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14 Aug 2020 12:16:32
Get in Trent lad!

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14 Aug 2020 11:35:07
Do we know for a fact that Klopp has been tapping up a player that has wanted to leave anyway? Firstly, it seems as though the rumours have been rubbishd and is all probably a negotiation tactic with Wijnaldum, maybe we are cut throat enough to make the switch between the two players, but it still seems some what unlikely, the more likely scenario, is that Klopp tapped up Thiago to join us on a free once he becomes a bosman from January, which is when we’ll most likely lose Wijnaldum, so it would be like for like. Maybe the club knows exactly what Wijnaldum is doing and he is just stalling so he gets the move he wants on a free, so they need to cover themselves with Thiago. Secondly, Thiago clearly wants to leave bayern, I think he expressed a desire to leave long before the whole tapping up debacle, so whilst it’s been very poor form from Klopp in the past with unsettling players at their respective clubs, I think here, he was trying to ensure the signature of a soon to become free agent.

I’m not sure if it’s the same, didn’t Lampard talk to Werner into coming to Chelsea? I’m not sure if that was after he had asked RBL or not, I’m assuming it was since no one was crying about that. Again, no excuses, we are supposed to be better than that and I know there’s no morals in football anymore.

{Ed002's Note - He cannot join for free in January. You misunderstand something. He has only recently said he wants to leave Bayern. Chelsea had permission to talk with Werner from discussions that took place around the turn of the year. RBL praised Chelsea for acting so professionally during the whole transaction.}

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14 Aug 2020 12:14:48
No I meant he becomes a Bosman transfer from January in the same way we got matip for example in the following summer, not that he actually comes In January. I’m not so sure Thiago said he wanted to leave Bayern because of anything to do with us though, I’d hope not anyway.

{Ed002's Note - His head has been turned by Klopp - that is what caused it. If Liverpool want to taken him next summer as a Free Agent then Liverpool should act responsibly and approach him in January.}

14 Aug 2020 10:13:42
Jack Butland available for £8m. Might be an option as back up keeper?

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14 Aug 2020 11:31:39
Adrian much?

14 Aug 2020 10:09:14
Anyone heard? True?

BREAKING: Liverpool have agreed a fee of £27m for Thiago Alcantara.

#Thiago details:
- Taking £40k wage cut down to £180k p/ week.
- Sign on a 4 year deal.
- Bonuses included in contract.
- Announcement whenever Bayern finish UCL.

Thiago will wear the number 6 shirt. Will meet up with the Liverpool squad after Bayern campaign is finished. All is done. ✍🏻🔴


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14 Aug 2020 08:51:21
Congratulations too rb Leipzig, there scout network is impressive the likes of sabitzer Olmo upamenco laimer etc all great team players as well as individually. Also there manager julian nanglesman has developed into a top manager, when klopp eventually leaves he is the type of guy who has too be in contention too take over the crown .

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13 Aug 2020 22:00:13
Hats off to Julian Nagelsmann and his Liepzig team. Excellent game against Atletico Madrid. We are avenged! And what a player that Upamecano kid is.

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13 Aug 2020 19:01:20
With all the talk about our four targets for leftsided fullback and all the talk about Sarr: what might be alternatives to him? Brandt? Don't think anyone outside the club are ITK, but speculaton is always fun.

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13 Aug 2020 10:42:08
VAR – please keep it simple!
I will start with a controversial comment, I still believe that VAR can work and I am a fan of the technology. Now that’s out there, I can get on to the main issue, how it is used.

I know ed001 has said in the past the quality of the officials isn’t up to scratch and that may be the case. Personally, it isn’t something I want to discuss as I feel that if VAR was utilised properly it could be used by idiots.

First, you have Stockley Park, I still don’t understand why it’s needed. On a match day we have two linesman, a ref and a 4th official who’s usually there to keep peace, deal with subs etc. Stockley Park is so far and away from the match that making a decision can be difficult. They don’t have a feel for the pace of a game or even the tackle so they just end up watching endless replays and get themselves tied in knots. Even the reaction of the player/ fans can give a good indication of the tackle.

We end up with endless replays that are ran in slow motion. You cannot slow down a tackle, as it always looks 10 times worse than it does on the pitch and in real time. Not only do you slow down the game by watching three minutes of a frame-by-frame tackle but more often then not you are not going to reach the correct decision by doing so.

This decision making time ruins the flow of the game, the newly implemented drinks breaks are testament to this. This is why I think Stockley Park should be ditched with the four officials being in closer communication utilising the 4th official. Then if they feel that a decision needs a second look they can go and view a pitchside monitor. This keeps the flow of the game at a decent pace, includes all officials that are within the feel of the game and the fans (proven to be integral to the game) know exactly what is going on. Plus the ultimate decision always sits with the ref on the pitch.

Then you have the handball and offside calls.

The handball rule is the easiest to solve in my opinion, firstly you should not have one rule for an attacker and another for a defender. That just limits goals which is why we watch football. Personally, handball leading to a goal should only be disallowed if it directly ends up in the net with an unintentional handball. As it stands there is no cut and dry of how far back a 'handball' should chalk a goal off. Again leaving fans in no mans land. We should leave the remainder of handball rule as it is, it will always be subjective but will come down to the referees interpretation and at least we would understand why they made a decision.

The last and worst thing by a million miles with VAR is offsides. Whether that is the awful lines, not even adjacent with the linesmans view of the pitch, the shocking frame by frame view which is often blurred or, worse still, not being able to decide when the ball was played which can completely change the offside call.
Although I’d imagine the vast majority would agree this is the worst thing with VAR it probably as an easy solution. I believe this is truly groundbreaking so you may want to strap in for this? Ready? STOP USING LINES! Offsides have been fine for many years and all we want is the obvious errors chalked off where someone is a yard either way. So leave it to the naked eye and make your decision accordingly. I have seen others suggest thicker lines but that doesn’t work as you will end up with the same issue. Take out the lines and watch it back, if you can’t overrule the decision it stands and we can all move on.
However for this to work it needs everyone to buy into it, you can't remove the lines then on match of the day start analysing the decision and say they were wrong because his toenail was offside.

All us fans want is clarity, the game not to be stopped for three minutes (or longer! ) and complete howlers to be removed from the game. We can live with marginal offsides, tackles and accidental handball but please stop taking the fun out of matches.

So to sum up, VAR doesn't work currently as we have made the whole system over complicated. If we make it idiot proof, no lines, simplify the handball rule, stop using slow motion clips and give the power back to the referee I think VAR in the prem could work and help them rather than hinder.

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13 Aug 2020 15:52:31
nothing controversial with saying VAR can work.

For offsides, I think officials and fans have to come to grips with the fact that offside is objective and therefore trying to make it subjective is foolish really. what they can do is work with the objective measurements to eliminate the margins. I'd fully support amending the wording of the offside law to just focus on where the attacking player's foot is in relation to the offside line. you will still get the fine margins, but as I said offside if offside imo. so limit the margins like armpits, nose, eye lashes lol and narrow it down to where the feet are.

next couple things for me getting the match ref to review footage themselves. ref in the middle should make final call upon review on subjective decisions.

and finally they simply have to improve fan engagement with the system. it isn't good enough for match day fans to have no idea what the review is and what the final call is other than what is projected to the screen. there are already good examples of how this is done in american sports. Football should adopt that.

13 Aug 2020 20:13:25
The problem I have with the fine lines is the image is often pixelated when zoomed in so it’s hard to see where there foot starts. Hence why I would prefer them just to keep the over head view, no lines and just use their eyes. If it’s clear, overrule if it’s not stick with the linesman’s decision similar to umpires decision in cricket.
The other issue with narrowing it to feet is the over head view is on an angle so drawing a parallel line seems off at times.
For fan engagement they could mic up the refs but I’d still prefer to move to the officials assigned to the game. If they are looking at a decision the game would be stopped.
It won’t be long before someone misses a pen one end and scores the other and they have to chalk it off, Imagine the chaos!


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