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26 Jan 2022 07:28:50
What do people make of Sours potentially signing diaz. I know that many were hoping we would sign him or Jonathan David as part of our rebuild.

Eds any idea on alternative options?


{Ed0666's Note - I’m not 100% spurs will sign him even tho they are supposedly in talks…they are cheaper than us. I’ve coveted David for a while I hoped we’d sign the both of them

1.) 26 Jan 2022 08:33:26
I’d be gutted if Tottenham sign Diaz! If it happens it just goes to show we are going backwards yet again as he looks perfect for us. How long can we let every other team sign top quality players and we just sit and watch. And yes I know I know we supposedly have no money and it January.

2.) 26 Jan 2022 08:58:12
Meanwhile, on the pitch, where it matters.

3.) 26 Jan 2022 09:22:40
David would be my pick would be great replacement for bobby, he's done brilliantly in the French league last couple years. love bobby but the frontline needs some refreshing I personally don't think Mane should be the first to go.

4.) 26 Jan 2022 09:40:37
Jao Felix is the player I would love us to sign. Be perfect replacement for Firmino and doesn’t get praise he deserves at Atletico. Simeone will also have taught him how to defend and press from the front. Would take us to another level.

5.) 26 Jan 2022 10:04:26
@Longthing like when we went backwards when we didn’t get Sancho and he went to United or we didn’t get Saul and he went to Chelsea? Perhaps the board will back the manager when he wants a player (like Konate earlier this season) ?

From what I’ve seen this season I honestly don’t see us going backwards that much.

6.) 26 Jan 2022 10:26:51
Honestly I don't see any similarities between Bobby and Jonathan David. Lautaro or Gouiri perhaps.

7.) 26 Jan 2022 12:28:42
West Darby Wanderer my opinion is we need to sign a couple of top class players per season and not have to rebuild half the squad when a good portion of the team are to old or out of contact like next year or so. I understand we signed a CB in the summer and don’t get me wrong am grateful for that one sign. I also think it the recruitment the club make matters as well otherwise there wouldn’t be any players on the pitch!

8.) 26 Jan 2022 12:51:50
Transfer fever.
It's going to get worse before the window shuts too.

9.) 26 Jan 2022 12:58:30
Think I’d prefer Bowen as he has prem experience and performing well in the league already. Diaz seems to do ok in the Portuguese league but never looks that special when you watch him in the Champions League.

10.) 26 Jan 2022 10:26:51
Honestly I don't see any similarities between Bobby and Jonathan David. Lautaro or Gouiri perhaps.

11.) 26 Jan 2022 14:01:19
West derby wanderer, I’ll agree we’re not going backwards yet but we are stagnant. If we don’t start rebuilding the team gradually we’re going to be in trouble in a couple of seasons.

12.) 26 Jan 2022 14:07:45
Already in the League Cup final, won every game in the Champions League.
Manchester United are stagnant, we definitely ain't.
Just fans desperate for transfer activity.

13.) 26 Jan 2022 14:33:45
We are told on here constantly that City are not as strong this season as they have been the last few seasons.

The fact we are currently behind them and on far less points than we were at this stage 2 and 3 seasons ago.

Does that mean we are better, worse or stagnated.

14.) 26 Jan 2022 14:51:46
Rumours popping out that he doesn’t want to sign for Spurs, maybe he’s hoping someone who can offer champions league can find some loose change behind the couch or something. Would love to see him in a Liverpool top, but who knows.

15.) 26 Jan 2022 14:51:57
Apparently spurs offered 38m and got shot down. He has a 80m buy out clause, why would they sell him now?

16.) 26 Jan 2022 18:16:41
I’m sure an agreement will be reached between Porto and spurs Magico. Quality player and I be gutted when he signs for them.

17.) 26 Jan 2022 08:09:12
Here’s for the reply ed066, good point levy does have a tight sphincter. I was listening to analysing anfield podcast the other week, and they were raving about Diaz and Jonathan David, so that’s two sources whose opinions I respect in agreement. Fingers crossed we can pull at least one of

And always best wishes to mane, let’s hope we heals quick!

{Ed0666's Note - From what I gather they are not convinced with Diaz but wax lyrical about David as he’s been achieving better stays for a longer time. They see Diaz as a risk.

18.) 26 Jan 2022 13:33:17
Ed666. Have u seen much of Diaz? Do u think he would be good signing for us?

{Ed0666's Note - I’ve not seen ones of Diaz mate. But I’ve seen enough to know I like him. Listen would I take him of course I would. He seems like he has pace, is direct, scores goals, fluid movement and he takes up really intelligent positions. Will we get him and pay the money his club wants? Not so sure.

19.) 26 Jan 2022 18:30:40
Are you really disappointed to be missing out on a player that averages a goal every 3 games in the Portuguese league? I’m not. €80 million seems excessive.

20.) 26 Jan 2022 18:40:10
Ed0666 I think we no we won’t and can’t pay what his club want mate. I’m sure David will command a high fee also. Not sure how we going to sign anyone mate without selling. As you where.

{Ed0666's Note - the only hope is that Diaz doesent get sold this month and we can negotiate a deal in the summer. But Eds 002 would be the best person to ask.

21.) 26 Jan 2022 19:46:11
I hope we sign one of them too and I know we are strapped for cash but surely pulling one of them off is a step to far even for Klopp!

22.) 26 Jan 2022 20:22:26
Who says Klopp wants one of them though?
There's a very good chance that Klopp and his staff are already looking at what they can do in the summer, not seeing anything they want in the current transfer window or not willing to pay a premium sum for it.
What will happen in the summer is anyone's guess, but I don't see anything happening just now, unless there's an outgoing player or two.

23.) 26 Jan 2022 21:58:39
Do we are hoping Spurs don’t sign Diaz Ed0666 so he still available in summer 😞 when you put it like thst it sounds pretty grim mate don’t it. Surely we have more punch than Spurs who are usually strapped for cash to.

{Ed0666's Note - I don’t know if Spurs are that unattractive mate. London based, a truly world class manager who is a serial winner and a real chance of playing champions league football next season. Coupled with the fact that this contract will set you up for life so lots of positives there mate. Hand on heart I don't think this transfer happens, I hope not because Spurs wind me up.

24.) 26 Jan 2022 23:25:14
The thing is we all want top class signings - the more the merrier as far as I’m concerned. But I think there is a difference between top price (for players) and top class. City have spent literally in excess of a hundred million on left backs, we got Robbo for £9m. Big money doesn’t always mean big talent.

I also don’t subscribe to the frenzy created by the press and the constant assurance that some 15 year old is the next Messi or (the one that made me laugh last year) the next Raheem Sterling.

I have to be honest and say that I’ve never seen Diaz actually play - I suspect like most people clamouring for his signature on this forum - but I’m pretty sure that the club’s scouting system knows about him and if he isn’t worth the risk according to them then I’m happy with that. By and large they get the ones we buy right and similarly the ones we don’t buy.

{Ed0666's Note - on the subject of City they have got themselves a pearler with that striker from River Plate. And I agree with you WDW if we do t get Diaz I’m sure we’ll have someone else lined up who may or may not work out. No transfer is a guarantee

25.) 27 Jan 2022 02:15:37
Another Non CL club splashing money like water 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. Diaz is a very good player let’s not trash him coz we can’t sign him.


What wouid change between now and May that you are confident we are signing players 😂😂😂.

26.) 27 Jan 2022 06:20:38
WDW get your point mate and you’re 100% correct signings are all about quality over quantity.

Robbo was a diamond in the rough but we have also had to pay big for Fab, Vvd and Allison and in this day and age unless you get in there early (like West Ham did with say Bowen and Rice or Dortmund with Haaland and Bellingham) then the quality player is going to cost a lot of money.

Although Salah and Mane weren’t exactly cheap looking in hindsight we massively underpaid for both of them. Imagine selling or signing a prime Salah or Mane in this day and age (without their contracts running down)

City and Chelsea have the money (not from their owners mind) to buy big and in quantity and you only have to look at the fact they have come from winning Hardly anything to a cabinet full of trophies (think it’s something like they’ve won it 10 times between them in the last 15 years) as well as the domestic cups and in Chelsea’s case also a couple of CL’s.

Throwing money at players without a plan doesn’t work and I could write a list as long as my arm over teams that have done that but the truth is if we hadn’t have spent money on Mane, Salah, Vvd, Fab, Robbo, Allison etc then we would still be waiting for our first league trophy in over 30 odd years.

For me it’s all about quality over quantity (as our squad is pretty loaded anyway) but if we are the only club that isn’t spending money then we can’t do neither anyway.

27.) 27 Jan 2022 07:35:45
You are talking too much sense there JK. players cost money. plain and simple. Robertson was one of a kind but we also flopped miserably on Karius, Minamino, and countless buying absolute cheap expecting them to pull the heaven down.

Slight disagreement on Chelsea and the money they splash. They sell heavily. you know how. they are about to cash in a kid Borja to southampton for £30 odd million while we couldn't fetch that for Bobby, Ox or even keita.
Our Sales has been absolute crap.



03 Sep 2021 09:02:20
I heard king kenny has still got a pair of boots knocking around. rumour has it we're going to sign him on a free in January to cover the forward positions during AFCON. and after passing his medical the other day with sky sports, we're in negotiations with carragher too. this is shaping up to be one hell of a transfer window!




16 Dec 2020 13:11:41
Recent new poster here, just want to thank all the Ed's for their contributions, I have been a distant of this site for at least 5-years.

The 2001 season was huge for me as a kid and that 2003 league cup final win over Man Utd was also a highlight for me. As I was a kid during these years those moments really cemented my love for the club. Thanks.





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14 Jun 2022 21:41:32
I don’t understand why we’re playing hardball over mane. He has been wonderful for us and it is in best interest of both parties for him to leave now. Better to clear his wages and receive c£20m than to keep hold of an unhappy player, bloating our squad and receiving nothing when he leaves on a free the following year.

Shame to see mane go though, I have supported Liverpool since 2000, it only took about 15 years for us to sign a wide player of his quality!

Ed sorry if this has been covered but what is the issue? I thought it was the ridiculous clauses but you imply it is more Liverpool?




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10 Jun 2022 14:21:49
I don’t want us to sign hwang but I thought he was the player that stood out when we played Salzburg and at the time I was confused why we were after minamino and not him. Having said minamino I think has been a good buy. He has proven to be a good squad player and crucial to our cup wins this season.





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07 Aug 2022 10:32:45
Good review seano, it was a bad lacklustre performance but we must remember it is the first game of the season. If city were not so good and draws almost being useless to us in this title fight I think people would be looking at this game with a more balanced perspective, rather than this doom and gloom.

I thought the introduction of Nunez and Elliott is what got salah into the game. Nunez occupied the cbs and Elliott’s movement meant that salah could get 1-on-1 with his fb, and looked very dangerous scoring and creating a goal.

Matip was bad and his misplaced pass contributed to one of Fulham’s goals, VVDs foul for the penalty though was extremely lazy and summed up the teams performance.




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06 Aug 2022 17:01:21
God, stop on the moaning and bitching, it is getting boring. In the 30 years I have supported this club we have never had it so good. Let’s enjoy the ride, and focus on the positive.




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05 Jul 2022 09:59:50
I agree to a certain level that a lot doesn’t matter however, I hate watching our team play in ugly kits it does spoil the game a little. I like the new home kit and loved last years away kit but this years looks hideous, I feel dizzy just looking at it.




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04 Jul 2022 13:24:43
I cannot understand the Jones bashing - he still has lots of improvement but he offers a lot too. As an example, I thought he was brilliant in the away game in the league cup against arsenal, and he had other good performances too. He just needs more game time and the confidence will come. To me he seems to be over thinking his game, I think he just needs to relax a bit more into his role and he’ll be fine.

I really hope he makes it, I think it is special to have English talents on the team, especially if they’re scouse too. It just helps bond the team and fans together. Although with Klopp at the helm the is no risk of that, everyone to a man is a class act on and off the field. (Though I can think of one exception ?)




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21 Jun 2022 17:46:37
I rate Elliott highly but for me he does lack pace which would blunt his effectiveness on the wing. I like the look of him as a number 8 / 10 with his technical ability and energy.