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25 Jun 2024 15:56:11
Murillo's name is doing the rounds again with Forest apparently needing to raise £20-£25M by Sunday to avoid another PSR punishment.

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25 Jun 2024 16:39:55
Decent young player to be fair. Bit rash defensively but very good on the ball. At 21 years old you'd expect there is scope for a good coach like Slot to improve him a lot. Be interesting to see what comes of this rumoured link. They wanted big money for him before this PSR concern.

25 Jun 2024 17:55:21
Not convinced. Not a terrific defender, doesn’t win many challenges, can’t header the ball to save his life. Plus at 6ft he’s a bit short for a centre back in this country, not exactly what you’d call a dominant defender and that’s being generous. Might be good on the ball but if he can’t defend or win headers then he’s just a wasted transfer.

25 Jun 2024 18:04:39
Viktor has spoken.

25 Jun 2024 18:22:08
Wow. What a surprise, another player that Victor claims is rubbish.

25 Jun 2024 18:56:06
I think he is a very very good player despite being a bit short. If he really does cost that much it would be excellent value for money methinks.

25 Jun 2024 19:22:45
Viktor never tells you what players he likes, he's too scared to do that.

25 Jun 2024 19:36:37
Martinez at United is 5ft9.
Thiago Silva at Chelsea is 6ft0.
Ake at Man City is 5ft11.
Timber at Arsenal is 5ft10.
Guehi at Palace is 6ft0.
Mee at Brentford is 5ft11.
Senesi at Bournemouth is 6ft0.
Holgate at Everton is 6ft0.

A lot of CB’s in the Prem are 6ft or shorter. It means nothing.

25 Jun 2024 19:43:11
I think Viktor believes all footballers are a bit rubbish.

25 Jun 2024 20:14:57
Except De Bruyne. nd haaland. nd Foden nd.

25 Jun 2024 22:37:14
You ok @June?

@VV - hypothetical situation. Liverpool are going to buy a back-up keeper, a left sided defender, a defensive midfielder and a right sided attacker (preferably left footed) . Rather than list everybody you think is unsuitable, here’s the challenge, name the the four players you would sign.

25 Jun 2024 23:20:07
A lot of the defenders you name MK are rubbish ?.

26 Jun 2024 02:49:38
Cannavaro is often cited as one of the best defenders of all time was 5 9. Height and speed aren't the most important attributes for defenders, timing and reading the game are.

26 Jun 2024 06:57:05
Nevada, Puyol wasn’t tall either. Nor was Mascherano. Both played CB for Barcelona at the peak of their powers.

6GoldStars, that’s not really true is it pal. Holgate is pretty average hence why Everton loaned him out. Mee is decent but Brentford is his level. The rest are all good solid defenders. Martinez probably the best at United when fit. Silva been one of the best this generation. Senesi too good for Bournemouth. Timber looked very good when fit. Ake just won the league and knocked the taller Stones and Gvardiol out of CB. Guehi is a very good CB once he gets back to his best following that knee surgery. Aside from all that though, the point isn’t that shorter CB’s are better. The point is that 6ft isn’t really short for a CB. There are hundreds of examples if you expand the parameters out to Europeansnd lower league football as well. Martinez is probably short for a CB at 5ft9. I personally think 6ft or above is tall irrespective of the position you play in football.

26 Jun 2024 08:09:20
They flight the ball lower in the continent for the smaller CBs ?.

26 Jun 2024 08:14:55
Like my missus said - it’s not about the size, it’s about the quality.

26 Jun 2024 08:19:40
Sorry Adam, after watching 2 hours of paint drying last night my comment amused me more than it should have!
There will always be some exceptions, but a cb in my eyes should be taller than 6ft. They should be winning every header and every physical duel. There’s more to defending than physical dominance, but without it you really are struggling. We can agree to disagree, that’s cool. ?.

26 Jun 2024 09:24:49
It’s cool 6GS, you’re entitled to your opinion mate and who can blame you looking for entertainment, there certainly wasn’t’t any on ITV last night. I personally think smaller CB’s tend to be more effective at some aspects as they can generally turn and accelerate quicker. Helps with reacting to lose balls or recovery tackles. However the taller CB’s can generally dominate aerially and also have higher top speeds once they get into their stride which can help them thrive in a 1v1 battle. I don’t think it’s a defining factor if you’re a good player who knows how to make the most of the gifts you were given. The only defender to win the Balon D’or in my lifetime was the 5ft9 Cannavaro, but the only other one who came close was the 6ft4 Van Dijk. So height is a side note for me when discussing a players ability. I don’t care either way as long as you’re good at what you can do.

26 Jun 2024 12:17:13
MKS, Murillo ain't ready to make the jump just yet, IMO.

26 Jun 2024 13:44:09
I like that Murillo, especially at that price and age. I think it could be a shrewd signing that.

26 Jun 2024 19:07:18
I agree Gunn. He’s quick, he’s strong, he’s a ball carrier that breaks lines, he has a switch of play in the locker, and he puts his body on the line.

I’m not saying we absolutely should sign him, but I’d rather him than say Pacho, Hancko, Calafiori or Inacio who are totally unknown quantities of we’re honest with ourselves. As much as it probably feels less fancy signing a player from Nottingham Forest, we signed Gini, Robbo, Virgil, Mane, Jota, Mac Allister etc from lesser Premier league sides and they all did pretty well!

27 Jun 2024 11:45:15
I'd agree MK.

He reminds me of Lucio (powerful Brazilian cb, who likes to carry the ball out) .

Inacio, I just don't see the hype whatsoever, personally. Hancko, barely seen a minute of him other than this euros. Calafiori, I really rate, loved watching Bologna this season but its the age old Italians don't travel well worry. Pacho, again seen very little and the bundesliga defensively is a horror show so that would worry me.

Murllio, like you said, has a lot of very good attributes and done it in the Prem, while only being 21.



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