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23 Mar 2020 22:15:25

Trying to wrap my head around the future of the game if rubbish hits the fan. Realistically how many clubs do you see having to fold? Would they be able to come back from this? And would this possibly make the breakaway league more feasible? And lastly what will this shutdown mean for transfers and the market as a whole. Do you see fees coming down?

Matt in FL.


{Ed002's Note - A lot there Matt. But I will give it a shot: (1) As you know I hold a reasonably strong view in terms of the need to restructure football in Europe regardless. For me an eventual a breakaway pan-European league would force the restructuring of many of the national leagues, possibly resulting in a British league with perhaps only a couple of professional tiers and then regionalised amateur leagues below that. Wheether or not this could be a result of the current crisis I don't know, but clubs at all levels are working close to the wire - Premier League and other senior clubs throughout Europe have budgetted game income to pay wages as an example. Financially, even in the short-term, I do not see that so many English and Welsh pro sides can be sustained within the sport which, like it or not, will see more and more money going in to the highest levels of the game. Governments will ensure that grassroots sport get funding but everything in the middle (Southern, Northern, Conference, Division 2, Scottish Divisions 1-3, League of Wales will not get the funding needed to continue on any sort of professional basis. For me, clubs should already recognise this and put their efforts in to getting there finances in order to see if they can make it to a British professional league that will need to flourish without perhaps six sides that have eventually gone down the pan-European route - and have gone for good (it would be two or perhaps three initially). Clubs like Accrington Stanley will need to carry on as amateurs or face extinction (yet again). Clubs like Bury are drifting away, clubs like Hartlepool have been struggling - again they need to adapt. (2) The mighty Third Lanark have started their long journey back to the top - it can be done. Accrington Stanley have done it. Bradford Park Avenue are fighting to do it. (3) No, the breakaway is viable but the clubs would not look to this as an excuse. (4) It rather depends when the mess starts to clean up across Europe. It is possible that some clubs may not be in a position to do what they want financially. There are fewer and fewer cash rich clubs that may be able to control the market to some extent. But prices for players wanted by the English sides are well beyond what most clubs would pay. So timing is a big deal here.}

1.) 27 Mar 2020 09:33:01
Hi Ed002,
I don’t like the idea of euro breakaway league? For me the idea of winning or getting into the top is part of the excitement. Then by doing so you’re allowed to play the top teams in European football then.

How would playing only the top teams every year then be viewed after a while? What would it cost the fans in season tickets? What would the cost be of fans traveling to away game in Europe every other week?

These are just my views Ed, but to me the idea of playing Europe’s elite week in, week out is a no go. I would more inclined to scrap the league cup and have a mini tournament like fifa are doing. Ed, would be interesting to get your views. Do you think a breakaway league will work.


{Ed002's Note - The game has changed significantly and will continue to do so whether the Liverpool supporters like it or not - and I appreciate that the Liverpool supporters know that they are notr part of the group of 21 "elite" sides discussing it. Football at the highest level is big business and attracts the sponsorship it does because the sponsors wish to tap in to the disposable income of the fans and ride the back of the advertising that flows naturally from the success some clubs achieve. Long gone are the days of the cloth-capped, hobnailed-booted, chimney sweep making his way, rattle in hand, to cheer on his team at Anfield on a Saturday afternoon. I have explained that there will be changes, probably within the next 10 to 12 years, which will force the restructuring of all of the leagues in Europe and likely do away with the likes of UEFA. You will have the opportunity to see the likes of Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Juventus and the other major European sides play in week-on-week regular competition at The Emirates, Stamford Bridge or wherever. Fans of the sides who take the plunge will have the opportunity to visit cities such as Milan, Barcelona, Munich, etc. every couple of weeks to watch their team play. It is far from expensive to make the trips and in many cases cheaper than paying British Rail to visit London. If you want to don your cloth cap, have a pint of wallop with your chums before going off to the local match through the grim, wet and cobbled streets of the Northwest of England where there is smog, dead & dying pit ponies laying on the street and only chips and fried curry to eat, perhaps one of the sides from the suburbs will have survived so you can go and watch them? There is no doubt it would work.}

2.) 29 Mar 2020 10:50:48
The game, like all spectator sports, is based on emotion. And nothing will replace the emotion of, for a Liverpool fan, beating United, Everton, Arsenal, City, etc. And same for fans of the other teams. Visiting Barcelona, or Munich, or Rome - aesthetically a better experience? No doubt. Emotionally better? Probably not.

So while the pan-European league is possible, partly because top clubs have to eventually pay 20, 30, or 40 million a year for top players, it is not inevitable. Such a scenario is only possible with ever growing broadcast or streaming revenues.

Moreover, while team allegiances will remain, at some point there is the danger of paying spectators being turned off from traveling and cheering for super wealthy mercenaries with whom they no longer have anything in common.



18 Jul 2018 13:25:21
ESPN reporting fee agreed for Allison.


1.) 18 Jul 2018 14:51:52
Anyone worried about the medical?

2.) 18 Jul 2018 15:58:33
Worried about his first mistake.

3.) 18 Jul 2018 17:39:26
He'll drop the pen to sign the contract.

4.) 18 Jul 2018 20:04:30
Not worried about his medical at all, his injury record to date is
Muscle injury - June 2015, out for 15 days
And another muscle injury in may this year, out for 4 days only lol.



24 Jan 2018 18:33:20
Ed002 hope you are well,
I was reading the posts and we are talking about transfers between Madrid, Barca, top six etc. What will happen to transfers if the breakaway league happens?
Matt in FL.


{Ed002's Note - This was discussed right at the start of the of the process and it is agreed that it will carry on as now - no different to buying a player from outside of UEFA (e.g. Brazil or China).}

1.) 24 Jan 2018 21:00:12
I try not to get carried away when I see Dramatic headlines and you guys have probably been through this so sorry to ask but if there any truth to the article that says we have agreed terms with lemar this evening?

I was superred81 but was finding it hard to login then went and miss spelled lemar, well my phone did. I think this deal would really make up for losing pc. Both for the team and the fans.

{Ed002's Note - The player or his club?

2.) 25 Jan 2018 09:33:28
With FIFA banning players from playing football in their games that move to the breakaway league, how will it affect players been transferred back into teams left within FIFA.

{Ed002's Note - The discusseion a couple of years ago led to the decision that it won't.}

3.) 25 Jan 2018 10:12:31
Ah OK thanks ed.

4.) 25 Jan 2018 15:13:05
Unfortunately it will be the death of football, watching the same teams play each week is not what football was meant to be.



07 Aug 2017 02:16:01
If Couthino goes, the sun will still rise. I'm interested in the Eds opinion on who will come in as I've read on here a striker. No one is bigger than the club.
Matt in FL.


{Ed001's Note - I do not know of any striker set to sign.}

1.) 07 Aug 2017 07:32:14
I think it's Barcelona just applying pressure and trying to unsettle Coutinho through the media so he demands a move. If we were to sell him I think I'd lose faith in our owners, especially if nobody exceptional replaces him. I'm still positive about it though. For now.

2.) 07 Aug 2017 07:45:22
Agree I'd be very disappointed with the club.
Klopp said at the end of last season we will be getting new players an now he's saying he's happy with his centre half's! Come on klopp you must be joking mate.

3.) 07 Aug 2017 07:54:31
I think am starting to sway towards eds1 feeling about klopp!

4.) 07 Aug 2017 08:16:55
Fowler, Klopp said he would bring in new players. He did not say which players they were or what positions he was looking to strengthen. If you thought he would bring in the players at the positions that you wanted (CB, for example) and for some reason he did not, you drew that conclusion on your own and nothing else so Klopp is not to blame for you drawing the wrong conclusions.

5.) 07 Aug 2017 08:39:03
I'm a big believer in the FSG model of buying quality young players and developing them into title challengers. Even in today's incredible spending I believe a model like this can compete. Key to it however is keeping the stars once they develop.

I ve been a big supporter of FSG to date but if we sell coutinho regardless of who we buy to replace I believe the model will be dead. I would still be very thankful they came along saved the club, built a bigger stadium and significantly improved the squad. It would be time to go in my opinion if coutinho is sold as they would have taken us as far as they could.

At the moment this is all intense speculation so my support continues until something actually happens.

6.) 07 Aug 2017 09:13:58
Dave that comment has to be contradiction at its finest. You're a big believer in the model but if 1 player is sold then the model is dead 🤔.

7.) 07 Aug 2017 09:29:38
Where's the contradiction? The model is based on developing and keeping the players. If one is sold then the model is not being followed, and is dead. Logic is obviously not a strong skill with some on here.

8.) 07 Aug 2017 09:38:09
Jayden, you are missing the point of Davey's post which I agree with. he is saying that we should be able to keep our best players after we have spent time and money in developing them. Right now, we developed Cou into the player he is today, period. He has also made the effort to improve his game as well and he was a massive player for us last season esp. at the end here where his goals and assists (playing at Stoke while severely ill) that helped get us over the line for CL. He is IMO, our best player due to the immense creative influence he has on our team. If we sell him now, we are a selling club and a feeder club for the RM's, Barca's and Bayern's to come in and take their pick and BOOM goes the model.

{Ed002's Note - It is because he wants to leave and has done for some time. You should understand that Coutinho has been looking for this move for more than a year.}

9.) 07 Aug 2017 09:40:06
How is it a contradiction. Im a believer in the model of buying young and building a quality team. That for me only works if you keep your best players regardless of what's offered.

Yes it is dead if we sell coutinho. Today's it's coutinho, next year it's Mane. Ultimately if good money is on the table we are sellers. Good business but it will not win you titles. Ever.

If Fsg don't sell on continue on the path I hope they are on, then it's all good in my opinion. We continue to build a grow.

I'm not contradicting at all. I'm laying out 2 different scenarios. One a recipe for success. The other a recipe for disaster. The next month will decide.

{Ed002's Note - Players are simply transient employees of the club. If you want them to stay loyal and not move on then look to more local and homegrown players.}

10.) 07 Aug 2017 10:03:43
Davey I've re-read your comment and your 2nd comment and I will happily suck back. I happily admit I misinterpreted your initial comment. My bad. Apologies.

11.) 07 Aug 2017 10:07:06
Funny how ed2 says couts been looking for this move for a year but when Keita wanted to leave his club to join us we are the big bad bogey men . This won't be posted as ed 2 doesn't like the truth.

{Ed002's Note - This is the typical coward that changes his name and writes trash like this. I have explained for more than a year about Coutinho and I have explained before about the illegal approaches Klopp has made in respect of Keita. It seems I might well be the only one who cares about the truth. You find it "funny" as you simply don't understand.}

12.) 07 Aug 2017 10:09:03
Spot on, Davey. If we allow Cou's shananigans to go and let him have his wish, then we are screwed as any other player will do the exact same thing to us and then it becomes untenable.

13.) 07 Aug 2017 10:21:06
I get what you are saying Ed but if Man United, Chelsea, Manchester City had liverpools position of a star player on a 5 year contract and reasonably happy they would not sell. Coutinho s head is turned I have no doubt but he can easily be brought back onside. He s lived in liverpool long enough a it cannot simply be the case Barcelona come calling and it's no longer a place of work he can accept.

Costa situation and suarez situations are different. They are untenable positions. This isn't that. The club has to show strength here.

I don't see real madrid selling Ronaldo during his unhappy times.

FSG are at a major crossroads and have a decision to make.

Ultimately coutinho is not the important part of this decision. Like you say he is a transient employee who will leave someday. However the decision to sell a top player under five year contract who has spent years at the club is the key to it. Do we as a club sell players in this position?

If we do this then there is no sustainable model in place to become genuine title challengers.

{Ed002's Note - Barcelona has come calling because for more than a year Coutinho has been trying to find a way to make the move Davey.}

14.) 07 Aug 2017 10:45:49
Anyone remember when we sold the young, talented Michael Owen and then next year won the Champions League with possibly the worst squad ever to win the competition?

(Granted we did have Stevie G to thank for most of it. )

15.) 07 Aug 2017 11:06:23
Ed fair enough he's wanted, and being looking for the move for over a year! Was the signing of the contract just to guarantee getting the highest fee possible.

{Ed002's Note - I have no idea why he signed the contract - probably pressured in to doing it. But the club has known all along about his discussions with the three international colleagues and his agent courting Barcelona.}

16.) 07 Aug 2017 11:08:49
Regardless of them looking for an out the board managed to tie him to a contract during that time. We have to think long term with the decision made on this one because the implications for liverpool a far far greater than selling a player.

Well I could argue the point all day but the kids are pestering me to take them to the park. Take care Ed.

17.) 07 Aug 2017 13:34:02
It has been known for a long time that Coutinho's dream club was Barcelona.

So now Barcelona have come calling, and he wants to go.

Exactly how is that FSG's fault?

Maybe FSG are also to blame for problems in the Middle East, not to mention North Korea?



30 May 2017 01:23:36
Ed's, with Tuchel in Dortmund possibly leaving does that rekindle interest in Pulisic from Klopp? And if you could indulge, what went wrong for Tuchel?


{Ed001's Note - Tuchel was not in charge of transfers at Dortmund. This is not the really the place for the Tuchel thing, but he fell out with the people above him due to his inability to agree with them on almost anything and his constant tinkering.}




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25 Dec 2021 03:37:49
Merry Christmas to all the Eds 001, 002, and 025 hold a special place in my heart. I've lost track of the amount of years I have been coming to this site for info and entertainment. To all of you peace and health! Merry Christmas.

Ps Ed002, my birthday is Jan 1, any chance of getting a LFC Shakopod in the new year.


{Ed002's Note - There is an update coming. Have a good holiday season.}

1.) 25 Dec 2021 11:06:21
Well said.

Merry Christmas one and all.

2.) 25 Dec 2021 12:42:42
Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you all have a blessed day.

3.) 25 Dec 2021 13:25:20
Happy Christmas all you Reds YNWA.



18 Nov 2021 02:44:01
So I heard speculation today that with FSG purchase of the Penguins, they will be looking to launch their own streaming service with all 3 of their teams and the Nascar team. I think this is a brilliant idea. And here goes new revenue streams
Matt in FL.


1.) 18 Nov 2021 06:43:53
How many penguins are they buying?

{Ed001's Note - enough to start a new colony in Pittsburgh apparently.}

2.) 18 Nov 2021 07:01:36
Best player in the NHL just now is a penguin no 87 Crosby. my gav I've hockey team and fav football team a match made in heaven all I need now is the wife to take to football.

{Ed001's Note - isn't it McDavid who is the best now?}

3.) 18 Nov 2021 08:04:59
Definitely McDavid, Crosby is probably a better 2 way player but the things McDavid can do are out of this world. As an Avs fan I’d say MacKinnon comes close too!

4.) 18 Nov 2021 10:16:30
Penguins are aliens. Look it up lol.

5.) 18 Nov 2021 11:28:05
Mcdavid is a better goal scorer but all round player is Crosby Mcdavid has never won the Stanley Cup whereas Crosby has 3 Cup rings.

6.) 18 Nov 2021 21:32:19
Can any of the penguins play wide forward during Afcon?

7.) 18 Nov 2021 21:36:51
Sidney Crosby is a beast. A true legend of the sport.



16 Nov 2021 23:03:44
So before everyone starts moaning. FSG are buying my hometown hockey team, the Pittsburgh Penguins. They are now owners of 2 of my favorite clubs. The NHL has a salary cap so they won't be taking from LFC. The Pens have won 5 Stanley cups in history, going back to back twice. I am looking forward to LFC coming to play a friendly in Pittsburgh
Matt in FL.


{Ed0666's Note - The ex owner Mario Lemiueux is staying on. He’s a solid stand up guy. Great socially also.

1.) 17 Nov 2021 12:51:29
Mario Lemieux and Wayne Gretzky. Those were the days.

2.) 17 Nov 2021 14:57:37
Meh, Colorado Avelanche and Detroid Red Wings for me. I really enjoyed watching Steve Yzerman, Joe Sakic and of course the legendary Patrick Roy.

3.) 17 Nov 2021 21:27:52
Lemieux is a legend of the sport.



18 Sep 2021 19:06:05
Hi quick question
I have an app that let's me listen to any radio station in the world. Is there a station in liverpool that does the local broadcast? I'm hoping there is like for nfl over here. If so what is the station # and call sign please

Matt in FL.


1.) 18 Sep 2021 19:26:09
Register in the club website. liverpoolfc. com and you get free match day broadcast commentary.

2.) 18 Sep 2021 19:53:56
Radio Merseyside.



12 Sep 2021 17:54:21
Sending best wishes for a full recovery to Harvey Elliot.





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30 May 2022 00:32:00
If Lewandowski signs, and that leads to more trophies, that is a success in my book.




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26 May 2022 22:27:50
If they go for anybody off Spurs I hope its Son.




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01 Feb 2022 03:24:11
I just want to say you all are appreciated. Don't let the Karen's ruin it for you.
Once again to all Ed's thanks for everything. Been reading and interacting on this site daily for years.
Matt in FL.




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30 Jan 2022 03:41:24
Can you explain the fried curry please? And I also am interested in the brand of wallop in the pints🙂.


{Ed002's Note - Fried curry is a delicasy in the North of England, and wallop is the leftover spillage from other ales.}



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30 Jan 2022 03:41:24
Can you explain the fried curry please? And I also am interested in the brand of wallop in the pints🙂.





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18 Jun 2022 19:14:48
The Sharkopods were amazing. Thanks for doing them. If you ever wanted to put out a pod of music, I'm all ears.
Matt in FL.


{Ed002's Note - I would do one but am not taking abuse.}



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22 May 2022 21:59:33
Going 3 nil down to Barcelona with out Bobby and Salah was worse imo and we know how that played out. Henderson and Milner bring a high level of intangibles. Hendo has been the driving force a lot and I expect nothing less.




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28 Apr 2022 02:42:33
When Espn had Champs League I loved Derek Ray and Tommy Smith calling matches. Arlo White on NBC is boss.




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02 Feb 2022 03:05:12
Moving anywhere exciting? Just curious.


{Ed001's Note - eventually off to the Philippines, hopefully.}



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17 Jan 2022 02:14:46
With their acquisition of the Pens, LFC, Sox, Nascar I don't see them selling. When LeBron James retires he wants to own an NBA team. FSG will add that to the portfolio.
I don't get the hate, they have brought trophies, redevelopment of Anfield and practice facilities. They have proven they want to win and honestly its funny to see the tantrums about them. FSG tried to get the cash cow of the super league, there were riots. People here don't want Oligarchs or Oil money. So what would make you happy🤔.