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27 May 2014 16:39:19
Hey eds,

Just wanted to know whether the club are interested in getting both xherdan shaqiri and adam lallana


{Ed002's Note - I don't know but there is interest in both.}




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11 May 2021 17:25:56
Are people seeing the team United have put out against Leicester today? I saw some thinking that surely United will still go for it, since they would be 4 points behind city if they win their next two games. This is all the evidence you need, aguero paneka against Chelsea, United fielding a drastically weakened side against Leicester, who are fighting for top 4 with us. City and United both doing Chelsea and Leicester favours to stop us being able to have any hope of top 4. Ultimately, we only have ourselves to blame but it’s funny that people think that players and managers within football are honest and will try and win every game, in recent years, I can’t see how anyone can support Liverpool and come to that conclusion with how many times teams have thrown out any effort in trying to win games to stop us from achieving something. I’ll get called a conspiracy theorist and a whinger but it’s true, last season no one even sniffed a challenge with us so it never mattered, but season before that, you could see the effort in games against us was different than games against city.

People think it’s only the fans that think that way, nope. Of course if United stop Leicester getting all 3 points, I’ll look a fool, but don’t be surprised if that doesn’t happen.


{Ed002's Note - The world doesn't revolve around Liverpool - it is again embarrassing for Liverpool fans to be so paranoid. These youngsters are very well liked and Manchester United want to win but are having to play again in two days.}

1.) 11 May 2021 17:53:19
Kman its over a season if, if we don't qualify then we don't deserve it simple as.

2.) 11 May 2021 18:00:45
So you think Aguero missed the chance to wrap the league in purpose just do we don't get top four?

If we don't get top four it's on us for not being good enough over 38 games.

United have earned the right to be in a comfortable position to play who they want today. I still wouldn't be surprised if they got a result against them.

3.) 11 May 2021 18:05:14
Please leave. You are one of the many people to why Ed keeps saying stuff for us LFC fans like the answer he gave you. You are one of those to never accept the truth and search for someone else to blame. I please you to leave the website. Thank you.

{Ed014's Note - well don’t leave just maybe get a grip

4.) 11 May 2021 18:12:08
We only have ourselves to blame, but leicester now have an advantage and we could miss out because of the actions of United fans .

I don't blame United for that team but it certainly feels unfair.

5.) 11 May 2021 18:12:16
Yes 7 points out of 30 against bottom 5 clubs bar sheffield has nothing to so with it. Its all united and city plans to keep us out.
You get 30 out of 30 there and we would have been neck in neck with city.
Blame only lies on klopp for his naive tactics and abysmal substitutions along with our inability to close out games.

6.) 11 May 2021 18:14:43
Even I cringed at that post, Kman! K-man man, they're not all out to get you (or us! )

7.) 11 May 2021 18:17:08
Can't see how OGS is to blame for the dog crap performances at home to Burnley Fulham Everton just to name a few. We should be comfortable in top 4 even after having a cruddy season. For sure united would not want to lose at home to us and give city the title on the same night but its down to us for some useless football this season.

8.) 11 May 2021 18:20:37
If we have to hope for other teams to fail for us to get top 4 then we only have our selfs to blame. Man U can do what they want it has nothing to do with us.

9.) 11 May 2021 18:20:56
In United’s case the three fixture in five days worked against us. Also, if anyone should be complaining it them, I mean that amount of games in such a short period is ridiculous. They have been left with no option but to field a weakened team tonight as they have us in two days. City, we’re not thinking about us at all on the weekend. Sure they are more occupied thinking about a potential treble and in particular the trophy that has evaded them. Could they have fielded a stronger team against Chelsea yes, do they have to no. If we don’t make top four we only have ourselves to blame to be honest.

10.) 11 May 2021 18:25:28
However, I am very annoyed that so many changes have completed effed up my Fantasy team!

11.) 11 May 2021 18:28:39
Utd owe us nottin if LFC hadn’t of been so sh1re we’d not be given a B#%#%# about this game! Blame origi shaq Keita ox Matip and the other wasters who watched as 13/ 14 team mates carried the team and are burnt out! Blame klopp for his rubbish subs not closing out a game against Newcastle with 90 seconds to go! Don’t f#%#%#% blame Utd or we’ll sound like bigger clowns!
This is Liverpool’s problem not utds!
Embarrassing hearing and seeing some LFC fans crying over utds Weakend they are our biggest rivals always will be!

12.) 11 May 2021 18:41:50
Jay dub red: don’t know how you can call origi a waster. The man is asked to sit on the bench for 9 months then play an take place of one of the best front 3 in Europe in last couple of seasons. If you think Matip is a waster your not worth talking football too the lad is class just a shame he can’t stay fit!

13.) 11 May 2021 18:45:02
I said in a post earlier OGS and Manchester United have done what they had to do and qualified for next seasons CL. Its not down to them to now make sure Liverpool do. They will have played 4 games in 8 days come Thursday evening and out of all the games this was always the one where changes were to be made that was obvious. Its not a conspiracy its just how it is.

14.) 11 May 2021 19:29:06
Sorry but this post is embarrassing. As a United fan I’d rather Leicester get top 4 than Liverpool for obvious reasons, but I would never want my team to lose. We will have had to play 4 games in about 8 days, there had to be mass changes, plus, we have good players out there.

15.) 11 May 2021 19:48:00
I'm just hoping we finish 6th rather than 5th so that we miss out on the Europa League. Prefer to focus on the League and a domestic cup than all that low-rent trekking around Europe!

16.) 11 May 2021 19:53:42
The embarrassing things is that inferior clubs like Man utd and Leicester are above us.

17.) 11 May 2021 20:07:01
Personally I think it's amazing we are still in the running for top four considering the disastrous season we've had and the absolute rubbish we have played for half a season.
I'm delighted we still have something to keep us interested with four games to go, I thought we were done by the end of January.
Still have a chance :D.

18.) 11 May 2021 20:07:45
I doubt very much it will happen but let’s hope that we beat Man Utd and then Chelsea beat Leicester in their game.

19.) 11 May 2021 20:55:52
Scouce John L8 I think jay dub red has a very good point about origi and other players. When origi has been asked to come on and help out he’s hardly broke a sweat! The lad has everything to be a top player but he’s just lazy. If I was sat waiting for my chance like him I’d give everything and a bit more. Let’s not super coat it he’s been awful like many others this season!

20.) 11 May 2021 21:00:30
Scouse John! Origi 100k will happily sit on a bench did he push himself to out one of the front 3 he sure didn’t!
Another u will sit by and watch the lads Carry the team!
Are you another one of these sentimental fans because he scored a couple of goals?
As for Matip he when he plays WHEN HE PLAYS!
he’s way to unreliable it’s beyond a joke!
No we could go on and on about the rest but be a waste!
Take your rose tinted glasses off!
Made me laugh about origi!
If ever a season to stake your place in the team it was now!
So obviously nottin to talk about!
Give Matip and origi a new contract while your at it!

21.) 11 May 2021 21:11:41
I am going to weigh in with this.
1) Making 10 changes, and only starting 2 regulars in a game, that if they lose means that they can't win the league is pathetic.
2) I am a big believer in karma, they will be in a position whereby they need a team to play a full strength team to help them. hopefully that other team will lose.

{Ed002's Note - Keep twisting it.}

22.) 12 May 2021 03:46:39
Does the Karma you believe in apply to us also? I mean couldn't this be our bad karma coming back at us for oh i don't know constantly tapping up players, furloughing payments at a multi billion dollar corporation while many of truly needy people struggled or even attempting to join a super league perhaps? Just a thought.



19 Mar 2021 16:59:38
I wanted to avoid Munich, city and PSG in the draw. Chelsea I was a bit iffy on as I think they’ve improved drastically since tuchel has come in, Madrid and Dortmund were the next ones down where if we missed out on Porto, I would want one of them even though they’re strong teams also. I just think Madrid aren’t the same animals anymore, but then again neither are we. Let’s hope revenge is on our mind and we really go for the CL this year because lord knows top 4 is gone.

We are definitely in the more favourable side of the draw.


1.) 19 Mar 2021 18:19:22
Yep I agree we have the easier draw on paper. But Dortmund are a very average side. Worse than RBL.

2.) 19 Mar 2021 18:19:47
Chelsea just have new manager bounce; they look better but they aren't anything special, id expect us to beat them with fab in the midfield.

3.) 19 Mar 2021 19:30:28
Kante is still better IMO.

4.) 19 Mar 2021 22:04:03
Chelsea have scored 15 goals in 13 games. That’s nothing to write home about really. Yes, they are harder to beat cos Tuchel plays a more defensive style for now but if they ever have to chase a game, they could b unreal trouble. We shall see.

5.) 20 Mar 2021 05:46:14
real madrid have won something like 16 of their last 22 games. And they're getting pieces back. I get what everyone is saying, but Real have been trending upwards recently I would say. It will be a massive ask for Kabak and Phillips given the gap in class, but obviously we go in with full faith that our lads will turn up for the fight!

{Ed077's Note - they've mostly been playing horribly. They struggle against even the lowest placed teams in La Liga. Benzema has been bailing them out many many times.}

6.) 20 Mar 2021 11:45:14
winning is winning double7. Although to be fair, I'm more making the point that 'on paper' this isn't really that favorable haha they are winning, getting players back and have pedigree. well anyways, any of the teams would have been a tough matchup really.



04 Feb 2021 14:46:40
With the mentally and physically fatigued comment made by klopp last night, I would be interested to know if anyone knows which teams have had the most time off during the December- present period of football. I seem to remember us being the team with the most time in between matches in January and anytime we did have a long period in between matches we performed badly and didn’t look fresh anyway. It would be an interesting observation if anyone has an accurate account of it.


{Ed002's Note - Liverpool had more time off when compared to the other leading clubs in December but it makes little difference in players tiring. It is happening with many cases.}

1.) 04 Feb 2021 17:02:24
Why limit it to December to now? This is a condensed season, every month is like a typical December.
If you look at someone like Andy Robertson, he has played over 3000 minutes for club and country this season. Compare that to a player like Luke Shaw who has played less than 2000 minutes this season.
Is it a coincidence that one of these players looks knackered and the other is being called the best left back in the league?

{Ed047's Note - the best left back in the league, Tierney I assume your talking about!

2.) 04 Feb 2021 16:40:30
Sometimes you’ve just got to stop blaming everyone and everything and take responsibility. We’re not trying hard enough.

3.) 04 Feb 2021 18:56:25
FC8 I totally agree mate, the players are not playing for Kopp this season.

{Ed001's Note - then you know nothing about these players if you think that.}

4.) 04 Feb 2021 19:59:55
Opps, the players have "downed tools" again. They lifted them up for the Spurs and West Ham games but they're back down again. 😅😅.



11 Jan 2021 20:29:32
And the theme continues yet again for about the fourth/ fifth season running of us getting difficult early ties whilst city get byes on their way to the final. The day city finally get a difficult group in the CL or a top team early in the domestic cups will be the day I run around my street naked, mind you I’ll probably be a senior citizen by then so it’ll make for even prettier viewing for the neighbours. Absolute joke these draws and no wonder klopp doesn’t take the domestic competitions seriously, as much as I would like him to.


1.) 11 Jan 2021 20:43:15
So Crouchie was fixing it for Citeh? Did he have a secret ball up his sleeve?

2.) 11 Jan 2021 21:29:20
It's a conspiracy!

3.) 11 Jan 2021 21:34:50
Bar about 4 teams most ties would be classed as easy for them!

All draws are pure luck and we have a tough tie, but two wins against united in a week and I think our season would look entirely different. Onwards and upwards!

4.) 11 Jan 2021 22:06:39
Give yourself a slap!

5.) 11 Jan 2021 22:50:03
27 cup games in klopps time we’ve faced 17 have been a premier league team no wonder it’s not klopps fav.

6.) 12 Jan 2021 08:32:34
Beat them all - we are Liverpool!

7.) 12 Jan 2021 09:02:07
OP, I thought that was really funny. I fully agree with you, as well. I know there is no funny business here BUT you have to wonder how City keep getting these easy opponents in the Dom. Cups while we have gotten Chelsea twice in the FA Cup/ League Cup last year and the year before, Utd in this FA Cup, Wolves in the FA Cup in 18/ 19 and the beat goes on. Interesting.

8.) 12 Jan 2021 21:42:11
Someone did an analysis a few years ago of random draws in cup competitions across Europe. Long story short - matches with a narrative element were much more common than they statistically should be in every competition except the champions league. Definitely doesn't say that they are fixed at all but it is an interesting feature from 20 years of draws how often local rivals and grudge matched from the previous season get drawn.



30 Nov 2020 16:02:19
I think for the next two upcoming games we go as full strength as possible (which given the injuries is not much different from what we have been seeing anyway) . I think we need to stick with matip and Fabinho as the CB pairing for the Ajax and wolves games, I don’t mind kostas playing one of these games although I’d like Robertson to play both. Neco Williams I suspect has to play both games as Milner and TAA are both out but whenever Milner is fit enough to go back to right back I would make that switch ASAP until Trent is back, I have not been impressed with neco, and whilst I’d still give him chances to prove himself, I still am worried with him at right back, just as I am with Williams at centre back, I haven’t seen anything from either of them that suggests they’re pushing any of our current first teamers in those positions unfortunately.

In midfield, we have a whole host of injuries, Milner, Keita, ox, Thiago all out. So I’m glad we have at least Henderson and Gini left out of our options because those are two of our more important midfielders. Stick with them for these two games obviously, and with them I guess it has to be either firmino or minamino reluctantly. I don’t think we work well in that sort of system, almost a 4-2-3-1, but it’s our best chance of getting the best team out there.

Up top speaks for itself, a variation of Salah, mane, jota and firmino depending on where Klopp decides to put firmino. I think we have to go full strength for these games, both very important games for me, we beat Ajax and we have Midtjylland left in the group away from home but a very winnable game for even a second string team (resting some of the others) . At least a draw in that game and we finish top, and with Ajax and Atalanta playing each other in the other game, anything could happen. We just need to ensure we beat Ajax tomorrow. And then our next premier league game after wolves is Fulham away, so midtjylland and Fulham are the games I say we rest and rotate players. Against Atlanta and to an extent against Brighton I don’t think we played the best team we could, so we need to do that this week to get back on track.

All very much obvious, but I seem to see a lot of people preferring the rotating approach and Klopp himself is doing that a lot to avoid further injury, I get the thinking but I think take the risks for the next couple games as we need to win them. A lot of players come back relatively soon as well and January is coming so we have to limp over the line until then.


1.) 30 Nov 2020 20:21:56
some good news is that Trent is on the way back, he is out on the pitch doing some easy work and should be back to full tam training soon .

2.) 30 Nov 2020 21:32:24
Allison has C.V. so you can forget that.




Kman92's rumour replies


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26 May 2021 19:19:01
I’d love tielemans to be fair, he would be a huge upgrade on wiji. Not sure what sort of fee Leicester would be looking to charge, but I can’t imagine it being cheap. He’s better than all the other players we are reportedly looking at in midfield in my opinion.




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24 Apr 2021 22:23:39
Red flyer, there’s no chance we can rebuild and bring in the players we need with no CL, and I’m sorry but at this point that’s klopp and the players fault, as we’ve had another great opportunity to walk through an open door and fluffed it against Newcastle and Leeds. FSG have backed klopp enough imo, I don’t think that’s been a huge question mark for me, but now, due to the C.V., it’ll be hard not to sell assets in order to break even and reinvest. Some players needs to move on regardless and klopps favourite firmino is one of them, at least this means he would stop constantly playing him. Also ‘stay at the top’ we aren’t there anymore mate, we’ve got to start over. But I do understand your sentiments, I just don’t think it’s feasible for FSG to be able to do that, we either work within our means, which is jack rubbish, or they sell in order for us to be in a position to rebuild this team.




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24 Apr 2021 22:16:45
We love an injury prone player, a lot of decisions at the club are starting to get more and more baffling when you assess them.




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15 Apr 2021 14:08:33
Mane and firminos cycles have come to an end at liverpool as consistent first teamers. Firminos decline has been for a couple seasons now and it’s been clear for a while we’ve needed an upgrade in that position, especially when you take into account we were about to bring in Werner in the summer. I personally think firmino should move on and it would be best for all parties, he gets a fresh start and the club tries to upgrade with hopefully a decent fee from his sale. At most he should only be a squad player, if he is to stay, but somehow I see us persisting with him in the starting 11, much to our detriment. Mane is following the same trend, we see glimpses of the old mane but he’s lost his edge, we see more of the poor sides of mane that we’ve come to see in recent years rather than the good sides. I’m still willing to give him time, but I just think his fate is the same as firminos at the moment. Both need fresh starts and we need decent fees from their sales, problem is salah could force his way out and that leaves us in a whole heap of problems, if salah wasn’t an issue and was guaranteed to stay at the club then I would let mane and firmino go and try bring in better performing players offensively in a heart beat.




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08 Mar 2021 18:48:28
The double standards mane gets as oppose to salah has always baffled me, salah consistently assists more goals than mane but salah is selfish and mane is not. I understand where the narrative comes from but it’s a myth that mane is selfless, he isn’t, he’s just simply not as good as salah. Never was and never will be, he’s been important to us and we will see how he ends the season, some players have come to the end of their cycles here and it’s better for both parties to cash in while the stock is high. Players like firmino and mane are potentially on that list. Salah would only go reluctantly, because I believe he is the player that makes the most impact currently and we would be the hardest hit from him leaving. Mane and certainly firmino are both quickly becoming dispensable players.





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18 Jun 2021 22:16:46
Why would you let go of Phillips and keep injury prone matip and Gomez? It doesn’t make sense to me, Phillips can at least play most of a season to a decent standard. Williams needs a loan, and one of matip, Gomez or Davies need to be sold also. 4-5 CB should be fine, keep Phillips, he done the best out of the lot without vvd holding his hand.




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15 Jun 2021 14:11:03
If raphina costs anywhere near £50m I’m hoping the club bounce on that deal, he’s not worth that in a million years.




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14 Jun 2021 20:11:34
I think he’ll be our third choice now behind kelleher, and there are far worse third choice keepers out there, if he is our second choice, then I’d be somewhat concerned.




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11 Jun 2021 15:27:00
I like the new away kit mind, it’s definitely the one I’d go for so far.




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11 Jun 2021 15:23:40
I’d say NB definitely had the better home kits and Nike have had slightly better away and third kits but I’d give the edge to NB, Nike haven't really impressed me, and very rarely do with their kits nowadays. Adidas are far better, outside of football and within.