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25 Feb 2024 21:05:30
With Grav and Endo leaving Wembley on crutches and Elliot having played 120 minutes it looks like the only senior midfielder available for Wednesday will be Mac

Another big opportunity for the kids… hopefully they don’t celebrate too hard tonight!


26 Feb 2024 08:18:21
I doubt very much if Mac will start but I assume Dom will play.

25 Feb 2024 20:06:47
Apparently now Endo is injured as well as Gravenberch. Literally can't make this up. By the time we get to the europa league final it'll be Klopp captaining the under 9's!

Great result today but the win isn't really important to me. So proud of the team and the young lads and I would have worn a runners up badge with pride, but all the sweeter with the win. Great day to be a red.


25 Feb 2024 20:57:55
Klopp said in one of his interviews that he had never seen a player with stiffer legs than Endo, so I would assume it is something to do with that and not an injury!

{Ed002's Note - It may not have been a leg.}

25 Feb 2024 21:21:26
The pic circulating shows him in a boot brace Ed002 so if he's injured his arm then the medical staff need sacking asap 🤣.

25 Feb 2024 22:41:55
I think he may have been preferring to his third leg Sz 😂.

25 Feb 2024 22:44:43
Not getting it Sz?

26 Feb 2024 08:03:13
Obvs I did think that but I then realised it was Ed002 and he isn't renowned for his sense of humour, but he is for his argumentative quips! 🤣.

25 Feb 2024 19:53:06
Can’t believe the absolute nonsense being sprouted at the LFC team to play the final. Then we win it and everyone claims they called it. What a final, what a team, you won’t see a final like that again for a long time. Youth and coaching over a billion pound squad. VVD was colossus, probably his best performance in an LFC shirt the way he coached the youngsters through. Unbelievable.


25 Feb 2024 19:25:51
What a performance. I haven't been that excited since Istanbul. It's like a film about football, not actual real football. Jurgen norbet klopp, what a man you are, to build a culture over all these years, so that the point you leave, the kids you've been developing display the mentality, that is the earmark of your approach, is just inspirational. And Virgil, what a man, a genuine captain fantastic, the old seeing in the new, and you can tell they love him and he loves them. It's literally a perfect moment.


25 Feb 2024 20:22:09
I, and some of the others, were complaining about VVD not being as good a leader as Hendo during the Luton game, on the Live Chat. Too laid back, we said. And then he scored the first goal. And then he scored 2 goals today (I refuse to agree it was only 1 goal) .

I'll be quiet from now on. He should continue being this "laid back" for many more years with us. One of the criteria for leadership is being able to step up and show the direction and open the path for the collective. This man does it.

25 Feb 2024 19:12:21
I think it's one of the proudest times to be a red. Unbelievable performance and so much credit goes to Klopp and the staff. We all want big money signings as fans and yet when you look how composed those youngsters were you realise the future is bright. What a manager we have and whoever comes is has massive boots to fill but also has an amazing group of young players to nurture. Just so proud to be a red.


25 Feb 2024 18:13:03
what an amazing win!

Our starting line up was significantly weakened that leveled the playing field for Chelsea and as we accumulated more injuries and fatigue throughout the match and needing to throw in the youngsters and still win the cup, what a colossal effort!

MOM for me was actually Kelleher. The saves he made throughout the game cannot be understated. The best save? rolling the ball up to his hand as he was stepping back. funny moment, but he was amazing.

Absolutely loved how Elliot was buzzing round the whole game even deep into ET. Make no mistakes, his energy both in defence and attack was much needed.

So many players ran themselves into the group, foremost Diaz, Macallister, Gakpo, but they gave their all.

VVD, generally good game and imperious header. First cup as the captain and I hope he lifts 3 more this season.

The youngsters, so composed coming on in a final and made a huge contribution to the win. Bradley had to play large parts of the game out of position but held it out to give us some semblance of balance. Clark and McConnell taking the reins in midfield against a midfield worth more than 200mil and held their own, amazing.

Endo, being the old head throughout the game in the middle, he was great too in all that he did

My stream was very disrupted so could only watch the game in bits. But I'm sure every single one of them out there were heroes.

And Klopp? What an amazing manager. Who throws kids on in a final to not just see it out but win it? He does and he got the outcome he wanted. What a genius, what a winner.

The refs? Abysmal.

Chelsea? got away with so many fouls and having adults play against kids and still couldn't win. Chilwell in particular was a coward who picked on our youngsters to no effect.

Let's enjoy this and hope for more glory this season.


25 Feb 2024 18:21:44
My MoM was Endo. I thought he was magnificent in the 90 minutes. A real cool, calm and composed performance 👌.

25 Feb 2024 18:25:40
So proud of all of them. VVD is a proper player.

25 Feb 2024 18:27:25
Chilwell was abusing the kids all through the game (yeah, I stand by it even with the double meaning 😄)
Disgusting and cowardly performance.

25 Feb 2024 18:51:46
I loved that game . amazing how the young lads stood up to the test Virgil gave a real captains performance. Keheller made some fantastic saves . really proud of them all.

25 Feb 2024 20:26:37
Chilwell is scum. First went after Bradley then after Clarke. What a tool. A small one.

25 Feb 2024 18:11:14
Absolutely herioc performance that. Such a credit to club to win that and play so well considering all.
Kids outstanding, so composed. Said it on here recently, vvd doesn't get enough credit, that was a truly world class captains performance.


25 Feb 2024 18:53:28
The disallowed goal from vvd was a joke, every 2nd set piece goal would be disallowed if that the case. Its bloody worse var getting.


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