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06 Oct 2020 00:43:49
I think I am alone here and perhaps this is better for the conspiracy site but. The football matches just don't seem real, I'm not just taking about that result (s) yesterday and I'm sure every Evertonian may disagree but when watching the football just seems fake. Almost like watching fifa or proevo. im waiting for players energy bars to appear. Perhaps its to do with the deflected goals, players standing still, no defending at all but I don't understand people saying how they don't want crowds to return, better or more goals etc. The quality is abysmal and the supporters are truly what makes this game.

On another point, some clubs making signings where a weekly wage pays for the wages of a sacked mascot for life feels completely off, the feelgood factor football had now seems at odds with the rest of the world.


1.) 06 Oct 2020 02:18:44
This is definitely a strange season, Liverpool losing 7-2, City 5-2, United 6-1, Everton winning! This season has a very surreal feel to it, the amount of goals scored per game is absurd and getting a little embarrassing, I’m
starting to miss 0-0 draws.

2.) 06 Oct 2020 02:52:38
It is real. The playing field is levelled. Players like barkley and grealish are playing with a lot more freedom. If you've made it to the premier league you are a great footballer. But can you come to anfield and perform when 59090 fans are screaming at you and singing ynwa? Wilson is a good example. Although he was poor the other day, I don't think he can handle the pressure, despite being extremely skillful.

Bring back the fans for God sake. Liverpool really have the greatest fans in the world. We are definitely up there with barca, juve, bayern. We are liverpool, it's NEVER easy. We're cursed. We win the league (easily btw) and then a C.V. threatens our planet. Effing typical. We haven't even had the chance to thank our boys for finally delivering the title. I'm not really that bothered this season. I think we will probably win it. Someone is going to swipre Rodriguez (lol ed025) nah, they can't keep it up. Bless em, excited after 4 games, talking like they finally cracked it. But we broke the duck and won the title. I'm not going to slate any Liverpool player. I think we need to remember that these lot won the league. Origi, getting a lot of abuse and he scored some huge goals last season. Gomez and Adrian played a HUGE part. They are effing hero's. So what we come away from villa gutted, but we go back to anfield and a pretty big cabinet. Villa still dusting the old ones. 1 0, 7 2, 25 0, still only 3 points.

3.) 06 Oct 2020 04:02:30
The football quality is suffering because of the lack of supporters, defensively the Premier is nowhere near as good as it has been in recent years, and in general football just doesn’t feel the same.
Even before that catastrophe on Sunday, I was not enjoying the premiership as much as before C.V. and I sincerely hope for everyone’s sake that the scientists find a vaccine as soon as possible.

4.) 06 Oct 2020 05:03:03
I totally and utterly agree with you, Ben: I think you are alone there.

5.) 06 Oct 2020 08:08:05
Fans do make a difference but some people on here seem to think that it’s only our fans that are missing. Every team is in the same boat so are affected the same way. There is no home advantage anymore, the playing field has been levelled, now it boils down to player ability and managers’ tactics, and unfortunately our players were just not upto scratch against villa who played with the freedom of the city, whereas we just bottled it. Simple as.

6.) 06 Oct 2020 08:35:56
You may not be far off there, OP. You are not the only one who thinks this. I have seen many on SM saying the exact same thing. I do agree that everyone is in the same boat here and I do not think only our fans matter, as some do on here. Fans matter to all clubs so it is only normal that things look strange for everyone and all clubs are affected. The playing field is now level for everyone so we all have to just get on with it.

7.) 06 Oct 2020 10:02:28
Thanks to the comments, I really don't post often but regardless of whether I'm alone in thinking there is an artificial nature of the game at the moment the quality has definitely dropped. Because barkley or grealish or anyone else had a good game wasn't the point really, I was talking generally about the overall feeling. For me the crowds help make the game what it is.

8.) 06 Oct 2020 12:34:09
I don’t think football is suffering as such, we are seeing strange results and a real mix up in terms of some teams doing better than expected and some teams doing more poorly than expected. It’s more exciting and unpredictable if anything. I know some are hurting over the Villa game but I don’t think anyone complained football is being ruined when city got smashed or when United got smashed. As rubbish as it was being a Liverpool supporter the other night, imagine being a villa fan, or a neutral? I bet that was an amazing game to watch.

9.) 06 Oct 2020 12:34:51
It’s a good question but I can understand how without the intensity of the crowds, how sometimes the games must seem like they’re not real PL fixtures and intensity Might be more prone to dropping off.

I think the ability to play through the silence and still keep up the intensity of a ‘normal’ PL match week in, week out will defining as to who comes out on top. That and who’s got the most discipline and a captain who can keep things tight. Ie. Hendo will be crucial.



26 Sep 2020 16:05:58
I won't bring myself to praise Everton, however I just want to acknowledge the importance of the right manager with a clear plan. Ancellotti is a classy guy and an excellent manager. Too much importance and praise was directed towards the DOF position, and it obviously is. However, instead of signing 3 x 10s and 4 Lw suggested to Moshri he rebuilt the midfield and added the x factor in Rodriguez. They may finally be worth watching.


1.) 26 Sep 2020 17:12:22
I can understand why blues would be feeling excited. But. Still haven't played anyone good. Still can only beat what's in front of you, and i like scouse teams taking 3 points home from London.

2.) 26 Sep 2020 17:16:33
Wait till they play someone before anything they got a peno today that never was and don’t get me started on the mancs.

3.) 26 Sep 2020 17:19:52

4.) 26 Sep 2020 17:31:03
They're much improved under Ancelotti and are in the mix for a top 6 finish. Perhaps shouldn't be surprising, after all they have a far better manager than United, Chelsea and Arsenal even if they don't nesasarily have the same quality.

5.) 26 Sep 2020 17:42:13
Fair play,3 from 3.Good midfield this season, they are certainly as good as utd or Arsenal.

6.) 26 Sep 2020 18:11:32
Thanks to wrongly given penalty.

7.) 26 Sep 2020 18:15:22
Good on them, I was chufffed to hear about the result today.

8.) 26 Sep 2020 18:30:33
I'm not from Liverpool. but I would actually love to see both teams get top 4!b like the 80's again.

9.) 26 Sep 2020 18:42:58
As would I Jadon.

10.) 26 Sep 2020 18:46:32
I tip my hat to most of you for unbiased praise for us. Thank you. Sadly though, Robbiesline, Jay Dub Red, SupaReds - bitter much? "Still haven't played anyone good", "wait till they play someone (waffle) " Away against Spurs is one of the toughest games for everyone! Are you really sitting there thinking it's a guaranteed win for Liverpool when you have that fixture? Most likely you will hope to win but if you only take a point from that game then you'll be happy, knowing it's a positive result.

11.) 26 Sep 2020 18:52:46
And me Jadon.

12.) 26 Sep 2020 18:57:19
Sounds like you're the bitter one Worcester! Spurs away normally though but they have been poor. Decent start but as rightly stated you haven't played anyone really. Let's wait till we are at least 10 games in and talk again. Still forever in our shadow mate 😂😂😂 I'm only jesting. Carlo is class and will do a good job. Top 8 this season for sure.

13.) 26 Sep 2020 18:57:48
You're spot on Worcester.

14.) 26 Sep 2020 19:05:10
Every game in this league is difficult, it really doesn't matter which team you play which is why it's the best league in the world, you just never know what's going to happen. As long as Everton don't finish above us and get 0 points against us, I wish them the very best of luck this season.

15.) 26 Sep 2020 19:07:35
Win away v Spurs. Great result! End of.

16.) 26 Sep 2020 19:20:23
Nah, spurs are shattered since losing the European Cup final. It's a tough game, you're right Worcester. Sorry. When I meant good though I meant elite. Us or City, possibly arsenal or Chelsea. I'm not bitter in the least, bitter about what? . I don't feel threatened at all by Everton, no offence. I just don't think they'll be there come xmas. There are tonnes of examples of teams getting good starts and then really struggling.

I think you're probably safe from relegation tho. But teams who rely on one player are suspect.

17.) 26 Sep 2020 19:32:00
Dorchester- bear in mind these haters are probably the ones that cast same doubt over liverpool on a similar run and probably still hate on FSG every year even when the team is lifting trophies.

18.) 26 Sep 2020 19:46:57
In fairness they're looking good, all working hard for each other, fair play to them. Deserved the win today, I'm not from Liverpool but love the idea of both teams competing at the top.

19.) 26 Sep 2020 19:54:37
I was only messing. I really like carlo. Respect to Everton and their start. Is there a cup for winning 3 games in a row? 😂 sorry I just can't help it.

20.) 26 Sep 2020 20:07:34
WorcesterEFC, I m not going to rain on your parade, bro. Lap it up, man. Ain't trying to hear the "wait till you play someone really good". Sorry, People were and STILL are tipping Spurs to make top 4 and Everton went there and bossed them of their own patch. So are Spurs suddenly nobody cos Everton beat them? Not having that, sorry.

Yeah, they may have gotten a pen that they should not have gotten today BUT hey, they deserve the luck cos they actually play nice football. They will have their tough times/ games and we will see what they are made of BUT till then, Enjoy it, man. Go crazy and back your side. You could have something going there, bro. Peace and Love.

21.) 26 Sep 2020 20:49:43
Those of us that go the games and have to listen to the Murderers chants that come with the Everton away support. I don’t want them to be anywhere near us.

They played a terrible spurs side, West Brom were very much in the game, more than equal to Everton, until they went down to 10 men and today, won the game through a terrible penalty decision - pretty much echoed by the commentary team on radio 5 live. Palace more than deserved a draw.

What’s with all this Everton “ loving crap “ . Back in the 80’s Merseyside was one. Not anymore, due to their toxic support .

Go to Everton away and one will soon understand.

22.) 26 Sep 2020 21:01:31
We get it Drogie, you go the game mate well done 🙄👋.

Plenty of others on here also go the game but we can comprehend that not all Everton supporters are like that and don't allow it to cloud our judgement when judging a football team.

Let's not pretend like our 💩 doesn't stink ay?

23.) 26 Sep 2020 21:17:49
Drogie, you can feel the way you feel and that is fine. That does NOT remove from the fact that Everton have maximum points from 3 games and have beaten the teams on their schedule so far. They have pretty decent team and that midfield is damn good.

Ij ust don't believe in raining on other people's parades and start adding caveats to what teams achieve cos I hated it when triggered/ bitter rival fans started adding caveats to how we completely dominated the league last season. Everton will play better teams than them and then, we shall see what they are made of BUT till then, Big up's to Everton right now.

24.) 26 Sep 2020 21:18:21
Well said drogue. Absolutely bang on. The surprise isn't that Everton have bedn good. It's that they haven't been absolutely awful.

25.) 26 Sep 2020 21:33:48
Worcester mate it’s not like you’ve not spend money the last few seasons so it’s expected but the league will take its toll on you! For the record your spurs match was dire they are a broken team u got lucky today but FairPlay u are where u are 👍🏼.

26.) 26 Sep 2020 23:20:16
What’s all this nonsense 🙄👏 UBR? If you went to Everton away you wouldn’t be trying to be so clever, you clearly give no idea whatsoever. The Derby is as toxic as united away, maybe we should be getting all loved up along the east lancs too?

My observation on Everton’s performances stands, or am I not entitled to an opinion? Clearly going the games Clouds my judgment right?

27.) 26 Sep 2020 23:20:50
Well said Robbie.

28.) 26 Sep 2020 23:42:23
Going games doesn't make your point anymore valid, you don't need to state it is all 🤷‍♂️.

I'm aware of the atmosphere mate 😂.

I just don't paint a whole fan base with a label, I know plenty of evertonians who are great people who don't get involved in that nonsense.

A rivalry is cool, i want to finish ahead of them, i want to beat them in derbies. But not giving credit when it's due makes you appear some what bitter.

29.) 27 Sep 2020 07:18:09
I didn’t say it did UBR 🤷.
I know plenty of Evertonians too, good friend of mine has season tickets in the upper bullens, have sat with him, in their end when his son can’t go to the Derbie’s.

It’s not about the atmosphere UBR, Millwall away is hostile but it’s not toxic.

And as for your bitter comment and not giving them praise 😂😂😂 why should I? 🤷🏻‍♂️

The iriony at times, is that everyone slags off United on here but if you pop over to their page, they have some excellent posters that give a good balanced view of how well we’ve done, unlike the Everton page. So when you get then popping over to our page after beating the likes of West Brom, who were down to 10 men, sorry pal, they ain’t getting my vote 🤷🏻‍♂️ Back in the mid 80’s, different story, good set of fans with a brilliant team.

30.) 27 Sep 2020 07:19:20
Just having edd 25 on here shows there are good Everton fans. All clubs have idiot supporters. Look at the actions of some of our fans over the years.

31.) 27 Sep 2020 07:31:05
Ed25 is brilliant ( as are all the Ed’s) and he knows how well respected he is on here.

But I’ll tell you this, you won’t catch him at a Derby anytime soon due to how the rivalry has deteriorated. And that’s coming from 25 himself. We’ve had the discussion Ok numerous occasions.



21 Sep 2020 01:19:56
How do clubs solve the issues around getting the players not required out? A number of Clubs, ourselves included, seem to have few problems needing solving. Challenging few weeks until the window closes. Everton and Chelsea seem to have done some great business but surely a few players might have to be moved on. Man U seem to have the same 'deadwood' listed for years. We may see a few loans if we can't sell now with the hope to regain earnings next year.

On the transfer front a Cb would be nice, but if not so be it. Who will do the most business before the window closes? In the PL the Manchester clubs both look like they'll spend. I think united will break the bank to avoid a repeat of the start of Las year.


{Ed0666's Note - I agree mate I expect both Manchester sides to spend spend spend.

1.) 21 Sep 2020 07:05:05
Hopefully another 85 million on resigning Maguire.

2.) 21 Sep 2020 07:47:39
Funny. Red Nev was saying how United need a dominant centre half. If you spend £85m on one who's not, then what did they buy and who bought them cause I have a bag of magic beans to sell .? If Chelsea thought the overall package for Sancho was too much its surpring they are wasting their time. He'll sign now for another Premier League record.

City to be fair are much better run and will buy better players although peps obsession with fullbacks who want to be midfielders will surely mean some more millions wasted.

3.) 21 Sep 2020 08:35:18
Let's be honest even after the devils 11 wasted 85 million pounds on someone who should be on Blackpool pleasure beach they still need a centre half if his case comes to court again in Greece they're jail team will be easy to beat don't we think?

4.) 21 Sep 2020 08:48:06
Spot on, BenRichards. They have spent about 160m on CB's in the past 4 years in Bailly, Lindeloff and the dreadful Harry Macguire and they STILL need a dominant CB? And they wonder why they are as deep in the toilet as they are with such bad decision making up and down the club.

As for City, they will always be dreadful defensively even after spending almost 400m on FB's, CB's and GK's. This is due to the way they play and how many gaps they open up as soon as they lose possession. I am not sure Pep is even bothered about coaching that side of the game, to be honest.




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06 Oct 2020 20:27:59
Harry your not wrong, also when you compare to other entertainment industries the salaries aren't so disproportionate to the salaries earned. However, usually agents fees are capped, likewise commissions. The issue I see is in extortionate fees and whilst not privvy to the detailed info the sancho deal and pogba transfers seem v v high.

The issue of earnings I can give a small insight into. Footballers are second to only stockbrokers as the biggest idiots with their money! I wish I had more as clients. so many wouldn't need TV work to supplement earnings and then maybe michah r and jenas wouldn't have to work anymore :)




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07 Aug 2020 06:00:24
People foget he missed over a season with injury, at his age a season in the championship playing regularly and scoring puts him in the best position to make an impact. A few mins here and there may disrupt his development.





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03 Feb 2021 01:01:35
Thanks Ed missed that. I'm glad you mentioned Phillips defending first free kick. Could have been a var goal otherwise. Likewise, gini in dm and thiago further forward. Gini I think klopp trusts him a bit more esp with hendo at cb in that position. However, surely this means Fab can be returned to play dm. He has been missed, his proactive closing down and reading of the game sets up our play. A midfield of hendo thiago and fab?


{Ed001's Note - fingers crossed!}



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01 Feb 2021 01:15:19
David James is the reason for those suits Ed. He was a part time model at the time and chose the outfit!


{Ed0666's Note - Yes mate he had a side gig as an Armani model at the time and they were Armani suits.



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01 Feb 2021 01:07:52
I used to like the show Ed002, however out of fear of ageism I was keeping quiet! Remembering Rob Jones' debut (and career) has put me in the spotlight.




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03 Jan 2021 00:24:03
Markp08 agreed. Kenny, Barnes. I think at a push Gerrard gets in over big Jan. Nicol too. But no one mentions the Czech genius Patrick Berger!




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13 Dec 2020 00:33:58
His goal against West ham (I think) was special. Very good, elegant player. He and carra were an excellent partnership until fitness issues.


{Ed0666's Note - imagine a fit Daniel