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28 May 2020 16:45:41
June 17th wow I really thought it would have been cancelled.

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28 May 2020 16:02:06
17th of June we're back baby!

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28 May 2020 16:38:19
Who do we play 1st is it at home or who do we play 1st at Anfield?

28 May 2020 16:44:57
Everton away was supposed to be our next fixture, so I'm guess it's that?
Whether it'll be at Goodison or a neutral venue doesn't seem to have been decided.

{Ed002's Note - For now you can expect it to be at a neutral venue.}

28 May 2020 19:03:57
Would it be too early to ask as to when the new kit will be released for sale?

{Ed002's Note - I really have no idea at all. I have never purchased a football kit. I do hear it will likely be red.}

28 May 2020 19:56:13
I’d like to see cardboard cut out fans at the Goodison game.
Maybe one of Ed025 with an anguished look and his head in his hands 😀🖐👆.

{Ed002's Note - There won't be a Goodison game.}

28 May 2020 21:09:31
Ed002 if there are neutral venues, with some of our games now seeming likely. Will the venues be withheld from the public to further minimise our fans turning up?

{Ed002's Note - That is the plan.}

29 May 2020 16:36:45
Why so with regards to with holding the venues at least tell the television people so the cameras turn up for it no matter any obstacle the title is coming home to where it rightfully belongs.

{Ed002's Note - They do not want the public to turn up.}

29 May 2020 17:15:45
LGC have fans all over the place.

29 May 2020 17:45:07
But if the public are not aware of the venue until kick off it’s far less likely for fans to congregate outside grounds.

28 May 2020 12:34:14
IMO, Dave Maddock is far from a reliable journalist and comes across as a bit of a attention seeker. He's put two and two together and come up with a thousand!
We haven't made contact with Leipzig as we're waiting to make sure what money is available. The club is being smart. We obviously want Werner and he wants us. It just may take longer than we'd like.

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28 May 2020 15:26:15
is there anybody that works in journalism that could be described as reliable in this day and age?

28 May 2020 09:02:06
Just joined after many years reading - good morning reds and Ed's hope you're all well!

Also, has anyone else noticed 1Jjs predictions during lockdown? He has consistently said in here that Liverpool will be title winners (when it looked very unlikely according to others) and that we will only buy Werner at right price (which will change due to lockdown) .

Looks like he's often spot on!

Anyway love all your posts keep up the great work.

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28 May 2020 12:21:32
Supa, you sure you're not 1Jjs in disguise?! Lol 100 percent! Brilliant though.

27 May 2020 15:52:46
Hello eds and reds,

Hope everyone is doing well, I've taken a little sabbatical from football social media after all that boring null and void crap :)

Sorry if we're going over old ground but I'm completely out the loop with regards to transfers etc apart from Werner who everyone seems to think is a certainty for some reason.

So realistically who would you guys like us to sign whenever the window opens and why?

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26 May 2020 19:25:41
Liverpool came second in the premier league and won the champions league. This season we won the super cup, club world cup and potentially the premier league. In that time they bought Harvey Elliott and Takumi Minamino for £10 million. There's also rumours of Liverpool selling Adrian, Karius, Clyne, Lovren, Lallana and Shaqiri. Is there really no chance Liverpool could buy Timo Werner and Kalidou Koulibaly this summer?

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26 May 2020 20:37:21
Isn’t Koulibaly approaching 30? Be massively expensive and not what we need.
I hope we get Werner, but not sure we have the funds to complete it.

26 May 2020 22:27:54
We could possibly sell Grugic, Wilson and Origi too, but Koulibaly would be a waste of money as he is overpriced, overated and too old now. Timo Werner will join Liverpool, especially after the tapping up of the player.

26 May 2020 15:15:08
Hi Ed’s. Would it be possible for one of you to give me a brief overview of your thoughts on 3 Forest players (my uncle lives in Nottingham and supports them and keeps raving about the following 3 players)
Brice samba
Matty Cash
Joe Worrall

From what I’ve seen of them they all look to be good players and have the ability to cut it at a higher level.

{Ed001's Note - Samba yes, defo too good for the Championship on what I saw of him. He really impressed me.

Cash I really like as well, though I am not sure what his best position is, he looks like he could step up very easily to the Prem.

Worrall is a different matter though. I saw him on loan in Scotland as well and he was horrendous at times. However, the lack of quality of centre-backs around at the moment means that is normal these days, so I am sure he would be fine. If Shane Duffy can make it in the Prem, just about anyone can.}

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25 May 2020 13:43:38
We won it five times.

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