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08 Jul 2024 16:39:46
Ed2, a few times you mentioned how Chelsea’s academy is one of the best in the world. I am curious on your opinion on what they do different in relation to Liverpool’s setup? Is the coaching structure at a higher standard for the younger age groups or is the coaching methodology more advanced? Does the area where Chelsea are based produce a greater percentage of athletes due to the population?

{Ed002's Note - Scouting, recruitment, coaching is a lght year better at Chelsea, Barcelona etc.. than Liverpool.}

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08 Jul 2024 22:04:44
Recruitment? Chelsea? Now I have heard it all :P

Also, the entire world dreams of a team of Gallagher's. That's what I have heard at least.

08 Jul 2024 23:17:18
Chelsea also benefit from being a club based in london - a much larger pool of young players.

09 Jul 2024 06:13:55
Im happy enough with the amount of players our academy is producing for the 1st team squad, players that are getting in and STAYING there. If we are achieving this while we are miles behind, God help the rest of the league when we catch up.

09 Jul 2024 07:05:00
Oh of course everyone dreams of team of Gallaghers LFC Mango, if they’re not dreaming of teams of Jordan Ibes ;) forgot Madrid, Barca, Bayern or any team are queuing up to sign Curtis Jones for £50-60m.

09 Jul 2024 00:16:32
What makes the coaching light years ahead of what Liverpool currently offer? I coach in the states so curious as to what they implement that might be different? Or do they just put more money and resources into the development of the players?

{Ed002's Note - Chelsea has put significant amount of money in to the Academy and are contractually obliged to continue to do so to ensure it stays ahead.}

09 Jul 2024 08:31:15
But Chelsea make a lot of money selling or loaning out their academy/ fringe players. Look how many play in all the leagues . They do make a few mistakes along the way though.

09 Jul 2024 10:46:59
The 'success' of an academy means that it is achieving what the club want it to achieve. To me looking in from the outside the Chelsea academy just looks like a factory hoovering up as many kids as possible and selling them on for a small profit to part-fund the ridiculous transfer dealings of the first team squad which may be exactly what is is there to do and is therefore extremely successful.

I believe that an academy should be a pathway through to the first team and by that definition the Chelsea academy appears to be light years behind ours. Let's not forget that our academy team beat the Chelsea first team in the league cup final. What the Liverpool academy certainly hasn't done is sell 2 of the best players in the world in Kevin de Bruyne and Mo Salah for next to nothing because they didn't get a chance in their first team.

I don't dispute that fact that Chelsea are considered to have one of the best academies in world football and that they probably have a much better set up than Liverpool in many areas but to constantly criticise the Liverpool academy is just downright disrespectful and to assume that the Liverpool academy want to be like Chelsea is pure arrogance.

09 Jul 2024 10:51:44
Ultimately foundation is important BUT you can have the best foundation laid on the best land area if the Brickie, Plasterer, Hod Carrier etc don’t then work in some form of unison and with the best Site Manager (s) then the building will not stand the test of time and definitely ain’t going to get any rewards/ awards!

And after all it is the successful awards that count in the ultimate!

Chelsea’s and Barcelona’s buildings have crumbled somewhat of late?!

09 Jul 2024 13:27:22
I think you have nailed the question in your first line there;

"The 'success' of an academy means that it is achieving what the club want it to achieve"

Chelsea's academy are very good at churning out good and very good players which they successfully either sell at a pure profit or loan out on a substantial loan fee. Then they obviously have a number of players who have made the grade and feature in the first team.

If Chelsea's idea of a successful academy is business driven by numbers then they are very successful, Football is a business after all.

Liverpool don't tend to generate the sort of transfer fees for their academy graduates as Chelsea do.

We as fans see a successful academy as the development ground for the future of the club, which we have a number of players breaking through and pushing for places. Does that mean that's what the businessmen and money men behind the scenes see as successful who knows. How many graduates have we seen show promise, break in and then just appear to fade away into the ether over the years? Plenty haven't made the grade, but then haven't also been sold at the margin Chelsea have.

P. S I'm not sure De Bruyne and Salah can be counted as anything to do with the academy.



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