20 Oct 2021 11:21:15
Milner has gotten the rubbishhousery down to an art form. The yellow card was well deserved and he was a thorn in the flesh of the opponents. Thoroughly enjoyed the game just like the Brentford game, but this time we won. Mane needs something, he is still harassing the opposing defends but he needs to start scoring, he needs to be the big game winner again.

1.) 20 Oct 2021
20 Oct 2021 11:47:05
Only 2 players have more Premier League goals than Manè this year! looking at about 25-30 goals in all comps this season if he keeps up his current scoring rate. Terrible for a wide forward alright.

2.) 20 Oct 2021
20 Oct 2021 11:48:12
Erm hasn’t mane scored the opening goal on multiple occasions already this season?

3.) 20 Oct 2021
20 Oct 2021 11:56:48
I think Mane has been very good this season.

4.) 20 Oct 2021
20 Oct 2021 13:55:44
Please find a non exhaustive list of players Sadie Mane has scored more than in the league this season.

Bruno Fernandes
Christiano Ronaldo
Raheem Sterling
Harry Kane
Romelu Lukaku

There’s loads of others too.

5.) 20 Oct 2021
20 Oct 2021 17:07:14
The only players who have scored more (or the same) number of goals as Sadio are Mo, Vardy and Antonio.

Pretty conclusive, no?

{Ed0666's Note - I think the point was he’s not at his blistering best which we all want to see.

6.) 20 Oct 2021
20 Oct 2021 17:32:57
Fair enough Ed0666, but if he's still scoring often I'm less worried.

If you can't win well (which we have been doing too! ) then at least win. That's what makes champions.

{Ed0666's Note - By his own admission Mane actually had scans and tests done on his body because he was so alarmed by his form last season. In my opinion although he’s scoring goals he’s only at 70% at best of what he’s capable of. Mane is a stud and he’s on the periphery and it just takes one game to click in to gear and be the unstoppable beast we all know he is!

7.) 21 Oct 2021
21 Oct 2021 01:27:34
One positive sign is that Mane is starting to smile again. Once we see him bring out the kungfu kicks then we will know he is back to normal.