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12 Jul 2024 22:14:41
A mate of mine has 2 tickets to the Euro 2024 final match on Sunday in Germany, He bought them months ago on spec for £600 each including hotel and flight tickets, but didn't realise when he bought them that it was on the same day as his wedding! So he is looking for someone to take his place if you are interested? It's at 3pm at Liverpool Registry office. Bride's name is Nicola, 5'6", quite attractive, has her own income and is quite a good cook apparently.


1.) 12 Jul 2024 23:10:17
Post of the day ?.

2.) 12 Jul 2024 23:12:48
Excellent Baz! ??????.

3.) 12 Jul 2024 23:47:47
Haha love it!

4.) 13 Jul 2024 00:43:01
Brilliant mate.

5.) 13 Jul 2024 07:51:48
Hahaha, nice one Baz ?.

6.) 13 Jul 2024 09:49:59
Post of the year so far mate.

7.) 13 Jul 2024 12:41:08
Haha, didn't see that coming.

8.) 13 Jul 2024 21:05:07
Just Brilliant ?.

9.) 14 Jul 2024 11:48:33
Does the wedding come with a holiday/ honeymoon? Asking for a friend.



03 May 2024 09:14:56
Hi ed025 you OK mate? Going back to the other day with your comparison with Alison and Clemence. Where would you rate Brucie? And probably a daft question but how highly do you rate Big Nev? I started getting took the match as a 5 year old and Clemence was a spurs player by then so I never really got to see him, I always thought Brucie had a mistake in him and didn't think he was as good as people made out but as he's an absolute rock solid soldier I wouldn't tell him that. I always respected Southall tho and at that time he was the best in the league, if not Europe.


{Ed025's Note - Big Nev was a great keeper Baz and i know im an Evertonian but he was a special talent mate, Clemence was a top top keeper for me and out of all of them was the most commanding of his penalty area, anything in the air and you could rely on him to rise like a sock eyed salmon and grab it (not like the keepers of today who punch everything), Brucie was a decent goalie but always had a mistake in him and usually in important games, a bit of a hot head as well but mind you most of them have got a screw loose it seems, im good thanks Baz and hope i find you the same my friend..

1.) 04 May 2024 13:58:11
Neville Southall is a decent bloke away from football too, he’s probably spent too much time at the buffet table mind you.

{Ed025's Note - he is a big guy VV, he definitely ate all the pies mate..

2.) 04 May 2024 19:36:15
He's vast these days, still do a good job for most PL teams as he fills the whole goal area!

{Ed025's Note - he has certainly let himself go Johnny. But when in his pomp nobody could hold a candle to him mate..

3.) 04 May 2024 21:49:45
Fantastic goalie big nev was, mid-late 80s him and the Russian goalie, was it dassayev ye called him?, where prob 2 best in world.

4.) 05 May 2024 00:06:44
If you think Neville was a big bloke you should of met his brother Boo, worked a couple of sites with him, Jesus.

5.) 05 May 2024 10:24:00
Neville Was the greatest keeper of all time imo, apparently learned to play with a cabbage while a binman? That was the old rumour anyway.

Wasn't he still playing at 50? Some man he is

Schmeichel second and our own ally 3rd. Only thing stopping allison surpassing both is his injury proneness.



30 Oct 2023 21:10:09
Question for ed25 if possible. Hello mate. I've seen you sing the praises of Harry Kane in the past and also seen you compliment Robbie Fowler quite a bit for his finishing. What's your opinion on the better of the 2? Mine is Fowler for 3 or more seasons was untouchable. I really think he should have partnered Shearer in euro 96 but Venables went with Sheringham who did well anyway but I do think Robbie was the better player. Kane seems to have more longevity but being biased I think it's down to Robbie being at his best at the start of the Premier league era when there was still a load of bad habits and diets around. These days players are machines so will last longer but on talent alone I'd take Robbie all day.


{Ed025's Note - i was always a big Robbie fan baz, most natural finisher i have ever seen in british football and a bit underrated if you ask me, totally different player to Harry who is very powerful and really good in the air, what i would call an old fashioned centre forward in the mould of Latchford or Shearer, Robbie was all about finess and could turn a game in an instant, the only down side for me is that he never really produced it in an England shirt which is a shame because we all know he had the ability to be one of the greats..

1.) 31 Oct 2023 04:44:10
Ed 25 am still curious to know who your preferred choice would be on you tesm.

{Ed025's Note - in the present day it would be Kane Groot, ideally i would have them as my forward pair but i suppose thats a bit of a cop out, the fitness you need these days gives Harry the edge because for me power and pace is king in the game today mate..



01 Jun 2023 16:13:14
Interesting seeing some posters saying that this Thuram lad is like Yaya Toure but technically better. I always thought Toure was technically brilliant and his one weakness was a bit of laziness. Exciting stuff being linked with someone who compares favourably to someone so talented. Also his dad was one of my favourite none liverpool players.


1.) 01 Jun 2023 16:27:05
Yaya got destroyed by pre knee injury Lucas and never recovered his form.

But yeah, he never struck me as lacking in technical ability. So if that's true Thuram must be extremely tidy.

2.) 01 Jun 2023 17:48:48
Laziness, I think. Yaya used to have his arse handed to him by the mighty Joe Allen back in the day so that tells you about hide stays could b at times.

3.) 01 Jun 2023 17:58:03
Lucas was a bang average player at best. The thought of him destroying yaya is absurd even for a Liverpool fan. The downgrade from mash and alonso to Lucas was catastrophic.

4.) 01 Jun 2023 18:28:21
Have to disagree Brummy. Lucas was a poster boy for a section of knuckle dragging fans but he was a very good player. OK not as good as Alonso but not many where.

5.) 01 Jun 2023 18:28:35
27th November 2011 Brummy. Lucas lined up in midfield alongside Charlie Adam (so no help there) and pocketed Toure.

Two days later Lucas came off the bench against Chelsea in the League Cup, injured his cruciate and was never quite the same afterwards.

6.) 01 Jun 2023 18:56:07
He pocketed Toure in a 1-1 draw at Anfield? I like to big up our players as much as the next person but Toure was in a different class to Lucas.

7.) 01 Jun 2023 21:48:26
Kone is the man for me rather than Thuram. Much better ball winner.
He'll do all the dirty work so the offensive lads can get on the counter and score some goals.

8.) 02 Jun 2023 09:32:54
Lucas was underrated by some and for years undervalued by a lot of people (including me) . The credit he received towards the end of his time with us was well deserved. He wasn’t a world beater but the team were better with him playing in it.

9.) 02 Jun 2023 15:37:53
Spot on, BigBaz. Lucas was a boss player who took the type of unwanted beating that a certain Jordan Henderson took for years just cos he was not Stevie G or Xabi Alonso by his own proper supporters. I can easily guess that this was the period where the era of txoic rhetoric from club supporters began in full flow.

Lucas played his heart our for LFC and he was coming to his own until that cruciate ligament injury that messed him up. Even the in 16/ 17 in the run in for top 4, Lucas was instrumental at DM and provided 2 crucial assists for Bobbie (win at West Brom) and at Watford for Emre Can to score the goal of the season and get the win we needed to get top 4. Love him to deat, Lucas. Never moaned or complained. Great guy off the pitch, as well I heard.



23 May 2023 11:33:56
Not Liverpool related but I have to say I'm really glad that arrests have been made over the abuse Vinicious Jr has received. It seems he gets targeted nearly every time he plays. People need to realise that this type of thing is not on. I'm no angel when I attend football matches and I can wind up the opposition fans and players to but to abuse someone because of their skin colour or where in the world they are from goes much to far.


1.) 23 May 2023 11:39:40
T*ts up big baz. Big fish Little fish Cardboard Box.

2.) 23 May 2023 12:17:49
Unfortunately I think the only way to stop it is strength in numbers of fans in the grounds who actually have a moral compass calling the other fans out and holding them accountable

The stewards at Anfield (and most grounds) seem like lovely people but they don’t really have the fear factor or authority to confront fans (hooligans) who step well over the line.

I’ve seen it numerous times at Anfield where a steward will be getting stick and other fans have had to intervene (not with violence before someone has an anxiety attack)

It’s a sad worrying state of affairs.

3.) 23 May 2023 12:43:39
The problem here is that this is a societal problem, and until society starts accepting people irrespective of race or colour, this will never end.

4.) 23 May 2023 12:52:38
How you stop it is you hit clubs with indefinite bans from playing in front of their supporters until they take it seriously and start banning supporters. As Vini himself said, this isn't the first, second or third time this has happened. Klopp was asked about it before we played them in Feb.

Valencia have since been embarrassed into taking action against two (! ) fans they have identified, but their initial reaction was to complain about what Ancelotti said. So they're clearly not taking it seriously.

And then repeat the punishment with any other club who's fans try that.

5.) 23 May 2023 12:57:50
Or better yet, stop the match immediately and walk off with points deducted. The response from La Liga was just as bad as the ones hurling abuse. Punish the fans where it hurts most their club. It's embarrassing that this even happens in the modern day.

6.) 23 May 2023 13:25:14
Make clubs whose fans do this sort of crap play behind closed doors.
1st offence = 2 games,2nd offence =4 game etc.

7.) 23 May 2023 13:50:23
Obviously nobody wants to hear racist abuse, yet i’m unsure the suggestion of ‘keeping your opinions to yourself’ fixed the problem. Then you’d still be stood in the stands with a load of racists, only none of them would be vocalising their feelings.

That’s better than players being abused on the pitch, of course it is, but it doesn’t fix the issue. Then again, what it takes to fix the issue is probably beyond football altogether, and instead lies in the hands of the government.

It’s a horrible problem for which bans are a clear and obvious first step, but there does not appear to be any great solution. As much as we love the sport, football still attracts its fair share of idiots, unfortunately.

8.) 23 May 2023 13:54:45
Great responses gents but the problem for me lies where is the cut off.

I’ve been In Anfield where 99% of the crowd are singing along nicely and then you might get the occasional fan shout something that makes you cringe inside but could very well get a game abandoned or future ones played behind closed doors.

100% agree it’s a society thing and for me the problem is it used to be a Minority in society but that minority has grown significantly in this day and age.

9.) 23 May 2023 14:01:11
AW - the key is not finding the solution, but enforcing a suitable punishment to deter. There is no solution as there will always be racists, that is just a fact of life and humanity unfortunately. But if you punish the clubs, this will lead to other fans stepping in when it does happen, as they know that this single or small group of idiots could ruin it for themselves, eventually and hopefully stopping it in the stadiums altogether.

10.) 23 May 2023 14:43:15
You can't deduct points or punish clubs in a way that affects their chances on the pitch for individuals. The reason why is simple. Say Liverpool are up against City in the title race and lead by 3 points; What stops a City fan throwing on a Liverpool shirt and getting in the ground to start shouting racist abuse?

The simple way to resolve this is to start making an example out of individuals. Assign a 3 month prison sentence to shouting racist abuse at a football game. You'll only have to throw a couple hundred in jail before people get the message. Clubs can police this quite easily by installing CCTV and banning all face coverings inside the stadium. Then give the details to the police and let them deal with the **** on an individual basis.

With regards to the Vinicius incident, when it is the whole crowd and not just individuals, then i think the players should be allowed to walk off the pitch and request a replay that would be behind closed doors pending an independent review which can decide whether to grant the request based of the video and audio footage of what prompted the team to leave the pitch.

{Ed002's Note - Opposition fans are not going to dress up in Liverpool shirts. One English club has already refused to let police have CCTV footage for an incident outside the ground.}

11.) 23 May 2023 14:52:07
BigBaz, I am happy that the Spanish have actually decided after over 2 decades of racial abuse of players with a darker skin tone, to actually enforce the laws they have. We all remember all the monkey chants that Dani Alves, Samuel Eto'o went through with Barcelona away at Zaragoza where Alves ate the banana they threw to him to whind them up even more while Eto'o had to be convinced to stay on the pitch as he was tired of it.

The fact that not just Vini Jnr but Rudiger and Alaba get monkey chants made to them at away grounds in La Liga just shows how much they have allowed the despicable conduct to fester all this time, tells me how much they were willing to do nothing about it. The fact that it got this bad is a pure disgrace. I like that people re being held accountable however We will see what happens when an unheralded player of a darker skin tone not named Vini Jnr, Alaba or Rudiger get this type of abuse.

12.) 23 May 2023 14:52:53
Better idea than a replay MK - If footage/ audio finds the players justifiably walked off over racist abuse, award a 3-0 win to their club.

Offending clubs would mysteriously be very able to catch the perpetrators then, I'd bet.

13.) 23 May 2023 16:47:59
At least we can say our own fans wouldn’t dream of racially abusing any players in the stadium at least online is a different kettle of fish. Spain does have a problem with racism and probably always will do. England is light years ahead of other countries who are mostly playing catch up in coming to terms with accepting other races and nationalities.

{Ed025's Note - i think all clubs have an unwanted element within their supporters Str8, i dont see it as a football problem as much as a society one mate, personally i think this will include all clubs without exception, they are nasty pieces of work but knuckle draggers live amongst us im afraid..

14.) 23 May 2023 17:18:32
Oli I don't know if you're old enough to remember when football Italia was on c4 and the very same thing was happening every week on that. I vividly remember one week it was so bad that a commentator said it was just booing. Usually no comments were made.

15.) 23 May 2023 18:16:46
Yeah or that SomethingRed. Would soon stop it happening en masse.

Ed002, i think you're massively over estimating the intelligence and integrity of some British Football fans ? or perhaps you just have more faith in humanity than me!

{Ed002's Note - The only fans that think of conspiracy theories are the Liverpool fans - like when they suggested it was Everton fans dressed up as Liverpool fans attacking the Manchester City coach.}

16.) 23 May 2023 19:43:47
Ed002, I grew up in a small English town with a gang who called themselves the "Rude Boys" and spray painted "RB" all over the nearby towns to start fights with other gangs. The classic English knuckle dragger has no limits on how far they will go with their tribalism from my experience growing up here. Only last week I was in services on the M1 when a mass brawl kicked off between Hull City and Stoke City supporters as they travelled back up North. They literally aren't even rivals and hadn't even played each other that day, yet they started smashing other fans up in the queue for McDonald's. I was just trying to get my kid a Happy Meal and instead i got a free UFC ticket. A minority of British football fans are an embarassment, and I have to admit that does not exclude the Liverpool fan base. I wouldn't put anything past that minority of skid marks.

{Ed002's Note - were they all dressed up as Liverpool supporters.}y

17.) 23 May 2023 19:59:43
It's funny you should ask Ed002 as half of them were in fancy dress. I never thought i'd see a Ali G fighting side by side with a 6ft Lobster but life throws strange at you living in Northampton ?.

18.) 23 May 2023 20:02:44
As Ed025 has suggested on many occasions it's a social problem. Almost all of us will agree that every club will have a fringe group of supporters willing to cross the limits. And Liverpool FC will certainly have those too. So it's conceivable some of these morons have infiltrated the Liverpool page too. ?‍♂️.

19.) 23 May 2023 21:51:19
Bigbaz if it was the one show in the 90's then I was a teenager at the time however, I did not hear the monkey charts for ssure. Either way, it's pathetic and it is one of the big reasons why Italy are not ready to host any international comp. anytime soon since Italia 90.

20.) 23 May 2023 22:52:35
Agreed Oli. And let's not forget our very own Barnsie got dogs abuse for his skin colour. It's an absolute joke. I've never understood it. Like people have said it's a society problem. I mean if I don't get on with someone then it's down to a clash of personality or difference of opinion so generally don't bother with them, but to dislike someone because they look different or sound different to me I find ridiculous.

21.) 23 May 2023 22:55:35
I remember reading an interview with Dawn French years ago and the interviewer asked a really crass question along the lines did the colour of her and her husband’s skin (at the time her husband was Lenny Henry) . Her reply was brilliant. She said she hadn’t noticed any problems and hadn’t realised there was a difference until after they were married when her husband told her that he was black.

Football isn’t the reason for racism but there are obviously racists in football and sadly some of them are in positions of authority. The only thing that we as individuals who might also happen to be football fans can do is to call it out whenever we see it. If everybody did that then the battle to get rid of it might shift a bit. In my honest opinion not doing anything about it if you see it is in some ways worse than the actions of racists as we know it’s wrong.

22.) 23 May 2023 23:24:37
Excellent wdw and her point is brilliant.

23.) 24 May 2023 13:01:26
Barnes used to get racially abused by our fans in the late 80's, I was only 9/ 10 and still remember it clear as day, every club has knobhead fans, we aren't special, it's just stupid to label all fans of a club something that a tiny minority did, but it's the way of the new world today, minority rules these days, very very sadly.




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02 Jan 2024 13:18:45
Fernando Redondos son according to Wikipedia. Injuries aside I thought he was a world class midfielder. If his son can emulate him then he's going to be some player.




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24 Jul 2023 05:54:56
This sort of stuff ticks me off. I think he should lead the way and flea before he gets collared.




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23 Jul 2023 06:39:13
For me there's only one Dynamo and that is of course the massive bloke from Running Man who gets electrocuted when the sprinklers go off.




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10 Jun 2023 11:33:48
I worked with a lady who when she got married her surname changed from Skelly to Kelly and the best man said in his speech that he'd been waiting for someone to knock the S out of her for years.




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24 May 2023 02:24:45
Fair do's fellas. My misreading. No offence meant Monkey.





bigbaz's banter replies


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11 Jul 2024 18:03:33
Still cracks me up that he was played by Tim Roth.




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21 May 2024 19:06:40
Irish Rover, I've always found that playmakers like Elliott will always be based on moments. I'm probably in the minority in thinking that. But a player like Dirk can run himself ragged for a whole game and nobody bats an eyelid but then Stevie blasts one in or plays an inch perfect pass to set up a goal while being largely anonymous all game and that's what everyone remembers. I'm not saying one thing is better than the other but it's the sum of all parts. Elliott for me is a number 10 . The greats in that position, like Baggio, Bergkamp and people of that ilk never played well for 90 mins every game. But when they came alive they where the match winners. Elliott reminds me of Baggio with his touch and control, and Baggio at his best wasn't the quickest even though he was lightening when he first arrived on the scene. Get him in regularly behind a goal scorer and I think he will be the one to unlock the defences we need.




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03 May 2024 15:15:18
Rigsby I hope there weren't any socks attached to them pegs. One of the funniest things I've ever seen at the match was the Derby in a replay in the fa Cup where every time we got a throw in some fella shouted "SOCKS" and about 20 pairs of socks got launched. But then Everton won in the last minute so the novelty wore off very quickly.




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01 May 2024 19:54:44
Ed025 you listed a load of great players there mate but no Barnes. Was that an oversight or do you not rate him?


{Ed025's Note - a bit of a brain fart im afraid Baz, right near the top of that list for me mate and one of the most skillful players i have ever seen mate..



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16 Mar 2024 14:26:58
I remember getting 8/ 1 odds on that game that if Bellamy scored he would celebrate by swinging an imaginary golf club. It came in obviously. I liked Bellamy when he played for us but couldn't stand him anywhere else. Very mouthy. The game where we played Chelsea in the league Cup just after Gary Speed died was his best game for us. He absolutely tore them to pieces.




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