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31 Jan 2022 23:20:24
Looks like it didn't go through in the end, hopefully we get the young lad in the summer.


1.) 31 Jan 2022 23:32:19
I think it’ll happen in the summer, the lad wants to join us and with any luck there’ll be no need for a tribunal.




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08 Mar 2022 23:24:19
I think we were very poor this evening, not one player was above a 6 out of 10 and some were well below. I know we created chances alright and There was effort all round but there wasn't a single one who could stand up and say they had a good game. The effort was there but it was very flat. Delighted to go through obviously but a poor performance.


1.) 09 Mar 2022 03:43:47
Id give Diaz 6 and a half.

2.) 09 Mar 2022 03:46:03
Trent played well and Diaz was lively when he came on.

3.) 09 Mar 2022 06:51:53
We were poor overall. Matip as usual passing to the opponent and TAA not bothering to track back. 3-5-2 always trouble us. Inter were well organized and took Salah out of the game completely.
These are the games where you play your best defender. Konate has pace and physical presence.

{Ed0666's Note - Konate was injured genius

4.) 09 Mar 2022 06:56:14
Trent and Thiago played well I thought. We weren't at our best but we hit the woodwork 3 times and the ref let them smash the front 3 every time they got the ball. From 2-0 up there was no point going for a goal we just had to keep possession which we did ok until matip gave the ball away and didn't bother to run to get it back allowing them to score. I know it's unusual to lose at anfield and not to score but we did enough and were through.

{Ed0666's Note - we went through that’s what matters

5.) 09 Mar 2022 05:57:52
What exactly did Alisson do wrong?

6.) 09 Mar 2022 06:27:36
The beauty of the CL league is you don’t have to win both legs to progress. We could have had our best game of the season last night and stuck 5 past Inter and it would have been the same overall result of us progressing to the next round.

There was always going to be a bad performance and a loss so it’s actually very fortunate it came in a game that didn’t really matter in the end. Hopefully this is a little kick up the arse ready to refocus us for Brighton on Sat.

7.) 09 Mar 2022 07:12:28
Do people really think we were poor? I thought we were fine. We didn’t need to be excellent. I have no doubt that if we needed to we could have went up a notch or two.

Inter barely had a sniff over the 2 legs. They needed a pretty damn good strike to breach our defence. We hit the woodwork 3 times and Vidal pulled off an incredible block against Diaz. We can’t play 100mph every game given the number of fixtures we have.

We got through to the next round. No injuries. No concerns. On to the next game.

8.) 09 Mar 2022 07:20:48
There’s no pleasing some people 🤦🏻‍♂️.

9.) 09 Mar 2022 01:57:34
It was a performance waiting to happen - 4th game in 10 days. Physically and mentally they are probably off the boil. Lucky it was in a match were we had a 2 goal lead from the first leg.

We should have a bit more about us at the weekend (relatively speaking a bit more of a gap to the next match) and, with due respect to Brighton, they won’t be the stiffest test we have faced in recent times.

10.) 09 Mar 2022 07:55:01
Brighton won't be thinking like that.

11.) 09 Mar 2022 08:04:36
Spot on Barry, the same Brighton we let a two goal lead slip and were lucky to come away with a draw. Coupled with a 12.30 kick, it’s going to be tough!

12.) 09 Mar 2022 08:07:23
Brighton have there own issues at the moment barry 1 win in 8. there form as proper fell off the last month or two.

13.) 09 Mar 2022 08:18:49
It's up to our lads not to give a toss how Brighton think. Hit the ground running and be right at it from the first whistle.
Win the physical battle and let the difference in football quality do the rest.

14.) 09 Mar 2022 08:19:44
Catch a grip! If the 3 chances that hit the woodwork went in then youd have been p. ing yourself about how it was another great european performance. Small margins. The players are nackered and will get a well earned break after Tuesday.

15.) 09 Mar 2022 08:25:31
Our record against Brighton over the years is exceptionally good.

Amazingly though over the last 3 league games we’ve drawn twice and lost once against them. Brighton will very much fancy this as they really seem to turn up against us under Potter.

I’d imagine we will be at full strength and will need to perform to get this win. But at this stage results far outweigh performances.

16.) 09 Mar 2022 10:28:07
@Barry, you’d certainly hope Brighton aren’t thinking like that, Inagree.

The thing is, it doesn’t really matter what Brighton think. If we turn up with our game heads on and play the best we can 99 times out of 100 we will beat them.

17.) 09 Mar 2022 11:36:40
They completely took Salah out of the game Harry? You mean apart from him hitting the post twice?

Inter are a good side but other than scoring a worldy never really out us in real trouble over 180 mins.

18.) 09 Mar 2022 07:48:05
Ed0666 I thought we was in control they scored a 25 yard screamer but apart from that we was not in any trouble. We played in 4th gear all night there was no need to go hell for leather we have Brighton at the weekend them Arsenal mid week winning them games for more important as long as we went through is all that matters.
As for they kept quiet Mo must have been watching in different game to me he hit the post twice and was beating his man often but they where just sat back like they was 2-0 up. It’s like some people cannot see the big picture ed only the game on the tv at the minute.

{Ed0666's Note - exactly. I actually felt we were in 2nd gear all night. No one’s gonna remember this game in years to come for the performance it was all about going through to the last 8

19.) 09 Mar 2022 19:41:37
It was up to Inter to take the game to us and they couldn’t create one decent chance in 60 mins of play. Why would we go all out against a team we were leading 2/ 0? To prove what exactly? There’s a reason managers get paid big bucks to navigate such scenarios while the rest of us sit in front of the telly. The goal is to get thru to the next stage and we did that? Does it matter how we did that? We are into the next round and that is that. Move on to Brighton.



22 Dec 2021 15:30:47
Hi Ed001, apologies for asking as I'm sure you are very busy but are we getting a match review from the Spurs game? I've been really looking forward to seeing your take on all that went on. Thanks.


{Ed001's Note - I am still trying to figure out what to say to be honest. I do intend to do one, it is just difficult to know where to begin!}

1.) 22 Dec 2021 15:52:50
Start with the ref performance Ed001 and take it from there!

{Ed001's Note - yes but it is how to write that without expletives!}

2.) 22 Dec 2021 16:34:10
It should be out around the same time as the Southampton one lad's😂.

3.) 22 Dec 2021 16:47:11
🤣🤣🤣 @ Barry. If it was me, I’d wait until we played Southampton again and put that one up.

4.) 22 Dec 2021 17:04:15
Thanks Ed001 yeah I know what you mean, it was farcical at times to say the least!

{Ed001's Note - it was tantamount to match-fixing. The fact that the PGMOL have created a set of spurious excuses to explain away the bad decisions make it corruption. It has now become a cover up rather than a set of errors.}

5.) 22 Dec 2021 18:06:41
Maybe forget the obvious ref and VAR stuff ED01 as we’ll know it was shocking and focus on the dynamics of the game re tactics and positioning and player performances.

6.) 22 Dec 2021 18:14:01
I’ll give u a start tris! Robbed and the ref is a p#%#%

7.) 22 Dec 2021 18:17:19
This is why we have all been dieing to read your review eds. we can all get carried away in the heat of the game and wear tinted glasses at times but I think we all appreciate your opinion more than most. This game in particular has hurt more than a lost only because of the amount of (let’s face it easy decisions) that could have had a massive impact in the game at an early stage. If you couldn’t guess already am still hurting from that game!

8.) 22 Dec 2021 18:22:54
Eds, do you think the refs performance will be reviewed?

{Ed001's Note - of course not, they have circled the wagons and will defend each other to the end, just like all these kind of old boy institutions do. That is corruption at work and Mike Riley is the main cause.}

9.) 22 Dec 2021 18:54:02
You could replace all the expletives with sarcastic politeness? Call the ref a 'nice bloke' and PGMOL 'fuzzy bunny rabbits' instead of what you want to call them, for example.

10.) 22 Dec 2021 19:03:02
We need VAR to be covered by cameras and microphones. Will make their decisions more transparent. Right now i assume there's no way to see or hear Stockley Parks decision making process. The whole thing needs more transparency.

11.) 22 Dec 2021 19:08:36
Does VAR supposedly get something like 98% of decisions right?
But if there’s say 3 decisions to make per PL game and 760 PL games per season in total, that’s still around 150 decisions that it gets wrong?
Which sounds a lot.
I’m probably under-estimating the numbers there too because if it was 150 wrong decisions, that’s an average of just over 7 incorrect VAR decisions per team if they were distributed evenly.
So, there’s more to come chaps and chapesses, 🤣.

12.) 22 Dec 2021 19:18:10
It’s been a long day, I’ll correct myself.
760 games per season x 3 = 2280 VAR decisions.
2% is about 45 decisions wrong.
That’s just over 2 per team on average.
So seems too low, unless we’ve had our season’s worth.
Ahh I’m going for a drink and watch the game.
Is there VAR tonight? 🤣🤣.



27 Nov 2021 22:51:33
Looks like Robbos back well hopefully so. I had wanted Tsimikas to start ahead of him but looks like Klopp made the right call. Hopefully now Robbo can kick on.


1.) 28 Nov 2021 07:46:17
I can’t ever remember having 2 so likeable and quality players in one position that we as fans as so desperate to see start.

In my opinion Robbo has been world class since he joined us and with his struggles this season it was great to see him put in a performance yesterday. And then on the other hand we have Tsmiskas who really had his struggles last season but this season has turned that around and become an out of the blue fan favourite.

Only way to solve this issue is to sack Klopp and bring in Southgate. That way he’ll end up playing all our full backs all over the place.

{Ed001's Note - we have seen Robbo look tired in recent seasons, so I am sure there is plenty of chances to rotate them and ensure both stay fresh and firing.}

2.) 28 Nov 2021 09:10:15
The season is so long with so many games we will definitely need both of them. Robbo at his best is world class.

3.) 28 Nov 2021 10:22:56
Robbie playing with a smile makes life good again.

4.) 28 Nov 2021 09:50:39
Whichever starts Wednesday will tell about the "pecking order" right now. Personally for me I'm that happy with both being in the squad that whichever of them starts I don't worry.

5.) 28 Nov 2021 11:13:06
Robbo will start it’s guaranteed 100%. Robbo was the best player on the pitch yesterday. First in sprints, first in chances created, first in final third passes.

6.) 28 Nov 2021 11:20:27
IMO, Robbo starts off as fav cos he’s been here longer and has performed over that time. That’s it. Tsimi is the new kid trying to make his way and stake his claim to get as many games as possible hence, Klopp does not have to overplay Robbo to the point where he is absolutely shattered like he has been since last season. If both are fit then that is a good headache to have for the manager to have.

As for his perf last night, you can see that the rest has done him good. Also, he had prolly heard and read all the stuff being written and said about him being on the slide and how Tsimi is better than him according to some and all that and that has lit a fire in him cos he was simply outstanding vs Saints, IMO. We are back to Robbo Ball and long may it continue.

7.) 28 Nov 2021 11:21:49
Oh Mane Mane - Klopp tends to go with his trusted players for big names. so you're probably right!

8.) 28 Nov 2021 12:21:06
Thought Robbo was excellent yesterday and that it was his best performance for some time. Just goes to show that having healthy competition for places does yield results!



31 Aug 2017 17:59:41
I'm away on holiday so limited acess to what's happening but if we don't get LeMar and Coutinho srays then thata more than good enough for me. On the other hand not bringing a centre half In gas been an error and I know we tried but defending will still be our achilees heel! That being said very happy with what we have done and if Coutinho stays so roll on a hell of a lot of goals be it at both ends this season!


{Ed002's Note - So you will be happy with a player who wants to be elsewhere, has put in a transfer request, pretended to be injured and sick and has no relationship with the manager?}

1.) 31 Aug 2017 18:16:27
To be honest ed002, yeah I would. As fickle as that may sound. We are not the force we once were and he is a player that would grace any team. I know what football is these days and what these premadonnas are like but in my thinking, it's world cup year so he has to get back to it once this window closes so is he going to improve us? Absolutely he is and we can sort his crap out next season. Let's face it froma a liverpool point of view, we are a better team with hI'm than without him!

{Ed002's Note - The world cup is of no relevance Robbie - he doesn't want to play for the club and needs to be moved on.}

2.) 31 Aug 2017 18:18:49
I don't want Coutinho personally.

I will be disappointed if the club let's him go and doesn't replace him as its been going on for a while now.

But yeah don't have anytime left for Coutinho. He's shown he will be unprofessional don't need that in the dressing room.

3.) 31 Aug 2017 18:30:49
These modern day footballers don't give a toss really about the club's and fans they play and there word and contracts signed means nothing but my point is, we are a better team with him. He has though lost all real respect I had for him and and my thinking of the modern day footballer.

4.) 31 Aug 2017 18:37:07
I'm with ED002 on this, I don't want Coutinho anywhere near the club. We should have got the best fee we can then bring in someone quality. That we have failed on both counts is a disgrace.

5.) 31 Aug 2017 19:04:00
The fact Coutinho wants away, will not affect the dressing room one bit. Professional footballers just get on with their own stuff. Did it affect the Dressing room for that year when Suarez wanted away. No.



29 Jul 2017 01:24:25
There's a long way to go in this window so let's try be patient, difficult I know. There will be a lot more activity both in and out. All I want to say is that I have faith in macca and believe what he said two weeks ago. So far he has got two out of the four right in Salah and Robertson so plenty of time left for s full house from him.





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21 Jun 2022 18:02:08
Think he’d offer us something different going forward Ed, not saying he’s world class or anything like that but he’d be good option for us, would offer more than the Ox does now.


{Ed001's Note - I am not convinced he would. He would be a waste of a signing imo. Be better off sticking with what we have than bringing him in.}



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21 Jun 2022 17:55:11
Ox out, Asensio in? I’d be happy with that scenario.


{Ed001's Note - why? Asensio is not very good, not sure how he ever got a move to Madrid.}



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20 Jun 2022 21:07:29
I’d play him in Salahs position Ed, think he’d thrive there us and he’s got bags of talent.




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20 Jun 2022 20:28:53
I would love Neto but would like to see him stay injury free for a prolonged period.


{Ed0666's Note - where would you play Neto mate?



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19 Jun 2022 19:22:57
It’s happening far too often on here, I love this site and the info and time spent providing us with the best information on the net regarding football is appreciated by most people who you use it. It’s a few morons that ruin it for everyone. People need to grow up and stop the abuse. Thanks to all the Eds for their time and effort. I really appreciate it.





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25 Jun 2022 19:39:55
Who do you think we would get on loan or who would you like to see come in on loan Ed0666?


{Ed0666's Note - I’d like to see it mate I think we’re one short if we wanna play both systems and we have to also legislate for inevitable injuries.



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21 Jun 2022 23:44:20
Best of luck to him, I hope he has a great career. I think the weight of playing at one of the top clubs was too much for him unfortunately. Whilst he did score some vital goals for us this season especially, let’s be honest we never did see the Minamino for us that played so well against us for Salzburg.




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14 Jun 2022 11:49:28
Wouldn’t call adding Richarlison a good window.




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11 Jun 2022 23:57:49
Just going on Ed002s latest comment about us having to borrow from the owners to fund the Nunez deal I can’t see us making another major midfield signing this summer. There will be outgoings but don’t think we’ll raise enough to fund a big signing. The dream would be Bellingham next summer as he’s not going anywhere this year.




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10 Jun 2022 21:03:23
Fowler, Salah, Gerrard.