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02 Jul 2024 16:52:49
Please don't shoot the messenger, but Hancko has given an interview and claimed he spoke with Slot about his new job as Liverpool manager. Hancko said it's very unlikely he'll follow Slot to Anfield because Slot isn't looking for a player in his position. I'm just passing on a rumour here and it could well have been lost in translation as I doubt he gave the interview in English. Hughes might have plans to overrule Slot and sign a CB regardless of his ideas. Or maybe Slot was just letting him down gently because he and Hughes want a different CB?

Who knows, just thought I'd pass it on as this isn't the first rumour in recent weeks that we might opt not to sign a CB. The Mainz Sporting Director has even said in an interview recently that their planned move to sign van den Berg was likely to be delayed because Liverpool want to assess him in pre-season. Still very early days so this could all just be Chinese whispers. 2+2=5 during the transfer window more often than not.

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02 Jul 2024 17:22:33
Cheers MK.

Kinda feeds into the stuff I've been hearing myself. Not saying I'm connected to club but all the talk is about on the wings, midfield and a clearout over the next couple of transfer windows of non-Edwards/ Hughes players.

02 Jul 2024 18:10:39
Hanko would be a bargain at the 30m being spoke about, sell gomez for 20-25 easily. Know which 1 I'd prefer.

02 Jul 2024 19:38:03
I reckon Hancko ends up at Atletico.

02 Jul 2024 19:46:18
@Magico - once again, what has Joe ever done wrong?

02 Jul 2024 20:17:49
Maybe will be given a chance then sis slot work with him previously?

02 Jul 2024 20:59:48
Cheers MK.

02 Jul 2024 18:57:00
ed002 seems to think we'll be signing a cb, though? probably one who can play left back too (pacho, as we've been hearing all along)

{Ed002's Note - I have explained about Pacho and Hancko. - and others.}

02 Jul 2024 21:27:47
I hope that is not true about not wanting to add a defender.

03 Jul 2024 06:13:10
Perhaps by "position" he means his overall position in life, ie taking in to account age etc. Maybe we want Pacho as he is younger. English is not this mans first language after all.

03 Jul 2024 07:14:02
As ed2 has said above he expects a signing, the club has targets.

03 Jul 2024 07:42:12
Slot wants to assess all of the current players during pre-season before deciding which position should be strengthen. And when they have decide it. all of our target players already not available on the market anymore #lol.

03 Jul 2024 07:52:16
Slot talking directly to a player.
Taking a leaf out of Klopps book re tapping up players


03 Jul 2024 09:12:01
@JLC Hardly tapping up if he is telling him that Liverpool aren't interested in him. Also, I'm pretty certain that you don't have to sever all ties to anybody that you have had previous relationships with just because you move clubs. Surely you are still allowed to talk to your friends.

{Ed002's Note - So you think Slot and Hancko had some kind of relationship?}

03 Jul 2024 08:01:02
He was Hancko's coach, I'm sure they have a great personal relationship and talk to each other on the phone all the time, what is Slot supposed to do, delete him from his phone once he signs a Liverpool contract?

{Ed002's Note - No, but if he is using the opportunity to speak with ex-players about transfers - that is tapping up. Liverpool need to move on from years of tapping up, hacking, cheating, having to buy off other clubs not to make complaints etc.. They are trying to move on.}

03 Jul 2024 14:32:50
Surely if Hancko is aware that tapping up is illegal he wouldn't be disclosing to the press that his boss/ friend is trying to soften him up for a potential move or putting the feelers out? What if Hancko himself asked if he'd be interested in taking him? Is Slot supposed to say 'sorry, conversation ends here, let's leave it to the agents'? I don't personally know the answer to these questions but Hancko divulging this information to the press suggests that he feels like everything is above board?

{Ed002's Note - Scratching around trying to get out of an embarrassing situation.}

03 Jul 2024 14:42:03
Well I don't know what the insinuation is here, ed? That Slot is cheating like Klopp did? Or just that our club is a disgrace of an institution and always will be, so Slot should be careful not to further sully a name that's already been dragged through the mud? Nobody will defend Klopp for always trying to take the 'direct' route to sounding out a player's interest, he was misguided and for some reason simply thought it was a legitimate way to make a direct call before the board slapped his wrists for it. Calling Liverpool an embarrassment for Klopp's mistakes isn't going to offend me because I don't condone it, I think you're really quite mistaken that I'm scratching around, personally.

{Ed002's Note - It wasn't me who suggested he is making direct contact with players about transfers.}



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