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25 Apr 2019 23:51:58
I hope to God that all the so called LFC supporters who have given up on the League, "DONT" get tickets for the European Cup Final if we make it, the team only wants supporters there who believe in them winning the Euro Cup?

P. S. Wirral Wonder you must be about the same age as me over 65, because i was at the Watford Away Cup game in 1970,we were "Posh" i went with me dad by Car (Red Vauxhall Viva OKA 455 F) can remember sitting on a straw bale at side of Pitch and the Liverpool Fan who dyed his Hair Red and White and it rained and it all went over his face and back of his neck? Apologies for giving you down the banks a couple of months ago Buddy. Once a Red always A Red!

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25 Apr 2019 22:27:47
Liverpool WIN FA Youth Cup on Penalties 5-4.

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25 Apr 2019 22:27:44
Well done boys who beat city in youth cup final on pens! '.

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26 Apr 2019 00:10:11
Not a great performance from the team but the penalties were excellent. Good omen hopefully.

25 Apr 2019 22:09:54
Ridiculous about Matip - a key part of our team, especially with his Hansenseque incursions. I remember similar idiots questioning Ablett's key during the 88 run - in. Ungamely yes, but highly effective.

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25 Apr 2019 21:44:51
Hi all
I'm still feeling a bit deflated after Man City beating United. I think that may have been our last chance for City to slip up.

Still plenty of reasons to be optimistic about the future. Really proud that our team went this far in a season, only loosing one game.
The lads have been great this season.

A question for anyone that may have an answer to.
Why does Shaqiri seem to have been overlooked by Klopp the last few weeks?
They both seem to have a good relationship and can be seen celebrating goals together.
However, Klopp never gives him any gametime in recent weeks.

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25 Apr 2019 22:13:38
We finished 25 points behind city last year, ironically man utd finished second under maureen.

25 Apr 2019 23:06:28
Where is the irony there?

25 Apr 2019 19:36:26
So to distract us all from the title race, Ed333 talked about Barton threatening to expose Gary Lineker on Twitter a while ago. Care to share what he was talking about?
Much appreciated as always.

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25 Apr 2019 22:45:54
2012 i think? and it was to do with lineker seeing prossies.

25 Apr 2019 18:47:14
A topic for discussion Eds, if i may.

Footballers often can find themselves struggling with personal issues and a variety of addictions. Drink, drugs, gambling and general mischief have all presented a problem for players of the past.

In the modern game drinking and partying appear to be less indulged among professional footballers as they once were. Obsession with social media has already been well documented, but another far more pressing issue appears to be rearing its head, but is receiving little attention.

Video game addictions are on the rise and it is clear that a lot of the players today choose to spend their free time gaming. I have been on the receiving end of such an addiction at different points in my life, for those who have not touched a controller in their lives take it from me that it is very real and is just as effective a vice as the others mentioned above.

As more is written about it and more footballers seem to be gaming more than ever before, could this present a particularly dangerous distraction for them, given just about everything else footballers would do at their age is no longer the done thing? I seem to remember Ousmane Dembele earlier in the season not turning up to training due to staying up all night on his playstation. Have the major bodies addressed this and are the top managers aware of the dangers of becoming too absorbed in our technology, particularly video games?

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25 Apr 2019 22:42:47
Gotta say gaming became a problem for me, could of split me and the Mrs up at one point .

It is a problem and very addictive.

25 Apr 2019 18:09:03
Trent making pfa rb of the year is MASSIVE for him. I think it puts him ahead of the highly overrated trippier and will kickstart his international career.

Conversley, it could cement him as a rb and not the midfielder many of us hope to see him become.

{Ed002's Note - You think the national manager picks his team based on this sort of thing - you realise the players have no interest in it? Ed001 tells me the fans care; I find it surprising, but there we go.}

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25 Apr 2019 20:50:20
eds2 the Adrian Durham of the Liverpool rumors page.

25 Apr 2019 23:10:04
I’m not even sure if Ed002 knows who Adrian Durham is but there is hardly a bigger insult. Ed002 deals in information, Durham deals in conjecture - and poorly peddled at that.

{Ed002's Note - Adrian Durham has a radio show on TalkSport - I was great chums with one of their presemters from a previous world, but sadly he is no longer around.}

26 Apr 2019 00:19:37
More like pete price 😂.

25 Apr 2019 13:00:53
Right here's a question for everyone:Are Utd becoming the Liverpool of the 90'-2000's+? What I mean by that is for example, bad managerial appointments, not great recruitment etc etc.

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25 Apr 2019 13:31:45
I hope so, hopefully we’re the united of them years. I’d love to see us on 21 league titles.

25 Apr 2019 13:41:16
Really would like to think so. I'd like if we can win a few titles, then have a few smaller teams come out of nowhere like Leicester a few years back to win the league before utd ever do.
Then I woke up and realised utd got more chance of titles than us.

25 Apr 2019 15:12:23
negativeredwalterSMITH, Your above post states "Then i woke up and realised utd got more chances of titles than us ".

Do you live on Planet Earth? and Smoke something you should not because that statement is unadulterated "SH-TE". Just for me Records how Old are you i. e are you attending a Creche.

25 Apr 2019 16:01:13
I actually think United are becoming the Everton of the 90's-2000's.

25 Apr 2019 16:06:06
United are becoming the new Leeds. £10 on them getting relegated next season whilst we lift the premier league title for the second consecutive season.

25 Apr 2019 16:12:09
In what way Smeg?

25 Apr 2019 16:49:32
They'll be battling relegation soon!

25 Apr 2019 18:09:57
That would be heaven carra.

25 Apr 2019 19:22:32
Interesting Smeg.

25 Apr 2019 12:52:47
Imagine three years ago, someone said Liverpool would have three of the PFA team of the year defenders. would have been strange seeing clyne Lovren and Moreno in there! That’s how far we’ve come!

Pogba what a farce! So many more deserving players this season. If they wanted someone who turned up 10 games a season they may as well have picked hazard. Did you see yesterday when he lost a header to sterling?

Feel Alisson would feel a little hard done by, more clean sheets that Ederson and for me a better goalkeeper.

Maybe Trent got a bit lucky, best attacking right back in the league sure, but not sure he was the best all round this season. Can’t really argue with the rest though!

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