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18 Jan 2021 21:01:43
Would people be happy he Liverpool were to look at buying Dele Ali for 45 millon? Or do we think his game has completely gone?


{Ed025's Note - i think you will have higher priorities to be honest champs..

1.) 18 Jan 2021 21:10:50
I'd maybe swap ox or perhaps I'm even being to hard on him but c'mon 45m.

2.) 18 Jan 2021 21:24:05
Maybe £4.5 million.

3.) 18 Jan 2021 21:25:36
Not a chance never no chance no thanks not at lfc.

4.) 18 Jan 2021 23:29:35
No. Not at all what we need. Too lazy and not all that good.

5.) 19 Jan 2021 08:40:29
He made his choice when he left MK.

6.) 19 Jan 2021 10:05:27
Another player with the wrong manager, yes id take him all day, not at that price though, would prefer Barnes, Podence or Saka, Maureen didn't exactly handle De Bruyne, Lukaku or Salah well, some players could be the greatest player going but if a manager doesn't fancy them then that's that.

7.) 19 Jan 2021 13:20:25
Silvered - we didn't come for him when he left mk. He wanted to come to us but he didn't go for it.

I'd take him on a loan with an option to buy. He's played so little I'd treat it like buying a player off the back of a bad injury - if he can get himself back to best then he's a much better creative option than ox or Shaq and has the benefit of being homegrown. Although cb I imagine will be this seasons priority.

{Ed025's Note - it wasn,t that he didn,t go for it hjikle, the dons put the price up from £4.5m to £5.5m because it was liverpool so the reds declined the offer mate..

8.) 19 Jan 2021 13:58:45
Alli has had one good season in his career and has fined off of that since. I don’t see anywhere that he gets in to our side. He’s not blessed with pace, passing range isn’t particularly great, he’s not an obvious goal threat and hard work are not words you’d associate with him. I’d rather some other idiot wasted £40m on him. About as effective as Jessie Lingard in my opinion, and you’d not waste money on that either.

9.) 19 Jan 2021 15:46:55
I will 100%. He will suit our system and can be a good and cheap replacement for bobby.

10.) 19 Jan 2021 15:46:55
I will 100%. He will suit our system and can be a good and cheap replacement for bobby.

11.) 19 Jan 2021 17:37:44
Seriously lost his way the lad. Could be a possibility if he could get back to where he was but I'm edging towards the no thanks.
I'd of paid mk dons the extra 500,000 or 1m back then in a heart beat though.100%.

12.) 19 Jan 2021 20:15:02
Would take him all day long Liverpool supporter and would love to prove Maureen wrong problem would be the price.

13.) 19 Jan 2021 21:04:53
He also would want ridiculous wages. Plus I can't for the life of me work out why people think he is a "klopp player". From all accounts he is not a hard trainer and he certainly doesn't seem to work hard on the field. I suspect all the reasons why Mourinho has issues with him would be the same for Klopp.

14.) 20 Jan 2021 12:08:17
If you’re talking a replacement for Firmino, I’d rather we break the bank for Son. He’s a proper footballer, Alli is a big time Charlie who is nowhere near as good as he thinks he is.

{Ed0666's Note - where on earth are we gonna get the money for Son? Didn’t realize Musk and Bezos had bought us overnight?

15.) 20 Jan 2021 19:18:47
I lived in MK for years and he was well known in the local area. Played in the same team as some of his good mates. The rumour is Spurs chucked in a rather nice auto mobile as a golden handshake to convince him to sign, which he gladly accepted.

16.) 20 Jan 2021 21:45:48
I agree with 6times. Id love to see Son in our team but we'd never be able to afford him.

17.) 22 Jan 2021 02:53:06
Really? No chance. He was so good for that one season that people even ignored how dirty a player he is. Since then he's just a waste of oxygen. Absolute sook.



16 Jan 2021 10:40:56
Morning Ed's hope you are all keeping well during this C.V.? I was thinking about the summer transfer window and the issue of HG that we may have. It looks likely that Salah may go along with Gini, Shaq and Origi. There are rumours of Ben White coming in who seems a decent player. Has Liverpool thought about bringing in Declan Rice? I know he'd be expensive but he is such a multi facet player I think he might be better value for money. If VVD, Gomez and Matip are all fit then I'm not sure White plays in front of them but with Rice he could play in midfield. If two of the above get injured you could move Rice back into centre half. We would then have two midfielders who can comfortably play centre back if required. Milner also probably doesn't have too many years left so a homegrown player to replace him as well?


{Ed002's Note - Declan Rice would be a Fabinho replacement and Liverpool has never shown any interest in him Champs. Squad management has been poor at Liverpool in recent years and the club needs to address the Home Grown issue and, particularly the Club Developed issue which are currently forcing the club to play in the Champions League without a full sized squad. The FA would like to change the quotas in the league as I have explained and more and more clubs will start to agree with them. The issue arises pretty much annually.}

1.) 16 Jan 2021 15:26:15
Thanks Ed👍.




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15 Jun 2021 21:01:21
Loving the pictures of the new Anfield Road stand but I do feel a little sad that the two new stands may diminish the Kop a little. Is there any way in which the Kop can have a facelift including adding extra seats at any time in the future? Thanks I’m advance.


1.) 16 Jun 2021 11:03:42
Maybe that's next, who knows?

{Ed002's Note - No.}



14 Apr 2021 18:48:26
Why do some of our dumb fans continue to embarrass us by throwing rocks/ stones at opposing buses. Complete idiots.


1.) 14 Apr 2021 18:56:43
At it again.

2.) 14 Apr 2021 18:58:39
Unconfirmed reports so let's not jump the gun.

{Ed001's Note - the Madrid coach had a window smashed by an object thrown from the crowd waiting to welcome the coaches. It has been confirmed and the window is being replaced as I type.}

3.) 14 Apr 2021 19:22:18
They aren't fans they are hooligans. they shouldn't be even gathering in these times. it's bcz of these morons that C.V. isn't being contained and who knows even next season fully fans may not be allowed to stadium.

{Ed0666's Note - it’s not the fault of these idiots that their parents are siblings!

4.) 14 Apr 2021 19:21:25
Thanks ed1, very disappointing to hear mate, problem is vandalism equals no punishment in this country.

{Ed001's Note - even if there was punishment, that is not the way to stop it happening. Deterrents have never worked.}

5.) 15 Apr 2021 07:41:22
What is with these people and smashing opposing teams’ buses? Absolute pieces of work and I hope they get caught and punished.



06 Oct 2020 10:31:45
Shaqiri now tests positive for C.V.! It makes me think that maybe half our squad had it on Sunday, they were so lethargic. 😂.


1.) 06 Oct 2020 10:39:58
By the way not laughing at the seriousness of C.V.

2.) 06 Oct 2020 10:42:31
C.V. doesn’t care., Oompa Loompa’s aren’t immune.

3.) 06 Oct 2020 10:47:52
He must have been in a pub or restaurant after 10pm.

4.) 06 Oct 2020 10:50:33
I know at times like we seen on Sunday its natural to look at excuses but the true hard facts are, they were up for it more than us, the beat us to every second ball, Dean Smith tactics were spot on and we were beaten by a better team on the day. Nothing else nothing more.

5.) 06 Oct 2020 10:57:52
Yeah I was kidding, but how many players before we have to start cancelling games!

6.) 06 Oct 2020 12:02:33
Villa and Smith were class and sussed out how to beat our high line. People will try it again but we will need gomez pace. And we need to start defending. vvd nearly won the balon dor but I didn't actually see him do that much old school defending. Headers, interceptions and passing yes, But not much tackling. And when they try that, we will have a massive overload when we win the ball back. So Bobby is so important to the counter attack. In seconds he gets any ball under control and has vision like I've rarely seen from a cf.

Three of our player coming Down with it. Seems the lockdown being tightens is a good idea.

7.) 06 Oct 2020 12:19:54
It would be nice if we could blame that performance on C.V. but I think it was more bone-idleness and it was really contagious with most of the squad catching it.

{Ed025's Note - love it mikey..

8.) 06 Oct 2020 15:08:37
Robbie, the issue is not so much the high line, IMO even tho it my be some tweaking esp. with Allison out. The high press not being on point due mainly to a hapless lack of desire, effort and competitiveness in our one on one battles, were the real causes, IMO. Klopp said so himself after the game. He said could see that the Villa players wanted it more. That is where our issues were. We did not even compete so how do you expect to even play well?

Vs Arsenal, we smothered them so much they could not breathe and coughed up the ball in their final third and we were in on so many occasions. What was the diff.? The press was outstanding cos we were at it. Sure we gave up a real chance to Lacazette and Allison smothered him cos well, he is built for the high line defensive style we play.

What happened at Villa was the complete opposite to that. No fire, not effort, no work ethic hence, no press, no hassling hence, defence is exposed with nobody tracking runners from Villa's midfield. See a theme here?

People want to talk about Gomez and TAA being poor in the game and I agree BJUT these same players were brilliant vs Arsenal so what changed? I refer you to the issues described above. If you are not ready to compete at full pelt in any game (the very basics of sports) then, your qualities will never show.



27 Aug 2020 15:48:50
Quick question on finances Ed if you have time. The way transfers are structured I believe are normally over a number of payments. So for example when we bought both Alisson and VVD we would have paid some cash up front followed by the remaining amount over a number of years/ instalments. Does that mean that since we haven’t signed anybody of note for a few years since the two big ones that we are soon likely to free up some cash for future purchases? I do t mean this season I mean for example at the end of the VVD and Alisson payments?
Thanks in advance.


{Ed002's Note - There is no money available - the club needs to sell to buy.}

1.) 27 Aug 2020 17:08:48
Is that short term Ed, or will we always have to sell to buy, regardless if we win the PL or CL again.

{Ed002's Note - The owners are suffering far more than most and I suspect many clubs will suffer considerably next season as well.}

2.) 27 Aug 2020 17:30:23
Obviously not going to happen, but for the sake of it what do you think Sadio Mane would cost your Barca/ Madrid’s now? I bet he’d be 170-200million easy.

{Ed002's Note - Around €120M is what I understand has been mentioned.}

3.) 27 Aug 2020 17:50:14
Ok so if we didn’t buy anybody for another three years we would still need to sell to buy?

4.) 27 Aug 2020 18:12:00
So a figure has actually been quoted already for Mane Ed? Bloody hell we could actually see a bid from Barcelona and loose Mane this window.

{Ed002's Note - The discussion is between Barcelona and his representives.}

5.) 27 Aug 2020 18:17:31
Wow thanks for the reply Ed, quite a lot less then. I suppose I rate him much higher through red tinted aviators.

6.) 27 Aug 2020 18:21:21
Ed002 so Mane is valued at less than Coutinho? I find that very hard to swallow.

{Ed002's Note - No the value of Coutinho is far, far less than Mane.}

7.) 27 Aug 2020 18:21:21
Yep Champs2020, if the model FSG use is till in place and has not flattened out.

8.) 27 Aug 2020 18:53:55
Mane is not going to be sold this year.

{Ed002's Note - This is why it is pointless to share anything on the Liverpool page. You all have no interest in what is actually happening.}

9.) 27 Aug 2020 19:58:57
One thing to remember folks, mane is 28 (as are our other front 2 i believe), their resale value will never be higher than this window. As much as it pains me to say it, if a huge offer comes in, the club will definitely consider it.

10.) 27 Aug 2020 19:59:20
€120 million isn't bad money and like it or not our front 3 can't go on forever.
With LFC being skint I can see to sense in selling Mane now and investing in someone maybe younger and elsewhere in the squad.
He's a great player, never put a foot wrong and I can see the attraction of one more big adventure before he is too old.
Let see what happens.

11.) 27 Aug 2020 19:47:24
Hey Edd02, I thought we no longer discussed money or things like this on these boards anymore, anyway?

12.) 27 Aug 2020 20:03:58
Forgive me if I've missed something. Does mane know his representatives are speaking to Barcelona? As you say money talks I guess but I can't see mane wanting to move but you never know. I don't think messi will end up moving in any case, although I'm not sure this will have any influence on the mane approach. For me he is our most important player. Apologies if this has already been covered. Thanks.

{Ed002's Note - They would not do it without there knowledge.}

13.) 27 Aug 2020 20:21:14
Thanks ed. Wow, not much we can do about it really. Not sure if it will happen or not but I hope not. I love mane and he would be a massive loss.

14.) 27 Aug 2020 21:14:11
I believe it when I see it.

15.) 27 Aug 2020 23:05:42
I'd hate to see Mane leave. He's my favorite player by miles, but the reality is that this is a business and if it makes sense from a business stand point and we can improve in the process, then I'd rather the club be ruthless than to hold onto assets (which players are) too long.

{Ed0666's Note - I don’t see how Mane leaving improves us Stone regardless of the money we receive.




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16 Apr 2021 22:32:08
Yes I really do thin Haaland would take us up a couple of levels. 18 months ago we were a different proposition. Haaland is nearly a goal a game guarantee right now.




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15 Apr 2021 10:31:00
Great info Ed, it’s a shame that we are never able to bid for the very top players such as Haaland or Kane. Imagine Haaland in this Liverpool team, would take us up a couple of levels.




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13 Apr 2021 17:30:30
All personal choice but look at his numbers and then his age. His numbers are off the scale, IMO he is a generational talent, but one who has to continue to work hard and improve aspects of his game to hit the high ceiling he has. I do feel the numbers will end up being prohibitive for Liverpool and therefore we should and will look elsewhere.




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04 Apr 2021 13:33:51
I’d keep all the front 4. Let another look too much into this season. Games every 3 days, no fans no rest period etc. I think they all deserve at least one more season in front of our fans to celebrate their achievements. Then at the end of next season maybe look to move one or two of them on. I would shift on Wilson, Ojo, Grujic, Shaq, The Ox, Origi, Gini, Matip and Davies. That will allow us to buy an attacking player to compliment what we already have and leave Elliot to have another year out on loan. No need to bring another midfielder in, wait another year for that to see what Keita and Jones can do. Keep Kabak and hopefully bring in Konate as well.




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01 Apr 2021 15:40:06
Think we need to start replenishing with younger players, Sonny is about the same age as the others.


{Ed077's Note - I agree




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22 May 2021 09:06:25
I still don’t understand why people don’t see what Bobby brings to the team. He’s had a crap 3 months but coming back into form now. A brilliant player who makes us tick.




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21 May 2021 10:13:31
I don't see klopp moving to 3 5 2, he’s never used that system apart from a couple of random games.




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20 May 2021 19:43:11
If we sell mane we definitely buy a replacement.




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20 May 2021 19:43:11
If we sell mane we definitely buy a replacement.




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20 May 2021 09:37:12
Deserves a fantastic reception, forget his time with Liverpool his career has spanned 45 years, it’s a remarkable achievement. Anything less than a guard of honour and a great reception will be embarrassing.