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06 Jul 2024 22:41:26
I really hope rumours of Kimmich are true. Versatile player and world class in multiple positions. Proper upgrade to the midfield allowing Dom and Macca more freedom. Endo done really well and is a tidy player but I'm sure even Endo would agree Kimmich would be quite the upgrade. My ideal window assuming Diaz is going.

CB Inacio
CDM Kimmich
LWF Kvaratskhelia

We can all dream ?.

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06 Jul 2024 22:58:04
Kimmich would be an incredible signing. As would Kvaratskhelia at that!

07 Jul 2024 00:07:04
But he's nearly 30. Aren't players finished when they're 30 now?

07 Jul 2024 01:09:31
So I keep hearing, SR. I’m still trying to work out how Real Madrid were the best team in Europe with Kroos (34), Nacho (34), Carvajal (32), Modric (38), Rudiger (31), Joselu (34) and Courtois (32).

Really shouldn’t have been possible with over half the team being well over the hill/ finished/ in decline. Unless of course, 29 actually isn’t that old? No that can’t be right, 29 is bloody ancient. It must be a freak occurrence. It’s not like Madrid have done it multiple times before with players like Ramos, Marcelo, Pepe, Varanre, Casemiro, Benzema, Bale and Ronaldo in their late 20’s/ early 30’s. No, what we need is a team of u21’s. Like Chelsea. Yes, that’s what we need. That’s working out spectacularly for them.

07 Jul 2024 01:17:30
Kimmich would be a terrible signing. He’s absolutely rinsed and would be an epic failure as a signing of Casemiro proportions. A right back with midfield delusions. If that’s the best we can do then forget a title challenge as he’s not going to protect our defence any better than the current crop of midfielders. And that’s without mentioning his extortionate wage demands and poor attitude. And yes, 29/ 30 is too old to be signing players. It’s the reason United have constantly failed over the last few years by buying big time Charlie’s at 29/ 30 who have nothing left in the tank but are on big wages. If Bayern thought he was so great why are they making such a big deal to find a new defensive midfielder? The last 29 year old we signed from Munich was also absolutely rinsed and a failure of recruitment. We should take a lesson from that.

Forget about Kvaratskhelia as he’s never going to play for us.

07 Jul 2024 08:16:30
I guess the physicality of the PL is different from playing for Real Madrid.
Madrid having a huge squad and playing in a 2-team league with a bunch of pub teams.

07 Jul 2024 08:18:01
Ah Viktor, as inevitable as death and taxes.

The record’s a bit cracked, though.

07 Jul 2024 08:38:38
With Endo, At least we have learned we need younger players so that rules out Kimmich for me. World class YES but not the future. We need to find the next Rodri.
And moreover those three would cost in the region of £250 mill. We don’t have that money. End off.

07 Jul 2024 08:40:53
I'd prefer a destroyer with athleticism than a ball playing DM. Don't get me wrong. The DM needs both skills but the former should be more prevalent. don't think Kimmich has enough of that destroyer and athleticism skillset. He simply doesn't change much in our midfield despite being a good player. He is a no for me. I prefer other targets.

07 Jul 2024 08:46:09
May be of interest to you Victor, but The guy they’re replacing Kimmich with, Palhinha, turns 29 in 2 days time. So you keep using them as an example but they’re not selling Kimmich because of his age, quite clearly. So they’re a terrible example to use to make your point.

Also Casemiro was United’s best player in his first season and last year the whole team was poor so not sure that can levelled at him personally. Ronaldo and Ibrahimovic were their top scorers after signing in their mid-30’s. Varane formed a great partnership with Martinez that made them a totally different team. United’s problem in recent years isn’t signing older super stars. United’s problem in recent years has been when signing older players who were never actually that good; Eriksen, Evans, Ighalo, Weghorst, Sabitzer,

Also, I wanted your opinion. Do you think if Man City hadn’t signed 29 year old Kovacic last summer, they would’ve won the league? Oh wait, they did win it and “at a canter” according to you. Do you think if Arsenal hadn’t signed 31 year old Jorginho, they might have mounted a title challenge? Oh wait, they did. Do you think if Liverpool hadn’t signed 30 year old Endo, we might have bounced back into the Champions League spots and won a trophy? Oh wait, we did. Do you think if Real Madrid hadn’t signed 29 year old Rudiger a couple of years ago they might have won the double last year? Oh wait, they did. Wouldn’t you therefore agree that success has got nothing to do with signing players aged 29/ 30?

If you’d had it your way we’d have never signed Gary McAllister, James Milner, Maxi Rodriguez, Wataru Endo etc. Why do you cling to Thiago as if he proves your point? In his first season with us we went within 2 games of winning a Quadruple, and in his 2nd season he’s pretty much the only midfielder who showed up which is why he escaped the mass cull that saw the end of Hendo, Ox, Fabinho and Milner. Your whole basis for him being a disaster is basically that his body completely broke down in his 3rd season, but that can literally happen to anyone at any age; just ask Agger, Aurelio, Sturridge, Keita, Ox, Lallana, Matip etc who were all struggling to stay fit by 24-28 years old which I believe you told me was the prime years of every footballer.

Age is just a number and your obsession with trying to put a “one rule fits all” cut off point on when a player is done, is just ridiculous mate. Nobody is expecting them to be long term solutions, Milner was a bit of a freak of nature. But if they are available at the right price you just don’t pass up signing the right player because of their age. Rodri is 28. You telling me that if he demanded to leave Man City, we’d be foolish to go for him because he’s in his late 20’s and on big money?

I get you don’t like Kimmich as a footballer. I still find it baffling you think he is a right back with midfield delusions given he’s played 300 career games at CM/ DM and only 127 at RB. But his age is absolutely irrelevant. 3 of the best midfielders I saw in the Champions League last season were Kroos (34), Rodri (28) and Can (30). 29 years old just isn’t “absolutely rinsed”.

Anyway, I’m bored of this now as you abuse a player for being 29+ daily and I’m tired of it. So just crack on being (quite frankly) wrong in your belief that teams can’t win anything by signing 29 year olds.

07 Jul 2024 08:53:35
I’m not overly happy about Kimmich myself If true

I just not sure he’s what we need but if he does sign I’d get behind the lad and wish him well but I think their is potentially better options out.

07 Jul 2024 09:19:20
Dhfc, I won’t ever criticise people for thinking Kimmich or any player is not what we need mate. That is a Subjective and a totally fair opinion. It’s fair to want to sign someone younger as well because we’ll potentially get more years out of them. It’s even fair to think Kimmich is over rated or not world class. Kimmich isn’t Messi. It’s not like it’s an undeniable opportunity we simply have to take.

It’s just the over the top abuse of everyone we’re linked to that winds me up. If they’re not old, they’re mediocre. If they’re not mediocre, they’re made of crisps. If they’re not made of crisps, they’ve got a terrible attitude. If they’ve not got a terrible attitude, they turn slower than the titanic. And if nothing negative can be levelled at them, then they’re never signing for us in the first place! Christ it’s boring.

07 Jul 2024 09:29:06
I think SR was just being satirical with that comment.

Please don't get me wrong, MK, not trying to attack you in anyway. Actually I love reading your posts and replies. But lately, somehow, you tend to be quite easily offended. Or maybe it was just me, and I was wrong.

Peace mate.

07 Jul 2024 09:31:21
For me MK, we need to sign someone younger simply because we have Endo who’s more or less in the same age bracket of Kimmich.
I think we should test Real for Tchoumeni. He is a solid player or even Ugarte.

07 Jul 2024 09:41:16
Never going to happen.

07 Jul 2024 09:42:27
Totally agree @mk at the no one being deemed good enough but my opinion on Kimmich is nothing to do with age mate I’m of a similar opinion to @davey sulls that I would like a more athletic and defensive minded player than kimmich as we don’t have that in the squad . It’s my opinion as you say and you have your own neither of us are right or wrong just a difference of opinion . I just think we have lots of technically gifted players in a similar mold to kimmich for example with coaching and a chance Connor Bradley could do as good a job as kimmich . He’s technically brilliant ( kimmich) not saying anything on that I just think we need a player that is big strong and atletic and a bit of a bully of the midfield . .

We will see.

07 Jul 2024 10:47:57
We are already a bit lightweight and very easy to play against. The last thing we need is a player like Kimmich. I reckon he wouldn’t be able to stay fit for long enough, he has had a poor season and he is easy to run over. A huge no from me. Would much prefer his replacement.

07 Jul 2024 10:49:28
Haizan, I’m not offended by Victor at all. Only one poster has genuinely wound me up in recent weeks and I made them a promise I wouldn’t be engaging with them anymore so I’m not getting into that or name dropping.

Victor doesn’t offend me or wind me up on a personal level, he just ruins the site for me. Every debate on any player he chimes in with some negative hyperbole based on misinformation or made up realities. Or if they are a player he likes he’ll make a dig at the club and how they wouldn’t want to play for us or we can’t afford them. I’ve even noticed Editors calling him a troll and calling him out on it. I’m here for debate so I literally want people to disagree with me, else it’ll be very boring. It will never offend me if people have a different opinion. But it does make this site a tough read now on a daily basis because you just now 5-10 players are going to get abused by Victor over things that aren’t even true. Victor seems like a nice guy and he does occasionally make a good joke but his football views make Walter look like a optimist!

07 Jul 2024 10:58:13
Dhfc, you make another fair point mate. I think a lot of the DM debate hinges on how much we each rate Endo, Bajcetic and Morton. I think between those 3, we have enough midfield destroyers who are good enough. So I’d prefer a DM who can also stride forward and be useful in the opposition half too. I think Klopp wanted that to be Mac Allister but it was quite apparent in the end that Macca can’t defend 1v1 and was therefore dribbled past far too easily in the midfield. He shone when Endo played with him and he could focus on offensive actions.

But I take your point, Endo can’t play 90 minutes twice a week all season, Morton looks like he may leave, and Bajcetic is just back from injury as well as only ever playing a handful of games at DM. So it is not an unreasonable opinion for you to want a tough tackling midfield bully, and I fully respect it.

07 Jul 2024 11:01:27
Jaguar, I’d love Tchouameni, he’s a very good player and exactly the type of DM/ CM I think we should be after. I have a hunch he’ll be far more involved next season though with Kroos retiring so they might not be willing to sell.

I’ve only ever seen Ugarte a handful of times and always thought he lacked a bit in terms of his passing. Not sure that fits in with the type of manager Slot is, if the comparisons to Guardiola are accurate. He’s a supreme ball winner though, no doubt.

07 Jul 2024 11:28:12
Where has the Kimmich story come from? Seems unlikely for many reasons, beginning with salary. Perhaps I missed something.

07 Jul 2024 11:47:52
VV still casting his lines and reeling them in.
It's a rumour site, supposed to be a bit of fun.

07 Jul 2024 11:56:33
I can't believe I'm going to say this but I agree with Viktor. We don't need a RB with midfield delusions, as we already have one of those.

I also agree with Davey, we need a midfield destroyer. Hence why I think we should be in for Ugarte.

07 Jul 2024 12:25:39
FPF, I don’t think the Kimmich links will come to anything for us. He apparently wants £400k a week and Man City are interested as well so my prediction is he will go there if he leaves Bayern this summer. They will want a Kalvin Phillips replacement.

I disagree with people who think Kimmich is a bad player or too old, because I think he’d immediately be one of our star players if he signed (same level as Alisson, Trent, Virgil and Salah) . But If I take my fan hat off and think of it from a business perspective, I wouldn’t break the wage structure for Kimmich because 3 of them need new contracts and if you give Kimmich £400k, we’ll probably also have to give that to them.

07 Jul 2024 13:44:46
It’s got Thiago written all over it.

07 Jul 2024 14:26:02
If it is that type of player you want, then Joao Neves might be a better investment. Higher transfer fee but the wages would be considerably less than Kimmich.

I like the player but his height might rule him out for us. Can see him at City though.

07 Jul 2024 14:46:29
How does Viktor always know the players who will never play for Liverpool? Does he work at the club?

07 Jul 2024 16:24:13
I’ve solved it MK, viktor lives in a parallel dimension where said players really play the positions he claims they do and perform exactly as he says, but somehow his posts in that reality’s Liverpool rumours board makes it over here. So you see, it’s not really his fault at all, it’s a short circuit in the time space continuum. Can’t say I am much of a fan of his humour either though, think the jokes in that dimension still remain on the level of bawdy misogyny.

As for joao neves, great player, bad value for money in my opinion, he’s sort of like a much more athletic Jorginho though, if anybody is into that sort of profile of player.

07 Jul 2024 16:55:23
La Liga has 3 different winners the last 4 years so it’s absolutely not a 2 team league. We’ve only had 1 winner the last 4 years.

07 Jul 2024 17:18:55
Have to say, wouldn't be convinced on Kimmich either. wouldn't be the age necessarily i've just never really seen the hype. And at 400k a week you'd be giving an absolutely huge wedge to someone who i don't think would make a massive difference to us.

07 Jul 2024 18:21:19
“A right back with midfield delusions. ”

I don’t even know where you start to unpack that. Wow.

07 Jul 2024 22:11:19
You can’t Wassa. Pep Guardiola is arguably the best manager since Bob Paisley and he put Kimmich in midfield and said he “has everything”. But some people on here think they know better than Pep and say Kimmich is a right back. Don’t even try to unpack it. I’ve tried and failed. Just laugh and move on bro.



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