04 Feb 2020 07:01:15
Just read about our supposed interest in Pedro Brazao. Anyone know if its concrete or just rumours?

1.) 04 Feb 2020
04 Feb 2020 16:54:41
Pedro Brazao (LW/ RW) Nice have confirmed that they have been approached by Sporting and Bayern Munich to enquire after the kiddie but are concerned that two other sides have made an approach to a third party "representing" the player. As the player is under aged, they are obliged to formally record these concerns in writing to the FFF - as payments to third parties for underage players are not allowed (this is what has caused the UEFA investigation in to Manchester City over payments made for Jadon Sancho) . The player has been advised to stay where he is and develop.

2.) 05 Feb 2020
05 Feb 2020 11:22:09
Amazing insight you have, Davey, but it doesn’t really answer my question about interest from Liverpool.

{Ed002's Note - What Davey said is absolutely correct.}

3.) 05 Feb 2020
05 Feb 2020 11:36:51
So im guessing Liverpool are not one of the two other teams?

{Ed002's Note - OK.}

4.) 05 Feb 2020
05 Feb 2020 16:53:32
I have an awesome source 😉.

5.) 06 Feb 2020
06 Feb 2020 13:04:01
The best is always to search first, OP.