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01 Jul 2024 11:52:18
As we tick over into July I think the transfer window might start to liven up a bit now ??

Kelleher and van den Berg have said they want to leave and fair enough. I can't bring myself to be too critical of players who wants more than being a back up. That means we'll need a new back up keeper though and a new CB to replace Matip. No idea who we'd want in terms of a GK but the CB's we're linked with (Pacho, Hincapie, Murillo etc) are all the right kind of profile. Able to play LB and CB, young enough to learn from Virgil, but good enough already to start if needed.

Thiago has also left, and I think the DM/ CM replacement for him will be vital in terms of taking some of the load off of Endo. Ederson, Varela and Koopmeiners are all linked frequently and I'd be happy with any one of them in a 2 man holding midfield duo next season. This is probably the most important signing of the summer to get right. I wasn't keen a couple of months ago on signing a DM, but once I realised that Slot sets the team up with the legendary "double pivot" I quickly changed my mind.

Lastly, it seems Diaz is going to get the move away his Dad reliably informs us he is so desperate for. Of all of our forwards he scores the least goals so I'm not stressed about it at all but it's a shame because I think we'll all miss his work rate and flair. The RW/ LW players linked (Gordon, Bakayoko, Summerville, Neto etc) wouldn't be my picks but they're all decent and pacey players who score and/ or create goals.

Don't get me wrong, there are other players in the squad that could arguably be improved on (and we can all debate about who they are until the cows come home) . However there's a lot of decent young players returning from loan deals who might fancy their chances at becoming 1st team squad players next year. So if we can simply replace those 4 (Kelleher, Matip, Thiago and Diaz) I think we'll have had a very good window. Everything else can wait and who knows, players who haven't shone under Klopp might thrive under Slot. Exciting times ahead.

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01 Jul 2024 13:11:57
Out of that lot I'd say Neto is probably the best, but he's injured all the time, Gordon is probably the second best option, and has the, unfortunately, but Bakayoko is excellent in one on one situations and has a high upside/ promising attitude, from what I've seen of him he is quite similar to Doku in terms of not producing great numbers but always being dangerous in isolation situations (Diaz is that way too lol) . Summerville looks to be bad news attitude-wise but Mane was before he joined us too, so who knows.

01 Jul 2024 13:46:55
Neto won’t score goals. He’d flatter to deceive when fit and then be injured for half the season. If ever there was a player made for Spurs, it’s him.

01 Jul 2024 13:41:06
PB, you’re probably right about Neto being the best option of those 4. Sure we have other players on the radar too though. My personal preference would’ve been Bowen or Mbuemo. If Neto stays fit though he’s very good.

01 Jul 2024 14:21:40
We definitely need a player in DM role if its going to be q double pivot. Emerson would be the pick of what you suggested MK, I'm not fully sold on him or the others you mentioned tho.

For me, CB is not a pressing issue, as we currently have 4 and possibly chambers. If the right one is available, then fair enough. Get him, if not. We can wait.

If Diaz goes, we don't need a LW imo. We are stacked in this area and for the RW. I would go and get Bakayoko, he will be a better all round player than Doku imo.

01 Jul 2024 14:23:25
I actually agree VV.

01 Jul 2024 14:24:04
Victor, I actually agree with you to an extent.

He is lightning fast and very creative though. 9 Premier League assists last season, so although he only had 2 goals he isn't exactly ineffective and Slot allegedly prefers more creative wingers. Neto maight also build on those numbers as well with better players around him.

I must admit though the injuries are a worry hence why I wouldn't be at all disappointed if we looked elsewhere. I actually really wanted him 4 years ago but the muscle injuries seem relentless.

01 Jul 2024 14:31:37
Mbeumo is a pretty low risk option, MK, probably the least exciting out of all the players we're linked with but he's proven he can do the job in this league, my guess is Bakayoko is probably pretty high up the list, I imagine he doesn't cost as much as the other options on the list and has the highest ceiling, though that being said he is also the riskiest (besides Neto, considering he would cost a hell of a lot and has consistently missed games throughout his career, so he shouldn't be considered imo) .

If money wasn't a problem I would go all out and just buy Kvaratskhelia, he is pretty much on the cusp of being a world class footballer if he isn't already there, he wants to leave for a CL club, he's a big game player who can handle being the man in clutch situations, he can play both wings or through the center, he's physically strong and incredibly fit, he carries the ball from deep incredibly well and scares the life out of defenders, my only reservation is he likes to have a speculative shot from distance once or more times a game, but that can probably be curbed. I'm sure we're not interested in him for some reason though.

01 Jul 2024 14:58:53
I’d pick

Jaros give him a go

01 Jul 2024 15:17:58
Thefields, that's fair enough pal. I really like Ederson personally. Koopmeiners as well. Varela is the one I've seen the least of so unsure what to make of him as he reminds me a bit of a young Jorginho, who himself blows hot and cold. Who would you like for DM out of interest? Also agree with you on CB. For some reason people here think I hate Gomez because I don't blow smoke up his rear end, but as 4th choice CB I think he's low risk and I'm not desperate for change thanks to the emergence of Quansah. Also agree we need a RW more than another LW. Although Gordon and Summerville can play there they are better on the left.

PB, I really like Mbuemo. He's a very good RW and a good CF as well. His aggression and work rate is top notch, but he's also got a decent technique and eye for a pass too.

01 Jul 2024 15:29:28
If Diaz were to leave, i hope we go all in for Nico Williams. Prob most exciting player in a team full of stars.

01 Jul 2024 15:54:01
There’s absolutely no point signing a player like Neto, doesn’t score anywhere near enough goals and hasn’t managed more than 20 league games in a season for the last three seasons, that simply isn’t good enough. Unless the plan is to keep the physios in work then I see no reason to sign him. Mbuemo would be a better option as he is at least consistent, scores goals and works his arse off, pretty sure his injury last season was a contact injury unlike Neto, who appears to be made out of crisps.

01 Jul 2024 16:00:25
nico williams is on extremely high wages and will ask for more to move, word is that his attitude is suspect too, no doubt he is elite one on one though.

01 Jul 2024 16:42:28
I think it breaks down to four categories:

Dream signings (highly unlikely) :


Realistic (likely) :

Clare Balding doppelgänger


Bowen (unlikely because of age and English tax)

Absolutely should be avoided:

Neto - injury prone poor output
Raphinha - poor output, slow, too old
Sane - poor attitude, has made multiple disrespectful comments about us as a club, too old.

01 Jul 2024 17:32:47
11 goal involvements in 18 games is hardly poor output though is it vv, I agree Neto should be avoided because of his injury history but he’s not some kind of show pony.

01 Jul 2024 17:39:47
I will be happy if we can retain Kelleher, buy Calafiori, give a chance to Basejtic and Morton to get the DM/ CM spot, retain Diaz and and give a to Ben Doak and Dans to be part of the team this season.

01 Jul 2024 17:53:47
MK, I'm not really a fan of the new style of DM if I'm honest. When the topic of greatest comes up, I always go with Roy Keane ?. I want them to be an animal and not overly concerned with the attacking side of the game. They have to be a defender first and foremost and there is nothing wrong with them doing a little side/ forward/ backwards pass, to relieve pressure and let the likes of Trent Mac Calister do the passing. Which is why I think Endo is a quality player.

There is only 1 player I have seen semi regular play that stood out, and that is Ugarte. We should be all over him. As for the rest, I will get behind them regardless of who we sign.

01 Jul 2024 21:56:20
@PB, does the club have money problems?

02 Jul 2024 08:26:32
Thefields, I think Ederson fits that mould the most to be fair. He's a lot like Endo in terms of aggression and tough tackling. But I can see why that might put you off Varela and Koopemeiners who are very much ball playing DM/ CM players. That's a fair enough reason though mate. Bet you miss Mascherano then! He was as close to an animal as a DM gets.

Can't say I've seen enough of Ugarte for PSG to comment. He was good at Sporting though.

02 Jul 2024 08:33:36
I think Neto is a very decent player and in the right hands could be a diamond in the rough.

Injury is perhaps the only real worry not goals, but his body is young enough if the right care is taken. I don’t think because Mo was hardly prolific at 24.

In the right hands, with better quality squad and supply around etc his un-deniable talent could be nurtured.

02 Jul 2024 09:02:45
Not sure Koopmeiners can be pegged as a DM, he's more like a box to box all action athletic midfielder who has an excellent engine, presses extremely well, puts himself about cutting out passing channels and then driving up the pitch, gets into the box or in shooting position outside the box (where he is quite excellent at striking the ball), can play out wide in the attacking third with the winger moving inside, carries the ball exceptionally well from deep. He could definitely play 6 or 8 but is much more of an 8 to me, if he's played in a double pivot as the more conservative ball winning midfielder I'm not sure it's that well suited to him.

02 Jul 2024 07:07:59
I don’t mean to suggest that they have money problems, but they just don’t tend to splash the cash on a top recognised option on big wages, unless that player has already been identified as a top priority that needs to be secured at all costs (which I would hope is the case here, given that KK probably tops all the statistical metrics required to gauge who the best wide forward on the market right now is) . I’m just bracing myself for disappointment if he ends up at a big moneybags club as will invariably be the case.

02 Jul 2024 10:49:57
PB, Koopmeiners is a very complete player. He even played CB under Slot in his younger days. Though he actually played AM most of last season under Gasperini. He’s just one of them who can play virtually anywhere outfield and be excellent. It’s not that he can’t play DM it’s more that it is a waste of his talent going forward for me.

Ederson is younger as well as likely to be cheaper because he isn’t anywhere near as versatile but he’s still an excellent player. Reminds me of Mousa Dembele back in his prime at Spurs.

{Ed001's Note - can he be 'excellent'? He always seems just decent whenever I have seen him. Not great or anything, but also not bad. Just ok. From what I have seen, he is simply not particularly outstanding at any aspect of the game, so he is the one that gets shunted around to make space. He is a utility player who is not quite good enough to nail down a spot for me.}

02 Jul 2024 12:22:09
I can only go on the games I've seen of him Ed001 to be fair. In the maybe 10-15 times I've seen him play he's always been one of the top 3 players on the pitch. I think he's a better version of Milner. Better because he's quicker, stronger and more composed in the box.

However, what I would say is I think Ederson has been the best player on the pitch on the 3 occasions I've watched them play together! Smaller sample size but Ederson does look a real talent. What are your thoughts on him out of interest?

{Ed001's Note - I like him a lot, but just not convinced at all that Koomeiners is as good as you say, nor better than Milner.}

02 Jul 2024 13:19:46
It’s always an opinions game though Ed001 so it’s cool if you disagree. Everyone sees things different I guess. It does often depend on what games you’ve watched of certain players too. I’ve still never seen a game where Wirtz has played well for example and I think he won Bundesliga player of the year. So he must’ve had plenty of good games, but he was terrible every time I saw him!

{Ed001's Note - really? I really like Wirtz.}

02 Jul 2024 14:07:45
I have come to the conclusion that I’ve just caught him on bad days Ed001! The numbers Wirtz has posted offensively coupled with winning the player of the year, he simply cannot be a bad player. Yet I’ve watched him about 5 times last season and he was nothing short of dreadful every time. In fact every time I watched Leverkusen they played poorly but got bailed out by Xhaka, Grimaldo or Frimpong. Except the Europa League final where nobody saved them and they were just poor. It’s frustrating because I keep reading Alonso had them playing great football and Wirtz was a future star, but I’ve literally not seen any evidence ? if I was a fan, I’d stop watching them because I think I curse them.

{Ed001's Note - I think you maybe a Jonah.}

02 Jul 2024 14:53:00
That's what the missus says too, Ed!

{Ed001's Note - and she makes a good point.}

02 Jul 2024 16:36:49
Metrored, Neto’s injury history and lack of end product are both huge red flags. He’s far too fragile and injury prone to even remotely consider, notwithstanding the fact he’s never scored double figures during his career. It’s all very well doing the odd fancy step over here or there, but not being able to score goals or stay fit should rule him out entirely.

02 Jul 2024 17:14:07
Yeah MK I miss Mascherano, although he could be reckless and had is deficiencies. Emerson does sound more of Makele or a Fernandinho from what I have been reading/ hearing, so would probably be pick of the rest.

On a side note, Anthony Gordon. His heads been turned by Newcastle offering him to us. Why they would offer a Scouser to his boyhood club is laughable. If we could get him for no more than £80m and if Diaz leaves it is a no brainer for me. He will improve, another Scouser in the team and he won't want to go off to one of the Spanish giants like the rest being mooted. Williams will be far costly and will want to go to a Spanish giant in future, Neto to many injuries, Kvaradona see Williams.

{Ed025's Note - i see a lot of you want Gordon now, when he was at Everton he was described on here as a little diving prick and a serial cheat, oh how fickle the modern day supporter can be.. :)

02 Jul 2024 18:36:34
I will be honest Ed25, that's only because he played for the Bitters ?. I miss the old days when the likes of Barmby swapped clubs haha.

He was always and is still considered to be a top talent by some reds, we just said behind closed doors when he played for you lot ?.

{Ed025's Note - i think you are the bitter ones Thefields.. :)

03 Jul 2024 06:22:56
I’d go mbeumo or Wirtz and as wildcard Eds is there any interest in Enciso from Brighton. Guarantee when he gets more game time this season everyone will be fawning over him. Can play left or right or behind forward.

{Ed002's Note - There is interest in Enciso but not from Liverpool.}



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