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25 Aug 2019 21:19:49
are harry wilson's free kicks worth $10mil alone . . .

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26 Aug 2019 00:18:41
If he did more yes but he doesn't, he's a lazy player, a player who will NEVER make it at Liverpool, harsh but we need to face facts, he's not good enough for this team and never will be unless we rewind 5-10 years then maybe he'd fit in, this team I'd class as 'elite' he is not an elite player.

Problem is (I'm not directing this at you mate) many people see highlights on youtube of him and think he's gods gift, I've watched many games of him and watched him closely, he's just not cut out to be at the top level.

25 Aug 2019 21:05:50
Just read Barcelona interested in trent😂😂😂. but in all seriousness he has been poor this season so far n can't keep getting away with the way he's playing or he will cost us games he gives the ball away most the time but then makes a good cross for a goal n all seems forgotten about how he's actually played the 90 mins. i love the lad n believe he's an extraordinary talent but if Koop does eventually think he needs break I don't know who would fill in as gomez as been even worse. I did think the right back position was sorted for the next 10 years with them 2 but they make me bite my nails at the mo as I never know wats coming next from the pair of them and believe we need cover in that position. i know u all will think I'm mad but u have to admit it's not been great so far.

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25 Aug 2019 21:20:10
And who is Koop?

25 Aug 2019 21:25:14
Behave mate!

25 Aug 2019 22:48:44
Bit harsh on him there, he hasn't been that poor overall. Teams obviously target that side of our defence more as they won't be looking to exploit VVD and robbos side as much. Trent has to face many regular attacks and of course he's not perfect but he's improving and certainly not a liability. He's only 20 and to be fair it's very very rare to see someone that age have high defensive strength.

Quality of defending is something that heavily relies on experience and understanding of how to read situations, . That only comes with players getting experience of match situations. Attacking talented youngsters can rely on technique and talent which can be easily gained by that age. Defenders need awareness and understanding to go with physical attributes and I really can't think of many 20 year old defenders who are at the top level at actually defending.

Trent is very good for his age and needs full support from us, he's far from a weak point that costs us goals, . Today's crop of players worldwide has a poor standard of quality FBs, especially those who have high defensive qualities. I wouldn't swap Trent for many if even any RB right now.

25 Aug 2019 20:36:31
Fabulous weekend of sport the Redmen doing the business, and my word england doing the business in the ashes by the skin of their teeth truly amazing innings by stokes legendary!

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25 Aug 2019 20:40:49
Shame also about Anthony yarde vs kovalev in boxing, great fight but kovalevs quality came through .

25 Aug 2019 21:45:40
Yarde's coach will be his downfall. He doesn't spar. The coach had nothing meaningful to say to him between rounds. How/ why he stays with the guy, I don't know.

25 Aug 2019 22:50:42
Yeah yarde actually said his team were inexperienced which is mad, when he fighting at that level, nearly had kovalev done in eight but he recovered very well .

25 Aug 2019 17:49:29
Sorry Ed’s, not Liverpool related but wonder if we have any Aussies on these pages. Wonder how they are feeling after our record run chase. Stokes has had a cracking summer and he’s made my weekend. Liverpool doing the business then that today!
Just shows heart and determination is just as crucial as talent in sport. In the position of needing 70 odd with 1 wicket left it should of been the match, and the ashes over but he never gave up.
Any of the Ed’s cricket fans?

{Ed001's Note - Ed003 and Ed025.}

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25 Aug 2019 19:39:04
That was just bloody brilliant today.

{Ed025's Note - it was ace, stokes was phenomenal and anyone who says cricket is boring needed to watch that game today, they would have to be either idiots or liverpool fans not to appreciate how good that was mate.. :)

25 Aug 2019 20:13:06
It's one of those you can watch again and again, I recommend the 2 minute highlights by TMS.

Ed025, I'd like to apologise, I was wrong. I thought Newcastle would be in a league of their own, turns out you may need to look over your shoulder!

{Ed025's Note - every game in the premier league is a potential banana skin WYred, there are no easy games mate as proven this weekend by united and spurs, im taking nothing for granted mate..

25 Aug 2019 20:43:17
It seems like test cricket is becoming like the one day game with teams attacking more with the bat scoring runs quickly, the rest of the ashes test is going to b gripping archer vs smith is the key an if we can hold our nerve with the bat we have a great chance, weather permitting!

{Ed025's Note - test cricket is the purest form of the game hailstones, forget limited over versions of cricket mate yes they can be exciting but there is a lot of hitting across the line and making your mind up before the ball has even been bowled, dont get me wrong i really enjoyed the world cup but im a bit of a snob when it comes to the great game..

25 Aug 2019 21:32:15
Mate so am I, I much prefer test cricket than one day, I remember the days when England used too get tonked by the Aussies when the likes of Glenn McGrath, Shane warne, Steve Waugh an the likes used too own us . But these days the Aussies are hard work in Australia and we are strong at home so if we could save this one somehow might be one of biggest achievements, we need too sort out that top order though aussies ripping through us at times . can't wait for archer vs smith part 2.

{Ed025's Note - yeah that should be great battle hailstones, our top order is poor and jason roy will not make a test opener as long as i have got a hole in my ozone mate..

25 Aug 2019 22:02:37
Hahahaha couldn't put it better myself, on another note I think Silva got that one wrong on friday there mate, should of started kean and iwobi, I know that silva wants DCL to be the forward that holds up play and use his aerial ability and I think he can be that eventually, but a front 3 of richarlison, kean, iwobi is the future and will cause problems and have more cutting edge .

25 Aug 2019 22:34:32
I know Ed, there is going to be plenty of freak results and everyone being able to beat anyone on their day.

You have to be on your game week in week out if you want consistent results. That’s why, as much as it pains me to say, you have to applaud city over the last few seasons.

As for cricket, I’ll be honest I struggle with most tests as I just don’t think there is enough riding on them. I do enjoy ODI’s and T20, but I think this new hundred format is for no other reason then money. I just don’t see it’s use,

Hailstones I think tests have the ability to switch it on when chasing. Stokes had no other choice today because I don’t think leech could stick around too long. Odd ball here and there but if he had a sustained over or two I think he would of struggled.

Brilliant advert for the game, and hope it turns into a series similar to 05. It made me fall in love with the sport, hopefully this has the same impact. Think sky would do well to make the test free to air, wide the wave the sport is on at the minute.

25 Aug 2019 22:54:22
Too b honest wyred we hot really lucky with lbw that was a wicket but umpire never called it an they ran out of replays, also Lyons dropped run out, let's hope he just dropped the ashes into roots hands, but this one far from over and could be the most exciting ashes ever .

25 Aug 2019 23:34:23
Loved Lyons mistake, loved the dropped catch. But when your chasing that you need luck and seeing the Aussies mess up is a thing of beauty. Roll on the final few tests.

25 Aug 2019 08:09:29
This is a great time to be a Liverpool supporter, too have the most unique front 3 in football today is a privilege none of us should take for granted.
The scary thing about the current side is that we can still improve, having no clean sheets yet is no doubt something the defenders are miffed about.
I feel that finally winning a major trophy has taken a great weight of the teams shoulders and Klopp himself, and that we are playing with a confidence and arrogance befitting a side that is champions of Europe.
Now let's go one step further than last year and deny pep his hat-trick of titles, and bring home number 19!
I know its early doors as far as the season is concerned but I honestly feel we still have more gears to go through which is scary for the rest of the league but very exciting for us supporters.
In a league where every point counts, having a 100% record is very pleasing indeed.
Enjoy the rest of the bank holiday weekend fellow posters and editors.
Enjoy the sunshine.

{Ed025's Note - you too mate..

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25 Aug 2019 10:19:55
Great post Kenny was intending to write something similar myself! Everyone in the league would give a left leg to have what we have right now bar maybe City so let's enjoy it!

24 Aug 2019 20:11:09
So LFC are letting the planning permission lapse as ed02 has been correctly telling us for a while now however rather than this meaning the plan is scrapped they're looking at more ambitious larger projects for the same stand.

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24 Aug 2019 22:30:30
See now this doesn't bother me, there is no panic. 10 years ago hearing that news would have been devastating, as you'd be thinking "same old same old", but with these owners, you feel that they've learned so much about Football since arriving that they are genuinely looking at something bigger and better for us, which just has me excited.

25 Aug 2019 09:40:41
I must say I have every confidence that FSG will get this done.
I don’t know what is happening to me, I must go and lie down in a darkened room 😀.

24 Aug 2019 09:37:23
Going to Anfield today. I struggle to find tickets especially with the membership bi-annual scrummage so well pleased to finally get to see a top game.

Woke up at 6am with excitement. Cannot wait.

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24 Aug 2019 10:43:46
Have great day hope we get a win.

24 Aug 2019 13:30:24
Hope you enjoy mate, I'm sure you will when you witness us getting another three points.

24 Aug 2019 20:06:17
Good game to watch mate hope you enjoyed it.

23 Aug 2019 22:31:41
Watched the villa bluesh*te game impressed with villa I remember them winning European cup. We was camping with the school (st vinnies) and we had to park the minibus on a mountain somewhere to get a signal in order to watch on a portable telly. Hope they stay up and villa 🤣🤣🤣 soz ed25.

{Ed025's Note - everton are fair game after that showing john, im certainly not going to make excuses for that pathetic performance mate..

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24 Aug 2019 12:24:02
only a little wind up ed25 mate. Villa will surprise a few teams this season.

{Ed025's Note - they will surprise me if they stay up john.. :)

23 Aug 2019 22:07:52
Ed25, I see your Richarlison is in midseason diving form with only 2 games and 6 mins into the new season. The guy just dived vs Villa and not for the first time BUT I'm sure you will be back here, moaning about how Salah is a serial diver. Like they say, those who live in glass houses should NEVER throw stones.

{Ed025's Note - i have never defended richarlison red wolf, hes a serial cheat and yes that goes for salah as well they are killing the game, the difference is that i tell it like it is whether they play in blue, red or canary yellow, you will no doubt make a case for salah now and waffle on about how unfair his reputation is and probably blame pep and city for causing it..

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24 Aug 2019 00:13:40
Let's be fair and honest to say that every club has players who dive. It's a nasty trend in the modern game and players seem to have it as a habit. Regarding Liverpool I actually think salah gets harshly criticised. I always thought Gerrard was actually one of our worst players to go down looking for penalties but he never got much scrutiny, Rooney too got away with being guilty a lot. Salah wins a lot of penalties which sways judgement but most are genuine fouls to be fair.

24 Aug 2019 08:26:47
It’s cheating and should be sent off for it, I hate it when one of our players do it, as there no need for it, until they get tougher it’s going to continue, what do you think Ed025 red card should stop it? As something needs to be done bout it.

{Ed025's Note - im with you tim, i know a few players and they tell me its actually part of the training regime which saddens me, its a cancer thats spreading though the game and until they make an example of a high profile player it will continue im sure, its downright cheating not gamesmanship mate but like everything the top brass are scared to confront the issue..

23 Aug 2019 09:39:43
Has ed001 or anyone for that matter have any information on the Alisson injury? The club have been very vague in his prognosis and am starting to think this is a long term injury that keeps him out for months rather than weeks. Just a little update would be most appreciated.

{Ed002's Note - RTP.}

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