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20 Jun 2024 09:26:49
Hi Ed2

Is it a realistic to expect Salah to leave this summer is if an offer from Saudi comes in as expected? Not sure how we will replace the goals especially if Diaz leaves as well. Is there any movement on Ederson from Atalanta?


{Ed002's Note - I have repeatedly answered about Salah. Diaz wants to leave. Additions will be made. I am not sure what sort of "movement" you expect on Ederson.}

1.) 20 Jun 2024 09:51:28
Thanks Ed2. Are we actually going for Ederson or are we still looking at other options.

{Ed002's Note - Liverpool would like to sign Ederson but have other options aswell.}

2.) 20 Jun 2024 10:29:54
Hi Ed002 thanks for all of your updates. If Diaz wants to leave and we do a swap deal for raphina. Would it be a straight swap deal or would we receive a fee plus raphina?

{Ed002's Note - It would include some money as well.}



19 Jun 2024 10:23:04
Hi Ed2

Hope you are doing well. Are the rumours relating to Diaz meeting Barcelona reps true? If so do you see us signing an attacking player this summer to replace him? Although we are well stocked on the left I fear jota would spend a considerable amount of time on the sidelines.
Could this also affect any potential deal for Salah, in that are we more likely to keep him for another year if we lose Diaz.


{Ed002's Note - I am fine thanks. I am not aware of the player meeting anyone from Barcelona but his agent certainly has. It is unreleated to Salah although an exchange of Luiz for Raphinha plus some cash may suit all parties.}

1.) 19 Jun 2024 11:38:32
Can’t see how a swap with Raphinha would suit us. He’s a complete downgrade from Diaz. Cold hard cash only, just say no to Barcelona rejects.

2.) 19 Jun 2024 11:29:43
Ed, I assume Raphinha would be a Salah backup/ replacement rather than signing somebody like Bakayoko. If so do you think that we would then look for a LW to replace Diaz (e. g. Summerville) or stick with what we have as Jota, Nunez and Gakpo can all do a job on the left?

{Ed002's Note - Yes and he is a club target but perhaps Slot will not be so keen. Chiesa would be an option at LW but I suspect Summerville will head elsewhere if Leeds agree to a sale.}

3.) 19 Jun 2024 11:49:22
VV, if you take away your subjective dislike of signing players from Barcelona it suits us in quite an obvious way.

We have Gakpo, Jota and Nunez to play LW even if Diaz leaves, however we only really have Salah for the RW and most people either expect him to leave or play more central next season.

So whilst it might not suit us from your subjective standpoint, in terms of squad balance at least it factually does suit us as we’re clearly light on senior options on the RW and inundated with senior options for the LW. This move would thin out our LW overstock, bolster our RW shortage, and bring in some cash.

In terms of ability, who am I to tell you that you’re wrong and Raphinha is a good player? So by all means maintain that view that he’s not good enough. I personally think he’s a very similar level to Diaz. Both just good players who flatter to deceive a little bit with their flair play, but should score more. Diaz presses much better, Raphinha is much more creative. It’s neither here nor there for me and I’ll not be losing any sleep over it, if this deal came to fruition.

4.) 19 Jun 2024 12:33:06
It’s hardly a subjective dislike. It’s objective fact that Barcelona spend money badly on mediocre players then desperately try to get shot of them when they realise how poor they are. See also, Coutinho, Dembele, De Jong et al. Raphinha is the latest in a very long line of poor signings who they over paid for and are on huge wages.

Raphinha is, at best, a very mediocre footballer who Barcelona paid over the odds for. Wingers like him are ten a penny. Why should we make the same mistake for a player who will turn 28 this year and would make zero meaningful impact. He’s nowhere near good enough to be a starter and he's not an upgrade on Diaz or in fact anyone already here, people mention Diaz end product, well Raphinha is worse. Add to that he’s lazy, one paced and only turns up if and when he feels like. He wanted to go to Barca, they were silly enough to over pay, let Barcelona enjoy their stupidity.

5.) 19 Jun 2024 13:04:00
Let’s just agree to disagree. You clearly think your opinion is a fact so it’s not even worth debating.

6.) 19 Jun 2024 13:08:13
If we adopt the high pressing game again I think he will do really well. Since we went this turgid slow possession ball he has been mostly ineffective. Pressing like we did against city in the 2nd half when we went for the win he was brilliant. Over to you Arne.

7.) 19 Jun 2024 13:17:42
Pretty sure Barcelona wanted to keep Dembele. De Jong I would also say is better than a "mediocre footballer". I do agree that they haven't always bought well recently and personally I would not be terribly keen on Raphinha joining, but I can see MKs point. Personal preference would be to get the cash and reinvest on someone better or younger with a higher ceiling.

8.) 19 Jun 2024 13:45:26
I find myself agreeing with VV on this one (first time for everything I guess! ) . If we are looking for players that are NOT top level, then at least buy young ones with potential to improve. If things don’t work out at least you can get some money back as they won’t be too old to sell…. bit like what Barcelona are doing with Raphinha!

9.) 19 Jun 2024 14:16:46
Given that slot likes his wingers to stay wide and beat people one on one to then cross or deliver cut backs, I think Diaz is perfect for that role, in our old system he played the mane role cutting in to create for himself or others, but I think he would probably give us more staying out wide like a traditional winger (though gakpo would also be great there)

10.) 19 Jun 2024 15:46:41
And de jong is hardly a mediocre footballer, I’d say raphinha isn’t either, but between the two I would much rather keep Diaz and look for somebody younger and that we can develop to replace mo, I really rate Chiesa as a player but bakayoko looks like he suits our needs if we need a wide winger who is good one on one, the next right winger we buy probably won’t be expected to produce mo’s goals, which would be more of the number 9’s responsibility (guessing based on slot at feyenoord)

11.) 19 Jun 2024 15:56:54
RapHinha would be a resounding"No"for me.

12.) 19 Jun 2024 19:03:37
I think Chiesa would be a very good purchase.

13.) 19 Jun 2024 19:41:07
Raphinha was good at Leeds and he looks to have done ok at Barcelona. Haven’t seen them play much this season but what’s the problem with him?

14.) 19 Jun 2024 20:04:43
Having watched Barcelona a few times last season; rap Gina has certainly improved his all round game whilst at Barca, not a bad player but believe they are open to a €80m transfer…. how much are they wanting Diaz for? They can sod off if they expect us to give them Diaz and money on top for raphina……they the ones who should be giving us money and atleast 20m.

15.) 19 Jun 2024 20:16:37
I think you should all wait to see how much cash they offer on top of Raphinha before you make a judgement.

16.) 19 Jun 2024 20:56:21
MKS while at Leeds, I wanted us to sign Raphinha (if it was possible) as he was one of these players on the verge of making the step up. However at Barca, not sure if he has improved based on the little I've seen of him so in the end, I don't think he is anywhere near Diaz's all round play and ability even tho, Diaz needs to improve his goals return.

17.) 19 Jun 2024 21:10:42
Chiesa looks a top player but Italians in the premier league are so hit and miss. No thanks to raphinha unless we replace salahs goals elsewhere.

18.) 19 Jun 2024 21:05:42
I’m sure Barcelona would like to include Raphina into any negotiations for Diaz but in reality it is never going to happen, his age profile, fee and also salary are outside of FSGs model for purchases, let’s be realistic Liverpool will go into negotiations with our own best interests in mind and that is cash sale, if Barcelona can’t meet the asking price we set then Diaz stays! We have been here before with players and Diaz has 3 years left on his contract so all the negotiation leverage is on our side… in my opinion we do sell Diaz to Barcelona but cash sale.

19.) 20 Jun 2024 00:03:38
When's the last time a player swap has happened at Liverpool?



29 May 2024 09:04:41
Hi Ed2 are Liverpool interested in signing rodrygo and if so is that to replace Diaz/ Salah or in addition to?


{Ed002's Note - Rodrygo Goes (F/S) Real Madrid have no interest in selling but PSG did ask for him as part of a deal for Mbappe before he let his contract run down. Many Liverpool fans think there is some sort of pre-contract to join them, but of course there isn't.

He agreed a new contract at Real Madrid and won't be moving anytime soon unless something like €120M offer is made or he could perhaps be offered to Liverpool in a part exchange for Alexander Arnold which Real Madrid maybe open to - as it will bring in some cash as well. Manchester United sent scouts. There will always be interest in him and with Mbappe arriving he may need to make his way back to the RW position - although the wide positions are areas where Real Madrid want more depth. Will likely stay.}

1.) 29 May 2024 11:13:11
Lol they would need to give us money and Rodrygo to get Trent from us so this is obviously never going to happen. Rodrygo’s are 10 a penny.

2.) 29 May 2024 12:48:49
"10 a penny". now that is old skool value right there. I remember you could get 2 black jacks for a penny or even a blackjack and a fruit salad but never 10 for a penny!

3.) 29 May 2024 13:20:20
Nicol - Rodrygo has a contract until 2028, Trent's currently expires in 2025 - that's where a value differential comes in to play.

FWIW, I do not think that Rodrygos are 10 a penny (I can't remember 10 anythings for a penny either, NMB, but I'm sure my parents could! ) and I think he is a great player.

As to whether he is worth more or less than Trent, so many factors (including contract length) come in to play.

Suffice to say that I would like us to get a solution to the RW issue AND keep Trent, especially if we are losing Jones - we need to keep a Scouse heartbeat.

4.) 29 May 2024 13:26:30
You guys are showing your age. When I was a kid you couldn’t even get a single pick n mix sweet for 1p. They were all 2-5p each. Next you’ll tell me a Freddo used to be 10p ?.

5.) 29 May 2024 14:41:28
I remember when you could get a small mojo for a half penny.

6.) 29 May 2024 16:43:38
Do you think you could get 10 'millions' for a penny?

7.) 29 May 2024 18:26:28
Agree with Zed. The contract length dictates the value difference. And agree that Rodrygo is an excellent player, he’s certainly not ten a penny. He’s lightning quick, skilful and has end product. There’s clearly a very high ceiling there as he’s bagging double figures in goals in top competitions and he’s only just turned 23.

8.) 29 May 2024 18:54:28
Technically, you could probably have got 10 sherbet pips for a penny, but they were only sold in 20z or quarters.

Mojos were definitely only a ha'penny or 2 for a penny obviously.

How about a Fizz Bomb? anyone? 2p they were - strawberry or lemon flavour - and worth every penny.

My sweet shop in Leasowe had them all.

9.) 29 May 2024 20:41:41
We ain't selling Trent just to get Rodrygo.

10.) 29 May 2024 20:50:37

Isn’t it interesting that Rodrygo aged 23 with 10 goals and 5 assists this season is “lightening quick”, “has end product” and an “excellent player” with a “high ceiling”.

Whereas Darwin Nunez aged 24 with 11 goals and 8 assists this season is getting criticised by many for not being up to it.

Not a dig at you mate. But could it be shiny object syndrome?

11.) 29 May 2024 23:18:26
You’re comparing apples with oranges, Navy. Rodrygo is a winger. Nunez is a centre forward. You’d expect a centre forward to score more goals. Additionally Nunez will be 25 within a month so he’s two years older than Rodrygo. Notwithstanding that Rodrygo is a technically better footballer. Whether you’d like to admit it or not, Navy, Rodrygo is one of the best young wingers playing in Europe. Nunez is not a winger. End of story.

12.) 29 May 2024 23:22:58
You could get a ‘loosely’ - a single cigarette -for 3d at the corner shop near my Nan’s when I was a kid. II’d forgotten about fruit salads @NMB, happy days :) .

13.) 30 May 2024 00:28:21
Well said Navy.



06 May 2024 19:22:15
Hi Ed2

Is it true Nunez is unhappy and looking to leave this summer?


{Ed002's Note - Darwin Nunes (S) I am not aware of plans to replace him but clearly he is making a fuss about social media. I am not aware of abuse - if there is it is terrible.}

1.) 07 May 2024 13:29:07
ED002 - I couldn’t agree more. It’s unbelievable that he’s getting abused on social media if indeed it’s true.
I know he’s had a couple of seasons but the more pressure is put on him the bigger the impact playing. He’s rushing things.
Whatever happened to YNWA.

2.) 07 May 2024 14:17:14
I don't understand the abuse, ok his finishing isn't great but he puts in 100% effort everytime he pulls on the Jersey. all brave keyboard warriors that wouldn't dare say a word to him face to face . cowards.

3.) 07 May 2024 15:33:22
I feel for Darwin. The abuse is unacceptable, but I wouldn't advise the way he is handling it either. If he is a guy that doesn't like to be in the spotlight, drawing attention to himself is going to bring on exactly what he would prefer to avoid.

I like him as a player, and think he has a good heart, but I'm unsure if LFC is the right club for him anymore.

4.) 07 May 2024 16:03:28
Not an expert, but my experience with X and Instagram is that pretty much every pro athlete receives abuse. If you could see the amount Emma Raducanu gets in her comments, that's probably just a fraction of it.

I sometimes wonder why they don't just delete their social media. But I guess that would affect their sponsorship money.

5.) 07 May 2024 17:00:04
Darwin at the very least deserves a second a season under the new manager, plenty of the ingredients for an outstanding striker are there he just needs to get it to click.

6.) 07 May 2024 17:06:23
It creates a lot of exposure and additional income. Most of these guys make so much money that the additional income is rather immaterial to their quality of life, but whenever I say that I get piled on for telling people how to make a living. You'll never convince me though that it is anything other than a fool's playground.

7.) 07 May 2024 20:22:20
Don’t blame Nunez for taking his social media down. Sorry but I don’t but into all this “ he earns a fortune crap” abuse is abuse no matter how much you earn.

All these key board warriors call themselves fans? Sitting there from Outer Mongolia, abusing one of our players, put my house on the fact they don’t go the game……


8.) 07 May 2024 22:57:05
I’ve said it before, if I was on over 10 grand a week and part of my job relied on a being high profile then I would absolutely pay someone (an agency) to manage it for me.

I would not ever look on it myself.

9.) 08 May 2024 19:11:14
Ron, don't most of them do that anyway? I was under the impression that most professional athletes had their media presence managed by "handlers" for such things?

10.) 08 May 2024 20:51:55
I don’t know ArAy, I don’t actually know any personally.

If they do then they won’t know of any abuse. Doesn’t make it acceptable but does make it unlikely it’s having any affect on the player or his family or on the reasons for taking LFC related pictures down.

11.) 08 May 2024 21:59:00
Nunez patience/ temperament has been in question since he arrived, and whilst abuse is unacceptable it is, as others have mentioned, inevitable.
What doesn't kill you, and all that.
I wonder if what Darwin lacks can be coached, also if he'll be granted another season to improve. 30 goal involvements is not small change, but the issue is that the misses tend to be the most important chances/ games.



03 May 2024 12:33:15
Hi Ed2 hope you are well. In terms of a summary of potential ins and outs are we focusing on the following areas:

Can we reasonably expect Salah, Gomez, Matip, Thiago and Diaz to leave? And if so who are we targeting to replace them.

I can't see how we can replace Salahs goals/ assists especially as we seem to miss so many big chances.


{Ed002's Note - You need to RTP.}

1.) 03 May 2024 13:25:47
How did we replace his goals when he was out…not this season but the previous seasons.

2.) 03 May 2024 15:40:13
Previous seasons Mane Firmino, we did win games when Salah was off with Egypt and injury. I also like the look of some that are coming through, players like Doak, Danns, Clarke and a few others should be looked at. Slot has a good rep for bringing on younger players. Personally I'd look at LB and move on Tsimikas if possible.

3.) 03 May 2024 20:11:38
We scored far more goals when he was out than when he has been back this season post January. It'll be the same as when every great player leaves - Fowler, Owen, Torres, Suarez, Couts and many more. We'll find a way because that's what LFC does. We'll be fine.

4.) 04 May 2024 00:11:07
How long did it take to replace Suarez, Westwood? Three years, in which time we endured the comedy football of Balotelli, Markovic, Borini, Lambert and Benteke. So please don’t make out that Salah and the goals he brings to the team are easy to replace, because they’re not.

5.) 04 May 2024 06:01:00
Westwood how dare you be optimistic.

Yes it may take time to replace Salah's goals, but the other hand it may not if the recruitments right. When Rush left, we got Aldridge, we've had Fowler, Owen, Torres, Suarez, Sturridge, Mane, Firminio to name but a few that have come and gone.

Yes it may take time to replace the goals, but we've replaced them before and as long as the recruitment is right it will be again.

6.) 04 May 2024 09:58:41
Given that some of players we’re seriously considering are Sane, Raphinha, Marcus Edwards and Chiesa there’s every reason to be slightly concerned if that’s the calibre of player we’re looking at, because quite frankly they’re all dreadful for one reason or another and not capable of replacing what Salah has done over the last 7 years.

7.) 04 May 2024 10:36:39
I would be looking at a left back as Robertson is coming to his end, a center back as Matip would be leaving and we need 2 top CB with JG, IK and JQ as the squad players.

Endo has been a 7 out of 10 this season so a DM is also required.

After if anyone leave then looking at replacements is required.

8.) 04 May 2024 13:49:43
Asinine to compare this time with the period after Suarez. It’s night and day and the fan thinking needs to catchup.

9.) 04 May 2024 19:07:49
Funny how we will be fine, but won only one title thirty years. We don’t need to be fine we need to be better. The mediocrity is astounding here - VV is spot on.

10.) 05 May 2024 13:12:46
Sane, Raphinha, Marcus Edwards and Chiesa

@VV they are all “dreadful”?!

This is the issue these days - players are either world class or dreadful.

There’s no sensible middle ground.

11.) 06 May 2024 09:50:55
"Oh no Salah might leave, we're doomed. " Get off the grass. Yeah we only won 1 title in 30 years but Salah has been here for 7 of those years, that's 23% of our league failure time that by singling out individuals we could say Salah is culpable for. Or look at it another way, we haven't won a league title since Lovren or Lallana left, maybe they were the real heroes? Obviously I'm being facetious, but this singling out of individuals as the be all end all of our success or failure is stupid.

12.) 08 May 2024 02:43:55
if this team isn't better than the team when suarez was here then I'd have to eat my hat.




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20 Jun 2024 09:51:28
Thanks Ed2. Are we actually going for Ederson or are we still looking at other options.


{Ed002's Note - Liverpool would like to sign Ederson but have other options aswell.}



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22 Apr 2024 19:05:35
Could Jose M be a realistic option?


{Ed025's Note - no..



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22 Apr 2024 17:17:21
Hi Ed 2

What kinds of things would they potentially disagree on? Is it transfers or salary etc?


{Ed002's Note - Typically responsibilities - salary won’t be a problem but Klopp still being involved in the transfer decisions might be - not for the first time.}



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14 Apr 2024 22:12:14
Thanks ed2 what a Sunday!




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12 Apr 2024 10:52:18
Thanks Ed and hope you have a good day.





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