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08 Nov 2023 16:34:29
I'm hearing Klopp is stepping down at the end of the season. Someone please tell me its BS.

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08 Nov 2023 16:44:13
I don’t think if he was it’d be announced this early in the season, imo, he hasn’t finished his 2.0 job yet. I call BS.

08 Nov 2023 17:54:41
How many times has that crP been posted over the last few years.

08 Nov 2023 17:57:35
I love rumour-mongering without naming a source.

08 Nov 2023 18:48:40
Just heard it off someone who got it from facebook. Don't know who originally come out with it. The person i got it from also said they heard Carragher talking about the next manager, so who knows. No smoke without fire and all that. The post also said that a 41y/ o was lined up. Isn't Alonso 41? Anyway, i hope it's BS, but if it did turn out to be true, I wouldn't be against Alonso coming in, even if he did have massive boots to fill.

08 Nov 2023 18:49:56
It’s BS.

08 Nov 2023 19:11:25
Facebook is your source? Grown up.

08 Nov 2023 19:14:26
Saw this in a derelict phone box in Manchester so must be true.

08 Nov 2023 21:00:20
'Just heard it off someone who got it from Facebook'. Thank you so much for this OP, properly made me smile ?.

08 Nov 2023 22:11:45
We all talk about who might be our next manager, it means nothing! There's even been talk of Klopp extending, so who knows.

{Ed014's Note - I heard United are in the market for a new manager! ?‍♂️?

08 Nov 2023 22:14:27
Heard it from an Everton taxi driver - must be gospel.

08 Nov 2023 22:20:28
Love it how people just come on in order to mock.

09 Nov 2023 07:23:36
It's not mocking, it's having a laugh!

09 Nov 2023 07:27:22
Not mocking - it’s Scouse banter - everyone takes the p*** and in return you take the p*** out of everyone else. No harm meant (at least pre-interweb days) .

09 Nov 2023 08:24:03
Some don't come on simply to mock, but will take the opportunity when it presents itself. Nobody is saying anything outrageous or out of order. Maybe a bit thin skinned?

09 Nov 2023 08:45:41
Unless I hear it from Ulla Sandrock then it ain't true.

09 Nov 2023 08:49:24
Not thin skinned, just that's how the comments appear. One of the drawbacks of text communication is you don't get the body language or the tonality along with the comment. It's all good. So anyway, the general feeling is that it's BS? That would be my preferred outcome tbh.

09 Nov 2023 10:30:36
West Derby Wanderer3, it isn't just Scouse banter, it is a general British sense of humour, not exclusive to Liverpool. maybe not even exclusive to Britain ?.

09 Nov 2023 10:45:47
Carra as manager ??.

09 Nov 2023 16:01:35
I thought there could be the tiniest shred of truth until you said Carra as next manager!

Carra couldn’t manage a football team. I’m surprised he’s kept the Sky job for this long he’s got absolutely no idea about tactics whatsoever. He just blags his way through every day of his life!

09 Nov 2023 16:54:44
Disagree totally the guy is a pure legend! I won’t hear a bad word said about him, top lad and should be on the list for a knighthood no doubt. Ignore the haters Carra you are loved and adored by millions keep up the good work.

09 Nov 2023 23:13:54
Bloody hope it's not Ljinders who's turning 41. Gulp!

10 Nov 2023 00:00:35
I understand what you are saying @SzSz8 and there are some sorts of humour that are more ‘universal’ (like slapstick) but I think that there is definitely a form of humour specific to Liverpool - a sort of acid sarcasm born out of affection.

10 Nov 2023 21:25:48
I think Xabi Alonso could be our next manager, if he isn't snapped up by Real Madrid.

11 Nov 2023 00:29:10
Alonso would be my pick, although I have an incling Pep is being groomed for the job even though he (& Klopp) continue with the amateur tactics.

14 Nov 2023 02:00:34
Incredible Bulk - you probably just came on here to verify a far fetched rumour you heard through the grapevine which is fair! With social media being so focused on clicks I’d be taking any kind of news with less than a grain of salt. Doesn’t mean it’s not worth getting checked out here but I’ve long since stopped worrying about everything that comes across my screen these days mate.

14 Nov 2023 18:21:09
Facebook? Come on, man. Give me something to work with here.



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