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29 Apr 2022 05:42:30
Hi edd,

Would you expect the club to follow up on Klopps contract extension, and complete contract extensions for some of those running out within the next year or so. Adrian, Keita, Mané, Salah, Ox, Milner or Bobby?

Have a great weekend.



{Ed002's Note - It is unrelated to Klopp. The club have been trying to get Salah to agree a new contract but his agent is still hawking him around to see what other offers he can get. The club are aware of Mane's very high financial demands but will look to extending his contract. I don't know what will happen with Robert Firmino - Liverpool cannot add players without making space - extending the contracts of 30 year olds is not ideal. Adrián is out of contract in the summer - perhaps a one year deal. Naby Keita - I am told he is looking to stay but Liverpool might want to see what options they can find for him. The whole affair has not gone terribly well and he remains a pest after his antics. Is limited in the countries he can move to. AOC is uncomfortable with his lack of game time and options are being sought by his agent. May look to run his contract down which will open up options. James Milner (M) Out of contract this summer. At 36 it is the time to move on or retire.

Liverpool have an aging squad with eight first team regulars 30 or over. It needs reducing.}

1.) 29 Apr 2022 14:41:01
Thank you very much. Hope we get Mané and Salah on new contracts, or at least one of them. Milner have been a great servant of the club as far as I know, and I for one would love him to stay within the club. It continues to riddle me, how Keita have not been tutored from his misbehaviuor at this point. Howcome he doesn't settle in?

Happy friday, edd.

{Ed002's Note - Keita is a complete bonehead.}

2.) 29 Apr 2022 15:35:32
Ed I know you said he played up while in Germany but has he played up whilst with us. I can't recall you saying anything while he's been here.

{Ed002's Note - Not that I am aware of.}

3.) 29 Apr 2022 16:25:02
Thanks for the reply. I thought he had hence you calling him a bonehead.



21 Jan 2020 22:28:35
What a lovely day for rumours. Havertz, Werner, Mbappé. These rumours may be wrong 99% of the time, but they sure do make the wait between matches more entertaining. Love it.


1.) 22 Jan 2020 08:28:03
my favorite is the media frenzy for the likes of Mbappe or Werner one day, followed the next day by a confirmed signing from Le Havre or Dusseldorf lol.

2.) 22 Jan 2020 13:52:13
To be fair, Le Havre have a pretty decent reputation for producing top quality youngsters, Faithinworks.

3.) 23 Jan 2020 08:23:04
Didn't the French wonderkids - Le Tallec and Pongnolle - come from Le Havre, from memory?

4.) 23 Jan 2020 09:32:39
Can’t anybody see the irony in their statements that very few Liverpool youngsters have made it in the top flight, this is exactly ed002’s point if Liverpool has a better structure for our youngsters then we would be producing a lot of stars and not just the odd one or two, granted we are a little bit better under Klopp but still a long way to go.

{Ed001's Note - nobody produces lots of stars. Nobody. It doesn't work like that.}

5.) 24 Jan 2020 16:43:40
We have an excellent standard of young players and the coaching to make them better. But as Ed001 says, no club has a conveyor belt of 'stars'. It's not a factory floor or Borg cube.

6.) 24 Jan 2020 19:05:27
Exactly Ed1. Out of the countless academy players that come through at premier league clubs very few will make it to play regularly in the premier league. It’s elite level and not many people are elite players in any sport.
I have a friend who’s a youth coach at Spurs and his job is of course to feed the first team and he’s delighted that players like Harry Kane made it but he’s also delighted that players like Tom Carol get to have a career in the game and that makes him just as proud.

{Ed001's Note - it is always going to be the way. The job of the academies has to be more than just providing players for the first team of the club it belongs to. Most of the lads going through it will not make a professional career, so academies have to provide education and give people life skills. If they can have one breaking through a season, then they are performing miracles or the first team is weak (like at Spurs where Winks would be nowhere near a decent Spurs side).}

7.) 24 Jan 2020 21:04:48
In what world does our academy not produce talent?

Suso, Gulacsi, Sterling, Coady, and Alexander-Arnold are 5 off the top of my head playing at the highest level. All spent critical years of their development in our set up. Coady pretty much his whole youth career.

Flanagan, Brannagan, Martin, Hammill, Ince, Robinson, Smith, Ibe, Wisdom and Sinclair are a handful of others at a decent level of the game too. Again just off the top of my head.

Football does exist outside the Prem for christ sakes.

8.) 25 Jan 2020 02:39:01
Plain bread I do agree with your point that we have seen numerous players forge out careers in professional football ranging from the highest level to the lower league levels but I think every club will naturally see numerous players make professional grade over span of 10 years roughly the period that your list of players as examples ranged between but also we never consider the vast number of lads who don't make that step and in that time 100s of kids have seen dreams squashed and facing harsh reality of life without football.

Ed001 made a good point about us never seeing or really acknowledging that uglier side of the youth setups where success or failures in each clubs academy can be judged not only by the successful list of productivity but also it would be interesting to be able to see how clubs may differ in levels of wasting talent, letting potential stars slip through their fingers or by use of bad coaching maybe suck the life out of certain players by not letting them play to their strenghts etc.

These are the type of scenarios that the average people like us don't have insight into and once a player fades into obscurity at that age we will never have exposure to the reasons why a certain player was not deemed good enough

Ed my question would be if there's any clubs who have certain bad reputations regarding the number of players they were deemed to have wrongly or badly managed to the extent of effectively ending their careers before it even started.



27 Nov 2019 17:12:17
Havertz is the rumour of the day.


{Ed002's Note - Don't hold your breath.}

1.) 27 Nov 2019 22:54:23
Does that apply to the mbappe rumour as well Ed002?
I thought we were buying a brand new forward line!

{Ed002's Note - EVerone keeps telling me Mbappe is a done deal.}

2.) 28 Nov 2019 09:01:30
makes one wonder who the Champions League Winners AND challenging for the title AND with a coach like Klopp AND with the current atmosphere at Anfield which player would want to sign for that?

3.) 28 Nov 2019 09:03:38
or maybe top would rather go sit on Man City's, Chelsea's and Man Utd's bench. but not Liverpool's bench. As we say in South Africa, "stubba dom".

{Ed001's Note - what are you wittering on about? You make no sense. It is about not sitting on the bench.}

4.) 28 Nov 2019 10:29:34
i wonder where the word competitive comes from then? that's the problem right there, its written in contracts that players must play x amount of games even if they are playing rubbish.
i say prove your worth and try and displace the starting 11. not matter your price tag, prove your worth.

5.) 28 Nov 2019 18:40:48
Is Harry back?

6.) 29 Nov 2019 06:27:31

'{Ed002's Note - EVerone keeps telling me Mbappe is a done deal. }'

Funny thing here is, some people will now believe this!

I hope you are well, Ed2?



07 Aug 2019 15:45:16
Rumours of Monaco being keen on Shaqiri. Last chance to get the last nonsence posted I guess.


1.) 07 Aug 2019 18:22:02
They probably are keen on him. Doesn't mean they've submitted an offer though, or that we would even listen never mind consider it at this stage of the transfer window.



03 Jul 2019 22:23:11
Lots of rumours about Bruno Fernandes agent this evening. He should apparently be in england to sort out a deal in the next couple of days, or at least make dome progress. Man United should unfortunatly be in favor for his signature.


1.) 03 Jul 2019 22:32:37
Utd bound smedegaard as you say mate.

2.) 03 Jul 2019 23:28:48
If he thinks United is the best place for his career at this point then I'm happy for him to go there. They're miles off anyone who finished top 4 this season and I've seen nothing to suggest they'll be any better next season (e. g. the link to bang average Harry Maguire for stupid money) .

3.) 03 Jul 2019 22:39:21
I think eds have said a long time ago that United was his likely destination.

4.) 04 Jul 2019 00:39:34
Has anyone actually seen him play for Sporting Lisbon?

5.) 04 Jul 2019 07:46:31
Don’t write off united, it all depends on what mentality they go with, if they have the ‘new manager’ one they’ll make a flying start, if it’s the ‘we don’t like him’ mentality they’ll be fighting with Everton and wolves for 6th.

6.) 04 Jul 2019 09:16:15
I think they will start the year really well the question is will the wheels well and truly come off 10-15 games in, they have some decent players there but some questionable attitudes.

7.) 04 Jul 2019 12:23:49
Think some of you are giving United far too much credit and Ole showed at the back end of last season that he's not really cut out for the job. Name me a player - De Gea aside - who would get into any of the sides who finished top 4 last season?

8.) 04 Jul 2019 13:37:36
Rashford and Wan-Bisskah would get into Chelsea or Spurs side. Pogba also would if he could focus solely on his football.

9.) 04 Jul 2019 13:58:38
I'm not even sure De Gea gets in any of the top 4 sides based on the last couple of seasons. Alisson, Ederson and Kepa are all clearly better in my opinion. Lloris is debateable but I think I'd say DDG shades it. De Gea has endured a pretty spectacular fall from grace in the last year and he's not even the standout player at United any more.

I would say that Luke Shaw probably gets into any top 4 side except ours. He's better than Zinchenko, Delph, Davies, Rose, Emerson and Alonso. Mendy is never fit so has no right to even be included in the debate. Robbo is clearly superior to them all though ????.

10.) 04 Jul 2019 14:31:11
I want the brazilian Everton soares, wat a piss take that would be!

11.) 04 Jul 2019 16:16:37
I'd take de gea over lloris myself. I don't rate lloris as high as many others. I think if you stuck him in United's team for the last 5 years and de gea behind vertonghen and alderwield it would be a clear winner. The standard of keepers in England is strong now, the fact that England's no1 keeper is no better than mid table standard currently. Big teams are splashing out for the best keepers as they make a big difference. The level of full backs on the other hand is very poor at moment. City have had to spend about 120 or more on walker danilo and mendy, and they still aren't strong there. Ashley young and Valencia, 2 wingers with average careers into their 30s have been what United have relied on. Rose doesn't look happy, trippier is not a defender. Azpilicueta can only defend and Alonso can only attack, neither suit a back 4. Arsenal use 34 yr olds or else young wingers.

The fact United had to pay near 50mil for a RB with 40 games played in his career is because the quality is so poor.

Makes you wonder even just recently the likes of cole, evra, Coleman, Baines, zabaleta, sagna, ivanovic have played many years regularly at top sides. Only a couple of those I'd say were consistently top class but every left back there gets in every team asides us today. Cole maybe would get ahead of robbo in his prime. Even the right backs, not fashionable but defend better than every current RB asides Azpilicueta and jury still out on AWB. If bassaka cost 50 imagine what maldini or thuram would be worth in today's market. 10 or 15 years ago when the prem had vidic and Ferdinand, Terry and carvalho, carragher and hyypia. Even guys like gallas, ledly king, Richard Dunne, kompany, Laursen and lescott at villa. Harry Maguire would be nowhere near as he's valued if that group were playing today. City could possibly have walker stones Maguire and let's just say if they went for chilwell as another example of vastly overrated. Your talking 220 million plus on an English back 4 who I'd value at nothing more than 100mil tops. Trent Gomez and robbo cost us 11mil. I don't get why some clubs aren't shopping abroad with the market in England at moment. United spurs arsenal and city will all have to spend big money this summer on at least 1 and likely 2 first team defenders and in this market I'm glad we did our work last summer.

12.) 04 Jul 2019 16:48:12
I've seen nothing from Pogba that suggests he's cut out for the premier League, he should have stayed in Italy. Rashford is a forward who has never scored more than 10 league gials in a season (I know he's quite young) but has just - allegedly- signed a £250k per week contract, to me that's exactly what's wrong at United, lots of decent, but not great, players on vastly overinflated salaries. Wan Bissaka - not seen enough to comment really but he's got a big price tag there and that defence needed CBs first and foremost, his confidence will suffer if they don't replace Smalling/ Jones/ Lindelof with someone much better.

I'd take none of those players for Liverpool.




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06 Jun 2022 20:19:40
Seeing rumours about Naby getting a contract extension. I thought the club was trying to pursuade him to leave? But hey, wouldn't blame him for signing the dotted line. About the easiest millions he ever going to earn.


1.) 06 Jun 2022 20:53:41
A Naby thread a day keeps the doctor away.

2.) 06 Jun 2022 22:24:01
Defo has some dodgy clips of klopp.

3.) 06 Jun 2022 22:33:38
Keita to be Liverpool's next Milner for career longevity.

4.) 07 Jun 2022 02:37:28
@Flash 😁😁😁.



20 Jul 2021 05:17:48
Question for the eds. With these lately talk about player contracts, extensions etc. Is it only possible to deal with contract matters during the transfer window, or could matters like contracts be dealt with during the season as well? To me it seems a bit odd to "prioritise" contract extensions.


{Ed001's Note - they can be done at any time, but it is usual to do them now as it is maximises the amount of time you get from a new one.}



02 May 2020 06:48:17
I just saw David Maddoc of The Mirror saying there will be no incoming players this summer. That would make sence as the covid-19 situation must have cost an insane amount of money and income. I don't know how they plan to cover losses but it might as well be from the transfer funds pool. On the other hand, the covid-19 haven't freezed the players ages or extended their current contracts by default. It would be sad to see us take two steps front and one step back, never mind we potential could loose out on the title too. But I know all clubs aronud europe are goning to takeba hit due to this situation, so I guess it would equal out some how.

Whats your view on this Eds?


1.) 02 May 2020 08:32:59
So yesterday we are buying the expensive Napoli defender and today we are not buying anyone
The media does make me chuckle.

2.) 02 May 2020 09:30:49
I believe this to be honest. It just makes sense.

3.) 02 May 2020 12:20:01
I’d take Werner and that’s it in the summer and hope likes of Laroucci, Curtis Jones, Keita and Minamino improve.

For me Werner is just to prepare for the inevitable that Salah will eventually leave more than likely. Don’t want him to but from what the Ed’s have said his agent has been doing for a few years it’s prob going to happen. it’s football though and eventually most top players fancy a new challenge.

4.) 02 May 2020 19:08:07
Jordz, RM have moved ion from Salah after his agent made an arse of himself while hawking him around. Juventus have also been sounded out but not sure if they even want him or if even Mo wants to go there. Just reporting what the Ed's have been saying on this topic.

As for us not spending money next season, I can see that happening cos a tonne of clubs will be in the same boat as us due to the Pandemic and frankly if that is the case then so be it even tho, I would like us to sign Timo Werner.



27 Nov 2019 17:12:17
Havertz is the rumour of the day.


{Ed002's Note - Don't hold your breath.}

1.) 28 Nov 2019 08:56:48
I never do, Ed02 esp. with such a rumour.



07 Aug 2019 18:24:44
So James Pearce finaly put an end to our missery and laid the hopes to rest. Looking forward to get a full day of effective work done tomorrow, I guess.


1.) 07 Aug 2019 18:48:43
Jim White is devestated.

2.) 07 Aug 2019 19:26:34
What misery, OP?




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08 Jun 2022 20:39:39
Thank you very much, Ed. Read somewhere on the social medias Liverpool would test the waters for Jude already this summer. Must be pure speculations as I recall you mentioning BvB would only let one of Jude and Erling leave this summer.


{Ed002's Note - I rather doubt it.}



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08 Jun 2022 19:48:56
Ed, do you think we could settle with the signing of Carvalho and the extension of Milner for this window, and the go for Bellingham next summer?


{Ed002's Note - That is not the plan.}



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02 May 2022 11:23:06
Could these be solved with Neco comming back to cover RB and Elliott for RW cover? Do you think the addition for midfield will be Carvalho, or could someone in the lines of Tchouameni be a possiblitiy? Are they looking for a versatile midfielder or a 10, 8 or 6?

Thanks in advance.


{Ed002's Note - I would expect Neco Williams to leave. Elliott can provide cover on the wing but with Salah his opportunities will be limited and if Salah leaves he will be replaced. They will be looking for another midfield player other than Carvalho, ideally someone versatile.}



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29 Apr 2022 14:41:01
Thank you very much. Hope we get Mané and Salah on new contracts, or at least one of them. Milner have been a great servant of the club as far as I know, and I for one would love him to stay within the club. It continues to riddle me, how Keita have not been tutored from his misbehaviuor at this point. Howcome he doesn't settle in?

Happy friday, edd.


{Ed002's Note - Keita is a complete bonehead.}



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26 Jan 2022 20:11:37
Hi Ed002. Who would be a good, but younger alternative to Dybala, and still within the financial restrictions Liverpool needs to work around. Dybala on a free agent doesn't soumd to bad, but I know transfer fees and huge salary demands adds up.


{Ed002's Note - Liverpool should be looking to the future with players like Julian Alvarez or Dejan Kulusevski and not to players who are struggling with persistant injury issues and will be looking for a huge financial deal.}




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13 Nov 2021 20:17:58
Could see him going to Aston Villa.




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31 Aug 2021 15:56:42
What Ed002 is trying to say here is medicals for Aouar and Doku are booked.




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10 Aug 2021 18:36:00
You guys literally makes me Saul myself.




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31 Jul 2020 12:57:10
Will someone replace Hogans former position then, and has Peter Moores stepping down anything to do with the tight echonomic situation we have got ourself into?


{Ed002's Note - The management team will be suffled.}



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12 May 2020 20:04:21
I don't want us to ask for a vote, to have the title handed to us to be fair. No matter if it would pass or not. We either win it, have it awarded do to ppg or a line drawn across, or we dont. I don't want our first title in 30 years to be a pity trophy, that we got because the other clubs allowed us to. No doubt about we more that deserve it this year, but come what may, and if not in our favour, we'll rip them a new one again next season and celebrate it even harder.