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12 Jan 2018 12:35:15
Hi Ed025,

I did forward who it was to one of the other eds.

Sorry if it caused a bit of chaos and looking back it made little sense i suppose to say anything, it was probably done to put the fans minds at ease that the club is trying very hard to sign top players, you hear lots of criticism towards the club for selling Coutinho and people thinking the owners are trying not to reinvest, which right now is not the case.

I haver heard his name mentioned all over twitter so people are aware of the French international, now i hope that helps, but again he will take a lot of persuading .





{Ed025's Note - thanks for that macca, i think you know how much we value your input mate and i feel the guys were putting a bit of pressure on you to post, im sure they are happy that liverpool are in the market for quality though and it will be interesting to see how things pan out, cheers mate..

11 Jan 2018 10:10:24

Ladies and Gentleman, hope you are all well.

Been pretty quiet because me saying things doesn't help our cause trying to sign players.

What i will say is the player they are pushing for is top top class.

I will be very surprised if it happens.

Happy to tell the eds who it is if they want to mail me.

And for the record, it isn't the usual suspects, they maybe of interest as well but i only know the first choice option.




11 Oct 2017 19:51:45
Ed 02.

No intention of creating a hate campaign against anyone.

Klopp doesn't fancy Can, end of story, other managers will hence Juves interest.

Also no hate campaign against the owners, they are business men who bought the club to sell, there is nothing wrong with that, and don't worry Ed 02 i won't list the potential investors.



{Ed002's Note - I understand that is and was not the intention Macca. I am sure that you were not looking to solicit a hate campaign against Can but that is what we now have, regardless of it previously being explained that he was uncomfortable with his position with Klopp and wanted the opportunity to play at the highest level. This is down to your saying he not 100% and wants out - albeit true but in the big scheme of things nothing new.. If you weren't previously a member of the Beatles maybe folks would not be quite so keen to press the button. As for the owners, I understand what you are saying but I have a little dispute. The plan was always to buy, improve, sell. I am not aware of any intent to buy and sell right away. At the right price, to the right owners, the club can be sold (nominally true of at least half of the EPL sides). We should probably take the time to sit down and talk about al of this sometime. I am sure you are not being disruptive but folks see what you say as gospel. I really appreciate your input and regardless of my desire to shake you occasionally know it is of a great help.}

11 Oct 2017 22:03:53
On the contrary ed02, i thought people may now understand why he hasn't signed, more to do with Klopp than Can, so they may have taken back there hate towards him.

And that was exactly FSG mandate to improve before they try to sell, and they have done a great job in maximising there investment . that's what good business men do.

Would love to have a chat sometime .





10 Oct 2017 20:25:11
Hi All,

Can hasn't signed a contract because he knows Klopp is not fully convinced by him.

Also Liverpool has always been for sale while FSG have been in charge, every potential buyer knows the price.







16 Aug 2017 12:44:43
The only info i have is as follows.

The Keita info is 100 percent correct, i know for a fact that he is looking for a property in the north west, a representative from the club has been in touch, why would that be the case if a deal wasnt close, this was last week and not before.

The general concensus within is VVD will still happen, again i believe it will.

The noise from within the club is that Coutinho will stay, but who knows what will happen if we sign the other 2?

The other player that also has a chance is the Ox, but wait and see.

It wouldn't suprise me if the club are wating to see if we qualify first before spending the money, very cynical of me but would not suprise me one bit.

We are very very short of quality within the squad and i would be amazed if things don't change before the end of August.

This is all the info i have, trust me i hope it happens, because we need it.

I am not ITK or on twitter or trying gain any form of notoriety, i just happen to know people, people who know .

And i get many things wrong, but i just pass on what i am told and i get told from top top people, trust me but the football world can change very very quickly .

Hope this helps.




09 Aug 2017 20:04:45
Lets just say there is an African player based in Germany who has the same agent as Mane with a first name called Naby looking at houses in Liverpool, all the signs are good.

So here goes, and this is my opinion

VVD signs and Coutinho stays.

Sorry eds for causing a melt down on the site.

But feel we could do with cheering up.

VVD is purely my opinion and the rest is based on constructive information.

And i am not on twitter.

You heard anything Eds?




{Ed002's Note - I am not aware of any further approach for Nobby by Liverpool although I am aware another side enquiring were told he is not for sale. They don't need the money and want to keep the team together and are very upset at what has happened. Liverpool can certainly make a move for van Dijk, the damage has been well and truly done but Southampton would probably still prefer to sell him elsewhere. Obviously there will be some further loss of face for the owners and the board if that were to happen. Barcelona will return to put a proposal to Liverpool regarding Coutinho who wants to leave to join them as you know. Liverpool will look to hang on to him. Personally, I don't know about Keita, I think van Dijk may well sign and I suspect Liverpool will ask one more year of Coutinho - but he would need to know that would almost certainly rule out his move to Barcelona.}

07 Aug 2017 18:51:12
Ed002's Note - Would you be a little happier if Andre Gomes was part of the deal Macca? }

Hi Ed002,

To be honest don't know enough about him, what do you see happening, as in if he goes who will come in?




{Ed002's Note - He is one of a number of players who are available to be included in transfers by Barcelona, he has specifically been offered to Liverpool in an attempt to put a framework around the offer they will return with in the coming days. Additionally his agent has been in London with Chelsea over another matter and may well inform Manchester United as to his availability. So it is possible that the offer may include him.}

07 Aug 2017 12:52:46
Right now i am not doing too well with my predictions apologies for that, we appear to be inept at signing players in the correct manner

With regards Coutinho, it was well documented he would give us another 12 months minimum, things obviously changed due to the Neymar sale.

Klopp doesn't want to sell and i worry that if the club do then they have undermined him, what happens then.

He wants to leave because Barcelona have said now or never, he is a good guy who is torn what to do, his family are pushing to go now and make life difficult at Liverpool but i am not sure that's his style, i know this sounds like i am hedging my bets but as of yesterday it was very much 50/ 50, as in push for the move etc or give us another year.

This causes massive ramifications for me if he goes now, is the squad strong enough anyway, can the board be trusted to spend the money, right now they can't even close a deal for a defender who is/ was desperate to come .

But until yesterday Coutinho didn't even know what to do.

All my info is as accurate as it can be, as we know things can change very very quickly .

Not trying to pass info on for any kind of notoriety, just trying to give you a heads up so you can have an idea what is going on.




{Ed002's Note - Would you be a little happier if Andre Gomes was part of the deal Macca?}

14 Jul 2017 17:23:04
I believe Keita, VVD and Robertson will be Liverpool players before the start of the season .

I have to be careful how I word things .

Last time is said VVD was done, I didn't know that Liverpool hadn't agreed a fee with Southampton, I am not that good .

Great signings if they happen, but I believe they will .




05 Jun 2017 13:17:44
VVD is done.




01 Jun 2017 20:47:08
Long time everyone.

Hope all is well.

VVD is or was very close to signing until FSG did there usual lo balling, offer one wage and try and change last minute, they need to be careful with this one, they have a guy desperate to play for Klopp, .

Thats all i have really for news other than the usual rumours, Salah is very much wanted, and the Ox is supposedly close.

Mendy wanted us but they offered a silly wage, looks like FSG will pay the transfer fee but again keep trying to pay lower wages than the others.




01 Jun 2017 21:51:06
VVD really wants to sign, the club are in danger of losing him, the reports are very true, offered one figure and changed it, i still believe he will sign.

Salah has a good chance of happening .

Sessegnon was told he was going to join the under 23 with some cup runs, Spurs offered him the chance to fight for a first team place.

Ox could happen, but as with all these things they can change.

Hope everyone is well.









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