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19 Jul 2019 22:27:56
How long do you put up with the neighbors drums.

19 Jul 2019 17:52:21
Has anyone else noticed mo salah in the pictures of henderson lifting big ears?

Ive probably got too much time on my hands but shaqiri has got himself right in the centre of the picture despite not playing that much, while looking for salah (arguably our best player for the last 2 years) is like finding wally.

19 Jul 2019 09:54:00
So as expected, Huddersfield have released their kits but this time with no sponsor! Paddy Power are starting a 'save the kit' campaign with sponsors being removed from the kits. Be interesting to see if any follow in the future but even if they don't its great advertising by their marketing team! Although it'll be hard for them to go back on their word or the company that takes over the sponsorship in the future.

18 Jul 2019 20:41:33
With Barcelona offering cash plus 2 players to PSG for Neymar. If PSG were to refuse it would Barcelona look to offload players at a cheaper price like Dembele/ Coutinho (2 been linked with Liverpool even if rubbish) or Suarez/ Rakitic (due to age. Appreciate its not directly Liverpool related but my thinking was that if Barcelona were to get Neymar do you think that would put more pressure on Madrid to get someone like Salah or Mane?

18 Jul 2019 15:25:01
the simple fact is klopp is extremely naive to trust . LALLANA. OX. KEITA. AND GOMEZ. to stay fit. to him he is thinking 4 new players. but to everyone else its 4 players who will be injured after 2 games.

liverpool are not prepared for the start of the season with so many competitions abroad this summer.

whats the front 3 going to be. really.

origi brewster and who else? against norwich and city and chelsea

im super surprised that he didn't add at least one forward for the front 3 to continue winning trophies while liverpool are in a good place
i just think klopps biggest weakness is he is TOO TRUSTING of the players who are always injured.

18 Jul 2019 15:55:25
He's already said he expects bobby and mo to start the season, only maybe mane missing, no reason for any negativity just yet.

Your post made me laugh a bit, . The irony of you calling jurgen klopp naive, then say what he's thinking is wrong? about 4 players he works with everyday. Those 4 players hardly played last year, this season they will obviously be available much more so of course that only means more options already.

18 Jul 2019 08:41:31
First time poster, Coutinho in every way fits what Liverpool need in order to catch Man City. A big Marquee signing after a successful season is imperative. Look back over every close season after a successful season. A new player was brought in to freshen up the squad and provide a boost. Wages of players leaving and a unpaid remainder of fee make Coutinho good business in the current market. We need a playmaker Barcelona don't. They need a defence and two players who like Xavi and Iniesta can retain possession. Fortunately (for every other team in Europe) those two are irreplaceable. In big games against our main Rivals Coutinho proved time and time again he could produce the goods. Just look back over his records against top teams. Our front three would thrive on what he brings to the table. All three's goal tallies would undoubtedly rise and Goal difference could well be what turns out to be the key in winning our First Premier League Title. Just imagine how incredible our team would be potentially capable of scoring at will while not leaking goals to the same rate. Coutinho is one of the best players on the Planet but don't get caught up in why he is not wanted at Barcelona it's purely because they never needed him in the first place they needed Xabi and Iniesta type players to fill their massive midfield void. I'd actually say a back four an keeper too but that's for another day. If a loan deal is what's needed to remind Liverpool fans of how good he is then bring him back. Within 10 games we would be pushing to bring him back fully. I think Klopp knows that there isn't many players like him out there. David Silva is the only other one in the Prem. Man City will miss him next season. But this is our moment to push on and win a second trophy two years in a row that's a difficult thing to achieve just ask Rafa. Coutinho is exactly what we need right now. QUALITY.

18 Jul 2019 09:38:50
How many times does it need saying, Coutinho does not fit our system of play and is not coming back. He is not one of the best players on the planet - if he was, then there would be a queue of clubs vying for his signature and Barcelona would not be trying to get rid of him. David Silva has always had a lot more in his locker than Coutinho, including some supreme vision and passing skills done at a far quicker pace than Coutinho.
Also, Rafa did win 2 trophies back to back and almost won a third.
PSG is the logical destination for him. Showboat name for a showboat club, who will need to at least add someone with a big name to replace the whining maggot that is Neymar. His pedestrian passing ability will also be better suited to the snail pace French league.

18 Jul 2019 10:02:14
His goals and assists % have also diminished at Barca, partly due to his lack of playing time, but also because every attack doesn't now have to go through him. I imagine similar stats if he came back as we have far more outlets now in Robinson, Arnold and the front three. His stats also from an attacking midfield position, are nowhere as good as those when he played wide left, which is Mane's position and he's not as good as Mane in that position and would therefore, not get on the pitch there without injury or resting others. His industry on the pitch is limited. It would take a sea change in his game mindset to get him to track back, tackle, defend, hassle and put himself about more.

16 Jul 2019 21:10:52
Hi Ed's,

I know it is far from a reliable source, but I noticed that on football whispers we are showing as highly likely to sign Koulibaly from Napoli. Shot up to 4.0/ 5.

Any truth in this?


17 Jul 2019 08:47:52
Isn't that just a betting site?

17 Jul 2019 20:59:36
No it's meant to be an algorithm based site which measures the likelihood of a transfer based on the frequency of reports and the reliability of the sources.

Not sure how accurate it is though.

{Ed002's Note - It was a 17.7.}

17 Jul 2019 21:57:42
An algorithm to entice idiots to bet on rumours.

16 Jul 2019 10:59:56
Andy Lonergan is joining the squad as cover for GK for part of pre season.

Do you think this is merely because we have so many injuries or are we looking at him as a potential replacement for Mignolet to go?

15 Jul 2019 18:25:13
Not Liverpool related but would just like to say RIP Pernell Whitaker.
As a boxing fan I remember watching him with awe.

15 Jul 2019 17:21:38
Hi ed have we ever been interested in joelinton and who currently is? Thanks.


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