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27 Feb 2020 16:36:34
With it looking like we might win the premiership, it got me to wondering if we did win who from a professional aspect would be most disappointed.
Sir Alex Ferguson
Garry Nevele
El Haji diouf
Any others that will be morfitfied.

{Ed025's Note - yeah me.. :)

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27 Feb 2020 17:09:05
We all know you love the reds nearly as much as the blues.

{Ed025's Note - its not very close at all walter, but im not one of the bitter ones mate and i do watch every liverpool game with my mates..

27 Feb 2020 18:56:44
I reckon you might be fairly disappointed too Walter.

27 Feb 2020 19:44:26
Maybe a Coutinho or Can who have failed (largely) since leaving and could have been part of the history.

26 Feb 2020 21:53:30
Good to see city give Real a lesson and Ramos getting a red :)

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27 Feb 2020 16:22:20
Couldnt care less who wins but its always lovely to see Ramos get sent off.

27 Feb 2020 18:59:54
Can't believe how bad RM are, where are the galaticos.

{Ed047's Note - Up front for Liverpool? 😉

26 Feb 2020 11:46:18
Our fixture against Man City is scheduled for Sunday 5th April at 4:30 (subject to change) . If one of us or City qualify for the next round of the CL I am assuming that game will have to be moved. My question is, would it be moved to the Saturday 4th? The 12:30 and 5:30 TV games are already scheduled but obviously this game would be televised so when is it likely to be played? (My stag do is on the 4th so was hoping to watch us beat them on my stag do! )

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25 Feb 2020 21:11:53
Angelo davies of Bayern, wat a player!

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26 Feb 2020 08:39:49
Looks like they've pulled another Alaba out. He looks very very good.

26 Feb 2020 09:02:18
He is like hot steaming shxt off a shovel the pace an energy that kid has is off the scale, robbo might of met his match at left back.

26 Feb 2020 09:03:15
I’ve heard that his cousin Alphonso isn’t bad either 😉.

26 Feb 2020 12:34:14
Sorry I got on that mistake yesterday, angelo a nice name though hahaha!

27 Feb 2020 13:31:16
Ed1, you seen much of this lad? I haven't mate, just wondering if the hype is real.

{Ed001's Note - defo real mate. Not the greatest defensively, but he is so quick that he can get back again and again. Going forward though he is sensational, in large part due to his pace but still a very good footballer with a great attitude.}

25 Feb 2020 19:17:48
Hi there. This year I haven't been able to go and watch Liverpool due to not being able to find tickets. Was wondering what's the best way of actually buying tickets as the members sale system is broken and I can't find any other way. Usually I go with a mate of mine who occasionally has a spare ticket in the Kop end, this year however there has been no opportunity at all.

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25 Feb 2020 23:36:37
I’ve given up trying now. It’s near impossible to get a ticket anymore!

26 Feb 2020 09:09:00
My son was born next door to Watford ground. I became a member of Watford a few years back. We used to watch a couple of games when they first went up to Premier league. I’ve managed to get Liverpoool game tickets the last 4 years as I have enough games to get a ticket now before the free for all. I’m going on Saturday :)

Also I know a season ticket holder through a friend of a friend. I pester him all year for me to get dibs on a game when he is away (Usually) uin August. Managed to get the Arsenal game this year.

Circumstances have been good to me but I’d say there are ways to get tickets if you explore hard enough.

25 Feb 2020 19:16:09
Gini has just come out saying he wants to head back to Holland in the future, do you think we will keep him till his contract runs out or look to sell beforehand?

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25 Feb 2020 23:22:55
There's no way he's going back to Holland in his prime, of which he still has a good 3 seasons.

25 Feb 2020 23:49:52
The majority of foreign players say they want to finish playing in their own country. Ultimately I think he will sign a new contract.

25 Feb 2020 12:11:55
This is a brilliant team. A great team that overcame adversity again. And it's not the first time we have eh. This team continues to stun me. Oh. And I thought with hendo out, gini picked up the mantle well.

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25 Feb 2020 12:20:37
Gini was brilliant robbie I really hope he stays with us.

{Ed002's Note - Gini Wijnaldum (CM) was priced out of a move last summer and will be allowed to leave if a new contract is not agreed. Naby Keita has failed to step up to take his place so the club will look to hold on to Wijnaldum if they can - perhaps until either Keita sorts his act out or until Curtis Jones is ready to step up.

25 Feb 2020 17:25:08
We was lucky and nothing more. West ham deserved a point. Obviously very glad of the luck.

25 Feb 2020 18:42:06
Agree Walter, West Ham deserved a point. We haven't got going yet fron the break, at sure we should get better game by game peaking for Athletico.

Also agree with Robbie on Gini thought he stepped up. Good job he did as Keita offered very little and Fabs is taking his time to get back to last seasons level. Trent was great and created all our best moments, front 3 under par.

{Ed001's Note - why did West Ham deserve a thing? We had over 20 chances compared to their 6 or so. They were battered and it should have been a big score. No idea what people see. The commentators were even talking up them winning a throw in during the first half like it showed they were about to beat us, as they were that desperate for it to happen. Liverpool dominated and deservedly won against a team that got lucky to get two goals, if anything.}

25 Feb 2020 19:28:26
Agree with Ed001 here. The only reasons the score line was so close is the goals liverpool conceded were through lapses in concentration/ defensive errors, and just under a third of our shots being on target.

I would like to see us dish out a few thrashings and think we will, but can't grumble when we've dropped just two points all season in the league, have the least goals conceded, the most clean sheets and only four off the top scoring team.

25 Feb 2020 21:22:04
Agree with Ed001 and KSG too. Two fortuitous goals in that they were keeper errors but it was the relentless pressure from the team and crowd that eventually forced the win. That was the comparison I was illustrating earlier today in my 1972 Stoke City post. That old Anfield fortress feel.
You make your own luck.

25 Feb 2020 21:33:59
We had 20 chances? are you sure? If you can name anywhere near 10 chances you are a better man than me. You must have watched a different match to me. A 30 yard shot that goes 10 yards wide is not a chance. In the first half apart from the goal, I can't think of more than one half decent chance we had but I recall a couple of chances for West ham. We were all over the place at set pieces.

Start of the second half we were no better and West Ham took the lead. It was only then we played better but we still relied on a goal keeping error, a deflection and a missed one on one for us to win the match. No idea what game you watched.

25 Feb 2020 21:37:33
I agree with that Juicer, you make your own luck.

26 Feb 2020 23:05:43
I have to agree with Ed1 here. It seems now that if a team crosses the half way line against us the media say they caused us problems and deserved something.
West Ham did better than expected but were dominated for the whole game with a few sporadic half chances when they decided to come out of their 6-3-1 shape. Even that was largely due to our mistakes rather than them doing much to hurt us.
We were easily the better team and although they did ok to say they deserved anything is ridiculous.

24 Feb 2020 21:57:21
That was tough. 12 points needed, on to Watford on Saturday.

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25 Feb 2020 09:51:36
Every game is tough mate it's just we're so used to us making it look easy lol lastnight was one of them, bring on Watford :) .

25 Feb 2020 12:21:32
Good to see you posting again salah hope your well.

25 Feb 2020 13:52:45
Berg, thank you mate. I am well, I hope you are too?


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