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11 Jul 2014 18:46:21
Hi Eds

1. Have Sunderland made a bid for Borini?

2. Are Chelsea reluctant to sell Bertrand to LFC.

3. Are LFC preparing another bid for Lovren?


{Ed002's Note - (1) As far as I know, not yet. (2) No and Liverpool has spoken to Chelsea about him. (3) I am not aware that they are. I am not really sure what you mean by "preparing" either.}

1.) Thanks for the answers Ed.

Hoping Borini is part of the squad this coming season. Really do not see why LFC would want to sell him as it will cost much more to replace him than what we will be getting for him if we decide to sell.

2.) 12 Jul 2014 10:59:10
The above post relating to Lovren bid has been well documented in the papers lately that Liverpool had bid on the player. Something that the player himself said he has been made aware of and reason why he was unhappy at Southamptons dealing with the bid



03 Jul 2014 18:22:56

My question is about Lucas. Do you know if Napoli have inquired about him?


{Ed002's Note - Not yet as far as I understand - but they are expected to if the interest in Sandro wanes. Perhaps Inter as well.}

1.) Isn't Sandro on his way to Zenit?

{Ed002's Note - He may well be.}



02 Jul 2014 07:06:53
Hi Ed002

Guillem Balague tweeted about 40 minutes ago that negotiations between Barcelona and LFC have started for Suarez.

Is it true?


{Ed002's Note - It is true that Barcelona has an offer on the table and are willing to negotiate certain players in to that offer.}

1.) Eds who do u believe the players are, Sanchez, Pedro, tello to name a few or do u think it will end up just being strait cash in the end

{Ed002's Note - Certainly Pedro, Affelay and Roberto will be players that Barcelona would be willing to include in any deal. Barcelona will also be willing to include Alexis Sanchez who will be leaving the club, but it is unclear if the move is attractive to the player. Isaac Cuenca was asked if he would be willing to be included in a package as part of a deal with either German or English clubs and has said he will consider it, but prefers a move to Deportivo La Coruna.}

2.) 02 Jul 2014 11:13:24
Hopefully it'll all move swiftly. I think we're all sick of the Suarez will he/won't he crap we've had for the last 2 years.

3.) To the best of your knowledge, is Sanchez an option, Thanks in advance for your reply. Ollivander

{Ed002's Note - Barcelona will also be willing to include Alexis Sanchez who will be leaving the club, but it is unclear if the move is attractive to the player - and there is a lot of interest in Sanchez from elsewhere. It is certainly possible.}

4.) Thanks for the replys eds

5.) Ed2 do Liverpool have an interest in Pedro do you believe? Would you also say that Liverpool are more than open to letting Suarez go for the right offer ed?

{Ed002's Note - Try the search engine please - this has all been done to death.}

6.) As much as I love louis as a player I am finally coming round to the fact of him leaving is the best for both parties. It may actually make the other players i.e. Steling Sturridge to push up another level.

7.) 02 Jul 2014 14:41:47
hi Ed002. doing a great job. could you please tell us are players barcelona are willing to offer pedro, tello and sanchez. thanks in advance

{Ed002's Note - See above please.}

8.) Was the offer only cash or was there a player? Not asking for a price

{Ed002's Note - That is the purpose of the discussions today - to see if a deal can be figured out.}

9.) Can you see RM coming in for him now, ED?

{Ed002's Note - Until the most recent incident they were very likely to be putting an offer on the table - but now they are headed elsewhere with the spending money.}

10.) Thanks Ed!

11.) 03 Jul 2014 09:08:25
Let's hope that Liverpool do not sell unless they have a decent replacement in place. Given Liverpool's past history I am not feeling optimistic



15 Jun 2014 21:14:19
Reports out of Italy suggest that Napoli have reopened talks with Liverpool to sign Pepe Reina on a permanent basis.

Have you heard anything?


{Ed002's Note - No, but given what has happened with St Etienne's goalkeeper Stephane Ruffier it would not be a surprise.}

1.) I've been told the only way he will go is on free transfer.

Apparently it will be the only way Napoli could afford to pay his wages.

It would get a considerable amount off the wage bill. But surely we won't entertain it!




12 Jun 2014 06:21:34

The Rakitic deal is one that has really drawn my attention especially with him being a very good footballer. LFC clearly did not stand much of a chance signing him.

What I am lead to believe is that Rakitic was not willing to move from Spain so any offers from clubs outside that region were not going to be easy to complete?

Is there any chance you will be willing to tell us what fee Barcelona agreed with Sevilla?


{Ed002's Note - There was a slim chance that Rakitic would agree a new deal with Sevilla who wanted to keep him but offers from Atletico Madrid, Barcelona and Real Madrid were bound to be considered. Chelsea had rekindled interest with some recent discussions and the chance of a player moving in exchange - and they also recruited some assistance from his homeland to try and get a deal done, but they knew early on it would be a losing battle. Atletico dropped their interest once they knew they could keep hold of Koke which was enough for Barcelona to push through the transfer. Until the transfer is ratified and the figures provided to UEFA I cannot give an exact tranfer fee.}

1.) I hope he has a good world cup, I've used him as a hidden gem in my fantasy team. Great player.




Max1981's banter posts with other poster's replies to Max1981's banter posts


19 Dec 2014 06:13:54
Ok, so it was a much better performance vs Bournemouth but LFC should be beating these team anyway so no point in getting to excited. If we beat Arsenal on Sunday then there could be some room for optimism but their form is as also very bad.

I do not think we are going to get away playing 3 at the back vs Arsenal and if Rodgers does go that route then we will be beaten.

Markovic and Sakho should be starting. Not sure what we should do with our midfield as we are so poor in that department. Why is Can not being given a run, the only way he will improve is to get minutes on the pitch.

I for one am going to take the win midweek with a pinch of salt. Let's see if we can beat Chelsea in the semi final.


1.) Same here!



15 Dec 2014 08:00:00
How much longer we need to see Rodgers destroy our season even further is anyone's guess. I think he will be gone once we start the new year.

Bring on Markovic to play at LWB? Rodgers is so arrogant he will make sure he goes down with this sinking ship. That is what we are at the moment. His stubbornness to stick with Johnson, Skrtel and Lovren is bordering on insanity now. The man is delusional and his team selections are easy for the opposing manager to figure out.

Brad Jones has proven two things yesterday, he ain't near as good as Mignolet and our defence is an accident waiting to happen. Playing Johnson as a CB? Skrtel cannot spell communication nor does he concentrate on what is going on around him and Lovren may as well not even be on the pitch. Play Skrtel and Lovren and it is a given that we will concede goals. Rodgers picking his buddies as usual. Sick of it.

3 wins in 13 matches. Unacceptable!

We will just have to bare with FSG for now until they have found the suitable solution. Hopefully it comes sooner rather than later.


1.) I personally thought Jones was miles better than Mingolet. He came out and plucked the ball out of the sky a few times taking pressure off the defence. He also made a few good saves.

What could he do for there goals? The first Rooney was gifted a free, unpressured shot from 12 yards. The second was offside by miles and Mata was completely left by the defence. The third he could barely see through the wall of yellow that had been sucked into the middle of the box so was sold by a fake shot. If the dedence had actually closed down the player on the edge of the area and marked the other players instead of all going to the ball, he wouldn't have been beaten so easily.

I think Jones is average. But he did virtually nothing wrong yesterday. His distribution was also far superior to Mingolets.

2.) Agreed Max. People should also cast their minds back to when De Gae first landed at Utd. I remember him flapping at set pieces etc., but I also remember him demonstrating his natural ability for shot stopping. Anyone similar spring to mind? Mignolet isn't a bad keeper, the squad isn't bad (granted we haven't got the 1 or 2 world class elements most title challenging teams have, that's down to the owners). The current problems we're having rest solely with
Rodgers and his inadequate coaching staff. Bring back Borrell and a bring in a DOF on his hymn sheet.

3.) Brad Jones was not as good as mignolet yesterday and was caught guessing where Rooney was shooting, and caught in no mans land for RVP's goal.(I seriously have no idea what he's doing for the 3rd)

4.) 15 Dec 2014 08:51:00
Some here believes a new manager would come with instant success. He would need an year to get settle in, he would bring up his shopping list of players, most of the current would be shown the door. More debts. More wages, No CL.
I can see another transition looming.

5.) Ozone Mignolet is a poor keeper his decision making is very poor, his distribution is bad, his coming for crosses is none existent, his command of his area would be laughable if it was some other teams keeper, yes he stops shots but I was under the illusion that is why LFC pay him a lot of money to do As for comparing him with ma u keeper well let's start by saying the lad was going to be a top keeper and has been given top coaching our keeper has a coach with no disrespect is from the lower divisions of the football league no international experience so I really can't see an improvement in his performance in the near future and I believe this is the case with the out field players . let's be honest Ozone he has looked shaky from day one it would of been picked up in his first match against stoke but for him saving a penalty But I would like to say that he is not the whole reason of our demise I think our two centre backs need a good looking at and our full backs but I would replace our keeper as soon as possible and start a rebuilding of the back five

{Ed002's Note - The back five have been rebuilt in the past 16 months with Mignolet, Lovren, Sako, Toure, Manquillo, Ilori and Moreno arriving in addition to the youngsters coming up and the kid from Spurs whose name escapes me.}

6.) EMS I have to disagree about Jones, he was at fault for the first and the third goals as he committed when he didn't need to and they were poor errors of judgment.

7.) 15 Dec 2014 09:34:27
Migs himself knew that he wouldn't be dropped on his worst form for Jones ( no disrespect jones)

8.) Who believes that a new manager would come with instant success Passion?

The change needs to be made. We have a decent squad. If we had a proper backup striker and 2 adept CB's playing for us right now then we would not be in the mess we are.

Rodgers will be Rodgers. His CB pairing for the next EPL match will be you guessed it, Skrtel and Lovren.

Obviously Sakho did something to hurt Rodgers ego as well as Emre Can and Borini.

Rodgers should have never been allowed to have the privilege of spending the amount of money he has. He is not going to get this opportunity anytime soon again. Taxi.

9.) I'm afraid the 'sacred cow' needs to be sacrificed. It's time for Gerard to go, or at least out of the starting 11. He lacks pace and has not been the same player since his error against Chelsea last season. Sunday as an example Rooney should have been his but wasn't there. He's never there, the rest of the team are being pulled apart trying to cover for him. It's not all his fault but Lucas would have been all over Rooney. Maybe Gerard and Johnston could go together.

{Ed002's Note - Johnson will be going at the end of this season. Whilst Gerrard will have options to do the same, I suspect a one year extension and him being used slightly less is the more likely solution. Houllier is keen to take him to the MLS but that would not be until March 2016 due to the timing of the seasons.}

10.) I will have to respectfully disagree. We defended so poorly as a unit yesterday that I thought Jones did well only to concede 2 legitimate goals. Keepers are just easy targets and Jones actually made no individual errors yesterday.

I'd be the first to point the finger if he'd actually played badly; but quite simply he was hung out to dry by a shocking defence and midfield.

11.) 15 Dec 2014 09:51:34
Certainy was not a fault for the first. Rooney had all the time in the world to shoot as Coutihno failed to stick with him.

12.) 15 Dec 2014 10:07:34
Max 1981

I am not sure, but after reading some posters about the desperation of a new manager it seems we are just a managerial change away from the title.
I am pretty sure we would go down into the transition mode again. But that would be just enough for some excuse.
UTD bought a new manager 4 months back and they are playing poorer than under Moyes.

13.) Passion

When have UTD ever played the most attractive football?

Van Gaal at the moment has injuries coming out of his ears but they are on a winning streak and in 3rd 8 points behind Chelsea. What UTD do have is a winning mentality. You do not have to play outstanding football to win but if you have a winning mentality then you do not have to play well to get the results.

There is a very dark cloud hanging over our team at the moment. 3 wins in 13. That is relegation material. Not saying we will get relegated but we have been struggling to score all season, conceding goals for fun and things just seem to be getting worse.

FSG must be fuming but unfortunately for them the next managerial change they make has to be spot on so they may take their time before sacking Rodgers and most likely only end of the season will it be taxi for Rodgers.

14.) Coutinho may have failed to pick up his man, but where was Gerrard? Allen, Moreno and Lallana were all very close to Valencia, but they all left it up to each other to deal with it, not being decisive and Valencia easily got by Allen and delivered the cross.

If you have 3 players marking a guy, you would rather they deal with the situation and the team in the middle switched off, like they usually do .

IMO, it is Allen, Moreno and Gerrard who are as equal to blame as Coutinho for that goal. But you won't hear Carragher criticizing Gerrard ever.

15.) 15 Dec 2014 11:04:30

What UTD, Arsenal and City have are match winners in their teams. We simply don't have one. Apart from chelsea( who is the most complete team atm) rest are relying on individual brilliance.
We lost it in the summer. Add 1-2 world class players to our team and like every manager BR would walk away with a guaranteed second place finish. Don't you think we would have looked a lot better given we had a world class striker with us.
Bloody yes. goals win you matches and get you 3 points.

Regarding goals conceding. I agree with your views.

16.) With regard to Jones positionally he was rubbish for 2 of the goals he stood so he had no chance to see the ball, IF he had moved a yard to the side he would have had a better chance

17.) 15 Dec 2014 13:26:26

Mingolet abd Vigouroux are the two keepers Rodgers has signed.
Manquillo is the only right back so far.
Toure, Ilori, Sakho, Lovren are the centre backs signed.
Moreno and K.Stewart are the left backs.

Stewart and Vigouroux are the kids from spurs. That is 9 players Rodgers has signed for defence. 10 if you include the Cissokho loan.

The fact that Johnson? Skrtel and Enrique still start any games is testament to how useless Rodgers is at picking defenders or utilising those the committee buys for him.

{Ed002's Note - It is simply testament to him not picking those players, but I have explained over and over since Rodgers arrived that the players were, in many cases, over priced and, in many case, not great choices. But it does not mean that the club can switch out the entire team each season. Liverpool need to settle and tweak.}



12 Dec 2014 18:00:41
So the Eds were correct, Mike Bernard a former FSG employee has confirmed that FSG are in town to lay down the law. Apparently there is a blame game going on between Rodgers and the committee of who is responsible for the summer transfer shambles.

Goodbye Rodgers. Maybe not straight away but he will not be at the club come the start of next season.


1.) Did you read this somewhere? I'd like to read it if you did

2.) 12 Dec 2014 18:40:21
Twitter bs mate

3.) Sooner rather than later.

Other teams have sussed Rodgers style.

On personal level he has also been sussed for his salesman's patter.

4.) Google 'Mike Bernard LFC' and it will take you to his twitter account. Yes it is twitter but this guy has John W Henry and Tom Werner plastered on the background of his account so it seems that he is still very close to them.

FSG are pissed, that is for sure.

5.) Ok, so was my post was just for rubbishs and giggles. This is yet another hoax twitter account like that of duncanjenkinsfc.

Still does not take away the fact that the Ed's are correct regarding Rodgers being as good as gone.

6.) I don't know about FSG's drinking habits and whether they are pissed or not?

They are, however very upset about the £120 million being pissed down the drain.

They are money men and the wasted money has hit them hard.

7.) Not only pissed about £120m being flushed down the toilet but also being convinced that they will see LFC win the EPL this season.

Rodgers seems like a very good sales person. Who would not have believed him after almost winning the EPL last season. Then gets a fat amount for transfer and now is trying to cover up the paper trail. FSG have bee fooled once before and have clearly been fooled again. The club will suffer as a result but to get things back on track FSG need to take the broom and sweep clean and hopefully this time round they make the right decisions.

8.) BR has messed w/ the wrong people`s money and will pay the supreme price for his disgraceful behavior. An American businessan is the wrong person to mess with when it comes to money. KK knows a thing or two about that. BR will feel Henry`s wrath after being lied to and with BR making promises every man and his dog knows he could never keep, he will be sacked and made to rue the day he messed with FSG.

9.) 13 Dec 2014 11:07:40
Let's not jump from the seat and wait till Ed002 confirms it.



11 Dec 2014 18:45:49
Gerry & The Pacemakers - You'll Never Walk Alone It is such a timeless song. Still gives me goosebumps no matter when I hear it.

The reason for me supporting this club was because my sister married a Scouser. Still have the scarf he gave me all those years ago. Have not looked back. After the first match I watched as a young lad and I was hooked. Roy Evans, what a pity he did not stay on. Bootroom was killed after that. Been through thick and thin match after match. Mcmanaman one of the players of the 90"s and John Barnes, hole smokes what a player even as a CM. Great memories. There is no other club like Liverpool FC!




07 Dec 2014 15:43:03
Surely we have approached Klopp as an option to take over from Rodgers Eds?


{Ed002's Note - No, that would be illegal.}

1.) Well then approached Dortmund? Surely?

{Ed002's Note - No.}

2.) Can we send him a postcard?




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Thanks for the answers Ed.

Hoping Borini is part of the squad this coming season. Really do not see why LFC would want to sell him as it will cost much more to replace him than what we will be getting for him if we decide to sell.




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I think there is way too much hype about Suso. Sure he is a great prospect but can he step up like Sterling has?

If LFC really wanted to keep Suso then he would not be offered as part of deals or being moved on by selling him.

Funny how no clubs in Spain are interested in taking Suso permanently. Wonder why?




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08 Jun 2014 10:34:24

Do Arsenal still hold an interest in Reina and if not who does other than Napoli?


{Ed002's Note - No, Arsenal are actively working to bring a GK in and it is not Reina. There is no interest from elsewhere that I am aware of at the moment.}



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02 Jun 2014 22:37:31
Ed002, I made a comment earlier on the possibility of Chelsea walking away from the Moreno deal, am I on the right track?


{Ed002's Note - Of course not. Clubs are not as fickle as you think.}




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19 Dec 2014 17:45:00
So Ed002, are you saying that Rodgers did want Balotelli or that he had no choice but to say yes?




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"Lallana is by far the most intelligent and technically gifted British player in my life time."

Did EMS ever have the opportunity to see Steve McManaman in action?

Probably not.




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16 Dec 2014 10:45:51
Borini does not want to leave. Ed002 said we would be willing to settle for half of what we paid for balotelli if we wanted to sell and who will want to by Enrique?

The likelyhood of FSG making any money available in January is a big fat nil.

Win the FA Cup and Europa League? Are you living in La la land perhaps?




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Still there are some who blindly try and defend Rafa.

The man is untouchable and is exactly the reason why he should not be allowed back to manage LFC as he can do no wrong. Everyone else will be blamed again if things do not work out.

No thank you, Rafa needs to stay far away if there is any chance of us being dug out of this mess we have been once again left in by another stubborn manager.




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The Ed's have constantly referred to Rodgers mouthing himself off in the media. Not only about players but also claiming 'he is the best man for the job' while the club has seen its worst form this century!

Those who still think Rodgers should be given more time have fallen in his trap of sweet talking. The sooner he goes the better.