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Top 10 Central Midfielders

03 Apr 2020 19:24:03
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Top 10 Central Midfielders

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03 Apr 2020 19:39:10
Thanks ED001, that was really insightful. I was pleased to see Jordan in the top 2. I think his contributions have been more appreciated this season by all and not only LFC fans. He has afterall lifted the CL, WCC, and SC. I think he deserves the PL player of the season accolade. Also he seems to be a very likeable and genuinely humble individual. a quality that often goes amiss in modern day footballers in my opinion.

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03 Apr 2020 18:49:41
Much has been said in the press relating to wage cuts of players at this concerning time, but on a side note it is great to see our players Hendo and Milner taking the initiative to bring the Premiership together to form a charity. We have spoken about the top mentality of our players but it's more important to see the good morality of our players at this time.

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03 Apr 2020 17:23:58
Hello everyone, hope everyone on this page is doing well in these difficult times.

Haven't been on here in a while as there literally has been nothing football wise to really discuss.

Anyway just a quick post to say well done Jordan Henderson 👏 I don't mean to sound soppy but I genuinely am so proud to have him as the captain of our club. Class on and off the pitch, my captain ❤️.

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03 Apr 2020 09:53:02
Good morning all
One for Ed 001 do you think Brian clough would of been a good manager for Liverpool with his outlook on the game and the way he wanted to play it
And how do you compare his Forest team to our Liverpool team of that same era
Please when have time would love your opinions.

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{Ed001's Note - it really depends on whether it is Clough and Taylor or just Clough. Clough on his own fails, Clough with Taylor is a wonderful combination that succeeded wherever they ended up. Even so, I wouldn't have said he would have been as good as the two that bridged his time, Shankly and Paisley, so see no need to change it.

His way of playing would have fitted in very well. It was a similar philosophy to the one we had, though less possession-based, due to having to work with players of lesser ability than Paisley, in particular, had at his disposal. The fact that his Forest team was able to compete with, sometimes even beat, the greatest of all time (imo), Paisley, speaks volumes about the job Clough and Taylor did together.

The problem is his personality. He could ride roughshod over Forest and be in complete control there as he was bigger than the club. At Liverpool he would not have had that same power, even Shanks was unable to get anything like the control over the club that Clough had at Forest. I think that would have hampered Clough's efforts badly. I just don't think it would have been a good fit, whereas he fitted beautifully at Forest. So, thinking about it, great manager that he was at his best, I think we would have seen a similar situation to the one he faced at Leeds. No one can make a success of a job in football when they don't fit the club they are working with. That is just as important as ability when it comes to management. If you swapped Pep and Klopp over, I doubt either would have been quite as successful, simply because neither fits the other's club.}

03 Apr 2020 10:53:26
What a cracking reply very much appreciate it mate.

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{Ed001's Note - very welcome mate.}

03 Apr 2020 19:37:33
And replies like that are why we appreciate the site Ed’s!

Wishing you and everyone associated with the site good health.

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{Ed001's Note - thanks mate.}

03 Apr 2020 07:39:03
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 3rd April 2020

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02 Apr 2020 22:48:19

Do you think the season is done? In your opinion.

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{Ed002's Note - I really don't know. The plan for all sees a preference to complete the season. I have explained a viable drop dead date of June 30. Tomorrow the PL meet - I would expect April 30 to slip to May 31 as an announcement in the afternoon. You can reasonable expect the lockdown to continue for longer than currently planned - perhaps the Government will say April 30 as the next target - we will see. It would be great to get it done, but I suspect we are looking at a tough ride for a while. Liverpool have done enough to be deserved winners but they would need to go cap in hand to ask if it could be awarded by the Premier League - I am not sure that they would want to face a black ball vote and then have the indignity of losing. Tough I know.}

03 Apr 2020 10:02:20
I honestly think the decision should be made to end the season now and how it is with or without the trophy being awarded once this decision is made people will make thier peace and clubs can asses thier situation with regards to finances (obviously I have no idea how they work) players coming and going I can see this having a massive impact on the transfer window (if there is one) as clubs will have a lot less available to spend and the uncertainty of when football will be allowed to continue as this pandemic is unknown and could last longer than expected

How can clubs prepare for the unknown?

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03 Apr 2020 10:29:42
If it weren’t for all the madness going on right now, fans of other clubs would be revelling in the circumstances of our situation. A lot of them probably still are. Record breaking season, to go down in the history books and now either tainted or quashed. Coronavirus is awful, but we’ll come out the other side and when we are Liverpool will be a laughing stock. Even I can't help but smile at the cruel irony.

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03 Apr 2020 10:38:22
Oh yea, and end the season now, one way or the other. We have bigger fish to fry than to try and hold on to the hope of shoehorning a load of games in sometime in the summer, or before. Football will be far from the only sector to suffer greatly with several clubs likely going under, or close to, but hopefully this whole situation will show the world at large just how fragile we all are and that running on a month by month basis is just not sustainable. It’s carrying over your bet every week until you lose it all. Things are going to change.

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03 Apr 2020 11:11:50
Quo Vadis, United supporter here. I don't think in any way Liverpool will be a laughing stock. Not that I enjoyed it but they have been a mile ahead this season. They deserve the title and I hope the season is finished out no matter how long it takes. Also United still had a chance of a cup win and were still on for a chance of CL qualification. Maybe get this season finished and have some kind of shortened season for 2020-21.

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03 Apr 2020 09:56:38
Thank you for you reply! Stay safe! :)

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{Ed002's Note - You are welcome and stay safe.}

03 Apr 2020 13:15:50
Ed02, Karl Heinz Rummeniege has come up with a briliant idea (INO) on how the European league season can be finished. Not sure you have heard what he said but essentially, he said that we can restart the season in Feb of 2021, finish it ASAP and then structure the next two seasons over 18-20 months to fit in with the 2020 WC staring in Qatar in Dec. of 2022. What do you think? Cheers and stay safe, my friend!

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{Ed002's Note - Clubs will not want that to happen at all. What is happening that makes February a reasonable time to start this. If it weren’t for Liverpool you would also not agree with it.}

03 Apr 2020 16:55:24
Hi Ed002,
I hope that you are keeping well.
I just wondered whether any announcement is due today if the discussions have finished relating to the potential continuation of the PL?

Many thanks.

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{Ed002's Note - Apparently a lot of distractions at the PL meeting today, not least from repeated interventions from one particular body. No decisions, no revised dates - just all under review and existing date scrapped. There is a push for clubs to make cuts in wages for players but that is from a misinformed position and is likely their attempt to placate the government. Generally there is a postion where most clubs want the season completed, but there are some who already think time has come and others will once we get to the end of May.}

03 Apr 2020 18:04:46
Thanks Ed002 for the detailed and hot off press update, really appreciated. I guess with so many uncertainties it makes it difficult to plan and as you say the PL are feeling the Governmental pressure regarding players wages so I guess a lot of that topic took priority. Can you see this meeting reconvening again say next week?

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{Ed002's Note - There are many discussions going on and there is a push to try and separate all of the stuff the PFA with to deal with away from the larger forum as it is a distraction. I am aware that it was suggested that there should be a regular WebEx but right now it is a dynamic situation they are trying to deal with. If the situation deteriorates significantly then harsher decisions will need to be made. Stay safe.}

03 Apr 2020 18:19:00
Thanks Ed002 for the detailed insight, really appreciated. Please look after yourself also.

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{Ed002's Note - Have a good evening.}

03 Apr 2020 18:55:22
Ed02, you are correct. I have an LFC bias cos yeah, I want us to complete the season and win the PL fair and square and I'm honest about it and will NEVER apologize for that.

Now in your response you said partly that, "What is happening that makes February a reasonable time to start this. ". It seems like that part o f your answer that was incomplete. What is happening that would make February a reasonable time to start this, exactly? Cheers, man.

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03 Apr 2020 18:57:49
Thanks Ed, I'll try but already getting bored. I've saturated watching the movies I wanted to watch, have a day off from working out, and finished the spring clear up in the garden. I am contemplating breaking out my super size Lego Millennium Falcon set but not sure where I would display it once built! Have you anything planned for the weekend at home?

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{Ed002's Note - I understand that many folks are struggling to keep busy - I have to work so it makes little difference to me really - aside from being in England rather than somewhere else. i also have a "to do" list which does include such things as putting up a new postbox. You should all set targets, or organise some sort of virtual get together on social media where you can sing famous Liverpool songs like "You'll Never Walk Alone", "Help" and "Oops Mrs Worthington" as a group. It should be pretty simple for one of you to set up.}

03 Apr 2020 20:09:55
Ed02, I have to work as well so nothing changes for me either so I am never bored. My wife and I have set up and very good daily routine that serves us well as a family, as a couple and individually and the kids love it. If I can do that then I believe anyone who doesn't want to be bored, can do so as well provided the conditions are favorable.

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{Ed002's Note - Good for you - it is great if everyone is up to sped and doing something.}

02 Apr 2020 23:08:42
Just to lighten the mood, give us your best short jokes. With all the lock down business, this Peter Kaye classic seems appropriate:

I phoned my local takeaway and asked if they deliver. No, we do beef, chicken and fish, and hung up.

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02 Apr 2020 22:15:06
Ed's 001 would you personally like to see us sign Adama traore from wolves as extra fire power up top? Being reported were interested. sorry if it's a stupid question but got a bit of spare time on my hands lately 🤣.

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{Ed001's Note - not really, he lacks end product. For all his power and pace, he is only a threat when up against an opponent that have his team pushed back and he can hit on the break. When in possession, like we tend to be, he just ends up giving the ball away repeatedly through bad decision making.}

03 Apr 2020 01:38:02
Showed up a few times this season and, in fairness, when he shows up he's unplayable. But too hit or miss for me, we have an aggressive, quick, strong striker in Origi already.

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03 Apr 2020 13:17:12
Not good enuff to play the system we play as he is dreadful in possession and his end product (tho improved) still need a tonne of work, IMO.

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