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09 Dec 2023 19:29:04
Even in this horrible weather, I would like to say, What a beautiful day it has been, my friends.


1.) 09 Dec 2023 19:34:00
It's a beautiful game.



20 Aug 2023 18:46:14
Football is such a beautiful game and the joy sometimes is in the banter.

One week we got trolled for how Caicedo 'dumped' us, this week they get some back on that epic debut of their record signing.

He will probably come good for them, but who cares, it felt really good today lol.


1.) 20 Aug 2023 18:57:41
Agreed. I’m 99% certain him and Colwill will turn into fine players but today was fun.

2.) 20 Aug 2023 18:59:41
I’ve being saying it for months. I have watched Caicedo very closely in the second half of last season and there is nothing special about him. Nothing.

I said I hoped we weren’t stupid enough to waste our money on him and fortunately Todd Boely’s ego stopped us from making a huge mistake.

He’s a £40m player at best, nothing I’ve seen of him tells me any different. Today was his first game so you could let him off for being nervous but he still should be able to pass to a team mate, get in the right positions, not make rash tackles in the box. What you saw today is exactly what he is. Average.

3.) 20 Aug 2023 19:21:28
I still don't understand how they paid €70m for Mudryk. I think someone added a zero somewhere along the line.

People can laud Boehly for flashing the cash if they like, but he does it an absolute haphazard manner with masses of wastage imo.

4.) 20 Aug 2023 19:30:39
Don't agree that he's average. He's going to be a very good player for Chelsea. I'm glad we avoided the huge fee and his apparent ego. The way he's treated Brighton and now us aren't yellow flags but glaring red ones. I might get some pushback when i mention how he treated us but i make that comment with the assumption that we talked w his reps and he was agreeable to the move before we made ours. Yep he's young and all of that but his advisors should manage him better imo in that case.

5.) 20 Aug 2023 19:43:08
SR I'm no expert on FFP by any stretch but i do know they said after Chelseas big splurge last season that they were making big gambles paying out such big sums for so many players. so far doesn't appear to be working. Be interesting to see how the season goes for them integrating all these players. I think we all feel threatened by them and why they are discussed on here so much. Jury out. For now.

{Ed002's Note - What is the concern over FFP?}

6.) 20 Aug 2023 19:50:26
He may well turn out to be a very good player redflyer, there are people who are far more qualified than me who have earmarked him as a future star.

From what I’ve seen of him I just don’t see it. Good engine but average ability.

7.) 20 Aug 2023 20:18:19
- Something Red -
Imagine if they'd hired Brendan Rodgers lmao.

8.) 20 Aug 2023 21:13:39
Hsf, they're only a step away with Pochettino, imo.

9.) 20 Aug 2023 20:59:58
Ed as i say i'm no expert and i was trying to tread carefully there! Not a concern just a beeb article months ago discussing the ins and outs at Chelsea and how the big sums could impact them if the signings don't pan out.

{Ed002's Note - Why the obsession with Chelsea?}

10.) 20 Aug 2023 22:13:45
Salty ????.

11.) 20 Aug 2023 23:12:08
Again Ed, no idea.

12.) 21 Aug 2023 01:15:24
Ed, no obsession w Chelsea trust me ?. But, i did speculate a reason why on my earlier post. just to be fair to myself here!

13.) 21 Aug 2023 01:26:52
Thanks for chiming in Oli. Seems as tho ed can speak for himself. Cheers.

14.) 21 Aug 2023 04:31:56
Come on now, aren’t Chelsea everybody’s second favourite team? Remember now, we are on the banter page.

15.) 21 Aug 2023 06:18:38
Red flyer ???. You must know Oli by now?.

16.) 21 Aug 2023 01:40:29
No one is obsessed with Chelsea, they’re simply a rival team that we want to see lose matches. Factoring in the recent and, frankly, annoying events and today’s largely dismal showing is all the more amusing.

{Ed002's Note - And many are obsessed with Chelsea players, including Klopp.}

17.) 21 Aug 2023 10:00:19
Out of interest how many Chelsea academy players are currently in liverpools and Klopps 1st eleven? I only deal in actuals not would have could haves. I’m sure Klopp would love half of ManCitys team if he could get them but he can’t and hasn’t - does that make him obsessed with them also? I’d suggest the number of actuals being none is hardly obsessive is it.

{Ed002's Note - What is the relevance of that? Klopp has chased plenty as you well know.}

18.) 21 Aug 2023 10:14:34
Obsessed? You sure about that?

19.) 21 Aug 2023 10:17:01
What is Klopp's obsession with Chelsea players?

{Ed002's Note - He keeps chasing after Academy players.}

20.) 21 Aug 2023 12:01:00
Redflyer, not speaking for anyone, mate. Just chiming in, as you said. I don't care what Chelsea do nor who they sign nor in what trouble they may or may not get into moving forward. Hence, I have no idea why many on here (you included) keep talking about them.

21.) 21 Aug 2023 13:33:26
Ed what's the issue with chasing their academy players exactly? I think it widely known that Chelsea have a brilliant academy so what should everyone do just let allot of talent go to waste? Seems your more obsessed with anyone speaking about Chelsea your attitude stinks pal.

{Ed002's Note - There is no issue except the tapping up.}

22.) 21 Aug 2023 14:11:10
Thanks for the reply, Ed002. I doubt it's just Chelsea's academy players Klopp chases though. Similarly, I don't think it's just Chelsea that Liverpool fans like to wind up.
There is no real issue or obsession with Chelsea, generally.



17 Aug 2023 11:08:34
Aside from the transfer saga and the DM discussion, do you see improvement in Darwin's link up play. Although it was preseason games, I felt he is moving in the right direction and the lad works hard on the pitch. The sample size could be really small here, but what is your opinion on him if you followed the preseason games?

And to be frank, Mac and Dom really excite me. The sooner they get bedded in, we could potentially go a long way in the Europa cup. I am just praying for once Thiago stays fit.


1.) 17 Aug 2023 11:30:52
We need to give him a proper run of games through the middle for any assessment. Unfortuntaly we have gone back to "False 9" with Gakpo. I don't know what the future holds for the kid at LFC. but if you ask me it doesn't look bright. He is a cracking player with the right service. but is not a link up play specialist which Gakpo is.

2.) 17 Aug 2023 11:42:14
I’m looking forward to seeing Nunez this season.

But saying that I’m also looking forward to seeing the rest of our forwards as well. As far as attacking options go we are extremely well stocked.

3.) 17 Aug 2023 11:51:14
Nunez seems to be an 'option' rather than a definite starter.
Its a lot of money for an option/ project.
I do wonder if he can learn/ improve some of the headless things that he does. Shearer thinks he will be fine.

4.) 17 Aug 2023 11:58:29
If he gets a few goals and forces his way into the first team setup then he’ll get his games, I feel at this moment he isn't first choice.
Having said that though there are a lot of games to be played and with the five option liverpool habe up front there’ll be some fine tuning in terms of combination.
Im quietly confident he’ll hit a rich vein of form this season.

5.) 17 Aug 2023 12:23:16
given what we paid for him, you'd think there'd be the usual suspects on here calling for him to start every second.

6.) 17 Aug 2023 13:06:30
Agreed. Link up play is improving. He is keeping it simple and passing to others. I remember when we first signed him the runs in behind to dangerous areas was incredible. I'd like to see him get back to that more once he has played it back to someone. He can be guilty of standing there for a short pass back to him. He needs to get on his bike and get in behind again.

There's no doubt there's a an unbelievable player in there. It's almost there. Final pieces just have to click together. I'm still very very excited about him.

7.) 17 Aug 2023 13:19:26
Still waiting for Nunez to impress me.

8.) 17 Aug 2023 14:51:22
It would help if Klopp actually starts him regularly rather than starting the invisible Jota in games. Imagine how much things could have been better with Darwin alongside Salah and Diaz running at Pappy Thiago Silva vs Chelsea. He was a threat when he came on whereas I had forgotten that Jota was playing at times.

Darwin is a very good player and will do well if given a run of games in his actual position cos IMO, Jota is not a patch on him as a player and should not be starting over him.

9.) 17 Aug 2023 15:17:15
So what is Darwin’s “actual position”?

Left winger? We’re overstocked in that position and several of those players are ahead of Darwin.

The pass by Mac Allister encapsulated my frustration with Nunez - Darwin was in the middle of the goal in space on the edge of the box. He saw the ball all the way, it was a flighted pass, there was no bobble.

Instead of controlling the ball, Darwin channeled his inner Emile Heskey and ‘controlled it’ back to the keeper. What a waste.

10.) 17 Aug 2023 16:10:35
Ron, I agree that Darwin could have done better with his control of that ball, for sure but it was not the best ball and it was really high up to bring down. I just thought it was an unlucky bobble (there was a bobble cos I saw the play several times to confirm) on before Mac10 played the pass that made it a bit over the top for him to control see and control quickly. I repeat, he still should have brought it down. Would he have scored for sure, we will never know cos Sanchez was right on top of him. Now, Darwin still needs work so nobody is disputing that so we agree on that.

What I am saying is that with that said, the kid is absolute poison for any defence and is a constant danger. That is undisputable, IMO. His movemnet, speed, pace, power, aerial ability etc. are stuff he natural has that simply cannot be coached, IMO. It is putting it all together that he needs BUT to do that, he has to play games in his right position which is thru the middle. That to me is his best position where he can always drift our left and attack from there, same stuff he did at Benfica that led us to signing him.

11.) 17 Aug 2023 19:06:55
He’s just not impressing anyone Darwin.
He might be hard to mark, he might go past people easily, but he can’t finish his breakfast when he does eventually get the ball under control.

If he cost half as much he would have been sold already.



07 May 2023 20:59:50
The Cat, my friends, have been placed among the pigeons.

Interesting few games ahead.


1.) 07 May 2023 21:01:48
Told you Man U would bottle it.

Lindelof and Shaw in front of de Gea = disaster.

2.) 07 May 2023 21:02:27
3rd? ?.

3.) 07 May 2023 21:05:43
United have home fixtures and not the toughest games. However if wolves get anything from the game united will crumble.

4.) 07 May 2023 21:08:23
I'm beginning to believe the 71 point dream.

5.) 07 May 2023 21:11:42
United, on paper, should be able to get three home wins. But just seen its 8 points dropped in four games for them! Alarm bells may start ringing and it could bouy opponents. Their games next week is now a final and a must win to settle nerves.

Leicester won't be easy though as they are fighting for their lives and Vardy loves playing us.

Few more twists to come hut I am just happy there is something riding on these games. I honestly thought our season was over in March!

{Ed014's Note - it was interesting that Declan Rice just said this was a game they pinpointed as one they could get 3 points.

Kind of shows what clubs think of United

6.) 07 May 2023 21:15:56
Downside is it’s rarely give points away at home, even City lost there

We can only hope Chelsea, Wolves and Fulham give them something to worry about.

7.) 07 May 2023 21:19:42
Ed014 united have been seriously over hyped this season. If Liverpool hadn't been soo woeful for much of this season a lot more attention would be on the job ten hag is doing. He's improved them but they're certainly nowhere near a top team. That's still a team that under real pressure crumbles because there's still the same suspects within its squad. Maquire won't be taking the blame next season ?.

{Ed014's Note - I thought Ten Hag was going to do wonders there but he’s really failed to impress and I don’t really see much in the way of improvement to be honest.

De Zerbies been at Brighton for the same length of time as Ten Hag with supposedly lesser players and even they are streets ahead of United in the way the play.

They are so weak all over the park and aside from his mistake today their season has been saved by De Gea and Rashford having a hot scoring streak.

I wouldn’t touch any of their squad with a barge pole.

8.) 07 May 2023 21:40:12
I said in the summer that there was nothing retrievable from that toxic dressing room and the entire squad should've been sold.

Gotta admin Seven Hag pulled the wool over my eyes a bit with their early season form, and getting rid of Ronnie, and I revised my view.

How foolish of me. I was right in the first place. Despite adding Eriksen, Casimero and Martinez, its still a dressing room full of absolute spineless pri-madonnas who go flapping their arms about looking for other people to blame at the first sign of trouble. Fernandes and Maguire should not be captain and vice-captain of any team ever.

Donkeyhorst and Anthony haven't helped either. And Sancho is a shocking excuse of a player. One for "Ed001 was right" file.

{Ed014's Note - I’m with you SR, I’ve seen nothing to suggest they’ll be challenging for some time.

Even Ten Hag’s substitutions have been questionable, he’s been a massive let down.

9.) 07 May 2023 21:45:11
I'm sure they will drop more points. Because of fatigue. They must be knackered. They will have played 62 games by the end of the season (we played 63 games last year) . The combo of fatigue, disgruntled players, questionable tactics and just being an overall sh*tty team, will do them in.

{Ed014's Note - I think we have 7 players in the top 60 of most minutes played, United have 3, De Gea, Rashford and Fernandes.

They must be well tired, bless.?‍♂️

10.) 07 May 2023 23:04:28
As long as United keep thinking Bruno Fernandes is world class and pin their hopes on him being their creative force they will be average.

He’s a good player at times but most of the time he’s just bang average. Did nothing in the game today and had a chance in injury time but put it 20 yards over the bar.

They surfed on a Rashford shaped wave for a while but now he’s stopped scoring they’ve got nothing.

11.) 07 May 2023 22:47:38
Ed014, many Utd fans were lecturing us LFC fans about injuries and fatigue from last season being excuses as to why we dropped off this season and saying we should suck it up and take it, which we did. Now their fans are using the same excuses as to why they are running on fumes now, forgetting that before they got 7-ed Up at Anfield, they have been brutal overall since then but they kept telling us how Rashform is better than Mbappe and how Martinez is the best CB in the world. And they call LFC fans delusional. Go figure.

For me, I am loving the absolute meltdown many of them are having. They call a guy like Ten Hag who spent 200m plus in the summer a miracle worker? Really? Then what do we call DeZerbi doing miracle work at Brighton with not a penny to spend yet? That's how deluded many of their fan base. Im loving the meltdown and long may it continue.

{Ed014's Note - totally agree Oli, they’ve brought all this misery on themselves with season after season of believing their squads and managers have been something they’re clearly not since Fergie left.

12.) 08 May 2023 08:53:56
It’s hard to imagine a worse CB pairing than Lindelof and Shaw, well, until you remember that they have Maguire on the books. Ideally he recovers from his injury and replaces Lindelof. Maguire and Shaw as a CB pairing would be worth paying to see.

13.) 08 May 2023 12:35:16
WDW2, you forgot that they still have the mighty Phil Jones on the books, as well. A back 3 of Lindelof Maguire and Jones would be box office. Benny Hill settings, man.



01 May 2023 20:55:45
What a roller coaster of a game, Ed025. Hope you stay away from the tele. This has cardiac arrest written all over it.


{Ed025's Note - I have give up on it Daz. I’m in Munich and found an Irish bar with it on. Walked out at half time and iv had enough now mate..

1.) 01 May 2023 21:54:10
Great end to end game though. All the quality has come from the keepers, the rest is just chaos.

2.) 02 May 2023 08:13:35
I wouldn’t give up yet Ed.

Leeds are in freefall and will see to their own destruction.

Your last two games against teams already on a beach with little to play for are winnable. It’s a better finish than the others.

I think you’ll stay up by the barest of margins.

{Ed025's Note - I would like to think so wassa but some of our defending is awful mate. How that Keane gets a game is beyond me..

3.) 02 May 2023 11:30:52
Tat's the game you get when you know a draw will not work for both teams.

4.) 02 May 2023 14:34:07
Is it that keane gets a game over cody because cody has something in his contract were he gets a bonus after so many games because it's a mature level.




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19 Jan 2023 21:03:10
According to Deloitte reports: The average wage as % of revenue is c.72%. And Liverpool's wage percentage is still much better than most.




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06 Oct 2022 21:25:37
So, we now want to control what they do in life. We must have insights from sources within the camp that he had been skipping his contractual hours writing the book; otherwise why should anyone have any issue with it? Or has he given out trade secrets which is 'reason' behind our poor start? Baffling comments.




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11 Aug 2020 23:13:41
@Southern Red: The Ed-s have repeatedly informed us of the financial struggles of the club owing to CV and that it is highly likely that we wouldn't pay the transfer fee for someone potentially not having much of a resale value going forward. But your statement that acquiring him will break our wage structure is factually incorrect. We have always been told how high our wages are. I understand Thiago is currently paid 125k per week (if I were to trust the internet) and we paid Clyne c.80k per week all this while.




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28 Oct 2019 18:30:13
I think he was banned for 14 days on 11th October. So, if it was effective from the day it was announced, he must be alright now!




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15 Jan 2019 11:53:25
Thank you so much for the update, 23carragold. Your comments and updates are pure gold - and 24 karat at that.





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07 Apr 2024 18:19:08
Nunez did the lot. Worked really hard and then was really indecisive. His passing was really off too. I am really starting to miss Jota even more now. But even though I am depressed at the moment, the point could be quite vital in the end. But it is back to depending on others! A goal difference of 9 is too steep to cover over 7 games.




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29 Mar 2024 19:08:26
And I like De Zerbi, lol! But I haven't said a word about him on the forum. From the looks of things, I would be torn to shreds.




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19 Mar 2024 19:32:15
@Bill - Yes, I have a feeling we will do it. With 10 games remaining it is a great place to be in.

Come on @Salah, @Davey Mates - let's get some good vibes in.

@Alonso1786 - I am not sure what I want from that game. A part of me feels City are more dangerous in the long run so, City losing will give us that comfort cushion. But if Arsenal wins this game, it will become difficult to stop them. Either a draw or an Arsenal win is what I am leaning towards.




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17 Mar 2024 18:11:27
And we lost it after dominating for so long in the second half! So sad! But we keep going.




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12 Mar 2024 14:49:22
From personal experience, people learn and grow into their roles. Someone who didn't seem a Senior management material back then, may be very different 2 years hence. Everyone need not be a born leader, there are many things people learn in due course.




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