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11 Aug 2023 11:42:39
Caicedo allegedly having second thoughts and is waiting for Chelseas’s counter offer. Will it be FSG’s fault if the player decides he’d rather join another club?

Anonymous Woolback

1.) 11 Aug 2023 11:49:07
Be annoying to miss out on him after all this.

2.) 11 Aug 2023 11:57:07
If the kid doesn’t want to come then I would back out of the deal. Problem now is being held to ransom by every other club.

3.) 11 Aug 2023 12:02:54
What are your thought on the latest Ed? Is it all out of nothing, or is there something to it? Chelsea coming in with another bid maybe? or that they are intending to? Or something else?
Any info?

{Ed002's Note - I have explained on another post what I am told has happened..}

4.) 11 Aug 2023 12:03:05
If there’s even a whiff of that being true I’d bin him off.

There’s question marks over his character already.

I’m completely fine with not having a player who would rather be somewhere else.

{Ed002's Note - I don't know what "bin him off" means but is it some starnge act you can perform on him to convince him to move to Liverpool?}

5.) 11 Aug 2023 12:12:13
It is what it is - if he has reasons to not feel that it's a good move for him, then we'd have to move on, anyway.

It's impossible to really know what's actually happening. The reports I've read (via Sky Sports) seem pretty vague.

I'm sure we'll know within the next few hours - wasn't the medical scheduled for this afternoon? (Klopp said he didn't know in the Press Conference) .

6.) 11 Aug 2023 12:15:33
Fabrizio just confirmed MC has informed LFC that he only wants to join Chelsea.

7.) 11 Aug 2023 12:16:44
I'll head round and bin him off if it gets him over the line.

8.) 11 Aug 2023 12:38:57
The people that are obsessed with that Romano guy whoever he is, make me laugh hanging onto his every word.

9.) 11 Aug 2023 12:44:50
Mighty, I am not sure where he gets his info from but does seem to be connected, probably makes him a more trusted source than most. I only believe the Ed’s personally though.

10.) 11 Aug 2023 14:23:58
Fans are so fickle minded. One moment he’s the best guy and another he’s the worst.

11.) 11 Aug 2023 16:22:30
Embarrassing some of these posts.

12.) 11 Aug 2023 17:05:06
So excited but also so nervous about this. I really think it would be an amazing window if we can get this over the line. Obviously we need new faces at the back, but this is so good and will inevitably improve us by at least 20 points.



08 Aug 2020 16:14:20
It seems fairly clear that the club would like to bring in Thiago at the expense of Wijnaldum if possible this summer. Do any of the Eds know of any potential buyers for wijnaldum or any clubs he has his sights set on?

Anonymous Woolback

{Ed002's Note - I am not aware of any efforts to sell Wijnaldum by Liverpool, nor anyone making an approach for him.}

1.) 08 Aug 2020 18:15:54
Fairly clear? Eh?
Why would the club be looking to renew Gini's contract if they're going to replace him days later?
What on earth brought you to that conclusion?
Please don't say Tw@tter.

2.) 08 Aug 2020 22:21:32
It seems to me that Thiago is only possible if Gini doesn’t sign a new contract and leaves. I’ve heard that he is interested in going back to Holland but how much truth is in that rumour I don’t know.

3.) 09 Aug 2020 02:31:49
I would be so surprised that Gini would be looking for a move back to Netherlands now. He is still in his prime and can contribute to one of the big clubs in Europe's major leagues for at least the next 3 seasons.

{Ed0666's Note - I said the same thing to Eds 001. Like you say He can make lots more money for the next two to three seasons anywhere in the world and then go home and still win titles galore at whichever Dutch team he chooses. I know it’s not about money sometimes but I’m adamant he won’t go back to holland just yet.

4.) 09 Aug 2020 08:30:51
Ed0666 maybe he thinks he has enough money and just wants to go home to be near his family. Am sure after this contract if he never played again he would have enough money to last him. He might just want him play for his boyhood club in his peak as kids that’s all ways the dream not how much money you can earn.

{Ed0666's Note - yeh I get what you’re saying but I’m not sure that’s the case. Footballers are on the whole mercenaries due to the short career spans. I’m not expecting him to sign this contract on the table, I hope I’m wrong but in this current broken economic climate we have to sell if he’s dragging his heels. We can’t afford to lose him on a Bosman I don’t care how much of a soldier he’s been for us. He a 30 million pound player at least and we can’t just give him away.

5.) 09 Aug 2020 09:32:14
So why won't he sign Ed0666?Where do you think he'll go if he does?

{Ed0666's Note - Barry I have no idea why he’s not signing maybe he’s holding out for more cash maybe he wants to try another avenue who knows? I truly hope he signs as he fully embedded in the Klopp philosophy and trying to embed another midfielder quickly is gonna be an issue. Where would he go? I seriously don’t know but at the price we’ll want with only a year left on his contract I’m sure he’ll have a load of admirers winking at him

6.) 14 Aug 2020 05:13:35
certainly possible Barry, just saying I'd be surprised if this is his position at this stage in his career. maybe C.V. is an influencer? who knows.
for me, I'd like to see him stay in red.



28 Jun 2020 12:33:15
Question for the Eds, seeing a lot of links to Traore which could be plausible, but obviously we have just backed out of signing Werner for around the same amount of money. One detail that astonished me was the amount of money that Werner is reportedly going to be earning at Chelsea, which is more than salah and van dijk and would have been inconceivable at LFC. Do you think that it was a purely transfer fee related issue, or was it more Werners demands both financially and in terms of game time that made the deal implausible?

Anonymous Woolback

{Ed002's Note - I have no idea what Chelsea will be paying Werner I am afraid. Liverpool have financial issues as has been explained repeatedly - even Peter Moore issued a statement to the fans. Liverpool did not try and negotiate the transfer with RBL.}

1.) 28 Jun 2020 20:56:27
Hi Ed. was it the fact that they had to pay upfront to activate the buy out clause whereas if they did buy traore for 70m they may be able to pay circa 17m for 4 yrs. which is more affordable?

{Ed002's Note - I have no idea what you mean. Liverpool illegally tapped the player up and they did not speak to his club. In addition to what I have said, the Chief Executive has explained the money situation at Liverpool.}



04 Dec 2017 12:25:09
Eds, i remember on the sharkopod that you said Barcelona would look to get a deal done before the end of november as one of the key instigators of the deal would no longer be involved and this would lead to them viewing other targets. In this situation, is it possible we could see coutinho stay a bit longer in a de gea to real madrid scenario? Or would he definately try and force a move to another team like psg, madrid, maybe even juventus to replace dybala?

Anonymous Woolback

{Ed002's Note - Yes, we are now beyond the end of November and they will be considering their options. It is possible that Coutinho could move in January or the Summer but be clear he wants out. Coutinho is not of interest to Juventus and he is not first choice for Real Madrid. PSG might retain and interest but it is Barcelona who want him and that is where the player wants to go.}

1.) 04 Dec 2017 19:56:00
Up to Barcelona to make us an acceptable offer. The ball is in their court. 🤝.

2.) 05 Dec 2017 03:05:38
Barca will once again resort to underhand tactics to get Coutinho cheap. We trust Henry to duke it out with them.



10 Apr 2017 20:29:48
Just read that coutinho rejected the requests of the coaches to stay at home, so he could make the bench for the game on saturday, then to come off the bench and score. This is the exact attitude and type of player we need here at liverpool, hats off to him.

Anonymous Woolback

1.) 10 Apr 2017 23:22:10
Couts has to stay, build our team around him, need another Mane .

2.) 11 Apr 2017 00:53:45
What would you do with another Mane if you've built your team around Coutinho?

3.) 11 Apr 2017 02:02:09
Coutinho was always needee to stay. He didn't need to do anything like that to justify it.

Hes our boy. Show him the love and he will give you the heart.

4.) 11 Apr 2017 03:24:35
build another mane and mane running around firmino!? and then someone can get their dream of firmino in central midfield realised.! :p.

5.) 11 Apr 2017 03:52:08
probably the best £8.5m the club has ever spent.

6.) 11 Apr 2017 06:07:23
Sure the best 8.5 we ever spent was on ings, that free transfer.

7.) 11 Apr 2017 08:25:26
support coutinho zimbo, as Mane has done.

8.) 11 Apr 2017 15:26:17
Don't worry I'd happily take another Mane! Just not sure if we'll get someone of his level to join with no obvious starting spot. Think hopefully Coutinho, Firmino and Mane will be our starting lineup and wouldn't want to see that changed myself.

9.) 11 Apr 2017 15:41:46
kudos couts, however if and when he is not in form let's remember this instead of wanting him out.

10.) 11 Apr 2017 21:18:01
The problem with football these days is that the Doctors think they pick the team. Hats off to Coutinho for his positive attitude and nonsense to all that red zone, orange zone, green zone crap.

11.) 12 Apr 2017 01:28:00
He must be mad. If someone offered me the day off id take 2.

12.) 12 Apr 2017 09:17:18
Haha that's good one mingo.




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Is Jurgen Klopp Burnt Out At Liverpool FC?

13 Apr 2024 07:39:01
{Ed's Note - Anonymous Woolback has posted a new article entitled, Is Jurgen Klopp Burnt Out At Liverpool FC?

Anonymous Woolback

1.) 13 Apr 2024 12:52:09
Feels like the season ended at Old Trafford tbh mate.
I gave away my ticket and glad I did.
It’s all fizzled away unfortunately, not a coincidence that all the players suddenly returned at once after the pressure is off.

But who knows, maybe the champions league hangovers kick in and City Arsenal blink.

But Personally i don’t see us capable of winning 7 games playing like this.

2.) 13 Apr 2024 13:24:45
That's the spirit LiverpoolFC8, if you have a ticket for the Wolves game at the end of the season can I call dibs on it now please! Will be so appreciative that you give me the opportunity to watch Klopp and the squad parade the EPL trophy around A field as 2023/ 24 Champs!

3.) 13 Apr 2024 14:33:36
First things first, we need to find a lineup and performance with better balance between defence and attack.

We had that earlier in the season so we know it's there.

Hopefully Klopp can find that against Crystal Palace. And that will be the basis for the rest of the season.

I get why people are a bit gloomy with recent performances and results but giving up when we are only off top spot on goal difference seems a little over the top. Let's hope for that performance tomorrow and then go from there.

4.) 13 Apr 2024 14:57:32
My season didn't end at Old trafford, my team are about to win the league.

5.) 13 Apr 2024 15:03:31
@ liverpoolfc8:Nope. How does it feel like season ended we still in with slim chance of Europa still joint top in league as for giving your ticket away? You don’t even deserve one. I got blue mates who sit through that sh*te week in week out that would call you a glory hunter, I’d have to agree with them too.

@ anonymous woolback:
Nope I don’t think klopp is burnt out. Him this year v him last year is night and day. He looks like a weight has been lifted. Like the team night and day, full rebuild people was saying . This team is just starting out, halfway through a transition hindered by injuries to our most experienced players ( Matip, Ali, Trent, Robbo even Thiago and mo) yet they still within grasp of more glory so no not burnt out/ washed up probably a bit frustrated knowing like us if he had players back and the forwards would find the back of the net with the umpteen chances we create we would be out of sight In The league probably. As for Atalanta, playing players back into form / fitness in a game we all expected to win is expected really.

6.) 13 Apr 2024 15:15:58
“If your not in the right shape, give your ticket to somebody else” - Jurgan Klopp

Following the bosses orders. If you attended the game however. Your support was dreadful, dead almost. You let the club down as much as the players.

7.) 13 Apr 2024 15:34:16
LFC8 I’ll disagree there mate. I was at the game and sung with my boy until the final whistle.

Strange how you are critical of fans in the ground giving up when you didn’t even make it that far yourself.

8.) 13 Apr 2024 16:47:12
A couple of bad results and the whining starts.

9.) 14 Apr 2024 06:18:45
HessleRed - It’s not just “a couple of bad results”, is it?
In the last month we’ve been knocked out of two competitions (one still undecided but the overwhelming likelihood is that we are out) - both of which we were arguably favourites to win - and both in rather humiliating fashion.
From so much promise, we now face the task of winning the league against a City team who thrive at this time of year (they play less risky football and opponents are too exhausted from the long season to compete with City’s technical superiority), while we aren’t playing that well.
No surprise to see our some members of the squad make a full recovery once the pressure is off as well.

10.) 14 Apr 2024 09:42:38
LoweLFC: favourites in a cup competition that still has city in the same city you just said “thrive at this time of year”?

11.) 14 Apr 2024 10:23:43
I CLEARLY said “arguably favourites”, as in some people would regard us as that.
Unlike most teams, we have the quality to challenge and beat City at any stage of the season. A safe, tired team, however, will likely lack the energy and motivation to really try and attack City this late on.

12.) 14 Apr 2024 11:08:13
Lowe, are you implying that our players faked their injuries when the pressure is on and are now returning when we are almost out of all competitions and hence, can play with no pressure? Cos I don't get what you're trying to say with that last line there.



12 Apr 2024 13:37:12
lfc logo

Anonymous Woolback has written an article entitled, Is Jurgen Klopp Burnt Out At Liverpool FC?

Anonymous Woolback

1.) 12 Apr 2024 15:40:33
Enjoyable read, that. Thanks.
I fully concur about the “more casual” aspect of our play as time has gone on. That’s exactly what it feels like.

2.) 12 Apr 2024 18:03:46
Nice one, AW. Is this a moment of any sorts? Well, only time will tell as our reaction in games coming up starting with Palace will determine this, imo. If we see anything remotely resembling the absolute ship show we all saw from the off in last night’s game then, you are on the right track. If not then, on to the next game to confirm or disprove.

3.) 12 Apr 2024 23:34:25
I hope that the bad vibes subside and we win our last seven league games, Oli, only time will tell. I meant it was a significant moment irrespective of what comes after. I say that because it was, in so many ways, very far removed from the teams of the late 2010's. So many things happened last night that would never have happened back then. Even the scoreline itself is a glaring example. Okay sure, early Klopp teams were sometimes well beat, but no way would they have allowed a first leg tie to get to 3-0, at home, in that manner. They'd have just stemmed the tide and kept the tie alive. As well as Atalanta played, goals two and three are a disgrace and basically a gimme.

What comes next is immaterial, for me. It is a symptom of of something larger even just in isolation, even if we win the league. Entirely unnecessary casualness.

4.) 13 Apr 2024 07:37:09
Excellent thread but it’s so true.

5.) 13 Apr 2024 11:35:46
Well written, deep stuff AW.

I hope it is not as deep as that but rather than we've been putting tactics above intensity over the last few weeks. We've been trying to either match and/ or out-think the opposition of late and it has taken the edge of the intensity and sharpness of mind.

We need to get back to being compact in midfield and to attack and defend in numbers without making it so tactical. We're at the point of the season where the size and physicality of our squad should tell. This is not the time to outwit midtable managers at their own game.



02 Sep 2023 13:48:11
What are your thoughts on the Gravenberch signing Ed001? I have to say I am skeptical but always happy to be proved wrong. The manager seems to adore the player so I suppose we'll just have to trust him. If nothing else he can cover multiple positions so it's good that we're replacing the adaptability of Hendo and Milner.

Anonymous Woolback

{Ed001's Note - I am not a big fan and didn't see the need for another young midfielder right now, but you would expect him to improve working under Klopp. I think it says that the likes of Clark are not expected to make it though, or are at least seen as being a few years away from ready.}

1.) 02 Sep 2023 14:52:00
It seems as though Klopp will try to make him into a number 6…… may take some time…. But he had time on his side and he has good technical ability and good physique.

2.) 02 Sep 2023 16:27:39
I’ve seen very little of Gravenberch but what I have seen looks impressive. Also for him to get into Ajax’s first team at 16 years old and to play 11 times for Holland tells you there is undoubted quality there.

He looks to have very good spacial awareness which is imperative in the midfield, especially in the PL where you don’t get much time on the ball. Something I think Thiago and Trent both suffer with.

Let’s hope he kicks on and fulfils his potential in a red shirt.

3.) 02 Sep 2023 18:14:09
At this point and at 21, I consider Gravenberch as a young, promising prospect. He went to Bayern way too early as a 20 year old and we all know what that changing room is like at times.

Hopefully being in a much more sane changing room with a manager who actually wanted him (heard Nagelsmann didn't want him BUT the club signed him against his wishes) will help him improve cos his talent is undeniable, IMO.

4.) 02 Sep 2023 19:05:48
That is a good point about Bayern being quite a toxic place. If your face fits you’re ok. If not, then heaven help you. If Gravenberch fulfils the potential that lots of professionals connected to Ajax say he has then that will be a very astute purchase. It’s all up to him now, but I’m looking forward to seeing what he can do in our shirt.

5.) 02 Sep 2023 21:55:01
Indeed, VV. That place is toxic as heck. Look at what they did to Mane.



14 Aug 2023 00:39:22
Thank god that’s over. Cracking player but not someone I’d be comfortable breaking the transfer record for. If we’re going to do it i’d rather it was someone who actually wants to join us, with more than a years experience at the top level, and hopefully someone who isn’t a nightmare waiting to happen.

I’m glad that we made Chelsea egregiously overpay. I am convinced that the last few days have seen a lot of bluster from them without substance. Whatever financial voodoo they have committed to has surely left them hamstrung. They have found a way to make it work but at what cost?

We should try for Florentino or Tchouameni. We need someone of the highest quality on and off the ball. Unfortunately they don’t grow on trees.

Anonymous Woolback

1.) 14 Aug 2023 03:40:50
Exactly! I think we would not have bidded for MC if they had not up bid us on Lavia .

2.) 14 Aug 2023 03:57:52
100%, AW. I am very disappointed to miss out on Caicedo, however. We saw today that MacAllister and Szoboszlai have exceptional quality but need a top class DM to fully utilize it. Throw all of that Caicedo money at Real Madrid for Tchouameni, ignore the salary structure (he’s world class and plays for Real Madrid, ergo his salary is high), and we can immediately think about challenging for the league again. Heck, Real Madrid’s Mbappe fund now needs to be even higher given the news of his contract extension.

3.) 14 Aug 2023 07:49:10
Is tchouameni a dm though? i thought it was valverde who was dm for them?

4.) 14 Aug 2023 09:00:09
Valverde can play reasonably well anywhere across midfield but up until this season was typically used as the right-sided midfielder in a 4-3-3. Now with Ancelotti using a diamond in the absence of a top quality striker, Valverde will remain on the right of it. The one position he can’t play well is as a DM.



07 Aug 2023 18:18:45
Oh no. A third bid rejected.

Best of luck Eds!

Anonymous Woolback

1.) 07 Aug 2023 18:35:48
Now that the Lavia issue has drawn to a close I find myself asking a recurring question - what's not to like about Ibrahim Sangare? Can we not activate our third release clause of the summer?

2.) 07 Aug 2023 18:42:12
Cue site wide meltdown in 3.2.1.

3.) 07 Aug 2023 18:57:14
Don’t worry we will go back in January then be told Januarys not a go time to buy!
And I don’t need telling from all the super fans to chill Thanks.

4.) 07 Aug 2023 18:58:39
Most journos seem to be reiterating their belief that a compromise will be reached, so i don’t think it has drawn to a close.

Sangare is one of them where you have to assume the top clubs know something about him that we don’t, else someone would have moved for him by now.

5.) 07 Aug 2023 19:01:02
We don’t need a Dm. We can just play our right back or centre forward in midfield.

6.) 07 Aug 2023 19:15:49
Bit rubbish this jorg schmadtke fella ain't he? Just pay up or move on as this is just embarrassing now.

7.) 07 Aug 2023 19:16:33
Bajcetic has played twice as a DM, relax ?.

8.) 07 Aug 2023 19:17:42
@jk23 ?

I don’t love Gakpo in centre mid for tonight’s game! Just feels like a waste of his talent doesn’t it.

9.) 07 Aug 2023 19:30:51
Lavia will be a seasoned pro with bags of experience by the time we meet So'tons figure. This is so clever by Schmadke&FSG!

10.) 07 Aug 2023 19:58:20
It's getting embarrassing.
I can't leave the house until we sign a DM. People are starting to point and laugh.
"Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou, Romeo? "




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09 Nov 2021 17:17:09
As has been explained countless times VVVV, our finances are in bits because of the ‘hand to mouth’ structure of them that was put under unbelievable pressure by the C.V.. Now that C.V. football is over, in time, i imagine the situation will return to a normal healthy level. It isn’t a conspiracy on the part of the owners to see Liverpool never invest in the squad again from now until the end of time. We still have a big squad and some players that could move on to create space. I wouldn’t be getting your knickers in a twist to this extent.

Anonymous Woolback



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23 Oct 2018 13:18:09
We have three players that can fill that role, one is out for the season wirh injury and two are new signings who are learning the ropes. What good would adding another player into the mix do?

Anonymous Woolback



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21 Aug 2018 17:17:31
I find it very hard to feel sorry for someone who let down all his teammates and tens of millions of fans around the world, on two occassions in the clubs biggest game in a decade, all for a loss of concentration that you find it hard to believe a sunday league player would make. I also find it hard to be sympathetic given that after said mistake, instead of offering to give up his holiday to train all summer and reclaim some dignity (as many of our players have offered to do over the past few years despite not cocking up) he chose to go on holiday without shame and absolutely blitz his social media. And then on top of all that, when we sign a world class player in his position, which all things considered was warranted, he decides to complain about it in public to the press.

I’m not saying i have any particular distain for the guy, i wish him well, but he has left like a spoilt brat and i will not miss him anymore than i did Enrique, Johnson or Balotelli. Mignolet will not get a move he has probably been looking towards for a much longer period of time and still has handled it with more grace than Karius has.

Anonymous Woolback

{Ed002's Note - The Liverpool will have to find someone else for the death wishes now. Someone made a really foul attack on TAA earlier - perhaps him?}



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31 May 2018 14:14:34
Think it speaks for the measure of the man that he pushed so hard to go to Madrid, has been there 5 years and can’t even be arsed to learn the language, don’t know what he expected to be honest.

Anonymous Woolback



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30 May 2018 22:33:02
Difference being that Fekir has let it be known for a while he willleave, has told the club well in advance and will almost certainly leave with more dignity than any of the others, he won’t have to go on strike or fake injuries to move.

Anonymous Woolback




Anonymous Woolback's banter replies


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28 May 2024 16:34:44
I don't think Gravenberch is adaptable enough to survive. He would be best as a number 10 and he's not good enough to play out wide or in a deeper central position. We have an abundance of players I'd prefer as an advanced 8 or 10, both on ability and their adaptability: Mac Allister, Jones, Szoboslzai, Elliott, even Bobby Clark. They all have him beat on both counts. I'd normally be in favour of him having another chance under the new manager but I just can't see where he fits in unfortunately.

Anonymous Woolback



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22 May 2024 10:21:14
I really like Curtis, I think he’s an excellent water carrier who is brilliant at keeping the ball and actually quite good at pressing now. His ability to get out of tight spaces is a joy to watch. Only issue is his injuries. I think his ability warrants one last season under the new manager before considering moving him on.

Anonymous Woolback

{Ed025's Note - very average for me AW, even looking past his injury record he does not do enough for me mate, most of his play is either sideways or backwards and even though he gets a lot of touches does very little of any consequence with it..



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21 May 2024 16:06:15
Surely we'll be saddled with too many midfielders if Trent makes a permanent move, which I feel would be best for all parties. On top of that Bajcetic will be fit again and the likes of Clark and McConnell will be pushing for places. Which of our midfielders could you see moving on?

Gravenberch is the first likely casualty for me, I don't think he is versatile or well rounded enough to justify keeping, a bit like Smith Rowe at Arsenal. Jones perhaps, because of his injuries, though I love him as a player.

I can see Mac Allister, Szoboszlai and Elliott being perfect for the advanced midfield positions, I can even see a place for Szoboszlai playing on the right if Salah goes, he'd fit what Slot looks for in a winger.

Endo and Bajcetic are a fine combination for the 6, unless Slot wants to find a replacement for Endo and have Bajcetic play understudy, though I can't see that happening. I think it's more likely that Trent moves there for some of the matches.

Anonymous Woolback



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11 May 2024 17:40:00
Interesting MK, it does sound distinctly different from our mess of system. I can see how having proper wingers, rather than wide forwards, would make a big difference in maintaining width. Additionally, having a third centre back to play on the left hand side would make a big difference. Not sure it would be enough to convert me but there’s no doubt about it, we are implementing these tactics in the worst way possible.

Good point about the press. You’d imagine that in the premier league you wouldn’t be able to get away with pressing in 1’s and 2’s. Furthermore, if we’re moving away from having goalscoring wide players that cut inside, it raises a lot of questions. It should suit Diaz and Gakpo perfectly, providing we can keep both of them moving forward. Jota would be perfect but he is always injured.

Biggest concerns are Salah and Nunez. Salah would have to be moved centrally for me, I can’t see it working any other way, he doesn’t have the pace to beat a man and get to the byline anymore. Nunez wouldn’t fit in on either wing and isn’t clinical enough to lead the line if more emphasis is placed on the centre forward. Our midfield players should shine and score more goals as well.

Salah I can see being moved on if push comes to shove, I have no idea what the plan is for Nunez though. That does concern me. Convincing Diaz to stay is a must if this is the way we want to play.

Anonymous Woolback



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10 May 2024 18:03:12
I can’t remember which journalist reported it, but somebody said that one of the reasons Michael Edwards left was because of arguments with Klopp over retaining ageing players. Not sure how true that is, but if Ward is returning as well as Edwards as soon as Klopp is leaving, it doesn’t feel like a coincidence.

Anonymous Woolback



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