hungry players. Sane is talented but never striked me hungry player.



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