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12 Dec 2017 13:26:27
A draw against Everton in a league match with a win at the FA is preferable.

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12 Dec 2017 03:34:30

We should make Lovren and Matip available for transfer in January for two new players to join. We can't just stock pile players without making room! Matip might fetch a few interested parties, but the club will have to pay off Lovren to move out!

{Ed0333's Note - You really are being illogical. So you want to sell our 1st choice center back partnership and then try and bed in two new central defenders who are not au-fair with our system and tactics half way through the season while we’re challenging for the top 4, Champions League and the FA cup? I know football is all about opinions Harry but yours are bordering on lunacy. I’m so glad Klopp is our leader and not you otherwise we’d be languishing in the 4th division.

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12 Dec 2017 03:55:25

I am sorry but the new recruits wouldn’t be worse than what we have now! Well if you buy quality they will bed in straight! Look Salah and Robertson for contrasting differences!

I would play Gomez as one of the CB and the new player as his partner. Lovren will cost us more points than the new recruits! Lunacy is persisting with Mignolet and Lovren for the remainder of the season when you know deep inside they are accident waiting to happen!

{Ed001's Note - you just said you would never play Robertson again because you prefer Milner at left back. Now you say any new signing must be an improvement, citing Robertson as an improvement. Which is it?}

12 Dec 2017 04:03:01

I don’t expect us to change the entire backline in one go! Milner to finish of the season as a cover till summer for a new left back. CB is an immediate priority. No more gamble with Lovren and Matip. I am done with both!

{Ed001's Note - I give up. You make no sense. One second any new signing, such as Robertson, has to be an improvement over what was there before, the next Robertson is not good enough to improve over Milner. Which is it? Oh and you do realise that any new signing would be a gamble too right? Plus no one cares if you are done or not, you are always looking for an excuse to slag off any Liverpool player, unless they want to leave, while regaling us with post after post of your latest obsession who should be brought into replace them.}

12 Dec 2017 04:31:39

You aren’t getting my post at all Ed. Robertson is a bad signing. Certainly not an improvement on Moreno or Milner ( I just said that ) . He was what 5th choice for the left back position and that is clearly evident. Now if you want to keep him and improve, is your call! I wouldn’t. As he is limited and extreamly limited!

Where did I slag of any player in the post. Lovren and Matip are poor defenders who should be replaced if not today then tomorrow! ( we have countless examples to prove it )

Lol I am not obsessed with any player. I did not even mention any names!

{Ed001's Note - I do not think it is me that has a problem with not getting things Harry, your ludicrous posts prove that. You just type repeated gibberish, constantly flip flopping opinions that make it impossible to take anything you say seriously as you contradict in your very next post. I think we should just leave it as a pointless conversation, you will only be taking the exact opposite viewpoint in a day or two anyway.}

12 Dec 2017 04:53:12

We could have 4 Titus Brambles as our first choice defenders and it would still be stupid and ridiculous to change the entire backline mid season, especially both first choice CBs.

{Ed001's Note - at least someone gets it! Well said IB.}

12 Dec 2017 05:17:40

Gotta love harry ❤️.

12 Dec 2017 05:47:58

Ohk! So no body wants to change the CB’s in January! Fine!

{Ed001's Note - nobody has said that. Again you are all hyperbole.}

12 Dec 2017 06:08:50

Harry, nobody wants to change both their first choice CBs in January. There is no bedding in period and no time to form an understanding especially between two individuals new to the club and operating at the heart of the team's defense.

Defending is not just about individual quality. Its about building partnerships, forming an understanding with the other defenders and GK, adjusting to the team's style of play etc.

12 Dec 2017 06:55:43

Harry, apart from 2 games or defensive record is as good as any other team. We concede very little at home in the PL and had 2 bad results away from home. We do need better CB's, i agree but it isn't as bad as you or some others make out. Plus we score for fun although we still need to learn to "win ugly" sometimes.

12 Dec 2017 07:02:04

We have conceded 17 goals away from home this season. Which is not VERU GOOD!

12 Dec 2017 07:18:23

As stated- most of those in 2 games where we were very poor.

12 Dec 2017 07:34:32

there is zero chance we can move matip and lovren whilst at the same time bring in two first-team automatic starter quality CBs and expect to keep any decent standard to challenge for anything. ZERO.

12 Dec 2017 08:07:25

The best way is to bring one or two CBs as it will increase the competition for places so everyone will have to work hard. The Moreno effect.

12 Dec 2017 08:39:27

Who would you buy to replace Lovren and Matip anyway? It's very hard to find defenders who suit open play. The ones who stand out in the world play in defensive systems, I. e. Godin at Atletico and Bonucci when he was at Juventus. As soon as he went to Milan, who aren't as defensive, he gets caught out and makes mistakes.

I'm not saying you can't improve on lovren or matip. But it's very hard to find defenders who will suit an attacking, open system without sacrificing the style you play.

12 Dec 2017 08:42:20

Exactly RedEka. let's just sign one CB in January and see if that has any impact on the performances of our current ones. Who knows, all 3 may step up their game and we would not need a complete overhaul in central defense after all.

12 Dec 2017 08:55:14

Our defence gives ordinary players hope, we are prone to mistakes . they look at Bournemouth away last year, Watford away this year, Everton at the week end and they know we can be pegged back.

Let's hope we don't fall into the trap of paying panic money for players, as other clubs know how bad our centre backs are.

12 Dec 2017 09:22:02

To be fair I thought we defended exceptionally well against Everton at the weekend. We were strong and aggressive and didn’t give them a sniff. Just one circumstance that went against us gave them a point. The forward players were more to blame than the defenders on Sunday.

12 Dec 2017 09:32:13

Harry, how old are you? Seriously you're like an 8 year old. I'm surprised your posts make it through to be honest. I'm sure you must be trolling us all.

12 Dec 2017 11:52:07
Harry's been trolling us for at least 6 years, so since he was 2.

12 Dec 2017 12:08:12
ED as hard as it is to play the devil's (Harry's) advocate, I think harry is trying to say how different Salah and Robertson have turned out. However then he goes on to say new recruits are guaranteed to be better.

He did contradict himself, however slightly differently than what I think you interpreted. I apologize in advance if I am wrong.

12 Dec 2017 12:16:55
Harry, as ever I love you mate but you've only got this about 50% right. You're right that long term we should replace Lovren and Matip but there's a correct way of doing it.

First of all we mustn't bring in anyone who'll block Gomez, he's going to be our first choice CB soon, maybe by next season. We need to be looking for the guy who'll be playing alongside him.

That player needs a wise head who can work with Gomez and be his mentor. If that guy's not available in January then we stick with what we've got, otherwise we'll need another CB next year as well.

We all agree we need new CBs but let's get the right ones rather than whoever's available next month.

12 Dec 2017 14:16:44
January is not the time to shake up the back line to that extent. Yes at start of next season I would like to see 2 CB’s at club with Matip as back up, but they would have whole of pre season to bed in.
Prices are highly inflated in January anyway, so not a good time to buy and if we want a quality CB no team will really want to part with such a player mid season, but we need to try our best to get one CB in and then identify another attainable target for Summer and then not balls it up like we did with VVD.

12 Dec 2017 16:23:09
Personally would like one of De Light (world and his dog wants him)

De Vrij
Malang Sarr

Sarr is a bit young but could be great.

Anyone know what happened to Balanta the river plate kid?

{Ed002's Note - He plays for Basel.}

12 Dec 2017 16:34:30
Has he progressed Ed?

{Ed002's Note - Sorry but I really don't know what you mean. Basel will be first or second in the table - they are doing just fine right now. He is part of the first team squad and plays regularly. He won't be moving to Liverpool.}

12 Dec 2017 17:07:04
Sorry perhaps developed would have been a better choice of wording. Anyway thanks for the reply.

{Ed002's Note - Bigger breasts? I don't think so.}

12 Dec 2017 17:14:13

12 Dec 2017 10:18:45
Ed0333 I said the exact same thing the other day, in that we lucky we have klopp as harry would have us in the conference in successive yrs. he is not bordering lunacy I actually think he is a lunatic with his posts.
It could also be us not understanding harry in the way he understands himself😄.

{Ed0333's Note - I think like all of us Harry wants Liverpool to get back on our ‘perch’ but this will take time and we all need to excercise some patience. We have the right man in charge for sure and the future is definitely rosy and successful. Yes we all have players in the group we don’t rate and would like to see shipped out but the Harry witchunts of certain players are getting boring and monotonous. I bet he’d be the first person to shake Henderson’s hand and tell him what a great player he was if he saw him at a party.

12 Dec 2017 07:42:26
Have you seen much of Gibson this season, and do you think he could still be the sort of player we need?

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12 Dec 2017 11:25:53
I would hope not. He is very ordinary at best, he is really poor in the air, is easily out muscled and not very strong in the tackle. He lacks the ability to be a top class defender and would not improve our back line one iota.

12 Dec 2017 16:28:01
He is a leader and organiser, is he the best we could get? probably not but he is better than what we have barring gomez. He would have our defence working together instead of as individuals. Has experience of being a captain and of playing in the premier league.

12 Dec 2017 17:17:45
Not good enough.

12 Dec 2017 21:17:20
He’s not at all a leader and organiser. That’s a fallacy. Boro played with ten men behind the ball and they still got battered. He always looked second rate against decent opponents. He’s certainly no better than anyone at the club given his technical shortfall. He’s barely a mid table player at best.

11 Dec 2017 18:54:37
Was wondering what people's thoughts on Klavan recently. I posted a week or so back that I thought he had been playing Ok and got shot down. Watched him a bit more closely on Sunday, and although didn't have much defending to do, thought he played well. I prefer him to Lovren and Matip at the minute, prefering a partnership of him and Gomez. Am I mad?

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11 Dec 2017 20:18:19
no not at all in my opinion it will work, klavan will go and be a stopper or blocker and gomez will be a cover/ sweeper. i wouldn't be angry with those 2 starting.

11 Dec 2017 22:58:14
Best centre back we've got for me, damned by slight praise I know but 1st cb on the team sheet for me at the no.

12 Dec 2017 06:43:53
He’s a lot more comfortable in the current system which offers a bit more protection against pace. He’s first on the team sheet for me at the moment, Matip/ Klavan seems our least accident prone CB pairing at the moment.

Against top sides I’d like to see Gomez, Matip, Klavan and Moreno (when fit), and against sides where we need more attacking flair I’d go TAA, Gomez, Klavan, Moreno.

12 Dec 2017 11:42:06
I thought he played well against Everton. He didn't have a lot to do, but he was committed in every challenge and was constantly getting to the ball ahead of any Everton player that tried to challenge him.

Honestly, I think he's the best outright defender we have, in terms of reading situations, bravery, timing challenges, headers etc. He's hampered by lack of pace, but he's been using his experience to cover over that lately.

11 Dec 2017 17:55:54
Congratulations especially to Mo Salah!

Also to Sadio Mane and Navy Keith ;-)

So we have the 2 best African footballers in our team, and about to have 3 of the top 5, not bad going!

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11 Dec 2017 14:14:41
Hi eds,

Would really appreciate your opinion on that horrorific starting XI yesterday. Kloop has this apparent 'genius' ability which has resulted in our deadly attack but then he does things like this (not to mention refusing to buy a decent defence) and I for one seriously cannot understand his thinking behind it?

Thanks as alwahs.

{Ed001's Note - I don't see what was so horrific about it. This is ridiculous. It dominated the game and should have won it. People need to grow up and stop whining like bitches at every decision they don't like.}

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11 Dec 2017 18:53:32
Yes, it was a very good 11 and with our domination, should have won.

I knew it would come back to bit at half time when Mane missed the correct option and went for glory.

If we had won, everyone would have been applauding for the same squad rotation and would also have said we have good bench/ backup and Klopp is correct in rotating.

Credit when it is due to Klopp. Just that Mane's individual mistake cost us the game more than anything else.


11 Dec 2017 21:06:56
Mane’s mistake and the umpteen other positions we got into and didn’t make the most of. Not to mention a shocking penalty decision. But the Klopp our brigade see it as an opportunity to validate their claims. Be careful what you wish for it just might happen and if it does I guarantee you we will go backwards fast.

11 Dec 2017 13:11:59
Red rout. Even though you're the enemy, I'll accept your request. Here are the applications.

Benny Baller
GK/ cb/ cm/ cf
Strength - brick wall
Weakness - a woman's smile

Mermaid megger
Used to be paid
Eat pizza everyday

Age 42
Strength - energy
Weakness - nah

MK Scouser
Age: 23, but turning 65 in January
Position: Left back (in the changing room)
Strength: Good personality (kind of)
Weakness: My only strength is a lie

Ive played everywhere but left wing if I had a choice
Strength - Left peg
Weakness - Right Peg (or lack of)

Anywhere across the back 4
Strength - leaps like a salmon
Weakness - lost a yard of pace

Ken (mu)
Strength - experience and know how
Weakness - head tells body to do things it can't.

Red rout
Age: 25
Position: CB, CDM
Strength: Defensive anticipation
Weakness: slow acceleration (good top speed though 😉)

Age: 22
Position: Right Wing
Strength: Pace
Weakness: Height

Coutinho o o
Position: Versatile. Great shot, good midfield engine and no nonsense defender
Strength: Good footballer
Weaknesses: Don't like to lose :)

Position: GK
Strength: Can catch a ball 😂
Weaknesses: Can't actually think of one

Central mid
I'm not the quickest. but I'm no slouch

the raver
age 44
position on top or from behind
strength Arnold Schwarzenegger has nothing on me.
weakness drink, drugs and women.

anywhere midfield or upfront
height (only 5ft7inch lol)

Age : 28
Position : CM
1 strength : Through balls
1 weakness : size (170 xm)

Age: 38 (just turned)
Position: CM (can play cb or st)
Strength: creative and disciplined
Weakness: my own worse critic.

Age - 26
Position - RB/ CB
Strength - Strength
Weakness - Rainbow flicks

Forward/ lw/ rw/ and
Good finisher
Not got the engine I used to

Grandmaster Ramrod
Great hands/ shot stopper
Goal kicks 🙈😂

defensive midfield/ fullback
Semi-ambidextrous (right footed, but comfortable with left peg) .
awful at shooting.

Position - centre Midfield
Strength - passing ability (played professional for Oldham, southport and Wrexham) .
Weakness - can't finish

Hendos brother
I am 40
Position keeper or right mid
Strength trying to be me
Weakness actually being me

Son of Klopp PAID
Position Right or Left Back
Strengths = experience!
Weakness = Age

Age: 30
Position: left footed. So a mangers dream. Left back, left wing but main position is CM (sound like James Milner)
Strength: good engine and decent left foot, good in the air, loves a tackle and never had a booking or red card in 20 odd years of football!
Weakness: two left feet. I jest. Pace isn't what it used to be unfortunately!

Age 36
Position Left Wing / Striker - can play across the back also
1 strength - Speed and powerful left foot shot
1 weakness - age unfortunately, stamina not what it used to be

Age: 25
Position: CM
1 strength: Passing/ Setpieces
1 weakness: Hotheaded (but its a charity match so i'll keep cool haha)

Age: 20
Position: CB
Strength: Tackling/ reading the game
Weakness: Pace

Will play any where aprt from striker
My strength is probably strength
Weakness im not the quickest

Strength: passing
Weakness: heading
Position: anywhere across midfield. Also as a number '10'

Cm/ cb
Dortmund youth team
Tyre for a belly.

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11 Dec 2017 13:29:19
I would pay to watch Raver in perticular. He must be wearing an Anti Aesnsal shirt I am sure 😆🤣🤣🤣.

{Ed001's Note - even better he will be in red!}

11 Dec 2017 16:09:00
He is capable of wining the game on his own Ed01. You are blessed to have him in your side.

11 Dec 2017 16:14:03
Benny you got my position down wrong 😂 that post was a joke. I emailed you the correct position!

I can play on the wing, centre midfield or up front! Oh My God, Ed001 has picked me based on misinformation 😂 i can't play left back! I'm not even left footed! Screw the tactics up Ed! We want to win this. I'm a liability at the back!

At best i could stretch to right back, but i warn you all, i tackle with all the finesse and precision of Paul Scholes!

{Ed001's Note - perfect.}

11 Dec 2017 10:07:02
Is there any interest in Lovren Eds? Obviously its only a matter of time before he is replaced but I do not think we could get anyone to buy him. The guy has a 100 k a week contract which there is no chance he will get that elsewhere.

Agree1 Disagree0

11 Dec 2017 13:02:13
Lovren's not a bad defender, he just has issues concentrating when he has nothing to do for long periods, which makes him unsuitable for us.

He would work well in a team that play a deeper line and expect to be under pressure at the back a lot. I could see interest from Newcastle, West Ham, Swansea etc. It's a matter of whether they could afford him and he'd take the step down.

11 Dec 2017 13:22:48
Lovren has similar tendencies to Skrtel. Both are at their happiest when they can grapple an opponent, unfortunately not always at the right time! Lovren would be more suited say, to man mark Giroud for a game and just have a battle!

11 Dec 2017 09:25:09
What a genius Big Sam is he invented the park the bus! The way he is going on that performance just shows what he is about a lower table manager he is and always be a mercenary . With all due respect to Everton football club you have employed a man who him self stated that this is the biggest club he has managed is he the best your club can do?

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11 Dec 2017 10:57:41
How are those grapes tasting?

he has a poor squad and took a point away at a Top 4 side who are in CL knockout stages.

let's concentrate on our own game and performance shall we? .

10 Dec 2017 20:56:52

Carragher's social Media post is surely to split some opinion on here.

Not a good day for Klopp with his team, penalty opinion and interview! Don’t take a chance in the Derby with your team, no doubt EFC were lucky as they never had a chance of note but at 1-0 there’s always a chance an LFC defender will do something stupid! #LIVEVE.

Agree0 Disagree1

10 Dec 2017 21:13:45

Say what ye want about carra but he speaks the truth. I personally think team selection cost us west brom at home next is when we should have rotated not in a Merseyside derby only 1 of them matches was going to be a banana skin 7-0 during the week and rotate for a rest these men get paid a lot of money to do something they love rest should very rarely come into it I work 50 plus hours a week in a job I don't particularly like but I don't get rotated for rest I wish.

10 Dec 2017 22:22:41

And what truth is he speaking exactly? He is just a moaner and hindsight genius (which means you actually are not a genius), spouting the same low hanging fruit nonsense like everyone else. Did he know that Cou was carrying a knock and did not train on Fri? Did he know Studge did his hamstring? Did he know that neither Firmino nor Salah can't play every game? Does he know about the fitness levels of the players before hand? Does he have all the info on injuries that Klopp has in preparation for this game? If the answers to these questions are negative then he speaks NO truth at all as he knows as much as we do which is NOTHING.

Klopp is planning for the busy period as he wants to make sure that we are fresh going into every game as that is the only way we can perform at a 100% in each game to avoid last Jan and Feb's collapse. This ploy has been working cos we have picked up 17 out of 21 points (only City have picked up more), made the CL knockout stages and scoring LOADS of goals for fun BUT cos we got screwed by an incompetent ref, Klopp gets the blame. Is that even logical?

As for the game, we were in control with that line up and had Mane not fumbled royally, it would have been 2-0 and game over as Everton were dire and did absolutely nothing all game. Is it Klopp's fault that Mane was a jerk? I propose you go watch the interview Klopp gave Sly with Carra and Shreeves before today where he told Carra to his face that he does not care what pundits say about him and his tactics. That may explain Carra's useless SM post which sounds bitter.

10 Dec 2017 23:14:14

If Coutinho was carrying a knock, why did Klopp bring him on?

If he's worried about him picking up an injury then why bring him on?

Why not start Firmino, he's just started scoring again.

At the end of the day, Klopp gambled and he got another poor result against fat Sam Allardyce.

He should have played his most attacking team, smashed a few goals in and then bring on Ox and Solanke.

You may accuse if of being hindsight but I was asking the question "why? " at 13:20 today.

10 Dec 2017 23:39:39

I bet Carra knew all them things, and could prob guess that Sturridge was injured,

Carra was def put out that Kloppy made six, yes six changes for the Derby game, I was not happy with that news,

yes if Mane had have passed, it was game over, but I think that Kloppy learnt a lesson or two today,

we just have to put out a stronger team for the Cup game .

10 Dec 2017 23:55:20

Mane blundered,

Salah missed a header, that would have been 3-0.

Everyone knows either Lovren, Klavan or Migs is going to give a a chance per game away, And tbis won't change until they are replaced.

I think that was the softest penalty I have ever seen but it was ultimately down to an error of judgement.

11 Dec 2017 06:22:38

Mane is getting blamed because we are unable to win a game 1-0.

11 Dec 2017 12:34:43
Mane is getting blamed because he didn't square the ball for a guaranteed goal but instead opted for personnel gain.


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