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31 Jan 2022 12:29:58
Nat Phillips off to Bournemouth, on loan, till end of season. Wish him luck.


1.) 31 Jan 2022 13:09:19
Delighted for him hope he does the business!

2.) 31 Jan 2022 16:58:02
Great servant for us. Always played well.




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01 Jun 2022 18:15:19
I know some of the posters were in Paris, the weekend. Hope you all got back unscathed. I think we would all be interested to hear about your experiences, I know I would.


1.) 01 Jun 2022 20:23:15
It might be a long read Rome . But I’ll try simplify my experience mate
There was zero trouble between Liverpool and Madrid support. I’ve just got to say that though first. Zero

To even enter the grounds of the stadium (not through the turnstiles) just to enter the area. Was a barbaric crush.
They checked the legitimacy of each and every ticket with a special pen, TWICE before letting you anywhere near the stadium.
So every LFC fan you see queuing on the pictures at the gates, well let’s say 99% for fair arguments sake, had real ticket. Because they had to go through TWO checks to even get to that area.

They put our fan zone, 55 minutes drive away from the stadium, Jamie Webster finished 3 hours before kick off and everyone set off to the game. Trains Uber etc.
it was €80 in an Uber that shows you how far away we were. In comparison Madrid fans were walking distance.
When you got past the first 2 checks the madness really started. The technology of the ticket scanning was failing all around the ground so of all the entrances, so, they were funnelling the entire 80k fans through around 3/ 4 turnstiles.
That created the queues, they then, decided to close ALL the gates, and just left fans locked outside!
These fans, with legitimate tickets, who have paid thousands for tickets, flights, hotels etc. Not just That game, the ‘entire season’ to build the credits needed for a final. They were stood outside the locked gates, hearing YNWA ring around inside, and some of those tried to jump the fence.
The police then Tear gassed the entire fanbase outside.

But the game was tarnished, nobody was singing really, everyone was just talking throughout the match about the trouble. Empty seats all around because at least half were locked out, some getting in around 65 minutes in, some not at all.

But what really annoyed me the most was when we tried to leave, they basically locked the fans inside the grounds of the stadium, and started Gassing us. We couldn’t get out.
No fake tickets or clashes with Madrid supporters or whatever ‘false excuses’ they can come up with can explain why you Tear Gas supporters trying to leave the stadium and go Home.
It was so close to a disaster mate, I was convinced there would be deaths, all it would’ve taken was one of those supporters to fall over and he/ she would’ve been trampled by thousands trying to escape the gas.

They have to learn from this. No problems with Losing to Madrid I congratulate them. But I wouldn’t take your children to a football game in France, not to mention the Gangs and muggings either, but that’s another story. YNWA reds hope everyone is safe.

2.) 01 Jun 2022 20:41:48
Wow what a insight mate! French b#%#%#%# it’s all I’ll say! And to see more insane words from that clown earlier (we expected trouble from the English) what a W#%#%#!

3.) 01 Jun 2022 21:11:12
LFC8, many thanks for sharing your story, mate. What a shambolic experience you had. Regarding your view on there being no deaths, a good mate of mine, who was also there, said exactly the same, that it was only by chance that there wasn't.
Thanks once again for sharing your experience and all the best to you, mate.

4.) 01 Jun 2022 21:49:41
That's unbelievable lfc8,great 2 hear a 1st hand account of the mess that it was. i was at the 05 and 07 finals, in Istanbul the stadium may as well have been on the moon,1 road in 1 road out. couldn't even get a bottle of water at it. Night before game in square where liverpool fans where, locals would pull the beer out of your hand and then shout and run and the tv cameras would then run there to see if lfc fan would retaliate. Obviously staged. In 07 I think potential was there for a similar mess as paris was but didn't materialise from what I seen.

5.) 01 Jun 2022 22:02:38
No doubt there will be blame laid at the Liverpool fans feet, even tho Merseyside police and every news reporter has publicly stated that the fans were as good as gold. There's no way UEFA and the French authorities are going to put theirs hands up and admit they F##ked up. Hateful that so many people spent hard earned money only to experience that. I will be honest, if my kid was with me and he got gassed and pepper sprayed, I would certainly be arrested for my actions. Shame on Uefa and French authorities, pathetic bunch.

6.) 01 Jun 2022 22:10:35
That sounds like a horror show mate. Glad you got out safe.

7.) 01 Jun 2022 22:14:22
I went without ticket and done the fan zone.

Afternoon was amazing, Liverpool fans were awsome, the fanzone entry was between two vans and armed police.

No issues kids being put first and all round a boss day.

Came out went back in the night, felt like a crush full of French and felt forced in.
Once in we stayed on the edge near exit 10, security just kept letting kids and people in with bottles who were the kind of folk you avoid.

We left 10 minutes early and couldn't get to the coaches, kept getting re directed by police to areas away from coaches and when asking police for help, they just didn't care very threatening and dismissive.

I know a little French when I say a little I mean very basic, luckily I managed to find 1 decent copper (maybe coz I tried to speak French) and was let through to the coaches I was told to go too.

Day was great, night was scary especially as I was only with the wife, just a bad vibe.



28 Apr 2022 11:39:51
Rumours of Klopp extending his contract. If it were to be true that would be better than the quadruple.


1.) 28 Apr 2022 12:11:32
I wonder what JK will be quizzed about at the Newcastle pre-match press conference?



11 Feb 2022 09:35:03
The Diogo song is now No1 on the Kop, I reckon.
Need a Diaz one now.


1.) 11 Feb 2022 10:31:05
What's the Jota song?

2.) 11 Feb 2022 10:45:40
Google "Jota song" on YouTube, Baz. There are a few on there. I believe it started Spurs away, but it's taken off now.

3.) 11 Feb 2022 14:15:49
Cheers Rome👍.



26 Jan 2022 18:49:28
The Egyptian King not coming back just yet.




28 Sep 2021 12:21:09
RIP Sir Roger. A true legend. YNWA.


1.) 28 Sep 2021 12:35:23
Just listened to Phil Thompson talk about him - a proper legend in days when legends deserved to be called as such. Always seemed a real gentleman when he spoke. Thoughts go out to his family at this time. RIP Sir Roger.

2.) 28 Sep 2021 12:47:13
Really sad and as stated above seemed like a really nice man. Someone was asking which legend to do the club tour with and Aldo was one of them. I went to an after dinner event with Aldo and listening to him talk about Roger Hunt was like listening to me and my mates tall about Robbie Fowler. He idolised him.

3.) 28 Sep 2021 13:17:09
Sad time! RIP sir Roger Hunt thanks for the memories YNWA.

4.) 28 Sep 2021 13:19:19
I met Roger twice in real life, firstly just before Christmas 1968 on the East Lancs Rd when both he and Tommy Lawrence were running to Anfield having abandoned their cars in a traffic jam. The game, a 1-1 draw with Manchester City, was delayed for eight minutes and the club was fined £300. Hunt scored.

Secondly, decades later, in the eye clinic at Warrington hospital waiting to be called in for our appointment. I spent 20 minutes in the company of a world cup winner, an absolute gentleman, well deserving of his knighthood.

5.) 28 Sep 2021 14:30:40

6.) 28 Sep 2021 14:42:20
An absolute legend. RIP.

7.) 28 Sep 2021 14:42:51
He is one of the elite band of former players that truly deserves a legendary status.

One of the very best.

8.) 28 Sep 2021 15:07:30
Indeed. RIP mate.

9.) 28 Sep 2021 17:55:50
A true great.
Very sad day for our family.
Rest in Peace Sir Roger.

10.) 28 Sep 2021 20:49:14
We are blessed to support a team that has had its fair share of super stars over the years. Sir Roger Hunt was certainly one of them, up there in the highest echelons with The King himself. The older generation of fans will have been left with plenty of great memories but alas no one goes on forever.

RIP Sir Roger Hunt.

11.) 28 Sep 2021 22:08:06
A fitting tribute paid by the Liverpool team tonight with that fantastic win in Porto, I’m sure that Roger Hunt would have been chuffed with that.
Especially young Curtis Jones’ performance too, his best ever for Liverpool I think, came of age well and truly.
RIP Sir Roger Hunt.




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15 Jul 2022 15:58:37
Pity Boris didn't take your advice, Ed02.




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25 Dec 2021 18:23:21
Thank you very much, Ed02. Merry Christmas to you.


{Ed002's Note - And you. Thanks.}



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18 Dec 2021 15:23:12
I agree with Klopp. What's the point of a break when, say in 3 weeks time, the C.V. is still running rampant. The season may naturally grind to an halt anyway, but till it does, carry on.





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09 Aug 2022 13:27:01
Redrebel, with respect, when was the last time we played 3 at the back under Klopp? There is something seriously wrong if we have to adopt a completely new system due to an injury to just one player.




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28 Jul 2022 12:04:57
Not biased at all there, Stuie!




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18 Jul 2022 08:30:51
It depends where you are, Ed. We're down Cornwall on holiday and it's expected to reach 29 degreez 5?s. More than warm enough but not excessive.


{Ed001's Note - doesn't seem worth opening a loft hatch for 29c.}



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10 Jul 2022 15:48:33
Morton doesn't look anywhere near ready in my opinion and I hope Jones proves me and many others who I travel to games with wrong.




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24 Jun 2022 19:35:40
ArAy, thanks very much, mate. All the best to you.