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14 Oct 2021 15:07:43
Afternoon Eds how is Jeremy Doku getting on so far this season and are we monitoring him?


{Ed002's Note - He has been out injured since the first couple of games. Maybe Liverpool are watchingbh#im get better?}

1.) 15 Oct 2021 14:11:52
Perhaps Ed2 some weird medical documentary lol.



30 Aug 2021 23:34:53
Noise on divock at last fiorentina and randomly arsenal linked I hope he gets regular football great respect for all he’s done for the club. YNWA Divock.




21 Aug 2021 12:51:33
Salah set to sign a two year extension taking him to 2025, he will be the highest paid player in club history.


1.) 21 Aug 2021 15:43:47
He definitely deserves it. He is a legend.

2.) 21 Aug 2021 16:54:59
Amazing considering every single summer transfer window I read on here that he's off to Real Madrid for sure.
Some folks never learn.

3.) 21 Aug 2021 17:18:16
hell only be 33 when that ends, easily he has another 3 seasons in him after that barring any bad injuries.

4.) 21 Aug 2021 17:42:00
Fantastic news. Bonafide legend.

5.) 21 Aug 2021 21:59:49
Deserves it! (. don’t agree any person on the planet does unless it’s a cure for cancer) but ye know what I mean unreal player didn’t score today but he will be rampant! His stats don’t lie end of! Oh as me pals once said he’s a lil Chelsea reject! Yuppp he sure is our mo!

6.) 22 Aug 2021 00:55:31
Flash - ed told us that. Are you saying he's a liar? Also from my perspective, I think there have been some key changes to current superstars in world football that aligns with it making more sense Salah stay with us.

{Ed077's Note - what you've been told is that Salah and his team have been trying to get a move to RM or another "big" European team to be the "poster boy". I don't think any Ed's have actually said he is leaving LFC outright.

7.) 22 Aug 2021 03:45:10
Faith, Ed02 has refereed a few times at the back end of last season and the off season, that Salah is now past the high point of his sale value (and hence mega contract) . Whilst his agent will be talking him up when bargaining it has always been possible that he’d look to stay - although nothing has been signed as yet.

8.) 22 Aug 2021 03:43:51
77 - yes, and that is the premise that posters suggest that he is off every summer.

{Ed077's Note - ok

9.) 22 Aug 2021 08:15:04
Both Suarez and Coutinho left within six months of signing new contracts. Just a reminder. Of how things really work. Hold the champagne, lower the music volume.

10.) 22 Aug 2021 11:42:32
Suarez and Coutinho were a fair bit younger than Salah - he have missed the boat on the mega bucks deal - particularly with Barcelona who make us look extremely wealthy at the moment.

{Ed002's Note - Both could yet be available - a nice little surprise perhaps?}

11.) 22 Aug 2021 12:18:17
Can’t see Barcelona getting Salah of us anytime soon lol.

12.) 22 Aug 2021 12:31:03
Couts is incoming.

13.) 22 Aug 2021 13:19:54
West Derby - good points and I think that too is a factor in Salah staying longer.

14.) 22 Aug 2021 13:00:41
Thanks but no thanks Ed. Suarez and Coutinho can stay as far away from us as possible. I’d rather keep Salah here.

{Ed0666's Note - if Couts was too come it would be a season long loan I’m sure we would finagle a way for Barca to pay half his wages and I don’t hate the idea. He’d play his little heart out to get a permanent deal. I know I’d be in the minority for a Couts comeback but you can’t please all the people all of the time

15.) 22 Aug 2021 14:00:11
I'd take Coutinho on loan for a year in a heartbeat, absolute win-win situation. No downside, we would have 5 absolute top class attacking options, and the kids.

16.) 22 Aug 2021 14:18:13
Why on earth would we want Coutinho back on loan or otherwise? He lied about injury and downed tools to get his dream move because he thought the grass was greener on the otherside. Now he wants back now we're challenging? I'd only take him back if Barcelona paid his wages and we spent zero money whatsoever. Hopefully the prospect of him re-joining is just the eds on a wind up.

17.) 22 Aug 2021 14:56:45
Because if your broke and the chance came to take a player of Coutinho's calibre on loan you don't cut your nose off to spite your face. He could be on his way after a year but in the meantime we'd get a top player, a player who can make a difference for mimimum outlay.

18.) 22 Aug 2021 15:25:10
Do we actually hold any interest in Coutinho though ed?

{Ed002's Note - Klopp thinks Pipco is a little sweetie.}

19.) 22 Aug 2021 16:16:01
Faith - you ask if I'm calling the eds liars. Not sure why you take that approach, why on earth would I do something like that? I've got nothing but respect for all the eds and wouldn't dream of even suggesting something like that.
As Ed077 has already answered, none of the eds said Salah was leaving. So maybe you're getting the hump with me because of your own poor interpretation of what the eds say?

20.) 22 Aug 2021 17:00:56
I know he downed tools for us, but it was his dream move and things haven’t worked out. Grass isn’t always greener that’s for sure, and I’m sure he has realised, and we came out of it a lot better off. I wouldn’t be opposed to having him back because of the way he left, if he was truly in it for us. However, he hasn’t shown any form for ages, is injured a lot… for me that’s a bigger reason as to why not.

{Ed077's Note - he has failed miserably at Barcelona, surely you aren't serious about wanting/taking Coutinho back

21.) 22 Aug 2021 18:00:18
Coutinho was failing at Inter Milan (and loaned out to Espanyol) before Liverpool pulled him out of future obscurity by buying him and giving him a shot. With all credit due to him he progressed from a player who couldn't play beyond a half, to one who was called world-class. He then took his next shot by knifing the club in the back and pursuing his dreams with Barcelona. That's fine too, I guess. But it has turned out to be a bridge too far. And I think his skills have eroded, his confidence must be shot (even if he is the third most expensive player ever, transfer fee wise) .

I don't see how he would fit in with what the club is trying to build; the next group to keep the club at the highest level. Even on loan he wouldn't come cheap (forget a purchase) and it would mess with the heads of Mane, Jota, Jones and Elliott. I can't imagine the club now with a forward or attacking mid who doesn't track back, who isn't fast and isn't mentally tough. But above all I do not think he is good enough anymore. That's basically it.

22.) 22 Aug 2021 17:30:55
Madness to bring him back he’d just stop the progression of the like of Elliot.

23.) 23 Aug 2021 08:37:58
Ed666 I'm really disappointed in you, nah only joking, every man has his kriptonite that makes him weak at the knees, but for me Coutinho is not that lol. I would be happy for him to collect his millions elsewhere.

{Ed0666's Note - I just don’t see why all the hate for him mate. I don’t think playing Couts off the bench or in the FA cup, dead rubbers in champions league, caraboa cup etc would be a problem? I know he wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea but I loved him and wouldn’t mind seeing him back for a season. Under klopp he’d work hard this time round.

24.) 23 Aug 2021 09:00:07
Aside from any considerations regarding his previous behaviour in his last months I just think we'd be better off saving the money and keep regularly playing with what we've got . When Coutinho left we didn't miss him really, and now he'd almost certainly block other players developments .



18 Aug 2021 15:32:35
Fatawu all but confirmed -

Issahaku added a post to his Insta story that shown a video called: “Here’s why Liverpool signed Abdul Fatawu Issahaku. "

It would not be the first time that the Reds have poached talent from around the world with the club preferring to build talents rather than snap up the biggest stars.


1.) 18 Aug 2021 18:13:19
Another top young player through the door if they can pull it off.

2.) 18 Aug 2021 19:21:26
Surely he’s not old enough yet? Pretty sure Ed002 said we’d be in the old s h 1 t if we bought him?

3.) 18 Aug 2021 20:34:26
Think we'll sign him when he's 18.

4.) 18 Aug 2021 20:35:41
Perhaps we will do something cunning and not process the signing until he 18?

Then everything will be squeaky clean and all above board (cough, cough, cough)

{Ed002's Note - FIFA are already looking at the situation.}

5.) 18 Aug 2021 22:01:17
FIFA already looking at the situation? Transfer ban incoming so.

{Ed002's Note - This has been since the original publicity - it is nothing new.}

6.) 19 Aug 2021 00:09:14
I don't think a transfer ban would make any difference at the moment.

7.) 19 Aug 2021 00:23:47
The club know they can't sign u18's. surely the move is just been set up for when he DOES turn 18.nothing illegal in that is there?

8.) 19 Aug 2021 00:56:49

9.) 20 Aug 2021 02:56:04
At the rate that we're buying new players, a transfer ban would mean nothing :D.



05 Aug 2021 12:28:19
Liverpool are adamant they want around £12.75m (€15m) to sell Xherdan Shaqiri this summer.

Via Sky - so no freebie.


1.) 05 Aug 2021 14:07:15
Well that's that. Shaq sticks around for his standard 10 appearances a season. Another excuse for the club not to spend on new players.
Can't we just move these players on? At least for the players' sake who just want to play week in week out?

2.) 05 Aug 2021 14:26:31
Scores a winner against a big four rival in the process? Makes it worth keeping him for a year?

Don’t write the lad off just yet. If fit (big big if) he can be a match winner off the bench.

Red Sandman.

3.) 05 Aug 2021 14:38:51
Indian buzzer, are you ever positive about anything? Shaq had a good euro's and is EASILY worth 13m.

4.) 05 Aug 2021 14:54:46
He's worth whatever a club is willing to pay for him Spaceman.

5.) 05 Aug 2021 14:59:08
In today’s market shaq is easily worth £10-15mill, he’s still 29 years old and clearly still a valuable player, if he’s playing regularly.

6.) 05 Aug 2021 15:22:11
Even if we sell Shaq why would we replace him, just out Harvey Elliott in that position. We did not rely on Shaq last season. It is like a replacing a broken car in your driveway with a new one when it finally gets towed.

What is the fascination with new players, the club is spending the money on tying down the players we have. Every club is trying to find players of that quality we have. Do we really desperately need a Gini replacement we could move Jones in that position. We currently have Keita, Thiago, Henderson, Fabinho, Jones for three positions.

Some supporters are like little kids who just want new toys even though they don't play with the ones they have.

7.) 05 Aug 2021 18:46:27
Harry, whereas I agree that Shaqiri doesn’t need replacing, Elliot is more than capable of taking that spot with his ability and enthusiasm, I don’t think any of our midfield options are capable or doing what Wijnaldum did at his best. Keita is too lazy, inept, weak and injury prone, Jones isn’t tactically switched on and doesn’t react to situations quickly enough yet (he’s got ability, but work is needed to get to the top), Milner’s legs have gone and at 36 he’s not getting any better, Ox is too injury prone to be relied upon, Thiago and Henderson also have a tendency to miss a lot of games through injury and we know how poor our midfield is if both of Henderson and Fabinho aren't available.

We do need to sign a central midfielder, but that’s about all.

8.) 05 Aug 2021 23:24:41
Kman92, how long has Shaq been 29 for?




jkh1983's banter posts with other poster's replies to jkh1983's banter posts


01 Nov 2021 16:41:18
Genuine question to our fans that id love to see if its just me or if we could be a catalyst.

The money that goes out of the game has to stop and the continued inflated wages has to stop also before we see more and more clubs crippled like Bury etc. The situation at Barcelona is another example of clubs living beyond their means paying silly prices and silly wages to complete with other clubs.

Its clear that with City, PSG and now Newcastle in the mix these clubs drive up the wages top players can and do demand as they know one of these will pay it. The money PSG are already paying Neymar, Mbappe and Messi is a joke and they are not alone.

My point - we the fans, and it has to be across all of Europe, we have to make a stance or at least a start of uniting to demand a wage cap across all the top leagues that control the top competitions.

Yes we won't stop the likes of China etc tempting players via a big pay day but most top players want to play in the European cups, World Cups etc so in order to do that there clubs must adhere to a wage cap. I can't imagine if you where to ask massive clubs from around Europe that they would not want to do this if a practical approach is outlined that works for all.

AC Milan
Man U

There needs to be something in place before we start seeing players asking for 1 million pound a week!

I would suggest 200k p/ w is more that enough for any player in the world and yes some already earn more than this but tough when your contract ends fall in line.

Eds im not looking to cause some argument im simply looking as a fan and trying to find a way we - the fans can stop the madness.

Once upon a time it was the working mans game and the man on the stand could relate to the players.


1.) 01 Nov 2021 17:31:49
Don’t think we’ll ever see a wage cap. Owners of clubs that pay wages high enough to even start a discussion of wage caps are already multi billionaires they can well afford high wages.

2.) 02 Nov 2021 08:59:08
I know this is going to get lost in the ether now but whenever I hear the argument about how much players get paid I always say that the money is going to be there anyway. Clubs wouldn’t start asking for less sponsorship or TV revenue so if the players are paid less then who earns all that money? Yes, the already billionaire owners or investment companies. I’d much rather all the money goes to the people we tune in to football for than the suits behind the scenes, because it sure as hell wouldn’t find it’s way down to the lower leagues and smaller clubs.



09 Sep 2021 15:57:22
Liverpool believe that, due to the circumstances surrounding the ongoing C.V. C.V. and the quarantine measures players would have had to face upon their return to the UK had they travelled, FIFA has no foundation with which to stop the players from being selected by their clubs this weekend.


1.) 09 Sep 2021 17:23:12
Makes sense right? imagine 10 days quarentine on reaching brasil. playing for say a week. return and quarentine again for what 5-6 days? that's 20+ days. doesn't make sense at all.

2.) 09 Sep 2021 16:57:33
If we pick them this weekend we will be fielding ineligible players which carries its own consequences.
Hopefully something will be sorted before the games.

3.) 09 Sep 2021 18:49:09
I hope we don't back down and play our Brazilians, and if it goes to the court of arbitration so be it, we will win.

4.) 09 Sep 2021 18:54:57
Yes but Leeds are also affected. So if the fielded thier player FIFA can't give a 3-0 loss to both teams. I would just contact Leeds and say we intend playing our lads, we have no issue with you playing yours. If they do have an issue its nothing to do with rules, its because they want an advantage.

5.) 09 Sep 2021 19:17:38
How will Leeds be affected?

6.) 09 Sep 2021 19:35:06

{Ed001's Note - he turned down the call up, Leeds didn't stop him.}

7.) 09 Sep 2021 20:41:45
Just like Matip turned down his call up with Cameroon and is free to play vs Leeds. I say that if no announcement is done before Sun, we shouldn’t risk it and play our boys cos if we do and the PL don’t give us the support we need, we are well and truly screwed esp if we win the game on the pitch.

8.) 10 Sep 2021 08:07:17
I believe Brazilian Sportsman wouldn't have to quarantine on arrival in Brazil just when they come back still not a good scenario either way.

9.) 10 Sep 2021 11:13:43
Matip retired from international duty about 5 years ago that's the difference. He also sat out a game at Old Trafford, if my memory serves me correctly, over turning down a request from Cameroon during the African Cup of nations.

10.) 10 Sep 2021 11:23:51
If FIFA and UEFA were really about the good of the game, then they would have stopped international games until C.V. was being better managed. Bring on the ESL I say, at least they're overtly about money lol.



08 Sep 2021 21:00:18
Echo - I know gone down hill lots

Reporting Milan want to swap Kessie for Thiago in Jan to avoid losing him for free.


1.) 09 Sep 2021 00:01:48
No chance why would we swap a player for him when we can agree a pre contract. Kessie would be very good for us though.

2.) 09 Sep 2021 11:42:54
OP, that makes no sense at all, coming from the Echo.

3.) 09 Sep 2021 15:27:04
I agree the only thing I can possible assume and don't get me wrong i can't see is, is that they consider the deal to sell kessie in Jan as oppose to the summer.

Still I think Thiago is world class and over this season will excel once he gets in the team.

Him Fab and Hendo with elliott dropping in and jones with Nobby hopefully sustaining some form the mid looks very strong.

Also super Milly!



07 Sep 2021 10:59:10
The new third kit is delightful!

I think we have nailed the kits this year.


1.) 07 Sep 2021 13:08:26
I seem to be one of the minority that loves the home kit. It may not fit with the the traditional style of home shirts but clubs need to explore new styles to attract younger fans across the world.

2.) 07 Sep 2021 13:11:08
Plenty of the new home shirts on show at the ground every week Rainbow bud!

3.) 07 Sep 2021 13:13:06
Also, why are people making Ronald McDonald comparisons as if Nike are the first kit suppliers to come up with a yellow/ red away kit? This is one of Liverpool's classic away colours is it not?!

4.) 07 Sep 2021 13:31:25
Prices are far too high these days. I'm not paying £70 for a football shirt, no way.

5.) 07 Sep 2021 14:25:20
10% off with club membership I got the red and white one from very and got 20% off so they was only about £56 each bargain.

6.) 07 Sep 2021 14:25:38
I'm with you hsf, it's crazy mate. Especially if you have sons wanting it as well. I got lucky the other week and got one for £20 it's obviously fake but you'd never know, got the boys one as well. There's no way on earth I'm paying full price nowadays.

7.) 07 Sep 2021 14:43:56
Agree Salah I bought my son the proper kit last season and it set me back £70. I was then offered the away Kit (fake) for £16 and I was shocked at the quality in it as it looked and felt the same so I purchased it. In fact the fake kit still looks as new as the real version 12 months down the line. This season for his birthday my boy wanted the home and away kits so I purchased both for £30 and he loves them.

With so many people turning to streaming games rather than pay Sky or BT and then purchasing quality kits at a sixth of the real price how long can football continue in the direction it currently is with regards to wages and spending.

8.) 07 Sep 2021 16:05:04
Maybe the streaming sites will show fake games and we will have to watch Sky to see the real match?

Maybe we can have a fake EPL table alongside the real one?

Are all. Chelski fans fake anyway?

Maybe we are living in the Matrix.

9.) 07 Sep 2021 16:38:46
JK what site did you use?

10.) 07 Sep 2021 16:39:26
The 3rd kit is horrible I think, overall happy with nike though I’d say 5/ 6 kits I like so far tracksuit tops have been fantastic so far which i’m more interested in i don’t buy the kits anymore.

11.) 07 Sep 2021 16:41:57
There’s no way I’m paying them prices. They look a bloody show as well.

12.) 07 Sep 2021 17:45:27
The collar on the yellow one is shocking, the other 2 are class.

13.) 07 Sep 2021 17:55:19
Was in jd the other day. thought I'd get a new top for season, not had 1 for ages. Not impressed by either the home kit collar. pink? The away kit hmmmm. As for the 3rd kit I like it. but what's with the red and yellow checkers all about. I see the mcdonalds reference as some1 said.
They're poor this year. Liked the red 1 last year. But the ones from 2019/ 2020 were the best.
Price wise they're a con.

14.) 07 Sep 2021 18:17:07
Anythings better than man United away kit. that is vile.

15.) 07 Sep 2021 18:19:03
Jk give us the link to site mate will you. I've seen a few sites but are they to be trusted. that's the thing.

16.) 07 Sep 2021 18:29:58
Baz used a app called Vova, it comes from China then. Very impressed with the kit that was delivered mate.

17.) 07 Sep 2021 20:11:33
DH Gate or Ali Express search Liverpool 21/ 22 you'll save a fortune lad's👍.

18.) 07 Sep 2021 20:47:33
I think there should be a rule, If you're old enough to vote, you're banned from wearing a playing strip unless you're actually playing.

19.) 07 Sep 2021 21:53:01
Ali Express? 🤣🤣
Ah Barry mate that’s shocking.

20.) 08 Sep 2021 07:41:52
Just buy your favourite retro shirt and then you can save cash as well as not looking a numpty for buying the latest half-assed nike landfill food.



06 Sep 2021 12:37:08
For Nathlfc and anyone else wondering about current wage bills in the EPL per season current as of this season -

1 - Utd 27 active players - 227 million
2 - Chelsea 24 active players - 152 million
3 - City 22 active players - 143 million
4 - Liverpool 27 active players - 135 mill
5 - Arsenal26 active players - 95 mill.


1.) 06 Sep 2021 13:03:11
Out of interest, is that just playing staff or everyone involved at the club?

2.) 06 Sep 2021 13:15:21
In relation to the players only.

3.) 06 Sep 2021 13:45:22
Do we pay non playing staff. Are they not all still on furlough 👀.

4.) 06 Sep 2021 13:50:37
Liverpools wages and salaries in their last financial statement was circa £325 million and increase of £16 million on the previous season.

I've no idea how or what the figures are above 🤔🤔.

5.) 06 Sep 2021 14:18:40
Rediculous figures.

6.) 06 Sep 2021 14:54:20
Where did you get those figures from? If you doubled our figure you are still £50m short.

7.) 06 Sep 2021 14:56:06
I would imagine those are basic salaries and not including potential bonuses. LFC were reported changing
the wages structure to give a stronger emphasis to achievement bonuses, so final figure could be a lot larger.

8.) 06 Sep 2021 14:57:12
These are players wages ONLY not all other associated staff to the club.

9.) 06 Sep 2021 14:32:58
At this point Ed2 is rolling his eyes. Let's stop speaking about finances we have no idea about. Don't give the old bugger ammunition ;) .

10.) 06 Sep 2021 15:00:59
The figure in the accounts relates to and includes aggregate amounts for both staff and directors including wages, salaries, social security costs and pensions.

No wonder the Eds don't try and get into figures!

11.) 06 Sep 2021 15:20:18
Salah why be so condescending? Perhaps enlighten us with your wisdom in this area if what I've posted is so ridiculous please do correct where exactly I'm wrong?

12.) 06 Sep 2021 15:34:08
Do the players have to pay for their meals in the canteen?

Do they have kit laundry bills or is the use of twin tubs included in their contract?

13.) 06 Sep 2021 15:46:03
Jkh I have no idea so I am out on this topic.

14.) 06 Sep 2021 15:49:49
Your figures imply that despite our known high wage bill, we are still a whole arsenal yearly wage behind man United. I can't believe that to be true.

15.) 06 Sep 2021 16:40:07
So even if them figures were true, and for FSG sake i hope they aren't, we made near £180 mill from tv and prize money alone the last couple of seasons, each season too, we won the CL, went to the final and won the League, on them figures (without match day rev and the like) we should of had at least £50 to £100 mill for transfers, without having to sell, would we not? So my usual question and in a hope that fans start to question how the owners do take us forward, where's the funds for players and why are we some of the lowest spenders about, consistently, the club isn't being run well at all.

{Ed001's Note - how do you figure this rubbish out? Do you think the only spending is wages? Jesus you are embarrassing. Give it a rest for god's sake you don't have a single solitary clue and the ignorance is incredible. I don't like FSG and would be happy to get rid, but you just make up nonsense to push the agenda and it does nothing but make you look like a complete idiot and put people on FSG's side.}

16.) 06 Sep 2021 17:12:33

17.) 06 Sep 2021 17:19:48
So associated staff account for £190 million circa of Liverpools wages and the players only £135 million? Hmmmm.

18.) 06 Sep 2021 17:52:57
I give up - you can take a horse to water but you can't make it drink.

19.) 06 Sep 2021 18:02:49
The important comment made here was by Wirralean.

We know that we tend to structure our deals heavily towards bonuses - its how we are able to compete (sometimes) with our wealthier opponents like Man Utd, Man City and Chelsea.

So the difference between these figures provided (in good faith) by jkh and the figures in SR's analysis is mainly going to be player bonuses. There will also be things like other staff and director pay, Eers NI, pension etc, but the vast majority of the difference will be bonuses.

I'm not sure that this adds much to the discussion (sorry jkh), but it is interesting nontheless to try to understand our pay model for players as opposed to other teams that may be more skewed towards basic pay than bonus pay.

I would imagine bonuses have been more attractive for players joining us recently (and re-signing) as we have become more and more successful. No surprise that Man Utd are more skewed towards basic pay as they haven't won much of note recently and have a PE teacher at the helm rather than Norbert!

20.) 06 Sep 2021 18:36:11
Bonuses, as well as improved deals, provide some context to Liverpool’s rising wage bill, after recent success on the field.
The club still has a wage structure in place and the figures would not be anything as high if all those shiny pieces of silver hadn’t been won.

21.) 06 Sep 2021 19:52:55
Spot on, Juicer. The owners chose this route cos in the past when they took over, they identified that a lot of players where on stupid wages their performances did not deserve. They changed the wage system and it has worked so if we are going to have a crazy wage bill, I’d prefer it to be accompanied by actual trophies won cos here, you see what you are actually paying the wages for: Success on the pitch.

22.) 06 Sep 2021 20:36:21
This is embarrassing. It literally took me 5 minutes to find our last published accounts and our salary costs (including pension, NI, etc) are clearly shown as £326m. If you’re going to post stuff like this it really isn’t hard to find out the truth without looking daft.

23.) 06 Sep 2021 21:42:31
Johnnyr perhaps you should learn to read the accounts properly and what is broken down into that category before you make a complete fool of yourself on here!

24.) 06 Sep 2021 21:46:31
Cheers Zed hope your well pal.

25.) 06 Sep 2021 21:57:53
Come on then JKH, educate me. The club spent £325m on wages according to the last set of accounts - it’s on page 25 if you want to have a look. I know it’s not all on players but it all comes from the same place e. g the club revenue. I’m an Accountant by the way so I think I know my way around a set of financial accounts.

{Ed002's Note - This why we don’t discuss finances.}

26.) 06 Sep 2021 22:00:43
If it is based on performance and winning trophies etc then surely our wage bill will go down after last season.

27.) 06 Sep 2021 22:01:55
Apart from about 90% of the thread being gibberish, and whatever the figures actually are, what’s the point of the thread? Nobody here pays the wages and the owners pay what they feel they need to pay.

28.) 06 Sep 2021 22:18:52
I agree Ed2 take the post down bud it’s not worth it.

29.) 06 Sep 2021 22:32:20
I hear you Ed002 but I’d still like to know where that £135m on 27 players wages comes from as quoted in the OP because I’m not seeing it in the official accounts and Im guessing the club wouldn’t publish that breakdown anyway?

{Ed002's Note - I have no idea.}

30.) 06 Sep 2021 23:29:30
Where did you get the nonsense from since, where did arsenal get 26 active players cause I've seen about 3. Love it😅😅😅.

31.) 07 Sep 2021 00:49:38
I just came here to see if ed2 says the OP is correct or not lol.

32.) 07 Sep 2021 03:45:14
I think a few of these posts should be moved to the conspiracy page.

33.) 07 Sep 2021 04:02:53
Ed001, is your dislike of FSG due to the Super League fiasco? I just don't think there's many 'likeable' candidates out there to own the club.

{Ed001's Note - that was the final nail in the coffin, but I do agree, there are very few realistic alternatives.}

34.) 07 Sep 2021 08:49:52
Mark, not sure if your post was tongue in cheek BUT no it won't. The success that the bonuses are linked to, were in the past hence, they are due now. Pretty simple stuff.

35.) 07 Sep 2021 09:17:18
@Irish Rover: The figures of £325 million you mention feature in the financial statement as the total wages/ salaries/ pensions etc. of 880 employees which include (as is in the financial statement)

- Administration, commercial and others (620)
- Players, managers and coaches (203)
- Ground and maintenance staff (57).

I think the OP may have extracted this data from spotrac. But some of the data may be incomplete (if the site is reliable), like there is no cost mentioned for Saul (which should be pretty significant I guess)

36.) 07 Sep 2021 13:06:44
The numbers don't make sense, as i said, i hope they weren't correct but i will always stand by my belief that these owners can't take us forward and don't have the means too, nothing will change my view until someone comes up with a decent argument for the continued ownership of FSG.

37.) 07 Sep 2021 13:16:43
You are one of the few that gets it @LFCDas let's move on nonetheless.

38.) 07 Sep 2021 15:28:57
Ed002's reply? "I HAVE NO IDEA" says it all.

39.) 07 Sep 2021 15:57:41
It does Irish it tells you he doesn't have an idea hahaha.

40.) 08 Sep 2021 10:06:58
Lancaster been moaning about FSG not being able to take us forward for years while the club quietly went about the business and won sh*t lol.




jkh1983's rumour replies


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15 Oct 2021 14:11:52
Perhaps Ed2 some weird medical documentary lol.




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15 Oct 2021 13:13:41
Not happening waste of time.




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23 Aug 2021 15:27:43
He has only managed 30 goals in 117 games in a good Lazio team in a poor division outside maybe 3 clubs so I wouldn't want to gamble on a player of those returns to be honest. He may come good but I wouldn't take the risk hard pass.




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15 Aug 2021 18:00:09
Yes but it is for amber listed and those pinged. can't see it being allowed that we can be expected to be without 3 starting players due to this there will be changes even it that means a rescheduled date for the match.




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15 Aug 2021 17:06:37
I don't mind the lad he's ok and does a job for norwich but everytime his names comes up on this site for LFC its like come on lads really he's not even close to lfc level that's not a disrespect to him its just the level we are.

Can you imagine taking off a Mane or Salah to bring on Cantwell.





jkh1983's banter replies


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15 Oct 2021 13:19:23
JK23 he left at a time when city was still investing heavily (not that, that has stopped) and yes a pay rise would be expected but he more than double his earnings to go to a team that was no better than the one he was with. They had the financial clout to push on they still finished 4th and we spanked them 1-4 on their own patch and 3-0 at Anfield!

So trying to pass it off as purely bashing the player is nonsense, call he left because he was getting a lot more cash to do so in a team that wasn't all that great at that point in time other than there cash balance!

Im not even drawing into the songs and gomez issues.




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15 Oct 2021 08:35:35
Its a joke it really is I wish the fans around the world would unite in protest of this and demand a wage cap across all the top leagues!




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15 Oct 2021 08:23:34
But you can't argue he simply jumped at the chance to chase the ££££ like many others did and still do!




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08 Oct 2021 21:47:45
Sorry but Leicester's owners all day long are the best.




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09 Sep 2021 15:27:04
I agree the only thing I can possible assume and don't get me wrong i can't see is, is that they consider the deal to sell kessie in Jan as oppose to the summer.

Still I think Thiago is world class and over this season will excel once he gets in the team.

Him Fab and Hendo with elliott dropping in and jones with Nobby hopefully sustaining some form the mid looks very strong.

Also super Milly!